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On this page you can read all our news. We try to regularly post reports about all our works, about the stage at which they are. We will be very happy if you leave a comment to the article. When we see that you are reading and commenting on our news, we get support.

Erotic games in March

Today I wanna tell you my future plans about creating our adult games and I gonna tell what will release in the March. I always think – which way is better. What is the better – create a couple big games during of the year or many short games? How I told you in the …

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Cybergenic Universe Prequel (Report #3)

Hello! And it’s again me – Dworkin! So, a new weekly report about our developers team. In Russia 23th of the February is day-off. Everyone is celebrate a national holiday. It’s mean, at the day before it, 22th of the February is short workday and celebrations is starting in the offices. And, we did it …

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Cybergenic Universe Prequel (Report #2)

Hello everyone, it’s again me, Dworkin! And the some news for a friends, who interested in me and what is going on with our project. First week of the February I was outside of my city, I’ve visited the another city. I have got tired and have got rest in same time! The way to …

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Cybergenic Universe Prequel (report #1)

Hello everyone! Hopefully, you remember me! It’s me again, not so lazy Dworkin. In Russia, New Year and Old Style New Year passed (yeah, we have two of them) and Ortodox Christmas as well. The holidays are over, let’s go back to business! It’s perishing cold, -20 degrees Celsius. People watch Putin bathing in the …

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News about the first game of the Cybergenic

After resting on New Year’s holidays, we with fresh forces started creating new games for you. As you know, the first game in 2018 was the game “Sex toy dealer.” This is a game from the sexy witch series. The second game was another one of a series about the witch Zenny. It is called …

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What kinds of erotic games are present in our website?

There are different kinds of erotic games: browser, flash and online games. We develop browser-based online adult games, playable on mobile devices, PCs and laptops. They don’t require installation in your operation system. All the pictures are either photorealistic or tend to this. There are lots of anime games like this online but few porn …

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Happy New Year by Dworkin

The New Year is coming! I know, it’s not as important as Christmas in English-speaking countries, but not in Russia. In Russia, New Year is one is the most important holidays of the year. At night between December 31 and January 1, we’re making the most cherished wishes, and people do this in different ways. …

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How to play erotic games for android

You wanna play porn games from your mobile, but cannot do it? This article is for you. Nowadays, share of using mobile gadgets in games and entertainment is comparable with that of PCs. Many games are played from every device. But there are few erotic games for mobile devices. And you wanna allow yourself some …

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Characters of Cyberenic: Emma

Seductive girl named Emma Sweet from the series of erotic games of Kibergenic close up

Hello there! So much is planned for the vacation and so little is done. The main thing I have done successfully is having a good rest! This means, you’ll be hearing from me – I mean, reading my posts – quite often. The very next day I’m putting on my suit (an office suit, not …

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Merry Christmas

Girl Adriana Flaca in sexy Christmas clothes is standing by the wall

Christmas greetings   We want to please you with a selection of Christmas and New Year erotic pictures. All high-resolution images, so they can be used as wallpaper for your desktop. Every day a new one will open. Come here more often!