An update will be published soon. News 10/14/23


Hello everyone. I finally received my computer from the shipping company this week. And for the last few days I’ve been preparing the update for publication. I’ve been inserting new sounds and groans, checking the game for bugs. Here are some of the changes I’ve made:
I increased the degree of charisma pumping after sex with Amrynn and with Anna.
I simplified the power pumping mini game in the backyard.
I simplified the mini-game of Fiona’s panties quest.
I hid the dexterity pumping in the woods if the quest with Oliver the janitor starts.
I hid the intelligence pumping in the player’s house if the intelligence level is high.
I added the sound of waves when you and Ilsa swim for water.
I fixed the bug where Belassiz was dressed in Fiona’s orgies.
I fixed the bug of not having a picture of the graveyard.

Next week I will be working on localizing the game into another language. This is the final step before the update is published. Hopefully the update will be published next week.

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