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Here are the Cybergenic games. These are erotic games in which action takes place in the distant future. In these games you will spend time in the company of charming beauties: Emma, Adriana, Greta, etc. All games are available only for patrons $5.

Cybergenic 7: The Twist. Sex games 4.8 (5)

Where will it lead? Greetings, dear players. In keeping with tradition, we would like to say it has been a difficult year, but we managed to overcome all hardships (but not really) and finish another game in the Cybergenic universe. We really hope you like it, as we have many plans for the story and …

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Cybergenic 6.5: Snakes and Ladders. Strip game 5 (3)

Space flight takes forever, even at light speed. What could be better for passing the time than playing a fun game? Especially when you have something to play for. And someone to play with! Who will you choose? PLAY ONLINE (RenpyWeb) For patreon supporters, you can download our games HERE for pc and mobile devices

Cybergenic 6: The Rise of Emma 2 (2)

This is another addition to the “Cybergenic” erotic game series. The setting of this game is in the distant future. You play a female scientist looking for sponsors for her research. She is working hard to solve that problem with help from a girlfriend and her fiance. But she is sure to encounter some surprising …

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Cybergenic 5: Bunker Fun 3 (1)

Another erotic game for PCs and smartphones from the “Cybergenic” series. Youк team learns of an artifact on one planet that will help you defeat the cyborgs. You and your sexy helpers get teleported to search the planet. Find where the artifact is hidden and bring it back to the ship! Number of endings – …

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Prequel from the “Cybergenic” series of erotic games 3 (2)

Our first game from the “Cyberenic“. series is the prequel to a large series of adult games that resemble visual novels. In the game, your old flight engineer is tired of space travel and wants to settle down on a planet. It’s up to you to find his replacement. That’s how you meet the charming …

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Cybergenic 4: Low Blow. Porn game. 1 (1)

It’s the next sex game in the Cybergenic series! In this game, you’re charged with an investigation to look for a saboteur aboard the ship. Meanwhile, the sexy ladies on the ship’s crew are constantly getting in your way. You get to peep in on them and even have sex with some of them. Good …

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Cybergenic 3: Team Christmas 0 (0)

Number of sex scenes: 1The number of images: 265.Browser GameGame of the year 2018.Works on Windows, android, iOS, Linux. Play the previous series of the game Cybergenic 1: Prequel Cybergenic 2: The First Team PLAY ONLINE

Cybergenic 2: The First Team. Sex quest game 0 (0)

Features of browser sex quest game The First Team: This is our new browser-based sex quest game “The First Team”. In this game, you continue your sex adventure, which began in the previous game “Prequel“. We made a game from the category of sex quest games. This time you will meet charming and sexy girls …

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