Sex quest game The First Team. Cybergenic.

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  1. I got some bug that when I was going to do the unlocking of emma’s (?) cabin door I didn’t have the tools to do it but I had got tools to repair the cabins video link. I think it was because I did things in a different order than before, but because of this you get stuck.

    1. Thank you for message. I’ll check it out.

  2. Second: I find it a bit to much chance, what you choose and how it influences the girls seem quite difficult to predict. It might be that the English is not clear. Can’t it be more clear that “OK Greta likes this, maybe this answer is better for her, and Emma hates when you say this so I shouldn’t choose to say this”. Now at least to me I can’t really tell the difference between the options some times. It feels like rolling a dice what your choice will mean. Basically more predicability, that you can have a plan and a strategy.

    It could also be that you get in a situation where you have do choose between two girls in the same room: one comment might please one of them and upset another, or make another jealous. So if you try to seduce all you get none but if you concentrate on one you increase your chances. So you don’t win or loose. Instead of seducing everyone or none of them you can have different tactics for different goals.

    Then it could also be more interesting to start again from the begging because there is no “right or wrong”, this time if you want to seduce for example Great you have to make different actions, choices, answers, comments etc. than if you want to seduce Emma.

    If you understand my ramblings.

    1. I will give your message to Dvorkin. He wrote the script for the game.
      And I gave the script for the correction game to a real American. By early December, the script will be fixed.

  3. Will there be a walkthrough soon ?

    1. Hello. Yes, the walkthrough will be in a few days.

  4. Hello is this walkthrough correct? I followed every step but when I answered Emma’s questions she said try again and by by. I tried a lot but can’t get Emma’s ending. Do I miss something?

    1. Hello. Yes, there is an error. There must be causality instead The conditionality of everything. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. I am a patron and I like it so far. But it seems to be locking up when I go to use the helmet for the second time. And that is with me using the walk through. Is this a new gliche?

    1. Hello. Thanks for letting me know. I will check it out. Tell me the address of the page where you get the error.

  6. i cant acces emmas room, i have the tools but it says i dont have them

    1. Hey. Thanks for letting me know. I corrected the error.

  7. Download link not working

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I corrected the error.

  8. When i download the game I have no .exe to start it….

    1. Hello. You need to run a file called begin.

    • Niko on 02.01.2020 at 04:45
    • Reply

    Hey uh for mobile the game wont load in i just see the backround

    1. Sorry. I can’t help it, it’s an old game.

    • Niko on 02.01.2020 at 04:45
    • Reply

    How i do that

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