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1) Achievement Winnie the Pooh

The nearest planet
People should know and be prepared!
So, what should I do?
This achievement you get through the loss of sympathy points for Emma.

Into space!
I bet it’ll be interesting
You’re not alone?
If I didn’t have a crew, I wouldn’t have been captured in the first place.
Yeah. Let’s go meet the crew!
Will I become part of the crew? What will I be doing?
Sure. But I can do lots of other things
You can count on me.
Oh, and thanks for rescuing me.
Go to your cabin
The ship seems quite old, although it looks like the latest model.
I think there’s at least one more girl on the crew.
Judging by the view from back here, she’s cute.
The fish? What fish?
Why not the ball?
You catch them too!
I’m Player. I’m responsible for networks and communications.
I’m not quite sure…
Pleasure chatting with you
I feel uneasy here. Like something is missing
Here’s my cabin, I need to catch my breath.
These are familiar conditions. Pppft… galactic standardization!
The ship looks dull and alien without AI. Poor Fox. I wonder how she is.
(Explore every corner of the cabin)
Fine then. No welcome-aboard fruit baskets for me.
Alright. It’s time to see what’s up with the local network
Wow, there’s some serious secrecy here

2) Achievement Librarians

-Need to read from the tablet data about Adriana, Billy, Nadia, Andrew (You can not read about Greta)

Strangely, there’s no record of Emma in here. It seems that most of the records are deleted
I get the hint. Sleep it is.
Pack your old uniform neatly away in the locker (It is important!)
Where am I? (Look around)
(I think, then you yourself will figure out what to click)
Ah… Adriana?
No. It was a bizarre dream.
How did you hear me?
Everything is fine now
Tell your story and about the dream
All right. What must I do?
Got it. Thanks for the help!
(Try to fall asleep again)

3) Achievement How to receive a psychologist.


Fox! When I asked you to change your morning greeting, I didn’t mean this squeak!
I’m still on Emma’s ship and this is not a dream
All right. It’s time to get into gear and meet everyone! (put on the suit)

Propulsion bay

Good morning! I’m Player
By whom?
I’ve seen the captain.
It’s strange to see a flight engineer without an exo-suit
Wow. Cool! What are you doing today?
I don’t have a task
It’s probably too late for that. She’ll get mad.
I’m hoping that’s the case!
I just think the flight engineer is the most important person on the ship
I ‘m still learning your protocols
Sure, why not. I don’t have a task today anyway
A porno?
And you want me to get it for you?
Should I get the clothes?
Go where?
I see. That’s in Emma’s cabin!
Oh, I don’t know…
Fine, only because you’re a flight engineer
Wait for me. I’ll get it done! (Exit the propulsion bay)

Captain’s bridge

Hi, Emma. Hi, Billy!
Nice to meet you
I came here as soon as I woke up
No. What tasks?
Interesting idea…
Hmm. What’s wrong with the network?
Will do, captain.
I’m leaving. Bye, Billy

4) Achievement Slowpoke

Picture from the sex game "First Team" by Virtual Passion.

(Exit to the corridor)


Here, this is from Emma
Hello! Who are you?
Interesting combination
Are you a guy or a girl?
Wow. I don’t even know what else to ask you now
Take tools and Exit to the corridor

Sick bay

Picture from the sex game "First Team" by Virtual Passion. Sexy nurse

Hello, Adriana. Why do you say?
But you didn’t even look at your screens.
Thanks for looking out for me
I’m thinking about last night….
Well, at least there’s something positive about it
For instance?
Provided by the best doctor in the world?
But I’m okay!
You’re right. I don’t know what might happen next time.
As you said that, it stared to sounds reasonable…
You said that with such sadness. Did something happen to you?
Sorry for interrupting.
Take off all my clothes?
(Get undressed completely)
As you wish, doctor
I’m ready for your procedures!
No, Adriana! Anything but that!
(Approach Adriana and sit on the table in front of her)
If you do not know what to choose in further scenes, then urgently find Adriana yourself
Hi, mister Andrew!

5) Achievement Domestic helper

(Wink at Adriana)
I thought as much!
Until next time! ( Get dress and Exit to the corridor)


Just be persistent!

Emma’s cabin

I need to access the control panel.
I just need to connect the jumpers and it‘ll open
Bingo! (enter the cabin)
(Upload the program to the synthesizer)
I don’t know what that means, but it’s time to get out of here (take the costume and exit)
Remove the jumpers and replace the panel

Propulsion bay

Yes! Here you go. It’s quite revealing!
I can’t wait!
I wonder, what did Nadia mean when she said, “You won’t regret it”?
You look amazing!
I’m intrigued! (get ready to watch)
Enjoy the spectacle
Tremendous in every way!
What’s missing?
I doubt I’d be able to perform those moves so skillfully!
What about a costume?
I like where your thoughts are going!
I unclog something else with it!
(Now I understand the point of tribal sacrifice!)
(Here we go! If Mary had an ass like that, I’d give up all the codes immediately!)
You can click on anything, as long as you like it
I’ll say!

6) Achievement A dancer


Hmm. Thanks! Nobody has ever told me that! (Get dressed)
That’s an offer I can’t refuse!
Bye (Exit the propulsion bay)

Cabins team members

You must repair the network.


7) Achievement Did you call for a master?

I’m glad to see you too, Uni.
It wasn’t hard
I’m a newbie at fixing things. What other hobbies do you have?
I just want to find out more about you!
Sounds great!
See you tomorrow, Uni (Exit to the corridor)


Everything is fine. You know that I visited her, but you don’t know how she is?
Damn it… Okay (take off your pants)
Yes, I did. I hope you’re not her jealous husband. That wasn’t in your profile
Did you win a bet? Why is it a good thing?
So what?
How strange. But we…
Yep, you ‘re right.
Because of those stupid traditions?
Congratulations, professor… But…
This is completely out of the blue.
I like everything. I’m still exploring it
I salute your skill!
There was something in your profile about a title…
So, what secret are you hiding?
That’s a weird title. Who gave it to you?
Well, I was surprised too, but I didn’t give it much thought.
She’s just joking. Maybe that’s how they flirt on her planet?
And you don’t know how they get there?
Do you want to find out? I can help you
Sure. Just don’t mention our conversation to anyone!

8) Achievement Voyeurist 2

All right. It was nice talking to you (Exit to the corridor)

Andrew’s cabin

(Go into the shower)
(Install a camera in front of the mirror)
(Exit to the corridor)

Call from Emma

(Accept call)
No problem, cap’n.
Okay. Boss… (Go to your cabin)
I think I know why all the rooms here look uninhabited.
(Lay down on your bed and put on the helmet)
(Listen carefully)
Hmm. It’s that bar. And Stella is here? And we…
Again the sex scene! What is it? I hope children do not watch it!
Oh, Greta? What are you doing here? I’m not dressed. I don’t even remember how I got.
I had a dream. Another one. Where is Adriana?
Is that why the armory was closed?
I’m okay
A lot has happened in the past two days, I suppose OR Sorry.
So, that’s why information about wire connections and LAN switching wasn’t relevant?
Thanks. But, these dreams… I wouldn’t say that they’re…
Yeah, yeah, another task awaits me tomorrow… (fall asleep)
Oh. Was Greta really here?
Good morning, Greta!
Thanks for a wonderful night!
I hope to surpass the teacher someday.
I got it, Greta. I will.

9) Achievement Teddy bears for babies

Picture of achievement from the porn game "The First Team"

What’s this?
Bye-bye. I’ll do it!
Yes sir! (Get dressed and go to the captain’s bridge)
I don’t feel great either!
Ah, I see, me too!
She just helped me to fall asleep. Nothing else.
Was that another joke?
I do.
That sounds like a sinister hint
No. I just don’t understand what you’re getting at.
Well, this is space not a snowy field. What trail do you expect to find?
Sure. I didn’t even notice when I fell asleep. It was super interesting.
Because you like me?
I’m not quite sure…
Maybe we can just do the “sarcasm” sign?
The Lorenz System
I just did what I had to
I always wanted to say that! But there was nobody to say it to.
As you wish, Emma.
There are too many things going on.
See you this evening then?
Okay, captain (Exit to the corridor)

Sick bay

Hello, Adriana. I have a lot of work today so I decided to come earlier
Are there any other doctors here?
Great, I’ll go right now. Have a nice day, Adriana! (go to the laboratory)
Closed? For how long? Hmm, okay. (go to the Andrew’s cabin)
Adriana sent me.
Let’s do it! I’m curious what we’ll find?
No problem (go to the shower)
Here it is (remove the camera from the vent)
We’ll find out right now (connect the camera to the tablet)
Well I think that’s her style! Greta also had a hand in this for sure!
You’re very welcome! So, why did Adriana send me to you?
Whatever you say. I’m already excited about it
Yes. About two men.
So unexpected…
Wow. They have quite an interesting approach.
I’ve already made up my mind!
Are you sure?
I’m relieved. Thank you for your confidence!
All right! Bye!
Well. Time to get back to work (put on the hypno-helmet)
Yeah, time flies like an arrow with these films.
So, what do I do next?

Go to Andrew

I think everything will be clear to you

10) Achievement Joey

Picture from the sex game "First Team" by Virtual Passion. Two male have sex with girl

Go to Emma

Good evening, Emma! Here I am!
It was an offer I couldn’t refuse
I came for answers
Oh no!
The third order
Mirror neurons
I like surprises!
Will I be able to get answers to my questions?
Who were those pirates?
But they were definitely not robots. They were alive.
People with mechanical body parts. Why?
But… There’s nothing about them in textbooks. Only in science fiction!
I have no clue
They were real when my ship disappeared. How long have you been chasing them?
That’s a long time…
What about the other crew members? Are they also victims of the pirates?
Where are you from? What planet? And how old are you?
Yes, sorry, perhaps that was tactless.
Yes. You rescued me pretty soon after my ship disappeared
Why didn’t you catch them then?
That means an internal investigation must be conducted.
It’s strange that you didn’t do it earlier.
Yes! Let me program it myself! I know all about them!
Yeah (Damn it, I was almost caught. The last operation was Nadia’s costume)
Yes, sure. We had one in our academy. One for the whole academy.
That sounded pompous.
Your executive officer? I didn’t expect that.
But you’re chasing my hijackers somehow.
I agree! I just was being stubborn out of curiosity. And I want more pay.
Duck, a complicated process.
You can rely on me!
Peep in
Next, I think you can do it yourself.

11) Achievement Scary Vengeance

Picture from the sex game "First Team" by Virtual Passion. Naked reshead girl


Сheck information from Greta

1) Achievement the Hobbit