Me and my young lover


This is a true story and happened not to long ago, they still continue to meet and play

I’m a 47 year old lady, 5.9 without heels, slim long 33” legs, 30” waist, 36” hips 34C breasts, long blond hair down to my waist and piercing blue eyes that my husband says are come to bed and fuck me eyes. We have been married for 26 years, I have an amazing husband, we have never had children as I have had problems so couldn’t conceive, so we have had a good life, lovely holidays, nice things, meals out, cinema etc etc plus a great sex life until recently, he was promoted again at work to a nation sales director and spends a lot of time away, sometimes 2/3 weeks at a time, back for a few days then away again for another week or so, I’ve started to get lonely and very frustrated so I decided to register on an adult website where I knew I would get the pick of guys and couples.

My Ad:

Lonely house wife, very submissive, 5.9” long blond hair, blue come to bed eyes slim figure, nice 34C breasts, sensitive nipples, smooth eager pussy, like anal and oral sex to, and interested to explore my Bi side, never been with a woman but I’m willing to be shown the ‘ropes’ quite literally, I am an expert at deep throat (well with at least 8” anyway) I love to be filled with cum as well as swallow and covered in it.

I’m very fit and go to the gym regularly and have a very high sex drive, I like to be fucked multiple times so if you can’t keep up please don’t apply, I’m not ruling out multiple men but it must be somewhere safe maybe a sex club, I’m looking to explore an experienced couple as well, age not important but my preference for all is slim fit and hung. If we become a regular thing once I trust you I wouldn’t mind being taken somewhere, tied up and used by you and your partner or friends, I’ve never had multiple cocks but wouldn’t say no either.

I sorted out a few naughty pics for my profile, kept the ones with my face in private (just in case) and my main pic was me naked with my whole body and legs spread, I knew this would grab peoples attention as I have a lovely neat pussy, tight lips that make a great painting lol

Once finished I start looking, I start to get plenty of messages from guys, some older some younger, most of them not slim, beer belly’s, small hairy cocks and stuff then I have a message from a 19 year old lad, 6.5” fit black hair, blue eyes with what looks like a massive smooth cock, he is holding it hard in his hand and there is plenty handing out the other wan with a lovely bulbous purple head with a tiny droplet of cum at the slit.

I reply to him and say hi, lovely body and cock but I think you’re a little to young and may not be experienced enough for me. He was polite and kind with his reply and didn’t take it to heart but told me he had been with a couple of married ladies since he was 14, one was his mums friend and another he met at the park, because he had a big cock this is what they was interested in plus being a teenager they said he would be a good repeater, so he has gained a lot of experience over the past 5 years, he is still seeing one of them now, and said he always satisfies her multiple times a night when they meet and fucks her several times as well.

I agree to meet him, down the pub on a Thursday evening for a drink or 2 and a chat to see how we get on. So the evening comes, I’m so nervous, I really don’t know what to wear, I want to show off my legs but what if he takes it as a come on, I just want a drink for now, that’s it I put on a summer dress, half way up my thighs and shows just enough cleavage, some high heels to show off my calf’s I wear a thong but no bra, I’ve always been lucky that my breasts stay firm and upright, a little eye liner and lippy, put on my denim jacket and I’m ready, I call a taxi and I’m off to the pub, I arrived 15 minutes early, so I order myself a vodka and Coke for my nerves, and take a seat at a table on a little cove type place which is a little private.

After 20 minutes I notice him walk in, I smile at him and he walks over, nice pair of shoes, tight jeans showing off his big limp cock, white t-shirt and a nice Fred Perry jacket in blue which matched his eyes, as I said hi to him he kissed my cheek and he smelt so nice, I asked him and he said it was Hugo Boss, I told him one of my favourites, he asked if I wanted a top up, I thought yeah so far so good so I asked for a vodka and coke, he brought them over and sat opposite me at the table.

He looked at my painted nails, then my breasts, then up to my face, I was smiling, he then looked into my eyes, he my pictures don’t do me justice, he prefers me with clothes off and that I really do have come to bed fuck me eyes, I nearly spat my drink out and just laughed, I told him maybe soon and that he was a naughty boy but that it lightened the mood, he then told me naughty boys need punishing, again this made me laugh, I smiled and said maybe.

We chatted for a few hours and had some more drinks, then it was last orders, I really couldn’t believe we had been chatting for at least 4 hours, with this drink inside me, his good looks, lovely aftershave, charm and tight jeans I was feeling rather horny, I couldn’t believe myself, I wanted this boy badly, I wanted to feel his tongue on my clit, his cock in all my holes, being fucked hard by his piece of meat, I snapped myself out of it when he brought over last orders.

I asked if he lived far, which he said no just around the corner with his mum and dad and 2 sisters. I asked if any of them knew he was here which he said his twin sister, I asked if she was as good looking as him, which he laughed and said no much better, he said she was very much like me, enjoyed going to the gym with him, was 6ft slim, same size breasts, long black hair and blue eyes, I asked him if they where come to bed fuck me eyes like mine, he laughed and went red, then said yes, I asked him if she aroused him, he said yes many times when he had watched her shower or when they had shared the hot tub, he told me one evening when they where 14 that their mum and dad had gone out, they had gone into the hot tub, had been drinking and she took her bikini off and was naked standing up showing her body to me, she asked if he liked what he see, he said of course not you’re my sister but under the water my cock was rock solid at the sight of her and thought of fucking her, she told me it was my turn to strip and stand to which I did very slowly and nervously, I was still very hard and it just stood proud in front of her face, she has a big smile and all I heard was mmmmmmmmm can I touch it, so I said no you’re my sister and it’s wrong, to which she said, says you turned on with the hard cock, she leant forward and grabbed it and started to stroke it, it then become fully erect and solid on her little hand which didn’t go around it. My head went back as I tried to breath as I felt the head go in her mouth, she was so warm and inviting, she could only manage a qtr but that felt good and within a minute I shot down her throat and she swallowed it all, she then told me her older boyfriend had taught her but she said there is no way your getting that thing inside me it’s to big, with that she got out, grabbed a towel and her bikini and said she was going for a shower and then to bed, I stayed there for another 20 minutes and then went to bed, it’s happened again a few times since then but she won’t let me fuck her as I’m to big for her, she is very tight.

I just said maybe I’ll meet her one day, he said if things go well he would introduce me, I finished my drink and said I just need the loo, I got up and felt I was all wet in my knickers, I went to the toilets and into the cubicle, I pulled down my thong and it was soaked, my clit was poking out and very sensitive, I touched myself and nearly cum there and then, I was so turned on by his antics but didn’t realise that much, or was it because I hadn’t been ticked or sucked a nice juicy cock in 6 weeks, either way I felt dizzy and horny, I had to take off my thong I couldn’t wear it like that so decided to go commando as I had taken my spare pair out of my bag, I finished in the toilet, washed my hands and went back out, he asked if I was ok as I looked a little flushed, I said just a bit warm, I put my coat on and he walked me out, he asked if I lived far, I said about a 20 minute walk but I’d get a taxi, he said he would walk me if I wanted him to as it was a lovely warm evening, I said I wasn’t sure, he said no strings, I’ll walk you home as as I have had a lovely evening and just wanted it to last a little longer, so I said ok but that’s it.

As we was walking we diverted through the park and headed towards a large field, he bumped my hand as in to hold it so I let him, my other hand held his bicep, he was firm and larger than I first thought, I thought in my head he must be strong and that if he really wanted me he could just take me when ever he wanted now, my legs wear weakening and I could feel my juices flowing down the insides of my legs, he asked if I was ok, I said yes just a little unsteady, he see a bench and helped me over to it, as I sat down my dress came right up but not enough for him to see anything, he said I had amazing legs and that he would love them wrapped around his head, he sat next to me, I rested my head on his shoulder and he kissed my forehead, something my husband used to do all the time before he was promoted, I let him do it a few times, he kissed down my cheek and then to my mouth, it opened instinctively and allowed his tongue to explore my open wet warm mouth, he tiled I tasted so good, he continued to kiss me then his right hand landed on my right leg, my legs just parted, it was like I wasn’t in control but I was perfectly capable of standing up and walking away but I didn’t, I let him continue, his hand slowly slid up the inside of my thigh until he reached my pussy, I could feel I was soaked, he made my heart beat faster, I was nervous and scared, he was younger than my nephews, his finger slid up n down between my lips, parting them, making me moan out loud which I tried to hide, his finger easily slipped inside me and then 2, he stopped kissing me and lied me down on the bench, opening my legs, one over the back of the bench and one foot on the floor, he started to slowly finger fuck my pussy, I was getting wetter, the bench was starting to get wet, I could feel it run down my arse crack on to it, he curled his fingers up and built up a steady Rhythm, I was so hot and horny it really didn’t take long for me to start squirting, by this time he had stood up and moved to my side, my juices were going everywhere, I was moaning so loud now he was covering my mouth to keep me quiet but continued to make me squirt, after 10 minutes of this I was helpless to anything now.

He knelt on the floor and positioned himself between my legs, he then lowers his face and started to clean up my juices and eat my pussy expertly with his long tongue, I knew now these woman had really taught him well, he was massaging my clit with his tongue, then it would dart into my pussy, then he push my legs up to my head and eat my arse then he would start fingering me again and suck on my clit, I started to squirt again which I love to do but this was crazy, he was making my head go dizzy again, he was drinking me up and by the moans from him he was loving every drop, this went on for about 30mins tea, his tongue and fingers exploring both holes making me squirt time after time.

It was now about 12 midnight, the sky was clear, the moon was out in full lighting up the world, I was on my back, legs open wide and pussy soaking wet, he looked at me and told me he had to have me now, I told him no but he said his cock was rock hard and he needed to fuck some good pussy, he lifted me up and removed my jacked and then my dress before I even knew what he was up to, he pushed me back down, legs over his shoulders and hand around my throat telling me that I was going to be his older sex slut now, he unzipped his jeans with his other hand and removed them, he then took off his jacket and t-shirt, we was both now naked, I looked down, his cock was massive, I’d have said closer to 10” and so thick, he pulled the skin back, his head slowly popped out and was dripping, he was worked up and really wanted me, he pushed the head up to my lips, I could feel he was big, it popped inside me and made me squeal, he laughed and said that’s what happens to most woman but he would take it slowly to start, I told him no he was going to hurt me, he told me to relax and all would be well, he very slowly inserted the full shaft into me, balls deep, I couldn’t believe I could take it all, he looked at me surprised as well, he just said well well, you can fit me, me are going to have some fun, then he pulled right out to the tip and slammed it right in, I squealed and moaned as he continued to fuck me deep and hard, he started to get dater harder and as deep as his balls would let him, I was really enjoying it and he could tell, my pussy was starting to leak again, his cock become a creamy white with my juices, he held my ankle high and wide and really fucked me hard, after 15 minutes ish, he pulled out and put me on my knees, he stood behind me and started fucking me, taking it in turns in my arse then back to my pussy, he would then walk to my face and push it right down my throat, stretching my mouth and passage, I could taste the mixture of our cum, then he would go back around and continue to fuck me, after ages of fucking he come to my face pushed it balls deep and emptied himself, stream after stream of hot cum, large lumps of seamen hitting my stomach, he much have ejaculated about 10 large ropes of cum into me, the sweat was pouring off of him, he pulled out because I was choking, he then sat on the bench naked and laid my head on his lap.

He was stroking my hair and told me I had a lovely pussy and that I was a good slut for him, he said he likes olde woman as they appreciate a younger man with a big cock more than girls his age, he told me he wanted to see me a lot more so he could enjoy my holes and listening to me moan, he told me I was very noisy and my pussy was like a tap but that’s what he likes, my hand run up his leg to meet his cock and he was still hard, I moved so I could suck him, I could taste our mixed juices, it tasted amazing, I was taking half of him in my mouth and he was moaning so good, I told him he was a good boy and if he wanted to he could call me mummy, he said yes because even mummies like his young cock, I could feel him starting to leak at the thought, I asked him if the thought of fucking mummy turns him on which he pushed more into my mouth and said yes mummy now shit up and suck deeper as it went further in.

I stood up, he was sat there, legs open, cock pointing to the sky rock solid, I thought my husbands hasn’t been like that in years, I stood on the bench, feet either side of my lover and lowered my self down and impaled his pole deep into my soaked cunt, I started to ride him slowly, looking into his eyes and kissing him, he was balls deep, I could feel his head pushing on the walls of my insides, he was at the entrance of my cervix I could feel the head trying to open it and slid in, he whispered that I was a really good slut and he wanted to see me a lot more, I told him he could stay for the weekend as her husband was away on business, he lifted mu arse and started fuck in time with me riding him, we fucked like this for about 2 hours, nice and slow, then he told me he was close to cummin, I asked him where he wanted to empty himself, he told me my pussy but from behind as he wanted to give me it really hard, I said ok, he asked me if I was a good slut and I’d be his sex toy, I said yes and he could do anything he wanted to me, I was his mummy and he could use me all the time, he told me to get on the bench on my knees, he knelt down and cleaned out my pussy, he then stood behind and slammed his cock into me balls deep in 1 hard thrust, he told me I was his slut and would do anything he wanted, where ever he wanted and with who ever he wanted and asked if I understood, I said yes I understand, he then said good mummy and started to really pound me hard, slapping my bare arse with his belt until it was stinging and I was crying, he told me to shut up and take it like a whore, no man has ever talked to me like this, he was clearly getting off on it, I was just agreeing with everything he said, he got more dominant and physical, he said you old whores love to be used, I nodded and then he shot inside me he shot about 5 large jets into me then pulled out, shot over my arse then forced himself into my tight butt, he put the belt around my neck and pulled as he thrust into me, I was being chocked and painfully analysed now, he was deep and hard, I was going dizzy, I think I passed out as I woke up and he was still fucking me, he had hold of my hair and was pulling my head back as his belt was whipping under me at my breasts, he was like a wild dog taking what he wanted, he finally started to jerk as I felt his hot load shoot inside my arse, after his cock went limp he slowly pulled out with a pop lol

He laid me down on the bench, my legs were like jelly, I couldn’t move, in that moment I was his to do what ever he wanted with, I could move run or anything and he knew that, my legs splayed open, cum dripping from my arse and pussy, he held his cock into my mouth and commanded that I clean him up, I could taste my pussy, his cum, my arse juice all mixed together, he stayed limp, I licked up and down his soft shaft and sucked him clean, I looked at my watch 04:30hrs, it was starting to get light very slightly, a man in the distance walking his dog looking over at us, both naked and exposed on the bench, he walked closer, my lover told me to stay put, he was now 10ft away, I was laying with my legs spread, covered in cum and still dripping from me, his large limp cock dangling, we must have looked a sight, he winked and just said morning, after he got a good look at my body he walked off into the distance into the woods.

My boy asked if I would have fucked him if he has told me to, I said in this state at this moment yes I would of allowed you to command it, it now got to 5am and was much lighter, the morning was fresh and I could feel it had cooled down as my temperature fell, I put my dress and jacket on and then my heels, he got dressed to and continued to walk me home, I invited him in, we both showered together and then went to bed, we both fell asleep straight away and didn’t wake until 3pm later that day, I woke to him eating my pussy, and so begins that story.

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