Grandad and Me


This is a story told to me by a friend, is it true, who knows, but knowing my friend lol

Me and my granddad have always been close, every since I was born until now I have always been his little princess, he has dotted on me and always given me everything I have wanted (within reason) my nanny has been the same but I know I’m grandads favourite and I love spending time with them, I’ve always had sleep overs since a baby and granddad has always bathed me which I’ve enjoyed, I know he taught me my alphabet and numbers when I was younger with rubber stick on letter for the bath, we would spend ages learning them then he would stand me up and wash me with nice baby shower gel and his hands, this went on for many years until I was about 10, his hands and fingers covered my body, he told me we needed to make sure I was nice and clean everywhere, after the bath Nan always told him to make sure he put talc everywhere, I used to lay on my front so he could do my back and bottom, then I would lay on my back so me could do my front and my legs, he would lift up my leg and open them wide so he could reach all my parts including my lady parts which he did start to take his time with as I got older, it did start to feel nice and I would lay there and just let him powder me and I’d enjoy his touch.

My mum had a falling out with my Nan so I never went around for a while, I wasn’t sure what it was about but I think it was Nan just speaking her mind as my mum would always ‘dump’ me on them just so she could go out.

When I got to 18 I started to go back around and stay over, again grandad started to wash me, they now had a shower fitted as it was easier for them to get in and out of, the shower was a nice long one, sliding door one end to get in and out with 2 shower heads, I like the rainfall shower head as I can stand underneath it and relax. Grandad would then come in and ask if I wanted a wash, I would go to the end by the door, turn my back to the door, he would open it and squirt body wash all over my back, his hands would then start to rub it all over my back, down the backs of my legs and up the inside and then underneath me to the front, his hands would slow down and I always felt his finger slid between my pussy lips, as his finger ran over my tiny clit I accidentally let out a soft moan, his finger slowly run over it again a few times, my knees started to buckle, his other hand went around my waist to hold me up, he stopped and pulled away and told me to turn around, as I did he told me to hold onto the shower frame above me head so he could wash me all over, again more shower gel over my breasts and tummy (my breast were just starting to develop and were a small 32AA) his hands started to work the lotion over my body, down my tummy, my legs and then back up, his thumbs started to circle my nipples, they slowly begun to harden, I closed my eyes and smiled, it felt so good, it was really exciting me, a lot more than when I did it my self, then I felt his hand running over my pussy, his finger slipped between my lips again and found my tiny clit which was now starting to stick out a little, now I was starting feel really good, like never before, I could feel the energy flowing through me, I’d never felt this doing it myself or my boyfriend, but then he was the same age as me so not as experienced and the expert touch of my grandad, his big finger slipped just into my pussy and made me jump and yell at the same time, he pulled out straight away and asked if I was ok, I said yes but he better go and Nan would be back from the shops soon and that if he wanted we could finish off another time.

He left and went down stairs to make a cup of tea, just as I finished rinsing the soap off I got out the shower and heard Nan come on the front door, she looked up the stairs and asked if I wanted grandad to put talc on my back, I said if it was ok as I couldn’t reach, I then went into my bedroom, I thought little does she know what’s just happened.

A few minutes later I was drying my hair and I felt hands on my shoulders, I turned off the dryer and I spun around to see grandad again, I smiled at him and he returned a warm smile and kissed me on the forehead, he said Nan was sitting in the back garden having her cuppa, he looked at me and said ‘you wanted to talc all over’ I just laughed and said only if you wanted to, I laid on my front, he sprinkled it all over my back and started to rub it on, all over my back, down my legs, up the insides, I instinctively parted my legs as his hands got to the top, I felt the palm of his hand on my bottom as his fingers ventured under me to rub my pussy, I was still on a high state of arousal, it felt so nice, I really didn’t want it to stop, my arse lifted on the air to give him better access, I could feel the cool air breeze over my little pink arse as it opened up, I heard him moan a soft sigh at the sight before him, his thumb then went to my clit, my pussy was starting to get wet now, his finger entered me, he told me I was very wet and so lovely and tight, then I felt his younger against my arse, I tended up, he told me to relax, he pulled his hand from my pussy and with both hands pulled my arse apart then I felt his tongue enter my arse, it felt so good, it was amazing the shocks flowing through my body, I was softly jerking as his tongue worked my tiny tight arse, then he pulled me up onto my knees, he said this is better then I felt his tongue lapping up my wet pussy, licking from my clit to my arse, I didn’t realise this was a thing that girls like let alone men, but I was was in heaven, his tongue entered my tight love hole as his thumb worked my clit again as I started to orgasm, he pushed my head into the bed with his free hand and continued, after a couple of minutes of this I collapsed, my body shaking all over, he rolled me over and talced my front again playing with my nipples but nice and gentle, I could see a massive bulge in his shorts, I asked if he needed help with it but he said another time.

I got dressed and went down stairs, Nan and grandad were now in the kitchen making dinner, we was having spaghetti bol. After we had finished dinner we sat in the front room, they watched telly and I was on my phone to my best friend telling her what had happened to me, I was getting turned on again, I looked up to see grandad looking up my little cotton nightie I had on, my pussy exposed glistening with my juices, I looked at him and he smiled at me, I closed my legs, and carried on messaging my friend.

A little bit of fondling carried on for a couple of years when I stayed around theirs or we went swimming together as a family he would have a quick feel of me, even though I was young I really enjoyed it, I would play with myself at night thinking about what grandad was doing to me, how he was making me feel and I’m sure it made him feel good to, my Nan and grandad were both in there late 50’s early 60’s when I reached 20.

One weekend my mum was going out for the night on a Friday, this had been planned for a couple of weeks so again I was staying with my Nan and grandad, I went straight there after school, I was in my uniform but was waiting for mum to finish work so she could bring me some clothes and night clothes, I already had my own toiletries there but not clothes as it wasn’t a regular sleep over.

Nan got a call from work, they asked her to cover the night shift as they were short, she asked grandad if he minded her going in as he would have to look after me, he said it was fine as I was no trouble, so she agreed, got her uniform on kissed us both good bye, told us she would see us in the morning and that I had to look after grandad and make sure he was behaving whilst she was at work then she left for work.

As he walked back on from closing the door he looked at me with a big smile, I smiled back at him as I knew what was on his mind, he told me one day he would go all the way and turn me into a woman but only when I was ready, as I was looking at him I softly said to him I think I’m ready, he just asked me if I was sure, which I said I think so yes, he said we would wait until mum had dropped off my stuff and then we would see about it later in the evening.

Mum got there about 30mins after Nan had left so it was about 7:30, I had my dinner and was watching telly sitting next to grandad on the sofa, the curtains were closed, the front door was locked and he was gently stroking my nipples inside my school blouse, he opened the door and said your mum must have locked it as she has been called on to cover at work, mum asked if he would be alright looking after me, he joked and said she was told to look after me haha, mum laughed and told me to behave and do as I was told then she left.

Grandad told me to follow him upstairs and he took my bag up, he started to take my clothes out to put them in the draws and hang them up, he hung up my dress I like to wear, some jeans, a blouse and jumper, then he put my T-Shorts in the draw and then pulled out a couple of g-string panties in white, he held them up and looked at me and said, not much material in these my girl, pointless wearing them, I looked at him and said I’m not, he looked shocked and then asked me to prove it, so I lifted my skirt and showed off my clean smooth pussy that I had waxed the night before, he just looked, licked his lips and said yummy, but I was a bad girl for going to school with no panties and would be punished, I just smiled at him and laughed as my grandad never punishes me.

He told me to strip as it was time for my shower, once naked he told me to kneel on the bed with my face in the pillow and my arse in the air with my legs together, I could just about see myself in the mirror my arse was fully exposed and my pussy lips held tight exposed between my legs. His finger ran up and down my pussy and then I felt his hand slap my arse, it stung and really hurt, I let out a loud Yelp and told him it hurt, he told me to be quiet, you was told to be a good girl, do as you’re told and you’ve been naughty, with that another hard slap across my backside, again it really hurt, I let out another loud Yelp and a tear ran down my face as I cried into the pillow, he told me to be quiet and accept my punishment like a good slut, then I heard him undo his belt, then I felt 2 quick hard slaps across my backside, I turned over and was crying, he used the belt to tie my hands behind my back and then he told me he was turning me into a woman but an obedient little slut that my future boyfriends would enjoy and he will teach me how to pleasure them.

I was now on my knees with my back to the wall facing him, he stripped off and exposed his very hard 7” cock, I could see it was wet with his precum, he stepped closer to me and asked if I liked what I see, I nodded and said yes, he told me I was to lick it like an ice cream and suck it like a lollipop, so he slowly slid the head into mouth, I started to suck the head of his cock, he told me to do it with less suction and to slowly move up and down the shaft, as I worked down the shaft I felt it hit the back of my throat and it made me gag, he told me I had to get used to it as that’s what guys liked, they enjoyed a girl that gags a lot and also more so a girl that can take a cock into their throat, he told me that would really please a guy, he pulled out and started pushing it further and further down into my throat, after the third attempt I had to rush to the toilet as I was sick, so he followed me, got me back on my knees and started doing it again, in between he was getting me to lick up and down his shaft and suck his balls, he was nice and smooth, he was freshly shaved and it felt so nice. He told me he was close to cummin, he was going to throat fuck me like the slut I’m becoming and he was going to pull out as he was cummin, he wanted me to keep my mouth open and swallow what went in, so I said ok anything you want, he pushed it back into my mouth and started fucking my throat, he was balls deep and I could feel it down my throat, he told me to clench my throat muscles whilst it was down there, it felt wired but he told me I was being a really good girl and doing a good job, he continued to fuck my mouth, it got faster and faster, as he pulled out he told me to watch as he shot stream after stream of thick hot cum, he must of shot another 10 long thick streams of cum, rope after rope across my face, into my mouth and over my tits, I was swallowing like mad, it tasted nice, he told me to lick it and scoop it from my face and tits, there was a lot, even though he had finished as I was cleaning up he continued to stroke himself fast, then he told me to open wide and stick out my tongue, with that he thrust down my throat and I could feel his cock spasm about 6 times as his body jerked his hot cum down my throat.

He told me it was time for a shower, he untied my hands and got in the shower with me, his hands gently rubbing the body wash over me paying particular attention to my breasts and clit, slowly bring me to and amazing orgasm right there, it felt amazing being brought off by someone else was unbelievable, I got out and he told me to go into their room, he showered himself and followed me, I was already dry and laying naked on the bed with my legs open rubbing my pussy, sliding my finger slowly into me as he walked through the door, he told me to continue as he climbed on the bed and knelt next to my face and told me to show him what I’d learnt, and slowly sucked his whole cock deep into my mouth and down my throat, it seemed a lot easier now and he was clearly enjoying it as much as me, my pussy was dripping now, told me to stop then he pulled away.

He looked at me and asked me if I was ready to become a woman and his toy, I said yes but asked him to be gentle, he said he would but it would hurt me at first but I’d get used to it, he kissed my on the lips, his tongue farted into my mouth as his hands explored my young soft naked body, over my nipples and down to my pussy, spreading my legs in a single motion, I could feel he was an expert and had pure lust in him as his tongue was hitting my through I was pinned to the bed, he kissed his way down, tied his belt around my ankles, lifted my legs up and over my head, I put my arms through my legs and he pulled the belt down behind my head, I was now bent in half, fully exposed and open and helpless, he told me he had been looking forward to Geri g me in this position for a long time, ever since he started me and gymnastics all them years ago, he slowly licked from my arse up to my pussy and back down, spending time licking my clit and pushing his tongue on my arse, he told me he would take my arse one day soon but not tonight, he licked back up and I could feel his tongue dart into my pussy, licking all my juices out, I was moaning with pleasure and this encouraged him to continue more and more, he could feel my juice flowing, he licked up to my clit, sucked it into his mouth and expertly held it there whilst his tongue clicked it backwards and forwards, around in circles, then he’d gently grind his teeth on it whilst sucking it, I don’t know what or how he was doing it but it started to make me cum, his fingers entered my soaked pussy, I could feel them curl up inside me, I later found out that was my g-spot and I would be gone to really enjoy playing with it, he started to slowly pull in and out now, gently massaging my clit, he slowly worked up a rhythm whilst still mouthing my clit, I was so hot, so turned on I thought I was going to pass out when all of a sudden it happened, he stopped and carried on finger fucking me, juices were squirting over his face and he was drinking it up, I couldn’t stop it, I was pined into a position were I couldn’t move and he was taking full advantage of me, he pulled his fingers out, with that my body spasmed, I was still cummin, juices running out of me then I felt the head of his cock at my entrance, I was so relaxed he just slid inside so gently, then as the head popped right in I really hurt, he stopped, and pushed my legs back, he told me to breath deep and relax, after a minute or 2 I had calmed down and I told him to continue, with one hard quick thrust he burrows himself balls deep into me, I screamed out load as it really hurt but he continued to pin me down as he held himself inside me, he told me to relax, he told me I was a really good girl and I was doing great, after a couple of minutes he pulled out slowly to the head then slowly pushed in, it was very uncomfortable and again I was told to breath deep and relax and that I’d get used to it, he slowly started work back and forth, after 10 minutes of slow penetration I was getting used to it, he felt my body relax then he started fucking me, fucking me with purpose now, deeper and faster, his fingers squeezed and pulled my nipples, he told me I was doing great and that I’d make a great slut toy for him to use, after about 25mins yes of fucking deep and hard he shot his load inside me, I felt him tense up, I felt his cock grow more inside me and his cum hit my Virgina walls, stream after stream, he must have emptied a bucket in me as it was pouring down over my arse, he pulled his cock out, I could see it was covered in blood, then I felt him rub it against my arse, he slipped the head in easy with all the cum lube, this really did hurt, he held it there and just gently pushed a few times and cum again in my arse, he pulled out and told me he would take my arse next time but would give me a butt plug to open me up ready.

He untied me and I went for a shower to clean up and stop the bleeding. He followed me in and we showered again, he was very gentle with me now, he dried me off and we went down stairs, it was now 11 pm and he poured himself a whiskey and downed it then another then took the next to the sofa, I got myself a squash, as I walked in his limp cock was exposed from his robe, I knelt before him and told him to relax and I started to suck him hard again, then I was deep throating him but I was working him slowly, really taking my time, he directed to lick just under the head were it’s sensitive, this really got him going, my head was soon bobbing up and down faster taking him all the way, then he told me he was cumming again and pushed it right down and shot his hot load again into me.

We snuggled up on the sofa, he was running his fingers through my hair, the next thing I knew he was tucking me into bed and kissed me on the forehead goodnight and said thank you and he would see me in the morning.

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