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On this page you can read all our news. We try to regularly post reports about all our works, about the stage at which they are. We will be very happy if you leave a comment to the article. When we see that you are reading and commenting on our news, we get support.

News about the creation of our porn quest “The First Team”

Picture of achievement from the porn game "The First Team"

Hello everyone, this is Stranger. I decided to write how things are going in the creation of our new porn games. Now I’m on vacation and I’m still working on our sex quest, the next episode from the Cybergenic series – “The First Team”. Images I have already done about 95%. It remains to do …

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News about the creation of games for adults

two sexy girls greet you

A small article from Dworkin! For a long time I did not appear here. Completely immersed in the work on the scenario of the second sex game of the Cybergenic series. The first team. And I’m glad to say that the script is ready for one hundred percent! I tried to take into account all …

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The first team (demo)

Picture from the sex game "First Team" by Virtual Passion.

Free demo version of our new game “First Team”. This game is from our Cybergenic series. The full game will soon be done. The game will be available for $ 5 patrons. PLAY ONLINE DOWNLOAD SEX GAME (60.9 MB)                  

Quest in the erotic game

A small weekly report from Dworkin. Work on the script of the new erotic game series “Cybergenic” is in full swing, despite the monstrous summer stuffiness, and, oddly enough, the cold. It is written if not 1/5 then 1/6 exactly! The story of the gallant captain continues! How will he get acquainted with the new …

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New porn games

Hello everyone, with you Dworkin and a small overview of what is happening to us and our games. Not so long ago, our new game came out: the Bungler and the Witch. I hope you enjoyed it. All the shortcomings, which we saw in the comments, will be taken into consideration. And they will be …

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News about our erotic games, April

Hello! It’s Stranger and today our news from me. The Russian version of «Prequel» of our erotic game series «Cybergenic» is finished. But we decided to make release of the game a bit later, when will be ready the English translation. The work on translation is going on without break. We have found the person, …

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The prequel for games series 18+ is almost complete

Hello! And it’s again me, Dworkin! And here usual report about developing our games. The prequel for Cybernetic series: the script is complete for 100% (11 metres of block-schemes with description!), the code is complete for 100%, the translation is complete for 90%, the drawings and animation is complete for 99% (and, wait… .will be …

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Demo-version of game “Prequel” of the Cybergenic

Very soon will release our first erotic game from series “Cybergenic”. It will our prequel, our first experience of teamwork. Before that me and Stranger made only games which wrote by themselves. Today we want to present to your attention demo-version the prequel. In this adult game the plot is happening in far future, when …

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We will soon make an erotic game about cyborgs

Hello everybody! It’s again me – Dworkin! And my a bit late report about the developing our sex games. This time I will not to tell you any abstract stories and other. Today only about the games and nothing else. If anyone likes previous way of reporting – please, write it in the comments. I …

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Erotic games in March

Today I wanna tell you my future plans about creating our adult games and I gonna tell what will release in the March. I always think – which way is better. What is the better – create a couple big games during of the year or many short games? How I told you in the …

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