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We wander around the cemetery with Joly. News 09/23/23

Hi everybody. This week I started making pictures for the Joly story. After we heard about the problems with the monsters in the cemetery, we hurried there. It turned out that some kind of creature scares people so much. And Joly really wanted to help people get rid of this problem. Also this week I …

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We continue to search with Fiona for clues. News 09/16/23

Hi everybody. This week, Fiona and I continued to search our house for clues to open the mysterious chest. And in the end we found them and opened the chest. It turned out to be an item that will move us further along the main plot. And of course, after the search, Fiona and I …

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Fiona and I are exploring our house. News 09.09.2023

Hi everybody. This week, Fiona and I explored our house in search of a key. With this key we want to open the chest we found in the barn of our house. But this is not a simple key, these are some constellations that we need to find all over the house. And of course, …

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Spying on lesbians. News 08/26/23

Hey guys. I’ve been spying on lesbians this week. After the janitor instructed me to get some interesting girl’s panties, I went to the market. There I talked to a traveling merchant who told me about several girls. One of them turned out to be loving other girls. Following her, I saw their sex scene …

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Witcher Hunt News 08/19/23

Hi everybody. This week I corrected the errors you found in the new update of the Witcher Hunt porn game. This activity took up my time and I didn’t make as many pictures as usual. I was also setting up a new location for a sex scene. This is a secluded corner where two lesbians …

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A new version of the game has been published

Hello everyone. I have great news for you — we have published the next update of our game. In the new version of our sex game, we have added 80 sex animations, opened new locations. You should definitely play this update. PLAY ONLINE

Sex with a gymnast all week. News 08/05/23

Hi everybody. This week I continued to have sex with the gymnast Ilsa. I made 398 pictures of porn scene animations and more. Even this week, I completely finished making pictures for the Manticore School armor quest. Plus, I redid some images of the sex scene with Dora, the audience of the astronomy department. I …

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Sex with a gymnast. News 07/29/2023

Hi everybody. This week I took pictures of the sex scene with Ilsa in the room with the last part of the Manticore School Kit. Before that, she and I sailed into the open sea to get the third ingredient for the potion. During the voyage, a small incident happened with Ilsa, which you will …

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How to pump dexterity with the help of a nun. News 16.07.23

Hi everybody. With the help of a nun, you can upgrade your dexterity if you receive a quest from the janitor of the academy. All this week I have been creating pictures of a sex scene with this sinner. The scene will be in her cell. Three anal and three vaginal options are available. Communication …

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Game development in the summer. News 08.07.23

Hi everybody. Game development in the summer is a difficult task. I really want to get distracted and take a walk on the weekend. That’s why I work less now and rest more. But there is a lot of work and it will not escape into the forest. That’s why I’m still making pictures and …

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