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On this page you can read all our news. We try to regularly post reports about all our works, about the stage at which they are. We will be very happy if you leave a comment to the article. When we see that you are reading and commenting on our news, we get support.

October 3rd Update

Hi there!We continue to work on our next erotic series of Cybergenics. More than half of the script has been written. And this part of the script is given to the translator for translation into English. Pictures have also been made. I really hope that in November our new erotic game will be ready.

News about game development. August 22th

Hi everyone. It’s time to tell you again about our news. As you have already noticed, we have a new game about the Bungler. While this game is available to those who support us on Patreon $7. These patrons have access to our games 2 weeks before the main release. On August 21, the game …

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August 3rd news

Hi everyone. Another news about the creation of our games. For technical reasons, the release of our next porn game about Bungler is postponed. This time I will not say the release date, so as not to make a mistake. The game is almost ready, just have one problem with the translator. And we have …

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July 26th Ero Game News

Hello everyone. Regular news from our world of games for adults. I want to tell you about our progress in creating a new game about bungler. The script is completely written. We only need to correct the script a bit, remove some errors. It remains to create quite a few pictures. Pictures made about 95%. …

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July 5 news

Hello, everyone. It’s time to tell you about our news. We continue the work of our new game about bungler. Already done quite a lot. The script is written at 80%. Almost as many images are made. A few days earlier, I gave our script to an English translator. July 11, I will get the …

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June 25th, 2019 News

Hi everyone. Here I am again!I had a break from work last week. I was on a trip to the Urals. In the sidecar motorcycle “Ural”) And now I continue to work on games.While I was riding in the Urals, the writer did not write anything new, because he was sick. But I still have …

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Where publish porngame

Hello! Many of you are trying to create games. And some are very good at it. But you do not know where to publish your porngame.I suggest you to publish your game on my site To do this, email me at [email protected] be able to play your game, it must run it in the …

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News 02 June 2019

Hi everyone. Summer has finally come. This means that where I live was warm) And I am very happy. And this summer I will have an important event in my life – in June I will leave my main job and will work only on the creation of games. The income from the creation of …

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May News

Hello, everyone! I want to tell what we are doing at the moment. We are creating another game about muddling. The action in it will take place in the castle. There you come from a secret passage, which you were able to discover with the help of Tralla in the game “The Dungeons and the …

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A new porn game will be published soon

Hello to all. I want patrons to tell the good news – next weekend I will publish our new game “Cybergenic 4: Low Blow”! It remains to make a few images, sounds. Need to check the game code. Patrons $ 6 dollars and more have already appreciated part of this game. This time the game …

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