Sex Scene Week. News 02/24/24.


Hi, everyone. This week I’ve been creating sex scenes for a couple of girls. One of them is astronomy teacher Linden. This is the final scene of her story. Outdoor sex with the northern lights.

And two more little sex scenes with the girls in the secret room.

I made a total of 263 pictures for animations during the week.

On our Patreon and Boosty pages we had a poll about the girl whose story we will write next. In the end, Triss Merigold was chosen. In second place was Milenka. We will write her story in the second place.

But before we write the stories of these girls, we will write the continuation of Ciri’s story. You will have to discuss a plan of action in the tavern and go in search of a sinister cult. The screenwriter has already started writing the script.

That’s the news for today. Have a great mood, everyone!

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