Date night with a much older guy


My name is Kirsty, I’m 18 years old, a virgin, 5.4” 34DD 32 36, I have some lovely curves that I enjoy showing off and I am not lacking the attention from both sexes. I am very active with myself and my toys, I love to play on the shower, my bed, on the sofa and I like to play on the field and on the woods and I know I have been watched before.

I live at home with my mum, dad and brother, my mum and dad are both 47 years old, both look after them selfs, my dad has a great body and a nice thick hung cock (I’ve seen him on the showers many a time as well as having sex with mum, no they don’t know) my mum is very much like me, we all have blond hair bright blue eyes, yes they always get me what I want, well most of the time anyway, brother is 25, really well built, always down the gym so has a lovely ripped body and like dad is hung and thick.

I’ve seen my brother playing many a time in the shower and his bedroom whilst watching porn with his headphones on, I watch through the crack on his door from the landing, I lift up my short nighties and always play, sometimes when I’m really horny I take it off and stand there naked rubbing my hard clit and fingering my very tight pussy, I enjoy watching my brother play and I love to see my dad fucking my mum, I have seen them all over the house and mum is noisy so I can easily walk around without them knowing I’m there.

All the boys my age are so immature so I always go for older guys, so I joined Tinder but put in that I was 18 and looking for fun and friendship, put some saucy pics up and within 2 minutes I had all sorts messaging me, so I then thought I needed to update my profile on what I’m really looking for ‘an older guy, in his 30’s, someone that’s fit, hung, loves the young ladies, someone that can treat them well and play nicely, has to be dominant as I am a little submissive in my ways’

I also put that I am a virgin, I’m very tight and you’ll need to treat me real good to get what you’re really after.

Bam, the requests changed, a few guys in their 30’s some of them not so nice, a couple of them my type, tall, dark hair, fit, great smile so I started to talk to them.

They both asked what I was looking for and asked for more pics of me, so I asked for more of them first, they had to prove they where hung and I wanted to know if they where heavy cummers because I loved the idea of trying to swallow it all but there to be to much and it flows out of my mouth and over my breasts and as I pull out they continue to shoot over me, that’s my fantasies and that’s what I want.

So they both make some videos for me, one of the guys is massive, his balls look heavy as they swing with his strokes, he is totally smooth all over and cums like a tap, loads of it, must be about 10 thick white spurts of cum shooting from his thick long hard cock, after the vid finishes my hand roams into my thin panties and I find I’m soaked so I decide to record the lot for a return for him, I don’t last long and my pussy goes into an explosive orgasm, I send the vid, he is a little disappointed as I was fully dressed and he couldn’t see much, I told him I’d save it for him for when we meet.

We exchanged a few more messages each night until the weekend and he arranged to pick me up and got for a drink on the Saturday night. Saturday I went into town, into Ann summers and brought a body stocking, totally see through and a see through thong to match, that night I showered, waxed my pussy, put on my body stocking, thong, no bra, little dress and high heels, I thought I looked amazing, as I walked down the stairs my brother said I looked very hot, fuckable and like a slut, I said to him that’s the look I was going for, we set the tracker on my phone so he knew where I was and then I heard his car pull up, he had a nice big Range Rover, all black, blacked out windows at the back, my mind was already racing thinking what we could do in the back.

I got in, he kissed me on the lips and told me how gorgeous I looked and he started to drive, the night was young and it was still light as we was in middle of June, it was a lovely hot evening, he was in khaki shorts, short sleeved shirt and some shoes, he looked amazing, we drove to a quiet pub, told me to sit at a bench in the garden and he’d fetch some drinks, he got me a couple of cocktails and he had coke, after a few more drinks and lots of talk the conversation when to what he really wanted and what I wanted, I was now quite tippsy so we decided to go for a drive, he drove up this lane which was a dead end and there was nothing but fields at the end of it, a small little car park, it was very nice and very quiet.

He came around and opened the door for me, as I swung my legs around to climb down he stopped me and pushed my knees apart, for some reason I just let him, my legs fell open, my dress rode up to my hips and he had a good look for what I was wearing, his fingers went to my panties and he slowly pulled them down to my knees, I lifted my heels and he removed them, he held my ankles up in the air and told me I didn’t need them and the view was much better now, exactly what he was looking for, he buried his head in between my legs and started to eat my pussy, I was already horny with excitement so he was able to taste my juicy wet cunt.

After a couple of minutes I pushed his head away and told him to wait and slow down, I stepped out the car and my dress fell back down to the middle of my thighs, I told him it was his turn and to remove his shorts which he did, his cock sprung up and must have been as long as my forearm, once his shirt were off I had his cock in my hand, I told him before we continued I needed to tell him something but I didn’t want him to freak out, so I started by telling g him I really wanted to feel him inside me, I wanted to taste him and get covered in his cum and that he could do what ever he wanted to me, but I was only 15 years old.

He froze and covered his cock, he told me he couldn’t do it and that I was out of order for saying I was 18, I again told him I was ok and wanted him, I unbuttoned my dress and let it fall to the floor, I was now stood in my body stocking and high heels, my tits and pussy fully exposed fully exposed through the cut outs in the right places, he removed his hands and told me that this was very wrong, I sank to my knees, looked up at him, I could see he was weak, he couldn’t resist, he couldn’t stop me, his cock rock hard bobbing in front of my mouth, I looked up at him as he looked down at me, his hand reached for the back of my head as he guided his cock towards my mouth, it touched my lips, I could taste the salty cum on his foreskin, he reached down with his other hand and pulled the skin right back, his big fat purple head was glistening with cum, I could tell he was horny and had no resistance to me, I opened my mouth and sucked as much in as I could, I heard him moan loudly as the head hit my throat, I gagged, I pulled back a little and he thrust forward again hitting my throat harder, he told me to relax my mouth and throat, he pulled back and this time with a lot of strength and determination he slowly pushed his cock down on my through, I was gagging and pushed back, he told me to stay where I was and went to his car, he came back behind me and told me to put my hands behind my back, I then felt him handcuff me and realised what was about to happen.

He stood in front of me, removed his shirt, his body slightly glistening with sweat, he pecs standing out, like massive tit muscles, I then roamed down his stomach, the muscles were like a washing board, then I was eye level with his cock again, dripping with his cum and my saliva, he told me to open wide and relax again, this time he slid in, slowly down my throat, I was gagging again and trying to pull away, it was useless this time, he had my hair in his fist and his other hand pulling the back of my head guiding his cock down my throat, if finally was fully in and his balls on my chin, he started to slowly fuck my throat and told me to contract my throat muscles on his shaft, again it was making me gag, I couldn’t breath, I was desperately trying to pull away for a breath but he wouldn’t let go, after a few more seconds of being used he pulled away and I was panting like made, he told me that I was a good girl and needed to learn to suck and deep throat cock properly.

He opened the boot, stood me up, pulled me over to the car and bent me over, I was now half in the boot and my legs wide apart on the floor, he then got a metal bat out with straps on it, he cuffed my ankles and stretched the bar out making my legs spread wider. He knelt down and run a finger up my pussy lips and over my anas, it was a tight little rose bud and he seemed to marvel at how pink and tight it was, his finger roamed back down to my pussy, he spread my lips and could see my insides glistening with hot pussy juices, I felt his warm tongue enter me, I heard him moan as he lapped up my juices, pushing his tongue in as deep as it would go, then I felt him pull out and a finger inserted in to me, he laughed and said we are going to need this stretched before my cock can go in, then I felt his finger bend and he found that magic spot, he swapped his finger for his thumb and started to work it again as well as my clit at the same time, then I felt his hot tongue on my tight pink arse, it felt amazing, I was in ecstasy, I had never been used like this before, he was totally in the moment, not bothered by my age anymore, just wanted to pleasure the young girl, cuffed and exposed in front of him willing him to use this little slut, then I felt his tongue enter my arse, he was lapping at it like it was a lolly, it really did feel good, this carried on for some time, then my legs buckled, he pushed down on my back to hold me in place whilst he stood over me, his thumb and hand going nuts in my pussy then I exploded, I orgasmed like never before, I was crying loud with pleasure and then it happen, my Pusey squirted for the first time, I screamed and told him to stop, that he was making me piss myself, he laughed and told me to enjoy it, he was making me squirt which a lot of woman do and it’s not piss, he continued for about 10 minutes, on and off, making me squirt, then stop then squirt again, he let go of me and I collapsed onto the grass, he stood over me and started to stroke his cock, within a few strokes he bent down and steam after steam of hot thick white cum shot out of his cock, by this time his was sitting on my tummy, his cum was shooting over my tits, face, hair, he knelt up and grabbed the back of my head and pushed it in to my mouth, I felt him continue to shoot and as he was doing this he was telling me I was a good slut and to swollen it all.

He pulled out and told me to clean his cock which I didn’t have much choice in, he then stood up and got dressed, I was still cuffed at my wrists and ankles. He went to his car and came back with his camera and started to snap some pics off, he said I looked amazing covered in cum and that he wanted a nice reminder.

He then helped me up and released my ankles and wrists, I looked down and I was covered, I had no choice but to remove my body sticking, now I was completely naked, exposed, cum over my toys face and in my hair, he was smiling, I told him I couldn’t go home like this as my brother would see me covered and no doubt it would turn him on.

He then started asking me questions about if I’d seen my brother and dad doing things so I told him, he was soon hard again, he pulled his shorts off and told me he really needed to pop my Cherry, I told him no way he was to big, he said to me he would be gentle and if it really hurt he would take it out, but he really liked his woman to be tied up when he fucked them, he liked the idea of them being helpless, so I reluctantly agreed, he tied my wrists to tow bar and then my ankles, he spread me wide and high and rigged them to the boot door somewhere, I really could move now, he fetched a wedge shape pillow from his car and pushed it under my arse, he took some more pics then put on recorder and told me he wanted to video ducking a virgin, so I agreed, he set the camera up so it got all of me in view and showed my pussy, I felt the tip of his cock at my entrance, I asked him if he was wearing protection, he told me no as he didn’t like it and and that I would enjoy it more without, I felt the tip pushing hard at my entrance, I was so tight he was struggling, then it slipped it and I felt myself rip, I screamed, he put his hand over my mouth and told me to be quiet, I told him it hurts and I was crying, he told me it will but I’d get used to it and as I was in now it would hurt more to pull out, he held it there for a couple of minutes, I could feel his cum dripping inside me, he was horny, he was looking at me like he was possessed and there was no way I was going to be able to stop him now, he held my ankles tight, I could feel all his strength and weight transferred to his hips, then with one almighty push he impalled my tight my tight virgin pussy, I screamed again as his cock smashed against my virgins walls and stretched my lips, ripping them even more, again he put his hand over my mouth to muffle my screams, he looked at me and told me he would give me something to scream about then he was slapping my arse then at the same time pulled out and thrust back in, it was really hurting, I was begging him to stop as he was to big, he just laughed and told me to be quiet or I’d get more punishment, he pulled out and thrust back in really deep and hard a few times, this made me scream again, I see him reach for his shorts and he removed his thick leather belt, he pulled his cock right out of me, it was covered in blood, he looked down at it, he looked at me and said perfect you are now a broken in whore, then he pulled back and with one hard swing smacked my arse with his belt as hard as he could, he then got my panties and shove them in my mouth and put some tape over to keep them in, then he smacked my arse again on the other cheek then he hit it over my pussy, I was on so much pain now, I didn’t know guys could be this dominant and rough and especially with a young girl, I realised I’d made a huge mistake but couldn’t do anything about it.

He continued to whip my pussy, arse and tits all the while stroking his cock, his cum was leaking out as he was turned on so much, I knew he wasn’t goi g to stop until he had completely finished and satisfied himself, after about 10 minutes of spanking me, I was red, my tits arse and pussy had been ripped open and I had bloody seeping out of my skin from the wounds, he knelt in front of my pussy again, I was fully exposed, tied up and was unable to stop him, I felt the head of his cock at my entrance again, he told me to relax was it would hurt more if I tensed up and then with one hard thrust he was back inside me, filling my pussy with his thick large cock hitting my virgin a walls again, I thought if he carries on he’ll be inside my womb, he fucked me really hard deep and fast, he didn’t last long, he pushed in and held it deep as I felt his come hit my walls and against my tube, I could feel the head and the entrance as he shot his cum directly into my womb, then I felt it running out of me as I was now full, seeping out over me arse and down my arse cheeks.

He pulled out and stroked his cock a few times as he spurt some more come over me. He told me I was a good girl for taking a beating and getting raped like that, I told him it wasn’t rape as I was there out of choice, I cleaned up as he has some baby wipes, put on my dress, threw my thong and body stocking in his boot, he told me he wanted to keep them then he drove me home.

He asked if we could meet again but I said only if he wasn’t so rough as he had really hurt me, he laughed and said he would try but couldn’t promise as I was such a willing little slut that needed using
As I walked to the house I could see through the window, my brother was watching porn on the telly, as I got closer I realised it was me and this guy, this guy must have sent a live link to my brother and he recorded it, he was actually watching me getting used and he was slowly wanking his cock, now I was wondering who this guy really was and what my brother had planned for me on my return, see mum and dad were on holiday so we was alone, I entered the house, he stood up and told me to remove my dress.

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