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Sexy Witch 7. Bungler Knight. Porn detective. 3 (4)

Your favorite bungler faces new adventures! This time it’s serious: make the wrong choice and pay with your head! Playing detective will keep you guessing. Find out who was in the duchess’s bedroom last night! Number of sex scenes – 6Number of images – 1316Number of animations – 66Developer – Virtual Passion This is a paid …

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Sexy Witch 6: Pinecones for Zhanna 5 (2)

In this episode of the “Sexy Witch” series, you reminisce about your past. You dream about a time when you were 18 years old. You have to save Christmas when the village Christmas tree is stolen! You’ll manage this with help from Zenny the witch and your own sperm! Your other chance is seek advice …

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Sexy Witch 5: Down the Black Hole. Medieval sex game 4 (3)

This is another episode from the bungler series. After helping a lady-orc find her way home, you ended up in the secret passages of a castle belonging to a local duke. You find one-way mirrors in these passages that let you spy on what is happening on the other side of the walls. Every mirror …

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Sexy Witch 4: The Dungeons and the Bungler. Mobile porn games. 3.8 (4)

Picture from a porn game, virtual passion, virdate

The next porn game for your phone where you get with a witch. This time, you must get rid of an orc-girl who has settled in a cave. To make her leave, you’ll have to reveal her magic abilities by helping her turn into a shaman. To do that, of course, you’ll have to have …

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Sexy Witch 2: Free sex game “Hot meal” 5 (1)

You had a very interesting day yesterday. Not everyone has days like that. It’s like you hit the jackpot. But, don’t forget that you need to play to win! And your visit to the witch to solve your problem was like the lottery. Now, any girl you meet is yours! Well, almost. You’ll have to …

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Free porn game “Sexy Witch 1: The Bungler and the Witch” 4.8 (4)

Icon of the porn game "The Bungler and the Witch" by Virtual Passion

Free erotic game from the series “Sexy Witch“. This is a small game with a short story. The action takes place in the Middle Ages. You, young man, who is not lucky with the girls. And you want to correct this situation with the help of witchcraft. For this, you go to a local pretty …

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Sex game – Lucky Neighbor 4.5 (4)

We created another porn game about Zenny. This game is called “Lucky Neighbor”. The plot of the game is very simple. Zenny invited you to clean all her holes. To get to the sex scenes, you need to look for hot spots on the image. Make sure that you have cookies in your browser. Number …

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First game Sexy Witch – Sex Toy Dealer 5 (1)

The first game of 2018! And also this game starts a series of our games SEXY WITCH. This is a simple erotic game without passing and quests. You, as a seller of sex toys, come to a girl named Zenni, who in your store ordered these erotic products. And she wants to check out these …

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