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Mini games in Witcher Hunt 0 (0)

During your adventures, you will come across many minigames. Some of them are based on your reflexes, others on your deduction. The main character’s stats – dexterity, intelligence, charisma and strength – can be improved through four minigames. An other part of them is dedicated to various jobs. Last but not least, as the main character will …

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Witcher Hunt Locations 0 (0)

Welcome to Oxenfurt. A motley, cheerful, noisy and fragrant town of wonders, into which clever and enterprising people managed to turn a dry and seemingly useless theory, gradually seeping through the university walls. It is also a town of amusements, evening festivities, constant celebration and incessant carousing. Homes Facilities Other locations

Witcher Hunt Characters 0 (0)

These characters live in the town of Oxenfurt. Most non‐player characters have a daily routine, so they can be located in different sections of town depending on the in‐game time of day. Some of them offer more intricate interactions and special scenes, whether inside or outside dedicated routes. Students Teachers Inhabitants

Records of tasks in the Witcher Hunt 0 (0)

The game has the opportunity to see at what stage the player is in a certain quest. To do this, go to the “Stats & Relations” by clicking on the button. The right panel will show the relationship with the girls and the progress of the quests. To view the entire list, you can scroll …

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Stats in Witcher Hunt 0 (0)

The stats tracker is a game functionality that symbolizes how good is the main character in four skills: Strength, Dexterity, Charisma and Intelligence. An overview of these statistics is displayed in the “Stats & Relations” menu. Improving the four skills is not an easy task and relies on the minigames found during the adventure. Stats check Specific dialog choices or actions for the main …

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