Stats in Witcher Hunt

The stats tracker is a game functionality that symbolizes how good is the main character in four skills: StrengthDexterityCharisma and Intelligence. An overview of these statistics is displayed in the “Stats & Relations” menu.

Improving the four skills is not an easy task and relies on the minigames found during the adventure.

Stats check

Specific dialog choices or actions for the main character are validated after one of the four statistics has been checked. If the check is passed, an additional dialog option will be shown or the game will continue. Otherwise, there will be no additional dialogue option, or the main character will say that one of his stats does not have the right level.

As a result, the higher are the main character’s stats, the further the player can advance in the game.


All stats start with 1 point at the beginning of the game and reach a maximum of 10 points after successful training.

The more developed a player’s characteristic is, the more difficult it is for him to increase it.

To increase the characteristic, the player must complete as many training sessions as he currently has the characteristic level. For example: if the player’s strength is 5, then to reach level 6, the player must train 5 times.


To pump up the strength, the player must work in the forge. Mini game “Forging objects”. To open access to the forge, the player must receive a task from Shani to create a vessel for medicine.


The player can pump dexterity in the nearby forest. Mini game “Running with obstacles.” This location is open immediately.


The player can pump charisma by having sex with girls in the brothel “The rosebud.” He can also pump charisma in the church. Mini-game “Singing”.


The player can pump intelligence at home by reading a book. But this way you can only level up to level 5. To continue pumping charisma, the player must play the mini-game “Schulte” at the Oxenfurt Academy.

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