Mini games in Witcher Hunt


During your adventures, you will come across many minigames. Some of them are based on your reflexes, others on your deduction. The main character’s stats – dexterity, intelligence, charisma and strength – can be improved through four minigames. An other part of them is dedicated to various jobs. Last but not least, as the main character will have to challenge, fight, minigames will be there to validate your progress.

Stats improvement


Mini-game — Choosing a suitable item (forge)

Choose from the list of products the one that looks like the product shown above. There is a countdown timer. A picture is shown in the upper row, and in the lower row there is a set of several pictures (10 pcs.). The player must click on the picture at the bottom, which is similar to the picture at the top. In total, the player must choose 10 items. If the player clicks on the wrong picture, nothing happens. The timer continues to count down.


Mini-game — obstacle course (nearby forest)

The player runs through the forest. Several images replace each other. Some of the pictures depict obstacles that the player must avoid. To do this, the player must click on the arrows that are located on the sides of the screen. In total, the player must avoid 20 obstacles. To click on the arrow, the player is given a certain time.

Mini-game — spying on women (seashore)

You need to constantly press the button on the screen. You’re jerking off. You have to fill in the pleasure scale to cum. If women look back at you, you have to stop, as if you’re hiding. If women look at you and you don’t stop, they will run after you, threatening violence. The mini-game will end in failure.


Mini-game — Schulte (library)

Find all the numbers on the screen in turn. Numbers from 0 to 15. Then, on a more complex level, the numbers from 0 to 24.


Mini-game — Singing (church)

At the top of the screen there is a label showing at what point the player needs to click on the note. If the player presses the note at the right moment, then the game is given one point. If a player scores 50 points, then he wins. He enhances his charisma. If a player presses a note at the wrong moment, the game ends.

Earning money

Mini-game — cook (tavern)

The player must take turns throwing several items on different pans. All items must be in the air. The player must move between objects using arrows. The more times a player throws each item, the more money he will earn. If the player drops at least one food, the game ends.

Mini–game — Destruction of phantoms (cemetery, night)

Against the background of the cemetery, images of ghosts appear in random places. The player must have time to click on the ghost at a certain time. If the player doesn’t have time, the ghost attacks the playe, the game ends. The time during which the player must click on the ghost during the game is reduced. The more ghosts the player wins, the more money he will earn.

​Mini-game — Warehouse security (harbor, night)

Thieves are trying to break into the warehouse. There are 4 windows in the warehouse through which they can get inside. The player must click on the window through which the thief will soon crawl. If the player manages to click on the window, the thief disappears. If the player does not have time to click on the window, the game ends.

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