Ciri in a sex shop. News 03.03.24.


Hi everyone. I’ve been making images for a few locations this week. First, Ciri and Dandelion and I met at a tavern to discuss future plans. Eventually we agreed to meet at a sex shop and talk to the saleswoman. She told us that she needed the skin of some monster to make special clothes for us. So we went to the seashore to kill the monster and skin it. I ended up making 48 pictures.

A test picture in a sex shop.

The flowchart has gotten bigger. The scriptwriter added dialogs in the tavern, on the seashore. A new location was opened – a sex shop.

I’ve also been working on improving the game’s code this week. I decided to add the ability to change the speed of the sex scene animations to the game. I want you to be able to change the speed at which you have sex with the girls. To do this, there will be buttons on the screen that you can press to speed up or slow down the animation. These buttons will appear in the next update in the secret room of the academy. Then gradually I will add these buttons to other porn scenes as well.

That’s all. Have a great time, everybody!

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