Meet Linda and Glenna. News 02/18/24


Hi. This week I did pictures of a story in which Linden and I were looking for a missing item. The elf merchant gave us a clue and we found the thief. She turned out to be Linden’s apprentice, Linda. Due to the fact that these names are very similar, in the game Linda will be called Katarina. After talking to her, we recovered the stolen item. And in anticipation of the approaching event, we went for a drink in a tavern. There we unexpectedly met Linden’s younger sister Glenna. She scolded her older sister for drinking too much. In the end Linden listened to Glenna’s words and the two of us went back to the teacher’s house to wait for some celestial phenomenon.

I only made 66 pictures this week. I was sick for part of the week and lay in bed with a fever. And even while I was sick, I was thinking about the game. I watched a walkthrough of the game “Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden.” Perhaps some elements of that game will suggest interesting themes for our game.

Next week I’ll be doing the artwork for the bed scene with Linden. The script is already written for that. The flowchart hasn’t changed.

That’s the news for today. Have a great mood, everyone!

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