Waiting for bugs. Witcher Hunt News 02/10/24


Hello everyone. After publishing an update to the Witcher Hunt porn game, I’ve suspended the creation of new pictures. This week I was expecting you to report bugs found in the game. There were few bugs and all have been resolved. I will now continue to create new content for this game.

In the next update I have already planned to add some content. The game will have 2 more girls in the secret room, with whom you can have sex and earn money. The story with the teacher Linden will be completed to the end. There is already a written script for these two items. And then the screenwriter and I will think about what to add to the game.

Yesterday I was creating the facade of the house of the girl Linden is chasing.

The flowchart has gotten bigger and looks like this.

That’s all the news. Have a good day, everybody.

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