The Solomon Ring 2: Lust’s Domain


The Solomon Ring 2: Lust’s Domain – After obtaining a mysterious ring in the Solomon Convent, you’re forced to run away from the nuns’ place… for great forces are, suddenly, after you. Meet the Seven Deadly Sins themselves!

The hot headed Wrath, with an even hotter body; the shy Envy, whose heart and legs need to be open; Sloth, who really makes you want to share a bed with her; the one who loves to get stuffed, Gluttony; Pride, who loves herself, and those who love her even more; Greed, who wants all of it; and Lust, who… wants to have sex with all of her partners?!

Number of images – 2083
Number of animations – 130

This is a paid game. It is available to our best Patreon subscribers.



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  1. I have tried to play two different games and neither one had any audio or video

    1. There are no videos in these games. In order for the game to play audio, you must enable automatic audio playback in your browser settings.

  2. Hello

  3. Почему не проходит оплата? Пытаюсь оплатить с карты Сбера

    1. Не знаю

  4. Why can’t I get into premium it’s supposed to come with the membership I bought

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