Shabby Step-sister



Joshua’s step sister is moving back home from college.

She pretends to be more mature and ignores him at every opportunity.

If only there was something they could bond over.

Shabby step sister

It was early morning and almost summer time. Joshua had just graduated high school the previous week and was enjoying not having to wake up on time anymore. He would inevitably spend the majority of the summer applying for colleges, but he wanted to relax for a little bit first.

However, this morning he could not stay in bed, nor did he properly sleep the night before. His restful mind had been plagued with concern after his step mother had given him some interesting news. He was not the only person who had recently graduated in their family. His elder step sister, whom he had never met in person, had finally graduated college and was now flying here to live with her mother while she searched for a job.

Joshua knew what Wendy looked like, and had even seen his step mother on video calls with her before, but he had never really talked to her in person before. His father and her mother had been dating for five years before they finally decided to get married. They claimed it was the right time since Joshua was finally graduating. They had signed the papers but had not had a proper wedding celebration yet, which further explained why Joshua and Wendy had never met.

The most awkward thing about the situation was that since he was 18, Stacy had not actually bothered adopting Joshua when she married his father and the same was true of Wendy. While by circumstance they were technically step siblings, it was not written anywhere by law. He was going to be spending his summer in the same house with a 21 year old woman with no relation to himself.

When Joshua came downstairs, he found his step mother already dressed to go out. “Should I come with you?” he asked nervously. She was about to drive to the airport to pick up Wendy.

“There’s really no point. I’m just going there and back and there will be a lot of traffic. Stay home and relax, or get started applying for college.”

“Should I dress up?” he asked.

Stacy laughed out loud. “You don’t have to impress Wendy. She is an absolute slob. She is the type of person not to bother wearing pants if she does not plan to go out for the day.” Joshua’s cheeks turned red as he pictured one thing about what Stacey said. She just continued laughing at him as she left the house.

It was over an hour before Joshua heard Stacy’s car pulling into the driveway. He peeked out the living room window as he prepared his fast beating heart for the impending encounter. Though he recognized the woman walking with Stacy from the video calls, there was something not quite the same about her or how Stacy had described her.

Wendy had hair that went past her shoulder and was straight and shiny with a lot of volume. It was brown in color. Her face was slightly round and her cheeks were full. She had red lipstick on and wore a permanent frown as she looked down at her heeled feet on her up the driveway.

She had on a grey skirt suit that looked a little stretched over her shapely hips. Joshua had never seen Stacy’s ex-husband but supposedly he was a burly man. Wendy looked to have inherited some of his girth but only in the best places. Her chest stuck out of her blazer further than any of the girls Joshua knew in high school. What did Stacy mean she was a slob? She looked perfectly presentable. In fact, Joshua felt ashamed greeting her in jeans and a graffiti t-shirt.

He had no time to change though and only just managed to leave the window and hide the fact that he was peeking before the front door opened. “Is the inside any better?” Stacy was in the middle of asking Wendy what she thought of the house. As this was Joshua’s father place, Wendy had never been here before.

“I miss your old flat,” Wendy admitted. Joshua found her voice appealing. It was like Stacy’s but with less of an obnoxious motherly ring to it. Its high pitch suited her full face and perky red lips.

“Well I like not having to pay that horrible woman anymore,” Stacy referred to her old land lord.

Wendy walked past her mother, still staring at her feet as if she had never worn heels before and had to be extremely careful. She barely noticed Joshua standing near the doorway until she nearly bumped into him. “Sorry,” she spoke in a softer tone to him than she did to her mother. She sidestepped and set down her suitcase before heading straight into the kitchen. She had an empty water bottle in hand that she refilled from the tap and began to drink from. She looked extremely warm in her skirt suit as it was almost summer time. Joshua watched as water ran down her chin from her lips and sweat beads rolled off her temple.

“You don’t have to do that,” Stacy groaned. “I told you that this is your home now, dear.” Stacy took a glass out of the cupboard and a carton of juice from the fridge. Wendy reluctantly took them and poured herself cupful to drink.

Joshua chuckled to himself as he realized his new sister was just as nervous as he was. She was moving into a stranger’s home after all; she did not feel comfortable accessing their kitchen like it was her own. “I’ll go shopping tomorrow and get my own things,” she promised her mother.

“You don’t have to. Half of this stuff is mine. Look, don’t you recognize these cups and plates? If you think these men had actual presentable china before I moved in, you’re mistaken,” Stacy laughed.

Joshua laughed as well. He appreciated Stacy’s attempts to make both of them feel more comfortable with each other. Wendy’s lips remained permanently frowning, as if she did not trust her own mother. She was obviously even more nervous than Joshua was. “I know, why don’t you have Josh show you around the upstairs. He helped clean out the extra room that you’ll be using, so you should thank him.”

Wendy walked right up to Joshua before speaking. “Thank you,” her voice was robotic and low.

“No problem,” he was feeling much more relaxed and it was showing. “I’ll show you which room is yours.” He turned and bounded up the stairs excitedly.

Wendy did not follow him and instead turned back to her mother. “Oh my god, you said he was a kid!” she whispered.

“He is,” Stacy responded with a shrug.

“He’s an adult. I’ve seen boys at my college shorter than him. He looks like he works out too.”

“He and his father both go to the gym together once a week,” Stacy explained.

“I’m supposed to be the older sister but I look like a pig in a blazer next to him,” Wendy whined.

“He’s probably fine with what he sees.” Stacy poked her daughter’s bust. Wendy swatted her hand away and then quickly trotted up the stairs so she would not keep Joshua waiting much longer.

She had also seen him during video calls and generally knew what he looked like but a year ago through a laptop screen he seemed shorter and less muscular. She really thought she was going to be living with a boy that she could baby-sit. She felt she had been lied to by her mother and was beyond embarrassed. Silently she promised herself to maintain the façade of a capable older sister while working towards moving out as quickly as possible.

After two months of living under the same roof, Joshua and Wendy had fallen into a routine of minimal interaction. They did not share the same interests so it was not difficult. Joshua had tried to be enthusiastically friendly at first but when he realized it only exacerbated Wendy’s nervousness, he toned it down. Now they only spoke about their parents to each other and about chores and food and other household matters.

Joshua was not trying to ignore Wendy but the more attention he paid to her the more stressed out she acted, so ignoring her became all he could do to make her more comfortable. She was obsessed with how she appeared to him. She wanted to maintain the image of a mature older woman. She wore only designer blouses or suits in his presence and even though summer was in full swing she never exposed too much skin. She straightened her hair every morning and carried a brush in her purse to use if even a strand came out of place during the day.

She did not particularly dislike Joshua but the days he was not home were a lot easier on her. She skipped the morning routine of doing her hair and just put it up in a pony tail. She also did not bother putting in her contact lenses and just wore her old glasses. She did not wear preppy clothes either. In fact, since it was so hot, she practically wore no clothes at all unless she left her room.

David worked the afternoon shift at his job so he was never home at the same time as Wendy who got home from work after the morning shift. She felt working as a gas station mini-mart clerk with a college degree was demeaning but it was hard to find a job in her field. Joshua and Stacy also had part times jobs but they were at home a lot more than Wendy or David.

On the weekends, David and Stacy often went out together. Joshua usually went to his friends’ houses to hang out. Wendy had not met many people since moving back and usually used her laptop to talk to her college friends instead. These were the days she enjoyed the most because she had the whole house to herself.

On one specific weekend morning, she had woken up late and was pleased to find the house empty. She skipped her morning routine and simply put on a tank top and a pair of panties, having slept completely naked, before she went downstairs to make breakfast. She poured herself a bowl of cereal and sat on the floor next to the short coffee table in the living room. She liked to wait for the cereal to get soggy so it would not cut the roof of her tiny mouth.

She was in the middle of watching a loud cartoon and did not hear when the front door opened. Joshua sauntered in looking exhausted with sweat dripping from his face and soaking his clothes. He used his shirt to wipe his forehead as he entered the kitchen and went straight for the fridge. He grabbed some Gatorade and was about to enter the living room when he saw Wendy on the floor. For a second he did not recognize her with her hair up and wearing glasses. However, he could not mistake her buxom chest for anyone else.

He froze in place, wondering what to do. He normally would have pretended to ignore her to keep from causing her stress. However, this was quite the unique opportunity. She looked comfortable in her own home for the first time in two months. If he could convince her she could act like this all the time, maybe she would finally calm down.

After taking a deep breath, he marched into the living room as if everything was normal and sat down on the couch above her with a loud thump. Her eyes widened when she looked up at him. She very nearly crossed her arms to cover her chest but felt it would look more embarrassing than pretending it was normal to be dressed like this.

“Why are you home?” she spouted exactly what was on her mind.

“I didn’t go out today,” he admitted. “I was just outside doing some work in the garden.” He pointed to the dirt on his shirt.

“Mom will get mad if you get the couch muddy,” Wendy warned him.

“Right.” He agreed. He slid off the couch and sat down next to her on the floor. She scooted away from him slightly. “It sure is hot today.” He fanned his shirt in an exaggerated way. He wanted to give her an excuse for the way she was dressed. He could not stop his eyes from moving down to her bare thighs though. Her legs were folded in such a way he could not see between her legs but he could tell she was only wearing panties. He wanted to lean around her and check out her round butt planted straight on the carpet but he kept himself in check.

Her cheeks turned red as she realized what he was suggesting about the heat. “I don’t normally dress like this,” she muttered.

“It’s fine. It’s your house.” He pulled his own shirt up over his head and tossed it to the side. He was now showing her his bare tanned chest, complete with obvious muscles from working out every week. Wendy had tried to go to the gym since moving in and had actually succeeded in losing some weight. Her thick thighs no longer bulged out of her clothes but they were still wider than her slender legs. She was not proud of them but Joshua took every chance to stare when he could.

Wendy took a deep breath, mustering up the courage to speak. “Would you dress like that more often if I wasn’t here?” she asked. Joshua looked down at his bare chest. “Did you walk around the house like that before I moved in,” she changed her question.

“Before Stacy moved in,” he answered. “It feels like it would be awkward to take off my shirt in front of my mom.”

“And it’s not awkward in front of your sister?”

“You’re not my sister though,” he admitted bluntly.

“Then what am I?” she asked.

“Someone I’m very interested in,” he answered while standing up. “Someone I want to get to know better.”

“By taking off our clothes?” she asked meekly.

He moved around the table until he was behind her. “I’ve been wondering for months how to talk to you. This is the first conversation we’ve had and if it’s about being naked, so be it.” He grabbed the hem of her tank top and pulled straight up. She screamed and crossed her arms to cover her chest. He tossed her shirt on top of his and then reached down to straighten her glasses which had become askew. She trembled and winced as if he might hurt her.

He turned her head so that he could see her face properly and she instinctively turned the rest of her body to face him. She kept her eyes closed until his hands left her face though. She looked up and saw that her legs were slightly spread, giving him a good look at her black lace panties. She pushed her knees together immediately. He ignored them and instead took her hands and pulled them away from her chest. “What are you doing?” she whined.

“What’s the point of being naked if I can’t see anything?” he asked.

“I’m not dressed like this for you!” she wailed.

“No, you usually dress quite nicely for me. This is the first time I’ve seen you not wearing a stuffy suit or something else. Maybe if I show you that I’ve already seen everything, you won’t bother again.”

Wendy gritted her teeth while glaring at him. How stupid did he think she was? Obviously he just wanted to stare at her breasts. However, he was somewhat correct. After today she would probably not care what she wore in front of him as long as it at least covered her nipples, which he was now staring at, mesmerized. She felt stupid for wasting so much time trying to look mature to him only for this to happen.

When he left go of her hands she quickly covered her chest again but gasped when his thumbs slid into the hem of her panties. “What?” she whimpered in confusion. “Please no.”

He shrugged as he began to slide them down. “It really doesn’t matter at this point.”

She felt like her brain was melting in the heat. He was not going to stop unless she made him. However, as if confused or just plain giving up, she did the exact opposite. She shifted onto her knees and lifted her butt off the floor so he had an easier time pulling her panties down. He slid them over her shapely butt as slowly as possible, enjoying every second of it. She clenched her eyes again and whined. “Hurry up.”

“Are you that hot?” he teased her. As soon as they were down far enough she sat back down and lifted her legs so he could pull them off the rest of the way.

She was still glaring at him. He dared claim she was letting him strip her because she was hot. She was letting him because it would feel weird to stop now. As he already said, it was a little too late to complain. If she did not act like this was normal, she doubted she could ever face him again. Even Joshua was surprised when she let her knees fall apart, revealing her pink glistening cunt to him. She placed two fingers against it and pulled it apart, giving him a good view inside.

Joshua dropped all pretenses at that moment. Before Wendy could say anything he had grabbed her thighs and pulled them further apart. His face brushed the insides of her legs and his tongue slid along her fingers, letting them guide it right into her. When he curved his tongue up, she threw her head back and squealed. She grabbed two tufts of his hair and pulled him back. He resisted and instead plunged his tongue deeper into her.

“Stop, I’m all covered in sweat,” she complained.

He finally let her pull his head back enough that he could speak. “So am I,” he reminded her. “Want to take a bath together?” he suggested.

She tilted her head in thought. While it was an appealing offer, she felt it would lessen some of the excitement. Right now she had chosen to enter his living room in scant clothing and had been stripped for her insolence. If they went into the bath now it would become a little more normal to be naked. She wanted to bask in the taboo that was being naked in the living room just a little bit longer.

When she did not answer right away, Joshua went back to what he was doing before. He ran his tongue up the outside of her cunt and then pressed it against her clit. The small nub hardened immediately. Wendy covered her mouth to keep from moaning too loudly. It was a good thing as Joshua then pinched it with his teeth, making her shriek into her hands.

When she started to fall backwards, he had to rush to catch her. When he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her into him their bare chests touched. Both of their nipples were hard enough to be felt by the other. Further more, his waist was right next to hers now. She could feel the bulging cloth of his shorts pressing into her sensitive crotch. She had one chance to tell him not to or they were about to reach the final step.

Joshua waited, but she never said to stop. Once he was sure she would not fall again, he moved his hands to his own waist and opened his shorts. His cocks was already semi erect and it sprung out and slapped against her cunt with an audible sound. She gasped as a jolt traveled up her groin. She grabbed her own legs and pulled them apart so he could line up his cock. Reaching around her butt, he pulled her close to him at the same time he thrust his own hips. In one motion, his cock slid inside her cunt and came to rest against her hymen.

She winced in pain and let go of her legs in order to cling onto his shoulders. He pulled back slightly and thrust again, this time breaking through. She cried out and pressed her face to his chest to hide her tears. He laid her down onto her back gently and waited for her to get used to it. His cock was slightly pointing up though so when she laid completely back it began to push into the front of her pelvis from the inside. She kept making gasping sounds and even pushed on the outside of her crotch pointlessly as if trying to bend his cock back down so it would stop poking her flesh.

After several deep breaths, she was finally able to stop clenching her eyes. “I don’t know which feels worse, something hot pushing inside me or my sweat making the carpet stick to my skin.”

“I can make you forget about one of those two things,” Joshua offered. She responded by pulling his face to hers so she could kiss him. He rammed forward and pushed his cock another inch inside of her. It felt like the tip was scraping her flesh as it was still poking upward. Her whole body slid along the carpet, relieving the sticky feeling for a moment at least. Wendy’s scream was muffled by their mouths touching.

Joshua found it odd how her puffy but small lips practically fit in his mouth. She was not wearing her normal shiny red lipstick but they were still smooth feeling unlike his rough ones. He found himself wondering how she enjoyed any of this. He was having fun shoving his cock into her and pressing her sweet lips to his but all she felt was what it was like to be impaled by a horny guy covered in dirt and sweat.

When he pulled back, Wendy released their kiss to let out a held breath in relief. Her insides felt like they were on fire. She wanted to just lie there and rest, and perhaps even fall asleep, but Joshua was far from done with her. When he pushed back into her, the tip of his cock dragged along the same spot but went even further. She jolted like he had just found a ticklish spot of hers. Her cheeks turned red as she thought about it. He was basically tickling her in a spot no one could normally reach and she was letting him.

Joshua pulled out and pushed back in at an increasing pace until the pain of his cock scraping the remains of her hymen was completely replaced with the enjoyment of it reaching further and further each time. When she stopped wincing all together, he stopped going slow at all and the motion of pulling out and pushing in became a steady pumping instead. She went from jolting each time the tip hit deeper to just moaning constantly.

Joshua ran his hand through her hair and held her head up so he could stare at her face as she kept her eyes closed and moaned in enjoyment. In the porn videos he watched online he always found women enjoying being fucked to be something slutty. However, watching Wendy now he felt completely different. She looked just as shy and innocent as the day they met, but she could not help moaning in pleasure because of him.

It was an obvious conclusion to come to; a girl getting fucked on video was a slut while a girl having sex with someone she knew was just cute. He still felt like he had to verbalize it. Having real sex was so much better than masturbating to porn and it was all because of her. He wanted to tell her he loved her or at least that she was amazing but he knew she would be embarrassed. Instead he just kissed her again.

As she had her eyes closed she was caught off guard. She moaned into his mouth and squealed when she realized he was biting her lips and licking them. He could not get enough of how smooth they felt. When his tongue entered her tiny mouth it was almost too big. Just moving it around caused her cheeks to bulge.

Her moans turned to smothered squeals again when she felt something warm splashing her insides. She tried to push him off but he was impossible for her to move with their difference in strength. When he noticed she was shoving against his torso, he pulled back and let the last spurt of cum splash onto her stomach. She glared at him with tears in the corners of her eyes. She had given up and accepted they were going to have sex quite quickly after he began stripping her but she never said he could cum inside of her. She thought he would have the decency to stop since he had no contraceptive.

“What’s wrong?” he seemed confused. She rolled her eyes as she recalled that he was just a teenager. She was the older one who needed to be more responsible. She slowly pulled herself to her feet and headed toward the stairs. “Wait, are we done?” Joshua asked. His cock was still slightly erect.

Wendy stopped in her tracks to look back. She had always heard that men were done after cumming once. Joshua was proving to be more than she expected. She blushed but did not respond. “Wait.” He grabbed her from behind when she turned back to the stairs. “Let’s play a little more,” he urged her while fiddling with her breasts, bouncing them playfully.

“Why do you keep touching me so easily?” she asked.

Joshua stopped and stared at her with a befuddled expression. There was not a time he went on a date where he did not try to stick his hands in the girl’s clothing. It was normal to avail himself to his partner’s body. But he and Wendy were not dating, so his willingness to touch her was really odd. Perhaps he had wished they were dating, somewhere in his mind.

“It’s too late to ask that now,” he tried to brush off her question. “We’ve already done more, so why can’t I touch you?”

“Because we’re done,” she reminded him. “You got what you wanted. I need to go clean up.”

“Wait, aren’t we going to keep doing this?” Joshua asked. “We live in the same house. We can either pretend nothing happened or we can just keep going.”

Wendy pondered his words for a long time. They had basically just traded one type of awkwardness for another. If she did not want to go back to putting on an act and pretending to ignore each other, she had to let him keep having sex with her. It was not a lot to ask for. She did not hate sex or him all that much. Finally she turned her head slightly to look at him over her shoulder. She bit her lip suggestively and nodded, silently agreeing to his proposal.

He did not hide his excitement at all. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her backwards at the same time he shoved forward. She screamed as she felt his cock sliding back into her wet slimy cunt. She nearly fell over but he held her up. “Not now, I still need to clean up,” she whined while trying to swat the arms around her waist.

Joshua laughed as he enjoyed her finally getting mad at him. He honestly expected her to be much less agreeable much sooner. Still, she was not strong enough to escape from him. Placing his hands under her thighs he lifted her off her feet and began to carry her up the stairs. “What the hell!” she screamed. “You’re still in my pussy. It feels weird to be carried like this.”

He ignored her complaints and continued to carry her, his cock sliding in her with each stair ascended. She did not struggle out of fear he would drop her. Only when they reached the top of the stairs did she leap out of his arms and land on her feet. She stumbled immediately though and had to prop herself against the hallway wall. Joshua watched her pull herself into the bathroom and sit down on the toilet. She did not even bother closing the door. Apparently she was already getting used to having nothing to hide from him.

He followed her inside and sat on the edge of the bathtub. She blushed as she expelled his cum from her cunt slowly. Eventually she had to pee as well and her face was completely red but she still did not try to hide anything. She had agreed that they would be open with each other as long as she lived in this house and she planned to keep her promise.

When she finished she stood up and began turning on the water for the bath tub. Joshua looked a little confused. “You said you wanted to bathe together,” she reminded him.

“Can I fuck you?” he asked bluntly.

Her face turned even redder. “Would you listen if I said no?” she asked.

“If you’re not in the mood, just tell me. But we are going to do it again at some point, aren’t we?” he could not hide his eagerness. “We end up stuck in the house alone with each other a lot. I’m pretty much gonna ask every time we get the chance.”

“Then don’t bother asking,” she snapped. The way he said it made it sound vulgar and she felt like a slut for basically planning on letting him. She would much prefer he just start touching her when he wanted instead.

“What’s wrong?” Joshua asked when she put her face in her hands in embarrassment. She had just realized hoping he would touch her randomly was not much better. Was she really this much of a slut? She only just lost her virginity and was already looking forward to the many times her step brother would strip and fuck her without asking. Maybe her brain really had melted. “Hey, look at me. Are you feeling okay?” Joshua was still concerned.

“Just hurry up before I go crazy.” She pulled his hand and pressed it between her legs.

His cheeks turned red as well. She just kept surprising him. Nowhere under her nervous exterior did he think she was this much of a sex addict. He really thought he was going to have to do more to convince her. Not waiting for her to change his mind, he stepped into the tub and lifted her over the side by the waist. She sat down immediately and pulled him down by the hand which she returned to her crotch as soon as he was seated. She began to moan as she pushed his fingers into her and squeezed her thighs tightly. Her eyelids fluttered and her mouth hung open and she lost herself in the act of masturbating with someone else’s hand.

Joshua leaned forward so he could reach deeper and took over working his way inside her. She finally let go of his wrist and used her hands to support herself while leaning back. When he rested his forehead on her shoulder while looking down her front, trying to see what he was doing with his hand, she tilted her head against his and moaned in his ear.

He used his other hand to touch her face and even began to play with her lips, sliding his fingers inside her mouth and poking the side of her cheek. She moaned louder and also squirmed more. The more places he touched her the more turned on she was.

Finally she began to jolt as the muscles in her lower abdomen clenched. He felt warm liquid squirting out around his hand as she orgasmed just from being touched. When he looked at her face he found her glasses completely clouded over with steam. Her eyes were closed so she did not seem to notice. When he removed his hand from her cunt so he could take her glasses off she whimpered disappointedly.

Joshua was caught off guard when she grabbed something else and began to play with it. He sucked in a large breath and tried not to jerk away. Having someone else’s hands on his cock was not something he had never experienced before. He was even more shocked when Wendy leaned forward and put her lips against the head. He instinctively put his palm on her forehead and pushed her back. She made another disappointed sound as she pushed back. When she tried to put her mouth around his cock it barely fit as her lips were so small.

When the tip finally went in he felt like a rubber band had been snapped around his cock. Her smooth lips felt just like plastic. He pushed his thumbs into the corners of her mouth and pried it open enough that his cock was not being squeezed anymore. She looked up at him with drool running over her lips and down his shaft. He could not wait and pulled her face toward him by the corners of her mouth, sliding more than the tip of his cock inside.

It filled her mouth quickly, causing her cheeks to bulge. When it reached the back, she gagged and her throat closed up. He moved one of his hands to the back of her head and pushed her forward again. His cock pressed against her closed throat for a while until she swallowed and it opened for a moment. Immediately his cock surged forward and buried itself in the back of her throat. More drool poured out of her mouth as it was wedged open by his shaft. Her tongue stuck out and wagged against the underside as she struggled to make room in her tiny mouth.

He kept trying push deeper inside by using his hips and his hand on her head but it was fruitless. Her mouth just rotated around his shaft making it tingle. Finally he pulled her off by her hair and then yanked her back on. She breathed out loudly through her nose as his cock smashed against her uvula and pushed it out of its way. He did it again and she breathed out once more before giving him a cross eyed look as if to ask if he was stupid.

One more time and she could not keep from vomiting. He felt hot bile pushing against his cock and instinctively tried to pull away. She held his waist and made sure he could not though. She kept his cock in her throat blocking the way until she was able to swallow all of it back down. When he finally did pull out though, his cock scraped against her uvula again and she ended up keeling forward and vomiting anyway. When she tried to cover her mouth, it spewed out her nose. She lost consciousness for a moment and fell forward into the bath water that was now one percent bile.

When she regained her senses Wendy found herself sitting in Joshua’s lap with his stiff cock in-between her legs. It was so erect that the back of it was pressing into her cunt and spreading it slightly. Every time either of them moved, they both felt shivers go up their groins. When she looked over her shoulder at him, Joshua simply asked, “May I?”

“Don’t ask,” she reminded him. He pushed on her bare back, scooting her forward and leaving handprints on her soft wet skin. Her legs spread apart naturally and his cock slid into the folds of her cunt. She gasped as she felt a slightly different sensation than him intentionally thrusting into her. It felt odd to have her body moved onto his cock without him moving.

When she leaned back against his chest, his cock stayed stiff and pressed into the back of her pelvis. After letting out a moan, she planted her feet on the bottom of the tub and used them to gyrate her hips. His cock stayed erect as she moved around it, making it hit alls the sides of her cunt. When she got tired of moving herself, she slowed down and her voice got quieter.

Joshua held her waist and tried to move her around in his lap but it was too difficult. If he wanted to keep feeling her pussy squeezing his cock from all directions, he needed to make her move. He pinched her clit and pulled on it, which made her jerk and scream. Her lower half lurched forward and she nearly slid off his lap. He winced as he felt his cock bend forward as it was pulled with her cunt. She slapped his hand away from her clit to keep him from doing it again.

Thinking of her next most sensitive spot, he grabbed her butt and pressed two thumbs in-between her cheeks. She gasped when they forced their way into her puckered hole, lubed by the bath water. “Don’t you dare!” she complained as he pried it open and water began rushing in.

“What?” he played innocent.

“You’re not shoving you penis in my butt!” she warned him.

He swirled his thumbs around inside her defiantly, making her moan and roll her eyes back. “There’s only one way you can stop me,” he teased her.

She began to gyrate her hips again, trying to make him cum as quickly as possible. She really had no idea if he enjoyed it at all. Up until now, she had been letting him do all the thrusting. When his cock stiffened she sighed with relief, proud of herself for making him cum. Suddenly she remembered that he was not wearing any contraceptive. She tried to stand up but he was still playing with her butt and when his fingers tugged on her anus she lost her balance and fell backwards.

She felt the first spurt of cum enter her cunt accompanied by Joshua wheezing from her weight hitting his thighs. She quickly scooted forward, pulling his cock out of her cunt. The next spurt warmed the water under her. She once again sighed with relief but it was short lived.

Joshua finally released her anus, only to wrap his arms around her waist and pull her back. His cock slid right up inside her slightly loosened back door and lodged itself at the first bend in her bowel. She was about to scream at him when she felt warm cum spraying the insides of her water fill intestines. Her mouth fell open as she moaned in pleasure, her feet sliding down the tub as her muscles relaxed.

Wendy made several noises while her tongue hung out making a stupid express as she enjoyed the feeling of spurt after spurt of cum warming her stretched bowels. Finally, Joshua’s cock began to soften and it slipped out, allowing cold water to rush in. Wendy whimpered as she sat up and turned around. “One more time,” she begged.

“I’m spent,” Joshua refused. She adopted a disappointed frown. “We have forever to do this again as long as you don’t avoid me anymore,” he assured her


“Tonight?” she asked hopefully.”

“Do I get to fuck your ass this time?” he asked greedily.

“As long as you finish in my butt, you could start out fucking my mom for all I care,” she admitted.

Joshua grinned sheepishly. Though Stacey was attractive in her own right, he had no intention of wasting his time on her when he already had her daughter’s body available. The message was clear though; he could fuck any of her holes or even just masturbate as long as his cum ended up inside her butt. He had flipped some sort of switch in her.

With some effort, Wendy managed to pull herself out of the bath and sit down on the toilet. She made no attempts to hide her flexing anus from Joshua’s view as she expelled cum mixed with water. When she was finally empty, she left him to finish his bath on his own.

He came downstairs to find her sitting on the couch in a new pair of panties and tank top. He thought back to Stacey calling her a slob before they met and he finally understood. Now that she had no reason to act all preppy, he was going to see a lot looser behavior from her all of the time. Grinning he sat down next to her and leaned against her.

She pushed him off immediately though. “We just bathed, I don’t want to get sticky again,” she warned him. He looked disappointed but she just grinned. “At least not until tonight.” She pulled on her tank top suggestively with one hand and her panties with the other, showing her cleavage and part of her nipples along with her cunt.

He hugged her and kissed her on the lips but was quickly shoved off by her again. This time he kept smiling. Even when she went back to watching the TV, he kept stealing sideways glances at her. She had not bothered to fix her panties at all. If he wanted to he could poke her right in the cunt.

He could hardly believe she was the same timid girl he had lived with for months. Even if she wanted to go back he would not let her. If she tried to avoid him tomorrow he would just strip her again. All she had to look forward to now was being his personal cum deposit. Somehow, it did not seem like she minded either.

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