Sweet Revenge (translation)


Boris slowly went up to his apartment, he had just returned from a business trip and was looking forward to meeting his wife Olga and a hearty dinner. The man opened the door and entered the apartment.

Hello dear! How was the trip?

His wife met him in a housecoat, but her lips were painted with bright red lipstick, fresh manicure shone on her toes and hands to match the lipstick.

Hi, bunny! Boris didn’t have time to finish, his wife sprayed something in his face from a bottle, and everything swam in front of the man, his head was spinning, the light was fading smoothly.

Boris came to himself in the bedroom, tied to a chair in his underpants, there was a gag in his mouth, as the man understood from the characteristic taste, in the form of his wife’s panties. He mumbled and looked questioningly at his wife. Olga was standing absolutely naked, for her 46 years she looked great: elastic breasts of 3 sizes with neat pink protruding papillae, a flat tummy, a smooth-shaven pubis, long smooth legs, a tight ass. Next to her was clearly a young, strong, slender guy in a mask, also naked, even in a calm state his penis seemed thick and long.

You’ve come to your senses! Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything to you now! I know that during your business trip you fucked your assistant Sveta, don’t deny it! And I decided to take revenge on you, you will watch this gorgeous young man fuck me!- she ran her well-groomed nails over the guy’s abs. Boris wanted to finish it all and throw this guy on the stairs, but he was tightly tied and could barely move.

Olga came closer to her husband.

Every time you fuck some strange women, I will answer you the same way! And you will watch how someone else passionately has me! – the woman pulled off her husband’s underpants to her knees— – I want to see your reaction to this! And now let’s get started!

She got up on the bed, knelt down and began to kiss the chest and stomach of the guy, looking at the furious husband. Dropping lower, the woman took the guy’s penis in her mouth and began to suck it smoothly, swallowing the rising penis deeper and deeper, leaving traces of red lipstick on it. She specially adjusted her hair so that her husband could see every detail, her tongue licked the guy’s balls, wrapped around the trunk and rose to the crimson head, after which she disappeared into Olga’s mouth. When the penis fully stood up, the woman took a knee-elbow pose and the guy began to get attached from behind. Boris saw how the guy’s strong penis smoothly enters his wife’s wet pussy, how she bends and emits a long moan. This sight infuriated and excited him, the man’s penis was filling up and getting bigger and bigger. And the guy, meanwhile, was gaining momentum, his penis was moving more and more energetically, and Olga’s moans were getting louder. The woman got up, put the guy on his back, and she began to sit on the penis, facing her husband. Her gaze was full of lust and passion, when she saw her husband’s penis standing up, she smiled maliciously and started jumping on the penis. Boris wanted to start jerking off already, but it was impossible. Olga jumped on the penis, moaning loudly, her magnificent breasts swayed to the beat of each movement and she was covered with a violent orgasm. Boris always liked to see his wife cum, how she gasps for air and moans sweetly, and a small tremor runs through her body. When the orgasm passed, the woman took a tube of lubricant from the bedside table and handed it to the guy, and she got cancer in front of her husband. The guy spread the woman’s buttocks and began to smoothly lubricate the tight ring of the anus with his fingers. “Is she really going to kick his ass?! This thought was spinning in the head of a bound man, his wife never gave him in the ass, no matter how he begged her to try. When the ass was abundantly lubricated, Olga turned to face her husband and, biting her lower lip, began to take the guy’s penis. The guy entered slowly and smoothly, he gradually accelerated the pace, listening to his partner. Soon he was already fucking Olga’s ass in full, and she was waving her hips and moaning loudly. Emotions were raging inside Boris, he liked the sight, excited him, but also infuriated him. The guy greatly increased the pace and with a couple of sharp movements drove his penis as deep into Olga’s ass as he could. The woman groaned and fell wearily on the bed, a thin stream of the guy’s sperm flowed out of her ass. The sweating young man went into the shower, it was heard gathering somewhere in the corridor. Boris admired his naked and fucked wife, his penis did not think to fall off, he whined demanding attention to himself. When the guy slammed the front door behind him, the tired Olga slid off the bed, crawled on all fours like a cat to her husband’s books, took his hot, strong penis in her hand, licked the head with a drop of lubricant and swallowed it to the ground. She repeated this several times, and then licked Boris’s trunk and balls and then began to actively suck again. Her husband was pretty mooing with panties in his mouth, for him it was the highest award at the moment. Olga smacked her dick in her mouth, drool dripped on the floor, Boris began to cum right into his wife’s mouth from a big overexcitation, the woman did not miss a drop, swallowing everything without a trace. She smiled wearily and contentedly, untied her husband and went into the shower. Boris just sat there, thinking about what had happened.

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