Quenching the thirst of lust. Part 2 (translation)


Several lessons were held in agonizing anticipation. Recent events were before my eyes, and thoughts about them did not let me go. The long-awaited 5th couple began, and I headed to the cherished door of Svetlana’s auditorium. When I opened it, I saw her sitting in her seat, in front of a full audience of students. She looked around and when she saw me she smiled slightly and said:

Well, Andrey, the couple has started, and you are late for an additional lesson. Come on in, grab a chair and sit next to me.

I quickly walked into the classroom, took the first nearest chair, and sat next to her at her desk. Svetlana looked at me with satisfaction and expectation and addressed the audience:

So guys, today we have independent work, you have received assignments and should complete them without distraction by the end of the lesson, – she took a sheet of assignments from the remaining stack and put it in front of me – and you, Andrey, also complete tasks, I will check on each item.

Svetlana put a book in front of her and began to read. Sighing, I began to think about the task, but my thoughts were completely occupied with something else. Svetlana’s lace stockings and thighs, as if deliberately peeking out from under, captured my gaze. My penis swelled treacherously and gave me away.

Svetlana Valentinovna, do you need to perform both types of tasks? – suddenly asked a student from the audience.

No, you need to do one option, but doing the second one will additionally add points to you, – said Svetlana – by the way, with regard to the topic of integrals, they can be … – then I felt her touch my thigh, her hand lay on it and quickly rose higher to my flesh. She continued to explain the topic without interrupting. Meanwhile, her hand reached its target, and greedily grabbed the trunk through her trousers. I looked at it as if mesmerized. With nothing, without giving herself away, she began to caress the penis. At first with smooth gentle movements and then faster and harder as arousal. I admired her, how a barely noticeable smile appeared on her face, how her breath was heavy with excitement, and how she imperceptibly brought her legs together and spread them, from the sweet languor between them. Every moment she became more excited, a blush appeared on her cheeks, and her thoughts gradually began to stray. Her hand was digging more and more into the fabric of her trousers. squeezing the desired thing tighter and tighter. I could not restrain myself any longer, imperceptibly lowered my left hand down, and slid the zipper of my trousers. His cock, which had become literally stone with excitement, jumped into her lusting hand. Svetlana, out of surprise, interrupted her story for a second. She took a quick glance at the barrel in her hand and looked into my eyes. And I saw the same, desired look full of lust and debauchery.

Svetlana looked at the audience, and with a slightly languid smile, continued explaining the topic. Her eyes were burning, her chest was heaving excitedly. Her hand, tightly wrapped around the penis, began to walk rhythmically along the entire length of the trunk. I smoothly began to caress her thighs with my hand, spreading them apart more and more. She leaned forward invitingly. Burning with impatience, I pushed the panties to the sides, and my fingers touched her pussy full of moisture. Svetlana barely restrained her moan and looked down more and more. With smooth movements, I began to caress her, plunging my fingers into her pussy more and more. Svetlana could no longer restrain her moan and exhaling with difficulty said:

I’ve told you everything so that you can do this job, so get started and don’t get distracted.

Unsuspecting students began to do their work, buried in the sheets.

Svetlana pulled the book closer to her, but she could not resist looking down, excitedly alternately looking at the penis she was caressing, and at my hand caressing her pussy. Breaking away from her, I defiantly sent my fingers shining from her lubricant into my mouth and licked them back to the desired place. Svetlana barely restrained a groan of pleasure and moved closer to me. I took her hip and shifted it to mine. How beautiful are her juicy legs in stockings. Returning to the pussy, I smoothly plunged two of my fingers into it. Svetlana again barely restrained a groan and, leaning forward, began to sit on them. Having submerged them to the end, I began to work them rhythmically in her sweet womb. Svetlana, tightly pursing her lips, and trembling with pleasure, moving her pelvis, submitted to them for a meeting. Her hand was caressing the penis more and more excitedly and harder. We caressed each other more and more intensely. For a moment we forgot about everything, looking into each other’s eyes. Svetlana bit her lips with excitement and smiled lasciviously. “Yes.. I like… deeper..” – it was read on them. Occasionally I took my fingers out of her pussy, enjoyed the juices, sent them back, and felt how she got even more turned on. Svetlana was practically already sitting on my hip, and it seemed another moment and we would merge together, right in front of the whole audience, but then the bell rang, which brought us out of the trance. Svetlana quickly removed her leg, straightened her skirt.

So, the lesson is over, you can leave the sheets on your desks and you can be free– – she said to the stirring students— – and you, Andrey, stay, – she added.

The students quickly gathered and left the auditorium. Svetlana got up and followed the latter to the door. I heard the familiar click of the lock and was looking forward to it. Svetlana walked seductively swaying her hips, the sound of the heels of her shoes emphasized her sexuality.

Well, Andrey, it’s time to start our additional lesson. — she said.- you really turned me on…

Coming close, she greedily bit into my lips. We kissed passionately caressing each other’s bodies. I took off her jacket and unbuttoned her shirt. Her skirt also went to the floor. I caressed her juicy ass.

Yes… yes…. Svetlana whispered. – now sit on the chair – she pushed me.

Svetlana imperiously took the penis in her hand, and sitting astride me began to sit on it.

Mmmm yes…” she whispered. I was admiring how beautiful she is at this moment. As if having fun, closing her eyes, smiling, she absorbs my penis with her sweet bosom tightly clasping the walls.

Oh, yes..- she whispered again, having pushed herself to the limit. Burning with excitement and pleasure, I caressed her hips and elastic ass with my hands.

I’ve been waiting for this moment, – Svetlana whispered, smoothly starting to move up and down with her ass— – and you are Andrey?

These were the longest lessons in my life – I whispered, and began to move my pelvis smoothly. Svetlana exhaled excitedly and began to slide along the penis in the same way to meet my movements. She closed her eyes with pleasure, occasionally throwing her head back, and then she bit into my lips again. Our movements became more rhythmic, faster and deeper. The sounds of our thighs slapping and groans escaping through kisses began to be heard in the audience. Her breasts with excited papillae swayed, her hands walked over my chest and back, digging their nails into the skin. We fucked and enjoyed each other forgetting about everything in the world.

Mmm. . yes.. – Svetlana whispered, gently taking me by the chin – do you like it? Is that what you imagined?

Yes … – I whispered looking into her eyes – and you?

Yes… – she replied – I have been imagining this for a very long time… How I get a big and strong cock of my student right here and fuck him …” she whispered excitedly and with burning eyes – God, how vulgar I am, she added, and again the familiar shadow of embarrassment covered her. She looked away and closed her eyes in embarrassment. Her movements almost stopped. Her hands, gently stroking my chest, went down to my hips and froze, touching them. Her breath was just as hot and excited. I could not and did not want to leave her alone, and I still wanted to reveal all her secret sides, and I did not want these shadows of embarrassment to become an obstacle in this.

I gently touched her cheek with my palm and turned her to face me.

Desires exist to be fulfilled – I whispered, looking into her eyes, and gently kissed her on the lips. She obediently leaned towards me. I kissed her tenderly and more passionately, walking my hands over her hips and ass, simultaneously barely noticeably sliding my penis into her pussy. She answered me willingly and after a few moments we merged again in full sweet passion. The shadow of embarrassment left her face. She smiled, closing her eyes with pleasure, sometimes casting her gaze full of lust at me and felt how with each such moment the penis in her pussy became more and more stony and entered her harder. I couldn’t hold back my passion any longer. I wanted to satiate this lust. Having firmly planted her on my penis until it stops, I passionately kissed her on the lips, and then taking her hips slightly lifted her and came out of her pussy. Svetlana exhaled from the wave of pleasure that covered her, and looked at me expectantly. I took her by the hand, helped her to get up and directed her to the table, where we indulged in caresses during the couple. She obediently surrendered to my hands, playfully looking into my eyes. Gently kissing her on the lips, I turned her back to me and pressed her to me, caressing her breasts and pussy. She was like a kitty clinging to my body, and invitingly rubbed her juicy ass against my penis. Not wanting to hold back any longer, I imperiously put her cancer at the table. She obediently arched her ass and excitingly shook it. I got down on one knee and greedily ran my tongue over her pussy and licked a drop of lubricant that flowed down her thigh.

Mmm … -Svetlana whispered, licking her lips, and then again felt a big and strong penis in her pussy.

Yes … deeper honey, deeper – she whispered through a moan of pleasure, – fuck me..

I willingly fulfilled her wishes, entering deeper into her and accelerating the pace. Svetlana pressed closer and closer to the table and her moans became louder and louder. With one hand I held her hips, with the other on her shoulder and admired how good she was. As my cock glistening from her lube enters all the way to the balls in her pussy. How she smiles with her eyes closed and bites her lips from orgasm. Sometimes looking into my eyes and provoking me. How seductively her hips in stockings, ass and breasts sway. My movements became harder, deeper and faster each time. Svetlana whispered how she liked it and asked for more, until her moan merged into one from our frantic passionate and frenzied fuck. Svetlana moaned more and more until she trembled all over and pressed her ass against me. She was coming and felt how I pressed her closer to me, and entering until the very stop splashed out charges of sperm into her pussy.

Oh, yes… yes…” she whispered, and when the waves of orgasm released us, she smoothly laid her chest on the table.

Having finished to the last drop, I gently kissed her shoulder, and leaving her sat down on a chair standing behind. She also continued to stand with cancer, letting you admire her beauty. Her heated, goosebumps-covered tender skin with droplets of sweat, beautiful breasts, waist, juicy ass, pussy, from which sperm oozed and beautiful legs in stockings. But most importantly, she quenched her thirst..

We recovered for a few minutes. Getting up from the chair, gently kissing her ass, and then her neck and lips, I helped her get up. Svetlana snuggled up to me. Her gaze was languid, contented and pleasantly tired. After standing there hugging, she whispered:

In addition to coffee in the morning, there will be additional classes every day..

With pleasure, – I replied, and we started kissing passionately again, wanting to leave for the second round, but the bell rang made its own adjustments. Quickly getting dressed, we headed for the exit. Saying goodbye with a sweet kiss, we went to different sides of the corridor. And we were looking forward to the next meeting…

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