Quenching the thirst of lust. Part 1 (translation)


This story happened to me as a student in the third year of a provincial university. Student life is always filled with bright colors and memories. Fun couples, no less fun truancy, nights in the dorm, partying with girls. But some memories are particularly vivid. And one of them was her — Svetlana V… a teacher of mathematical analysis. At that time she was about 38-40 years old. She had blue eyes, a regular cute face, hair cut short for a boy and highlighted, not tall, with a good waist, breasts of the third size, wide hips, a lush booty. She belonged to the category of women you always want and drove every student crazy on their pairs. I’ve always been fascinated by her. Despite her attractiveness, she always wore strict trousers and a suit, her couples were always strict, restrained and she behaved very modestly. She was very chaste, as I knew she had two children and a husband.

So spring came. The heads of boys and girls are turned, the soul is playing, everything is filled with colors of flowering. It smells like sex all around.

I came a couple of hours later than usual, all the seats were occupied, so I had to sit at the first desk. Everyone was chatting and whispering distractedly. And then the sound of the door closing was heard and the measured clicking of heels was heard. She came in, Svetlana Valentinovna. Apparently, she also succumbed to the general trend of spring, and literally made the entire male half of the audience hold their breath. She was wearing a white shirt with a low neckline, from where the roundness of her breasts were clearly visible, a short olive jacket emphasizing the waist, a skirt of the same color just above the knees, very tight around the hips and defiantly sticking out ass, legs were in tights or flesh-colored stockings and black shoes. She, embarrassed and barely holding back a smile, walked to her desk, her breasts visible in the neckline and juicy hips swayed seductively in time with her steps. Someone whistled faintly, and her smile widened, it was noticeable that she expected just such a reaction.

She went to the row of desks next to me and stood at her desk, greeted the group and sat down at the table. Everyone breathed out in disappointment at the fairy tale that ended so suddenly and the routine couple began. We started solving problems. After solving a couple of problems, I caught myself thinking about her, and looked at her. Here I appreciated all the advantages of my place. Sitting in the next row, I could admire her. And moreover, apparently embarrassed by the reaction of the group, she very quickly sat down in her seat and was carried away by the explanation of the topic and the task that she did not notice how her skirt was slightly pulled up along the slit to the top to the top, thanks to which I saw that she was wearing stockings today and her legs looked just great in them. For a second I imagined her in her stockings and in a moment I felt a wild excitement. The bump in my trousers quickly gained strength and treacherously betrayed me through my light trousers. To distract myself somehow, I began to solve the problem. It didn’t last long, the bump in my trousers gained even more strength and the trunk and head were clearly visible through the fabric, and then I felt someone’s eyes on me. Looking up, I noticed that she was looking at me, and not in the eyes, but somewhere below and noticing that I moved, she also raised her gaze.

Andrey, – she suddenly said, – Could you bring me coffee, the lesson will be long, I still have a lot to explain to you.

Of course, – I answered, hesitating a little from surprise, – now.

He quickly got up and, trying to cover the area of his belt with his hand imperceptibly, quickly took a mug from her table and, accompanied by her gaze, quickly headed for the exit. By the way, the lock of the door to the auditorium was broken, so we entered it through the through passage of the department. I quickly went and got coffee from the vending machine, headed back to the auditorium. All this time I couldn’t let go of thoughts about her legs in stockings, and the idea of how she looked without clothes just excited my brain. I went to the pulpit and stopped. Her voice could be heard in the audience. If I just walk in like that, I won’t be able to hide the tension and embarrassment will happen. I had to hurry and somehow relieve the tension. I carefully walked to the back of the department and stood near the desk behind the cabinet that served as a partition. “Great,” I thought— “No one will find me here,” and enjoying the moment, I automatically unbuttoned my fly. My penis, feeling free, abruptly got out of his trousers and hung over the table, gaining even more strength and pulsating. I had to hurry and I grabbed the trunk with my hand and began to caress it. Sometimes speeding up and changing the pace, I simultaneously imagined how we were doing it right on her desk. As she stands with cancer, her ass sways and my cock gives her pleasure. The colorfulness of fantasies did their job, and the peak of pleasure was very imperceptibly and unexpectedly. Torn between pleasure and the realization that I would splatter the desk, I began to frantically think how to save the situation, I suddenly remembered about the coffee mug in my hand. Without hesitation, I put a mug under the throbbing head and immediately the first tight charge of sperm hit the dark surface. The first charge was followed by a second, and then a third, a fourth. I rolled my eyes with endless pleasure, and when the last charge left my penis, I looked down at the mug. Damn it, the whole coffee was covered in a thick layer of semen. I quickly thought about changing the coffee so that no one would notice, and caught myself thinking – everything is too quiet in the audience. We must hurry. I quickly shoved my still throbbing penis into my trousers, took coffee in my hand and quickly turned around and headed for the exit, and was dumbfounded. Svetlana was standing right behind the wardrobe.

Andei, where have you been walking for so long? — She asked sternly.

I… I … – trying to explain myself, I did not find what to say.

Quickly go into the audience, my personal request is not a reason to skip a couple – they cut off sternly and took the mug from my hand.

“That’s it, I’m finished,” I thought. “Now she will pass, look into the coffee, and goodbye to the university … “. With a beating heart, I quickly followed into the auditorium, Svetlana followed me. I sat down at my desk, and she also clattered her heels behind her desk and put the mug back in place and continued to explain the couple. A couple of minutes passed and I looked at her again. She was enthusiastically telling a story on integrals and seemed to have forgotten about coffee. I already believed that maybe I would be lucky, but 5 minutes later she picked up the mug. “That’s it, it’s all gone,” I thought. A few minutes ago, I was hoping for at least a little positive outcome of my deed. Svetlana took the mug and, continuing the story, brought the mug to her lips. Then, after looking into the mug for a second, she suddenly froze. “Hana” – I summed it up for myself. She continued to stare into the mug, it lasted a couple of seconds, but they seemed like an eternity to me. Suddenly I noticed that a barely noticeable smile ran across her lips, without removing the mug from her lips, she looked up at the group and continued her story. “Didn’t you notice,” I thought— “or decided not to embarrass me, and just take me to the rector later,” I suggested. Meanwhile, Svetlana was also telling a story about integrals and again raised the mug to her lips… my heart began to pound. Looking into the contents, she swung the glass a little, closed her eyes and took a sip. A faint smile passed over her lips. After savoring a little, she quickly swallowed the contents and opening her eyes, continued the story. I didn’t believe what was happening. Then Svetlana again and openly, savoring with pleasure, as if tasting an expensive kind of wine, took a second sip. My throat is dry. From what I saw, my penis gained strength again and it seemed that my trousers would burst at the seams. Raising the mug to her lips again, she turned her head in my direction and looked into my eyes. I also couldn’t tear myself away from her blue eyes. She lifted the mug again, took a sip, and without looking away from my eyes put the mug down. Looking at her, I noticed how a semi-transparent droplet slowly flowed down from the corner of her delicate lips. She awkwardly picked it up with her finger and again

directed into your mouth. Having done this, Svetlana looked up at me again and smiled. Her gaze slid under the table to my belt.

And then I realized she knew what was in the coffee. It turns out she saw me doing it. How he stood near her table, caressed his penis and lowered tight charges of sperm into the coffee. And now, with pleasure, with a smile full of lust, she drinks my sperm with this coffee. From the realization, my heart beat even faster and my body was seized with wild excitement.

At that moment, the bell rang. She quickly handed out homework, the whole group gathered and Svetlana said:

Andrey, and you stay, we need to discuss your academic performance.

Okay, – I replied, and I was excited, I didn’t know what would happen next. Svetlana went to the department for the last student and I heard the click of the door lock.

She reappeared in the doorway and swaying her hips, just as effectively, went and sat down at her desk. Taking a cup of coffee and turning her body to me, and looking with playful but stern eyes, she took a sip, and then said:

Andrey, what were you doing at the department when you went to get me coffee, you didn’t give a clear answer.

Svetlana Valentinovna… – I began to justify myself — I just needed to catch my breath somehow.

The breath, – she was surprised — What makes you so tired or worried about a couple? — she added smiling, and smoothly put one of her legs on the other, from which her thigh practically opened in all its glory.

It’s just…— I began, trying to look into her eyes and not at her juicy legs. I didn’t know how to explain the reason to her, so I decided to tell her as it is, I had nothing to lose. —you’re so beautiful and sexy,” I blurted out. — I can’t think of anything else but you.

What is so beautiful and sexy about me? — she asked with fake surprise.

You’re just very sexy — I said — You have a very beautiful figure… Such beautiful hips, waist and breasts are capable of driving any young guy crazy—” I added.

That’s how it is— – she said, smiling a little — that’s why you can’t think about a couple – pointed to my bump in my trousers.

Yes…— I replied.

Well, I didn’t think I could torment you like that, Andrey… — she said, satisfied with the answer, — and what were you doing at the department? — she asked again – tell me about it.

I gathered my courage and said.

I needed to relieve the tension…

Mmm tension? – again and more smiling, she was surprised — and in what way? Describe it to me, Tell me how it is. she added more excitedly.

I sighed and, having overcome my excitement, began:

I went into the department and stood near your desk. Then he pulled out his cock… and started caressing him.

She held her breath at these words, and barely restrained a smile, I continued.

Then I closed my eyes and started fantasizing to cum faster..

What did you imagine? “What is it?” she asked.

I imagined how we do it. I replied.

Did you imagine fucking me? — she asked, and I looked into her eyes, they were full of lust, and it was clear that she was enjoying the moment.

Yes— – I replied— – I imagined how I fuck you, and then how you suck my dick.

Mmmm … – she said and stroking her hips slowly pulled the skirt of them, from which the thigh in the stocking was bared.

And how did I suck your dick? — she asked, barely noticeably biting her lips.

Very good — I said smiling — I wanted to cum from this – I added, picking up the wave.

Mmm… – she sighed and breathed more often, a light was burning in her eyes — and did you cum in my coffee?

Yes, – I replied, lowering my eyes a little.

Original — she remarked smiling – you know, there’s nothing wrong with that – she added — I liked the taste of your sperm…

In surprise, I looked up at her eyes.

Yes, that’s right, of course, at first I didn’t immediately understand what you were doing there, but when I saw the coffee, it wasn’t hard to guess. I know you like me, I’ve often noticed how you look at me. Any woman likes to be wanted—” she said. — I often notice how my students like me, and I like to imagine what a big, young and strong penis they have at this moment. And I want to see them so much…” she added. – Andrey, I want to see your penis. — she demanded.

I was wildly excited, what was happening seemed like a dream to me. I got up and walked slowly over to her desk. Svetlana looked at me expectantly, and then turned their attention to my trousers. I slid the zipper of my trousers and my penis in all its glory, all 19 centimeters, hung over her desk again. She was a little surprised:

What a good one—” she said and began to look at him with pleasure. How you raise its trunk and open head. I noticed how she breathed more often and one of her hands slipped under the table between her thighs.

And how did you caress him when you imagined fucking me? — she asked – show me this — and bit her lip with excitement.

I wrapped my hand around the penis and moving closer to her, so that he was 15-20 centimeters from her face, I began to caress him, running my hand from the base to the beginning. Svetlana admired it with pleasure and said.

I always liked to imagine that my students have such a big and strong penis. I like these. – she blurted out, excited by the sight and her own words — I like to caress and suck them, and then swallow cum … you probably often imagined how you cum in my mouth? — she asked coquettishly looking into my eyes.

Oh, yes … – I replied, seriously excited.

Mmm… you know, I really liked drinking your sperm—” she said, already openly turning to me and demonstrating how she caresses her pussy with her fingers through lacy white panties. — it’s very exciting to drink fresh sperm in front of the whole group. I often noticed how you look at me and I liked to look at your pants. At that moment, I really wanted you to insert it into me.

From such frank words, I got even more excited. Svetlana caressed herself looking into my eyes. First, gently pussy, and then slightly pushing back the floor of the jacket, they began to unbutton the buttons. A moment later, a large, desirable and elastic pile with pink protruding nipples appeared in front of me.

Do you like my breasts? — she asked, kneading her papillae with her fingers.

Oh, yes,— I replied, looking at her hungrily.

She bit her bottom lip with pleasure and continued to caress herself, admiring my body and the trunk heaving in front of her eyes. It was very exciting, we looked at each other, caressing ourselves and getting more excited by the second.

— And I like your cock— – she said smiling — I would like to suck it… Is that what you want, Andrey? Do you want to put it in my mouth? — she asked, plunging her finger into her pussy and getting even more excited.

Oh, yes,— I replied.

Tell me about it, Andrey, – Svetlana, moved closer to me. – ask me about it properly.

I want you to suck my dick — I said wildly excited. I rested my hand on the back of the chair, behind her shoulder and taking the trunk by the base directed it to the coveted mouth.

Svetlana sighed with pleasure and moved closer to me. With one hand she took the buttock, pressing it to her, with the other they gently and passionately grabbed the trunk. After holding it for a while, she began to drive it along it from the base to the head.

It’s been a long time since I’ve held it like this, – she said, smiling and looking into my eyes. And I saw that look again, which I saw at the first sip of coffee, a look full of lust and desire, and the pleasure of owning a big young cock. Svetlana caressed him with her hand and lasciviously and coquettishly looking into my eyes, began caressing the head, barely touching the tongue. With each movement touching it more and more. It took my breath away from this sight. From how a woman, so beautiful and sexy, whom half of the university wanted to fuck, greedily and with pleasure gets what she wants. How her new, previously unknown and lustful side is revealed. I admired her beautiful body, juicy thighs in stockings, beautiful breasts. Finally, I heard a deep moan of pleasure and felt my flesh sink into a pleasant warmth. I tore my eyes away from her beautiful body and began to admire an equally pleasant sight — the way Svetlana greedily absorbed my penis into her mouth. How her lips slide, liberally lubricating, along the trunk, and her eyes roll with pleasure and pleasure. Sometimes she tried to absorb it completely, and quickly caressed the naked head with her tongue. Sometimes she took it out and ran her tongue along its trunk. At the same time, she looked into my eyes with a busy mouth, smiling. Oh, this fucking look … full of debauchery … seeing this, I want to fuck its owner to exhaustion. I started to go crazy with excitement and began to gently move my pelvis to meet her mouth. Svetlana purred approvingly, her lips tightly and invitingly wrapped around my penis. I began to gradually increase the amplitude, and now, I was no longer just waving my pelvis to her lips, but gently fucked in her mouth. Svetlana began to moan even more excited, and taking my cock again, relentlessly, bl * dski smiling and spurring looked at me. Apparently, it was one of her fantasies or wild desire and she wanted to get it right now. I, looking into her eyes and emboldened, ran my fingers through her hair. Svetlana contentedly and obediently gave her a body to meet her. I felt how she started working with her tongue and stuck it out so that my penis gently slid over it. I stopped my right hand on the back of her head, and slightly pressing her to me, I began to work my pelvis faster and deeper, increasing the pace with each thrust. Svetlana obviously liked it, she closed her eyes and tried to open her mouth wider and wider for the member working in it and going deeper and deeper. Grease ran down the corners of her lips, leaving a wet trail. it was trickling down her chest. Enjoying and admiring this, I gradually increased the pace again.

Svetlana moaned – Yes … ooomm … yessss… – occasionally her words escaped from her busy mouth.

I worked more and more with my pelvis and pressed her to me. With pleasure and greed, she absorbed every centimeter of the penis entering her mouth. Each of my thrusts was accompanied by her playful kitty gaze and the work of her tongue.

Then I passionately and gently took her by the hair with my left hand and tilted her head back on her ass. Svetlana released her penis, glistening with her lubricant, from her mouth, and after catching her breath a little, moving away from euphoria, smiling expectantly and playfully looked at me again. I also held her head back with my left hand, took my trunk by the base in my right and smoothly brought it closer to her mouth, and began to touch her lips slightly teasingly. Her eyes lit up again and she breathed excitedly and obediently holding her head began to greedily catch her penis with her tongue.

Do you like it? — she asked, sticking out her tongue more and looking at a drop of the released lubricant on the head.

Oh yeah … – I exhaled, lightly caressing the penis in front of her, and barely touching the coveted tongue smeared the lubricant on it and again teasingly removed my flesh. Svetlana swallowed the lubricant and manya played with her tongue.

And I liked it so much when you started doing it… – she said, slightly worried – I had never tried it before… but when I felt that you started moving it … I realized that I had wanted this for a long time … so that, like in a movie, I was held by the hair, fucked in the mouth with a big dick and forced to suck it… God, how it went… – Svetlana suddenly became embarrassed. Her gaze dropped down, as if frightened and embarrassed by the new side of herself that she had discovered in herself today.

Always correct, strict, chaste and modest, perhaps she had not heard such thoughts and desires before, or tried to drown them out. But today she was sitting on a chair in her classroom, her legs spread wide in stockings, her lace panties were noticeably wet with excitement, her big breasts with hard brown nipples were heaving with excited breathing. Her hands slowly walked over the open torso and thighs of the guy standing in front of her, who gently stroked her hair with his left hand, and with his right, invitingly shook the trunk. Her eyes were closed and periodically she cast a glance at the naked torso, and embarrassingly lowering it down, she lingered on the heaving and glistening flesh from her lubrication. And I had to help her discover her secret side.

I gently took her by the hair again with my left hand, tilted her head back a little and pulled her slightly towards me, directing my penis to her desired lips..

Her breathing became measured. She obediently leaned forward, her eyes were closed, and her mouth was slightly open in anticipation. Here I touched her lips … The head gently parted the lips and entered deeper… Ooh, that’s a nice warmth. Svetlana began to open her mouth more and her tender lips felt every centimeter of the incoming penis. Having plunged it deep enough, I took her gently by the hair with my right hand as well as with my left, and looking at her, I began to work slowly and gently with my pelvis. Svetlana also kept her eyes closed, but I noticed that her nipples began to stick out even harder than before, and her body was covered with goosebumps. With each movement, I tried to give her more of my penis and felt her sucking it more and more and trying to caress it with her tongue. So having worked a little gently with the pelvis, I began to slightly increase the pace, and do it more imperiously and harshly.

Um … – moaned Svetlana. She liked it. I kept fucking her mouth.

And at some point, opening her eyes, she looked at me again, smiling. God, it was that maddening, depraved and lustful look. And she started driving me crazy again. I wanted to saturate her fucking essence.

Mmm, my girl… – I said approvingly, also smiling.

Mmmm … – moaned Svetlana, delightfully smacking and caressing the penis.

I pressed her tight to me and began to work faster with my penis.

— Ommmm … – Svetlana began to moan – ommm … – I increased the pace even faster, already furiously developing her mouth. Svetlana closed her eyes enjoying it, She had no choice but to obediently open her mouth wider. In the end, I began to enter him so deeply that her nose began to rest against my pubis. She tried to take my cock more and leaned forward. I inserted it even deeper into the throat and held it there for a while..

Ummmmmm…. – she moaned continuously.

I gently and passionately holding her by the hair, slightly pushed her away from me, she, being in euphoria, released my glistening penis from lubrication and leaned back in her chair, and breathing happily said

Oh, my God… yes, that’s right… I’ve always wanted this…

Her eyes were shining with happiness, having rested a little:

Now I want your sperm — she said — I need your sperm — and pulling me to her greedily took my cock in her mouth and began to caress it furiously. It was just a divine pleasure. I bent down a little and began to caress her breasts with my hand. She was so elastic and pleasant. Gently began to caress the papillae alternately moving from one to the other. Svetlana gave her body to meet my hand and began to increase the pace of caresses. I was admiring it. As she quickly, liberally lubricating, slide your lips along the trunk faster and faster. How she smiles with pleasure and debauchery and moans. Crazy and pleasant feelings made themselves felt. I felt the peak of pleasure coming to my flesh. Svetlana also felt how my penis swelled and began to absorb it into her mouth faster and more, and caressing with her hand the part that remained free. I didn’t have the strength to restrain myself.

I’m cumming,— I was able to squeeze out through the shackling orgasm.

She looked up at my eyes again and, smiling, began to caress him quickly. From her moans from the pleasure of sucking a dick, incredibly pleasant caresses, I could no longer restrain myself. The first tight charge of sperm shot into her mouth. Svetlana let out a groan and continued to caress him at an even faster pace. The second charge also hit the mouth, and then the third, fourth… Svetlana greedily absorbed every drop, continuing to caress him and purring with pleasure. When the last charge left my body, she gently ran her lips along the trunk a few more times and, breaking away from him, leaned back in her chair… Her eyes were closed, her head was thrown back, her lips were gently savoring the sperm, and her hands were rubbing those drops that did not get into her mouth on her chest. I tried to recover from the violent sensations and admired her. How is this beautiful woman, with a perfect figure, seductive and desirable, sitting on a chair, spreading her delicious legs wide in stockings, quenching her thirst…

Suddenly someone knocked on the door of the office.

She opened her eyes and ran her gaze over my body and the trunk that was gaining strength again and said:

You know, until this day, I didn’t think that I would like all this so much… When I saw what you did with the coffee, it was like I was changed. For some reason, it turned me on so much that a crazy idea came to my head… to taste it… and when I took the first sip, it turned me on so much. It was just the thought that I was sitting in front of a group of students and drinking sperm that had just been pumped out in the next office… and I saw your eyes.… You were so surprised… and I could see that you liked it..

Yes … – I answered — it was very unexpected and exciting.

And it was hard not to notice how excited you were from this, – she smiled — I clearly saw the outlines of your boyfriend, which excited me even more – she said — and I wanted to possess him, – thoughtfully looking at him, she added – and I liked him so much. I want to suck it every day. – Svetlana suddenly breathed out, looking into my eyes — from now on you will come to the first couple, and you will lower every last drop into my mouth, if I am busy, I will leave a cup of coffee on the table, there should be sperm by my arrival, and no one but me should receive it – she looked lustfully into my eyes again. — and now we need to get ready – seeing how I admire her body, she caressed her breasts and hid it behind her buttoned shirt. And then straightening her panties, she stood up and straightened her skirt.

I, too, catching her glances at my body and standing flesh, deliberately ran my hand along the trunk and packed it into trousers, but this clearly did not hide his appearance.

— At each of my lessons I want to see these trousers – Svetlana noticed with a smile — by the fifth pair I will be in this classroom, you have to come to me for an extra lesson.

For an extra class? I asked.

Exactly— – she replied, – coming up to me in a tight and putting her hand on my trousers again — we didn’t finish today’s lesson. Now go,” she ordered, and gave him a light slap.

I smiled and headed for the exit. Turning the door handle and walking past the crowd of students, he walked down the corridor. I still haven’t recovered from the pleasure, the ground under my feet was slightly shaking, and before my eyes there was her sitting in a chair, caressing herself, and greedily quenching her thirst for lust…

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