Pistons for inspection. Continued (translation)


A security guard in a black uniform raised the grate with a screech and friendly consultants prepared for the flow of customers. Nadezhda was standing thoughtfully, leaning her booty on the shelf, when Kira came up.

Nadya, well, don’t be offended, please, — the thin woman pathetically babbled and made guilty eyes.

What makes you think I’m offended? Nadezhda answered without looking in her direction.

It’s just that you’ve been silent all morning, – Kira was still flapping her eyelashes guiltily— – Oh, you’re fucking now! Can you imagine the seller of El Dorado after the action…

Before gossip girl could finish, Nadia began to peer into the frowning faces of incoming customers. She suddenly shoved a chocolate bar into her friend’s hand and quickly headed for the entrance. Nadezhda greeted the man and his companion with a radiant smile and immediately offered help. According to a pre-planned plan, she handed the lady into the hands of a colleague, and she took the man away by the usual route. Kira showed the enthusiastic customer all the variety of mixers while her husband was studying a product of a different property.

In the booth, Nadia turned around without delay, erotically bent the back and pulled the zipper from behind the skirt. The weakness of this client was precisely Nadia’s ass and she aroused a special lust in the tangible presence of her spouse. So, every month he paid for his wife’s whims, thereby satisfying his own passion. From time to time in the same pose – Nadenka loosened the edges of her skirt, knelt on the edge of the chair and stood there until the life-giving moisture of a cloudy consistency irrigated the velvety skin of her buttocks.

And now, she took a pose, rested her crossed elbows on the back of the chair and lit a cigarette. Everyone got their own portion of pleasure – the man jerked off steadily, looking at the big, white-skinned ass of perfect roundness, and Nadenka absorbed the vibes of male passion. She bathed in the rays of attention, mischievous, she twirled her ass and pulled a strip of thongs for a joke. The forked peach stood out like a wet mound in her panties, and it was possible to see a tight hole only by spreading her elastic, fleshy buttocks with her hands.

The man’s puffing served as an even greater delight, he sniffed, flared his nostrils and muttered indistinctly. These were compliments to Nadenka, praises of her sweet ass. She likes to listen to assurances, with what pleasure the client would fall face down and run his tongue into the hottest cleavage. So she finished smoking a cigarette, happily blew smoke through her teeth and listened to the inarticulate muttering of a regular customer, mixed with the movement of the foreskin on a wet penis. Here, the last puff remains, and according to the once and for all established plan, the man calms down, touches his buttock with his prick and lets it down with a growl.

Hot and viscous sperm covers the snow-white skin of the roundness, slowly flows down between them, and then individual splashes scatter around. The man desperately pulls the penis and the last drops of pleasure still fall chaotically, burning his thighs. Then he rustled his clothes, put a bill under the elastic band of his panties and left the sinful place. Nadezhda was smiling, as only the happiest woman can smile, she lowered her hand to the floor, groped for the pack and pulled out a wet napkin. Without difficulty, she collected fresh sperm, in this condition, even stroking the buttocks itself was not a little fun.

Refreshed, Nadia went out into the hall. By this time, Kira was already escorting the couple to the exit, showering gratitude – it’s hard to count how many bonuses her friend’s intimate hobby brought her. However, even this forced handicap did not allow Kira to break out into the lead. Hope, with all its natural directness and attractiveness, was more successful with buyers. She did not impose additional services and was in no hurry to fulfill the sales plan, and grateful customers paid her with immense trust. Be that as it may, Nadezhda did not chase after the award and did not sacrifice her conscience, shoving unsuspecting people with goods of not the best quality.

His appearance was a complete surprise. Two meters away from Nadia, he was standing again, in the same uniform with shoulder straps, but this time alone. The military man smiled tightly and looked straight into Nadia’s eyes. The dulled resentment flared up again in the woman’s heart.

Can I show you the microwave? – the consultant asked indifferently.

The man smiled and wrinkles gathered at the corners of his eyes. Nadia adjusted her glasses and looked directly at the customer. From his smile, resentment was replaced by vague hope. It seemed that he had come to correct his mistake. When the soldier waved his head in the direction of the booth and squinted, there was no stopping Nadenka. She strode swiftly into the back of the room, confident that a new client was on her heels. Yielding to the female need, Nadia slowed down her pace and gave each movement such seductive features that this performance alone should have struck down the obstinate client.

The soldier no longer needed such mercy, he was burning with impatience, feverish excitement had already seized him. As soon as he crossed the threshold of the booth, he tried to squeeze Nadia, but a strong push in the chest brought him back to reality. There was such a stern severity in the woman’s eyes that a shiver went through his body. Suddenly anger was replaced by mercy and a smile was born somewhere in the depths, now he must play by her rules. Nadezhda, with slow, languishing movements of her fingers, unbuttoned every button of her blouse, coquettishly spread the edges and leaned back.

Looking slyly at the man through the lenses of her glasses, she smiled proudly. What about the bra, you ask? The same question besieged the client. You can be content with the visible parts of the roundness, but . ..Nadia saved everyone from unnecessary difficulties, she unbuttoned her bra and arched her back to present her white breasts in the best possible way. The man involuntarily reached out with his hands to these riches, accidentally discovered as a new continent. With a slap on the hand, the woman warned the client against trying to touch.

Handsome, – Nadia was visibly worried— – if you want, jerk off on them, no – ciao-cocoa, I don’t hold…

She froze in horror when the client’s face changed and the very thought that he would turn around and leave forever hurt in his chest. It seemed that she would not survive such a shame. A beautiful body, according to hundreds of men, deserved to be kissed, it is worthy of admiration and worship, and this creepy guy is trying to resist her seductive nakedness. Only after realizing the horror of her situation, one can understand what joy it was when the military submitted and began to unbutton his trousers.

Will you take it in your mouth? The man asked in a hoarse voice.

I didn’t deserve it, – the trainer replied complacently and smiled broadly.

Well, at least touch it – the voice became less determined.

My boy, – Nadezhda got the opportunity to recoup, – yesterday it was necessary, and now he himself … (she showed an unambiguous gesture with her hand), you can on my chest…

The man extracted the hardened phallus and pointed it at Nadezhda. It was a moment of triumph, a victory doubly desired. Nadia leaned back contentedly, closed her eyes and threw back her head. While the client was twitching his foreskin and puffing silently, she lit a cigarette without opening her eyes, took a drag and blew a blue stream of smoke into the ceiling. Pleasure covered Nadenka, even stronger than the client masturbating on her chest experienced.

Do you like tits? – Nadia asked coquettishly, looking at the military man over the top of her glasses.

Yes, I like it, — the military choked with excitement – fucking milking, I’d fuck you between the tits…

Nadia stretched out her hand and twirled her index finger, she clicked her tongue in a sign of inflexibility. I wanted to listen to his inept, rude compliments again and again. The man moved his hand over the penis, then exposing the pointed head, then covering the foreskin, and devoured her milky-white breasts with his eyes. From intemperance, he even licked his lips, imagining the desired touch to the flesh.

Nadia, you’re fucking awesome, – the client poured out in compliments, – I would fuck you day and night … Show your ass, you promised yesterday…

The woman was overcome by straightforward words, it would have been necessary to follow the wounded vanity and remind her of the missed happiness, but Hope was thwarted. It was so sweet to listen to this uncouth lout that she gave in. The ashes fell on her blouse and she had to relight a cigarette, Nadia got up from her chair, accidentally touched the drooling tip of her elastic penis with her hip and unzipped her skirt.

It was a duel in which one or the other side was inferior in firmness of spirit. Nadezhda got cancer for the second time in the morning and lit a second cigarette without delay. Puffing behind her back in itself gave not a little pleasure, but when the client began to reward the white ass with exquisite praises, Nadenka melted and lowered her forehead onto her crossed elbows. She no longer objected when she felt the touch of a member to her sensitive buttocks. Even the man’s hand on the curves did not restore her former severity.

Talk, talk, don’t be silent, – Nadia moaned, – would you fuck me? In the ass…

Hot words, thoughtless and released at the moment of pleasure, worked properly – the man squeezed his fingers on Hope’s ass, increased the movements of the second hand and violently lowered. The feeling of spreading hot lava brought the woman out of her stupor. She pushed the client away, with a weak hand groped for a pack of napkins and began to wash the sperm from the ass for the second time.

I’ve finished, – Nadenka confessed in a barely audible and touching voice.

How much do I owe? – The severity and aloofness returned to the man’s voice.

Nadia was in no hurry to answer, she ran napkins over her buttocks, pulled off her panties and only when she buttoned her skirt, sat down in the chair again. The look was heavier than granite.

Am I a prostitute or something? – there were heavy words of Nadenka.

From the severity of the look, the client’s voice trembled, he shrugged his shoulders and guiltily lowered his eyes. Like an epiphany, he reached into his breast pocket, pulled out a bill without looking and left it on the arm of the chair. After his departure, the woman sat in an armchair for a long time and thoughtfully looked at the crimson curtain, thoughts gradually lined up in orderly rows and began to please with conclusions – he admitted his mistake and will come again more than once. His dirty words will ignite an incomprehensible passion in the soul more than once, and a tense penis will give out a frantic desire. At that moment, Nadezhda relished the thought that she had finally won back her positions.

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