Pistons for inspection (translation)


Nadia adjusted her glasses with the tip of her index finger, carefully looked at the lines of the invoice and ran her eyes over the shelves with goods. Changing the price tags on the bottom shelf was somewhat difficult, at least for a woman. Nadezhda slightly bent her legs and bent over, her nimble fingers did not immediately cope — the edges of the paper label got jammed and had to tinker. Before the yellow pre-holiday price tag was installed, anyone could hold their gaze on Nadya’s protruding ass. The black skirt tightly hugged the voluminous curves, and the thin zipper running along the back seam risked parting at any second.

Kira, a sales consultant from the electronics department, was the only eyewitness to the piquant bow of a colleague, however, despite her impeccable reputation, sincerely, like a woman, enjoyed the spectacle. She herself was a pale, transparent creature, she had a completely ordinary appearance and, it should be added, excellent eyesight, unlike her friend. Kira stood leaning on the shelves with the displayed goods and importunately watched Nadia’s hurried work. It is difficult to say that the purpose of the silent pursuit was the hope of catching another colleague’s inclination, most likely, the ardent gossip was just trying to screw in at least a word when Hope raises her head.

Nagy, did you hear what the guys from MVideo told? – an enthusiastic voice promised unprecedented news.

Cyrus, do you see that I’m not in time? – Nadia said sternly, adjusting her glasses with her index finger— – you either help, or go to your department, for God’s sake!

As you know— – Kira said with imaginary coldness, tucking a curl behind her ear— – by the way, you haven’t chipped in to our 23rd yet…

Nadezhda straightened up, looked straight at her colleague and furiously clenched her fists. The sight of her was enough to make a talkative colleague pursed her lips and nervously tucked in a blond curl. The name badge fluttered on Kira’s flat chest, the woman grunted, turned around and left the enemy territory with long strides. Finally, Nadia could concentrate on her work. She brought the invoice close to her face and carefully scanned the corrected positions, selected the necessary price tags from the stack and set off along an intricate route between the showcases.

Not a tall, slender woman with such a thin waist that at first glance she became the envy of the female half of the team and the admiration of the male. With such an elegant waist, akin to an aspen, heavy breasts and wide hips visually formed an impeccable image of an hourglass. A pretty face, almost round, with a well-defined cheekboned jaw, a sharp nose, plump lips, slightly slanted brown eyes under stylish black-rimmed glasses. Nadia unwittingly attracted everyone’s attention with her simple, natural beauty.

At the moment when dexterous fingers extracted another price tag with a jammed edge, the work of the sales consultant was interrupted again. This time, tall, skinny Kira confidently walked towards her colleague.

Go, you have a customer, – the woman said in an indifferent voice and pointed in the direction of the kitchen goods department, – don’t thank me…

Nadia handed her friend an invoice with the remaining price tags, turned around and walked, coping with the top buttons of her blouse on the go. She walked swiftly, but even a wide step did not lose its lightness and weightlessness. There was indeed a man in a military uniform standing near the shelves. He smiled and didn’t have time to say a word before Nadia squeezed his wrist and pulled him away. So, by the hand she led the astonished client into the depths of the trading floor. Near the table for checking and packaging, Nadezhda pulled back the curtain and dragged the man with her.

The cabin made of metal tubes and heavy, dense fabric had no large area for an incomprehensible purpose. Nadia sank into a chair, her eyes lowered and traced the path of the buttons released from the loops. She opened her blouse, unbuttoned the bra cups in front and threw her head back. In this piquant situation, the military man froze, he did not take his eyes off the appetizing white breasts, silently moved his lips and nervously searched for a place for his hands. The reason for embarrassment was the most suitable – milky-white teardrop-shaped cans, translucent with blue veins. The elastic skin of the breasts was felt even visually, their lower parts, containing lead-heavy flesh, slightly sagged and stretched the halos of the nipples with dark pink filled buds.

Nadia looked at the man’s face through her glasses in bewilderment, shifted her gaze to the bump in his trousers. To enhance the effect, she picked up both breasts with her hand from below and seductively weighed them, her eyes streamed a quiet, calm radiance, and a blush played on her cheeks and neck. The man pursed his lips and shook his head negatively, unable, nevertheless, to take the decisive step – to leave the booth.

Well, do you want to get a butt? Nadia asked with the intonation of an expert in a difficult situation.

She even directed her hands to the skirt when the client shook his head again. He stood, staring at the woman in fascination, nervously fidgeted with his fingers and let go of his jaw.

Well, what? – Nadezhda, created for love, was genuinely perplexed— – do you want me to masturbate you myself? Or take it by the cheek? Then only in the presentation…

For the first time, Nadia found herself in such a predicament that the client did not ask her to do more than just pull down on her kindly exposed breasts. Professional pride surged – the man refused her tempting offers, perhaps for the first time sounded in these shaky walls. I had to match the discerning taste of the client, just to avoid that acrid feeling of lack of demand. It hurt right in the heart, this man needs to be seduced at all costs.

Usually by this time, under the sighs of an excited client, she had already thrown off the bonds of everyday life, the colors became bright, the air filled her heaving chest with joy and she lit a cigarette. Tobacco smoke enhanced the effect, Nadezhda, at such moments, slyly looked at the distorted face of another lover, at his twitching, clenched fingers, penis and obediently waited for a splash of male temperament on her chest. The satisfied client simply buttoned his trousers and hurried away, and Nadia took out a pack of wet wipes from under the chair and collected the streaks of the stranger’s sperm from his chest.

I, I, – the military stuttered, – I wanted to choose a microwave oven…

Nadia’s face contorted, she awkwardly began to fasten the edges of her blouse, forgetting to fasten the cups of the bodice in indignation. Trembling fingers pressed buttons at random. The man left the booth, leaving Nadia with heavy thoughts. No matter how steadfast and unshakable he was, did he really manage to resist her beauty? How nice it is to receive compliments or even more viscous evidence from unfamiliar men from thousands of shopping center customers. Nadia didn’t even need touching, the very admiration of males from a wide range of sympathies brought incomparable satisfaction. Upset and disgraced, she left her shelter. The soldier, arm in arm with a pretty girl, passed the frame of the metal detector, he turned around through the glass and quickly looked away.

Kira, – Nadia, wounded in her vanity, said through her teeth, coming up behind her colleague, – the buyers buy the microwaves here, not the Customers. Can you feel the difference?

Nadezhda returned to her work, the price tags no longer went to her head, she often had to take off her glasses to rub her eyes. And again, the woman was not destined to finish the job – to the authorities on the carpet. The slick consultant announced this news, smirked smugly and with his feminine gait with an indifferent look disappeared among the shelves with goods. The store manager’s office was empty. Nadia sat down in the director’s chair without asking and, with an air of humble sadness, began to twist in anticipation.

Where have you been? – the director asked dryly, entering his office— – I was looking for you.

I worked with a client, where else?

A man in a dark gray suit approached the chair, stopped the rocking with his hand and unbuckled the belt buckle. Nadia answered the boss’s gaze with a slight smile, when the trousers were lowered and the semi-hard penis hung over the panties, she got off the chair and like a kitty went under the table. The director took a seat in the chair, moved closer and leaned back. Here, in a dark, cramped space, Nadia felt at home. She pushed her bangs out of her eyes, straightened her black hair and approached the director’s body with her face.

The sadness vanished in an instant, the memory of the steadfast soldier no longer besieged her heart. The woman touched her lips to the still soft head, moistened them with her tongue and smoothly sucked the male flesh. The director didn’t make a sound, on the contrary, the door opened and someone entered. Papers rustled, a pen passed a metal pen across the tabletop and everyday managerial work began to boil. For Nadia, this was not the first time, she sucked the swelling prick with gusto while the director discussed with his subordinates the terms of the shares and the change of price tags.

Hope was not hidden, she loudly smacked and squelched with saliva. The penis has already filled and hardened, it became pleasant to hold it in your mouth and feel desired. Male erection — how much it means to Nadenka. Here, under the table, not much can be done, the woman just leans on the director’s knees and moves her head, putting her lips on a fleshy penis. You can tilt your head to the side, but cramped conditions do not allow you to realize the whole gamut of fantasies. When you have to suck a deputy, a skinny kid, there is enough space to move his head between his legs and even swallow the penis whole.

At such moments, Nadia usually marks her achievements by biting, but in any case, the circular lipstick mark on the penis is her business card. I got carried away and didn’t notice that there were already several people in the office, all proving something, arguing with each other. Suddenly the iPhone trilled, everyone patted their pockets, but the sound came from under the table.

Yes, dear, – Nadia answered affectionately with a confused breath— – what, what – I suck a dick! Well, what else can I do at work, of course I lay out the price tags, as you ask…

The audience listened. Nadia pressed her lips below the swollen head of the director and, until the end of the conversation with her husband, hummed monosyllabically into the phone.

That’s it, I kiss you, dear, – Nadezhda said reluctantly releasing her penis.

With renewed vigor, the woman, as if starved for a penis, set to work, freeing the director from the need to spend money on bribing flattery. The man jerked and threw out the accumulated semen, and Nadia carefully took the sperm, squeezing her lips on the trunk so that not a single drop on her blouse would tarnish the good reputation of the sales floor consultant.

The day went on as usual, Nadezhda finished changing the price tags, diligently arranged the boxes and did all the work that was prescribed to an ordinary sales consultant. The end of the working day was approaching, male colleagues were increasingly casting glances and waiting for the usual winks. When the clients were no longer there, Kira presented formal gifts from the female half, but this event did not have such success as Nadia’s decisive gesture – she adjusted her glasses with her index finger, licked her lips and slightly released the zipper at the back of her skirt.

The whole company, at least its male component, followed Hope with fascination. Everyone tried to hold their gaze on her swaying hips and buttocks crumpling when walking. In the cut of the skirt, bare areas of the hips and lace tops of stockings appeared, under the tight material of the black skirt, these movements inflamed even more lust. Behind a row of refrigerators that reliably hide the company from the eyes of unintentional buyers, Nadezhda knelt on the floor, the zipper, not fully unbuttoned, cracked plaintively, but withstood.

The woman, sitting on the floor, slowly unbuttoned her blouse and freed her breasts, and men were already gathering around her, they surrounded her from all sides. It seemed that there were more of them than there were employees in the store, there was a security guard, and even a courier. Everyone eagerly extracted his organ and directed it to the center, where Nadenka was sitting. It was her finest hour, she was basking in the rays of glory, so many men are hungry for her – this is the greatest pleasure. How do I have time to thank everyone, pay attention to everyone?

The new gesture made the men’s hearts pound even harder – she took a candy from her pocket, sent it into her mouth and put the crumpled piece of paper back. So, with a lemon lollipop in her mouth, she accepted the first member. It doesn’t matter who it was – here, at the level of men’s groins, it doesn’t matter if you are the director or the last loader – everyone’s penises are equally beautiful and sweet. Nadenka focused on the purple flattened prick, she closed her eyes and savored the salty taste, ran her tongue around the flesh and left a sweet trail of candy.

The men were snuffling excitedly and whispering something pleasant in an indistinct voice, some, judging by the popping sounds, had already started working themselves. The only thing Nadia could do was hold the neighboring penises with both hands, but it terribly interfered with concentration. It seems that everyone is already jerking off, looking at how Nadenka sucks dick and sticks out her tongue at the same time. She performs every movement so diligently that no one doubts her supreme pleasure. Suddenly someone pulls her shoulders, forcefully turns her head and pokes her trembling penis. I hurried, overdid it, didn’t wait for my turn. Nadia willingly accepted the penis and the sperm immediately gushed in an elastic stream into the sky. A fleeting sensual curiosity forced me to give this young man increased attention.

Again, a performance for grateful viewers – having dried up the source of sperm, the woman looked thoughtfully with an appreciative look, licked her lips and let out an appetizing sigh, as if she swallowed a spoonful of honey. She was no stranger to vanity and thoroughly enjoyed the effect created on men. The silence was broken by the familiar trill of the iPhone, everyone involuntarily checked his pocket, and Nadia picked up the phone again.

Yes, at work— – the woman answered without moral doubts, – yes, soon … how did you arrive?!!!

Nadia clamped her palm over the phone and looked guiltily from below at the colleagues gathered around.

Did Kira say? – Nadia continued the conversation with her husband, – yes, she’s such a smart girl, otherwise I worked hard and I don’t know how I would get home without you…

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