The beginning of life with the Mistress (translation)


Within 2 weeks I will live on my own, no one will see my body except for my palms and face, the Mistress promises to make these days unforgettable and on the first day begins to fulfill the promise.

I receive an order from my Mistress to wake up at 3 a.m., prepare my body for use. I unsubscribe in ICQ to the lady that I woke up and go to the bathroom, wash up, shave where necessary, take out the anal plug, insert it into myself and return to the monitor. There I get on my knees, get down on my heels and humbly wait for the Mistress. At 4:00, the Mistress comes in, finds out what I did and sends me back to the bathroom. I have to pour at least a liter of water into my ass, and then close my ass with a plug. I do everything and come back. The ass twists, but the plug securely holds all the water in the middle of me…. The mistress orders me to take a whip in my hands and whip myself on the ass, thighs on the back, I do it with my eyes closed, I’m scared, but every time I see an order for a new number of blows, I execute it. I feel that my skin is swollen in places, but I am not allowed to look at myself in the mirror yet, because I still have a bad idea of how bad everything is… In addition, my stomach twisted with such unreal force that I have to run and empty myself in the toilet…

The mistress is unhappy with my trick. I was ordered to fasten the rope on the body with clothespins. It should go from both breasts to pussy… I take a clothesline and fasten it on my chest, then through my stomach and pubis I strengthen it on the sponges of the vagina… It took more than 20 clothespins.. pain spreads through the body… For 10 minutes I endure.. Then the Lady is interested in my well-being… After learning how much it hurts me, she pities me… and orders me to put on boots, stockings and coats and switch to the mobile Internet…

4:30 a.m., winter… By order of the Mistress, I go out, walk down the street to the nearest park, nothing is visible, it’s quiet.. I’m scared, I’m in pain and pretty cold… In the park, I was ordered to sit on a bench with my bare booty… My coat is on, but I’m already half open… Then I have to close my eyes and sit like this for 5 minutes… I’m sitting…. The cold bursts through the ass… the wind makes you shiver.. and I’m also trembling from misunderstanding if anyone is watching me… the next order is to find any entrance where I can take off my clothespins. Except for your house… In a panic, I think where to find such an entrance … I’m looking, but everyone turns out to be on combination locks or with intercoms… The mistress allows herself to choose a place to remove the clothespins, and I begin to remove the clothespins with my stiffened hands under some window, hiding them in my coat pockets… I go into my entrance, I have already been ordered to come in naked… I return to the apartment, and only now, after looking at my ass and back, I understand that the bruises will go for a very long time, traces of stopped blood can be seen in places … I told my Mistress, she praises me for a job well done and allows me to hit myself with an additional belt on the ass. I beat her until she turns bright crimson. Then I handcuff myself, fasten it behind my back and go to bed… On my stomach.. Nothing else.

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