Scientific supervisor


I was walking along a long, dark corridor of the metropolitan university. I just arrived in Kiev yesterday. Another visit to the supervisor. The old Doctor of Sciences worked the old-fashioned way. I went to see him once or twice a month. I brought him the written sections of my dissertation, and he made changes to them and gave the pieces of paper back. In our age of modern technology, it is easier to send everything by e-mail, and not to transfer paper in vain, spend money on the road. Although I suspected that Naum Yakovich would not mind enjoying my holes during such visits. He’s got a dozen graduate students, I’ve never seen them all.

An active discussion could be heard outside the door. The students were arguing loudly on the topic of gender equality. I smiled broadly, I wanted to listen to the debate, but I was in a hurry to my supervisor. I wanted to catch the evening train. Heels were pounding on the ass, I tried to step more on my toes. She shifted the folder from hand to hand. I hope this time the old man will find fault with every word less. Several times I regretted that I listened to the professor’s uncle and agreed to stay after studying to teach accounting at the university. Although she still remained a student to some extent. I studied myself and taught them. She stopped at the office door.

She was looking at the golden pen. Students passed by. The guys were looking at my ass, discussing some football. I’ve never caught such looks on myself. In my own way, I liked such attention. She measured the tall student with her eyes. He’s probably under two meters. I’ve never fucked anyone like that before. Funny, is his trunk that long too? I looked at his toned ass, broad shoulders. She sighed, raised her hand and knocked on the door. I looked after the students. Still, one of them turned around, but quickly switched to conversation.

“Come in,” came the doctor’s hoarse voice.

Good afternoon— – she entered a small office and greeted.

Oh, Anya, – Naum Yakovich looked up from his papers, smiled broadly. – How did you get there? Why are you standing in the doorway? Come sit down—” he pointed to a chair at his desk.

Thank you, everything is fine. It’s a little cold on the train, there’s so much snow all around, – I sat down on a chair and sorted through my papers on my knees. – And how are you?

It’s a sin to complain, the age is still, – he adjusted the wide belt, leaned back in the chair, it creaked disgustingly under his weight. – I corrected one section for you here— – he was sorting through the stacks of papers lying on the table.

She looked at her reflection in the glass of the locker. She straightened her brown hair. She smiled to herself. The plump lips stretched into a smile. I saw my narrow eyebrows, neat nose, elongated face. There was still a blush on her cheeks after the frost outside. The white blouse beautifully emphasized my breasts of almost the third size. Today I specially put on earrings, a gift from my supervisor. He kept muttering, shuffling papers. Naum Yakovich is over sixty, he is short, plump, bald. He looked very unattractive. He’s wearing a dark blue suit today, a white shirt, and a red striped tie. The man adjusted his round glasses in thick frames with large lenses. The thick neck almost merged with the massive chin. There are only a few hairs left on the egg-shaped head. She was twirling the leaves she had brought in her hands.

My uncle still has a bigger and more modern office. There are still light brown, glossy cabinets, a large table. On a small table in the corner was a new computer with a large monitor. Colorful splash screen lines flickered on the screen, they appeared and disappeared, drew bizarre figures. I took a deep breath, one light green wall was almost completely decorated with various certificates, diplomas, certificates. There were several photos of the fat man, along with the ministers of education and finance, on the second he was among people in black robes and rectangular caps on their heads. Against their background, he resembled a fat little bear who had just had a good meal. Here he is even younger, greeting one of the former presidents. There were some shouts in the corridor. She turned her head the other way. The girls were either swearing, or arguing about the guy.

I found it, – Naum Yakovich attracted my attention, knocked a stack of leaflets on the table. “Come here—” he beckoned with a thick finger. – I’ll tell you what needs to be corrected. In general, I am pleased with you—” he smiled broadly with crooked teeth, nodding his head.

Thank you, – I got up, walked over to him and bent down, trying to make out his scribbles.

Here, my dear, here on liquidity analysis, you will add these links to the works of leading American scientists, they were published in journals— – he put his hand and gently squeezed my ass, his fingers climbed into the crotch.

“Good—” she answered him, did not resist his caresses. – What did you write here, I can’t make out? She pointed with a pink-manicured finger.

He adjusted his glasses, brought the piece of paper closer to his eyes. He stroked my thigh, covered with black jeans. His harassment made me very angry, but I understood that I had to be patient. If I defend myself in the summer, I won’t have to fuck with this old, nasty, fat goat anymore. I went to the sea with him last summer. It’s funny when I was perceived as his daughter. Some thought I was his kept woman. It’s good that I met Filya. He helped to distract himself and pleasantly brightened up the rest. I’ve fucked him everywhere, and in addition, he turned out to be my student. Transferred to my university in the fall. Goosebumps ran through my skin. The hole was moistened, the papillae swelled. She put her hand on the shiny bald head of the Doctor of Sciences. The hair fell out, but it’s good that the brains remained. She smiled broadly. Naum Yakovich looked at me.

Here is about regulatory liquidity, specifics for each industry. He flipped through a few pages, looked at me, his breathing quickened. – You’re very sexy today. I love it when you dress like that—” he drove more actively on the ass. – Go close the door— – he nodded, put the papers on the table, pressed harder on the lips.

“Oh,” I quietly blurted out, I felt how he pressed her panties and jeans between her lips.

The man turned to me, took me and kissed my hand. I would have slapped him on his thick lips. I had to endure it, he promised to give me an amber necklace for several months. The scientist pressed on the clitoris. Waves of pleasure spread through the body, flowed more and more. Always at such moments I imagined young and athletic students, slender, strong. I heard a knock on the door. Naum Yakovich immediately removed his hands. Pulled the jacket down. There was another hesitant knock.

Come in! – he shouted in his nasty voice, busily flipping through the papers.

Can I? – a red-haired guy looked into the office.

Come in, come in— – the man beckoned him to us. – Just wait, I’ll finish with Anya now, and then I’ll take care of you.

We stared at each other. Damn, what again? I thought such absurdities only happen in American films. She blinked her eyelashes, watched the guest. He walked unsteadily and sat down on a chair against the wall. He tapped his fingers on the blue folder, glanced at me. I saw the blush on his cheeks.

I was returning home by car from the capital. I was afraid to go by train, because of the incomprehensible quarantine zoning. They promised that the regional center could take us to the red zone. The sun was sinking to the horizon. Evening fog or smoke was falling on the road. Confidently drove her pink Renault Clio, during her work she somehow managed to save up for a car. I wrote several theses and term papers, closed my eyes to absenteeism for money. Naum Yakovich still kept his word at sea and added a little, although it was not for nothing that she endured his fat carcass. The headlights beautifully illuminated the road signs. I thought I would have time to get home before dark, but damn traffic jams. They shout that everyone is poor, and there are so many cars. She grimaced with displeasure, glancing at her reflection in the mirror.

I wanted to add speed, but they said that you can’t drive a new car for a year. Adhered to the recommended speed. Oncoming cars whizzed by. Long trucks, like glowing boxes, passed nearby. It seemed that the air currents would now blow away my car. My stomach was reminding me of itself with a quiet rumbling. She reached for a bottle of mineral water, took a few sips. I didn’t plan that the road would be so long. A brightly glowing gas station appeared on the horizon. A large scoreboard with prices was flickering. I looked at the sensors, thought about it. Surely, you can buy something edible there. His mouth quickly filled with saliva. Rebuilt and slowed down.

Careful, I stopped at a gas station. She stopped at the pump. The bored tanker got up and walked slowly in my direction. He’s wearing a green jumpsuit with yellow stripes. On his head is a branded baseball cap. He reluctantly pulled the mask over his face. I completely forgot about it, reached for my purse and rummaged through it. I put on a mandatory attribute, straightened my hair. Got out of the car. I felt a slight autumn coolness. Cars hummed and made noise, several bikers whizzed by. They disappeared like meteors over the hill.

Good evening, which one do you like? – the man greeted me and unscrewed the gas tank lid, looked at me appraisingly from under the visor.

Ninety-five, to the full, – I did not look in his direction and went to the gas station.

In the reflection in the big glasses I saw that he was openly staring at my ass. She released a cloud of steam, straightened her terracotta jacket. It went well with dark brown jeans. I paid for gas, bought a big hot dog and a liter bottle of cherry juice. I couldn’t wait to get in the car and eat as soon as possible. She headed for the exit. The phone rang in her purse. I didn’t know how to get it. She kicked the door open. Glass rattled, a bottle of juice fell on the cobblestones and broke.

Damn, where are you going! – shouted to the red-haired guy in the doorway, angrily frowned.

Well… – he was a little confused. – And where are you looking!?

I’m looking where I need to go! They didn’t teach you to skip girls, — I looked at the glass fragments, at the juice drops on white sneakers and pants. – Damn, I also ruined my jeans through you. Where do I wash them here?

No need to catch woof, I would hold it tighter and nothing would happen.

I noticed that the whole gas station was watching our exchange. The gas station attendant was smiling, a frightened plump saleswoman, afraid that we were going to tear down the store. Glowering at the guy. He looks about my age, above average height, freckles on his cheeks. Red hair attracted attention. He is wearing worn light jeans, a blue jacket with black stripes on the sleeves. He was looking at my chest with gray eyes. He frowned, which made his cheeks seem even more plump. Nervously twirled the car keys.

I held it as needed, and you hit me with such force, – she stepped carefully to the side, thin red streams of liquid spread further and further.

I’m into you!? he stared at me questioningly, his eyes just rounded. –You bumped into me.”

Me, me!? – I was already shaking with anger, the phone in my purse was ringing once again.

There was a queue of two cars behind my car. The driver couldn’t stand it and honked his horn several times. Exchanged angry glances with the red-haired guy. I wanted to send him away, but I tried to restrain my emotions. Two men were honking now.

Anushka, – Naum Yakovich drew attention to himself. – Are you listening to me?

Yes, yes. I’m listening to you carefully—” she shifted her gaze from the guy’s confused face to her supervisor. – I’ll fix everything, as you said— – she bent down and rested her hand on the table. – Do you have any comments on these schedules?

The old man adjusted his glasses, brought the papers closer to his eyes again. I saw his thick, hairy fingers. A wide wedding ring. I’ve never seen his wife. Funny, is she as small and plump? She sighed and looked out the window. On a snow-covered metropolis, a park wrapped in a white blanket, some parked cars seemed to be playing with strands and buried in snowdrifts. The leaf rustled softly in the doctor’s hands, someone was talking loudly on the phone in the corridor. The chair creaked under the guy. He was hiding his eyes, now he’s not so cheeky. In autumn, his hair looked more red, perhaps they change the tone depending on the time of year.

She shifted her weight from one foot to the other. Now she looked like an ordinary student who was waiting for her teacher’s decision. I remembered how many times I was asked to close my eyes to various errors and put an estimate. Twisting the chain around her neck. Then it turned out with Fillet on the sea, I thought I would never meet him again, but everything turned out differently. But a one-time adventure on the road… She sighed and grimaced. Naum Yakovich carefully studied the figures.

I got behind the wheel of the car. The impatient driver honked and blinked his headlights. That’s also what I needed. Started the engine, drove off to a small area. I took wet wipes out of my purse. I took it upon myself to wipe the juice off my shoes and jeans. She frowned angrily. A car drove by, headlights slid across the cabin. I lifted my leg a little higher, rubbed the spot harder. She looked at the hot dog lying there. I really wanted to take a bite of a crispy bun, a hot sausage and an inviting green salad. She swallowed several times. I heard a soft knock on the glass, looked up. I pressed the button and the window crawled to the bottom.

Sorry, I overreacted— – the redhead smiled and handed me the same bottle of juice. – Here, maybe it’s my fault. I was in a hurry just.

Okay— – she took the juice and put it on the front seat, lowered her leg back. – It doesn’t happen to anyone. Only here are jeans— – she took a deep breath, rubbed them further. – Stains may remain.

Did you get wet? — he was trying to look into the salon and get a better look at me.

Not really, but are we already on you? – giggled and rubbed the other leg.

Can I use you? he put his hand on the roof, tapping his fingers on the metal.

I think so, – I took a fresh napkin from the pack. – Are you in no hurry now? She looked up at him.

I’m in a hurry, but I can spare a few minutes for you. They don’t often meet such beautiful girls, and even in such a car,” he bent down and looked at something in the cabin. – Yours?

Well, mine, – giggled, playfully smiled.

Did your father give it to you or did your husband buy it? – he almost stuck his head in the window. – Lucky you, I have— – he nodded to the side and grimaced. – An old Audi.

You think that a beautiful girl can’t earn money by herself, – pouted her lips with displeasure.

And who do you work for? Where do they pay so much?

Why did he bother with these questions, then he was rude, then now it’s just a courtesy. I was going through the options of how best to dismiss him. There was a pause, the busy highway did not think to quiet down. Cars emerged from the fog and illuminated everything with their headlights, while others, blinking red lights, disappeared into it. I didn’t know that the redhead was looking at me or the new car more now.

Are you so interested? – put her palms on the steering wheel.

I’ll find out where they pay so much and I’ll go to work there myself.

Giggled, shook her head. She was looking at the guy. He was smiling sweetly. A mask and crumpled small bills were sticking out of his pocket.

Especially to work together with such a beauty— – he scratched his chin contentedly, probably imagining how he would fuck me in the office. – Do you all have such beautiful work?

I laughed and told him that I am a teacher and I have almost two hundred students, most of whom are girls. A truck drove by, released a large cloud of black smoke. I tried to hold my breath, I wanted to close the window. Where did he just get on my head?

And what do you do yourself? – I decided to step on the guy, looked at him appraisingly. – Or are you still studying?

He just smiled. The huge truck, picking up speed, crawled along the highway. It was as if some dragon was releasing black clouds, as if it was preparing to spew fiery flames from its mouth.

We have a small hotel here— – he pointed his finger somewhere in the direction of the forest. – Do you have a long way to go?

I thought about it, my stomach rumbled. If there was such a fog around, I didn’t even know approximately how long I could cover the entire distance.

I’ll probably get to midnight, – I met the guy’s eyes, exchanged smiles.

It’s getting dark now, aren’t you afraid to go at night? – he asked a question, but without waiting for my answer, he added: – Listen, let’s spend the night at our hotel. So to speak, at the expense of the institution. Rest, get some sleep, and in the morning on the road. There is a forest all around, clean air, mushrooms grow. What do you say?

Clean air? – she nodded towards the glowing traffic flows.

The hotel is ten kilometers from the road, there is a large pond and a river. Do you want to take a boat ride, let me go now and take the meat for a barbecue? – he offered, pulled the mask out of his pocket.

I don’t need anything, – I waved my hand negatively, thought and looked at the passing cars.

Naum Yakovich’s phone rang. He looked up from my papers, reached for his smartphone. The redhead was clearly looking at my ass, crossed his legs. He’s dressed more businesslike today. He is wearing black pants, a white shirt with a blue tie, and a light gray vest. I wonder what he’s doing here? I listened to the conversation of my supervisor.

I’m going to the rector for ten minutes, – the fat man got up, adjusted his belt, looked at me. – Anya, and you sit down— – he pointed to an empty chair at the guy. – Meet Martin, a very capable boy.

He sauntered to the door and left the office. I exchanged glances with the guy, both wanted to say something, but were silent. A little flushed. The bell broke the silence. Hundreds of students fell out into the corridor. There were shouts, laughter, music.

What are you doing here? – almost simultaneously we put a question to each other and laughed loudly at such synchronicity.

Didn’t you say that you are an accountant in a financial company?

And you, what are you doing with the hotel?

I saw that he was looking at my figure. Probably remembers me naked, our hot sex almost until morning. I didn’t understand what came over me then. She took a deep breath, walked over and sat down next to him, crossed her legs. He smelled pleasantly of something sweet. He hesitantly took my hand.I thought I’d never see you again.” I’m filling up and all the time I hope to meet you at the door. I’m driving and I’m looking out your pink car in the stream—” he leaned over and wanted to kiss me on the cheek, but I didn’t let him.

Martin, not here— she glanced at the door. She nodded at the empty, large, black leather chair.

I missed you so much— – he sighed, lowered his head. –I couldn’t get you out of my head. They even ran away with the girl.

They looked at each other. Melting snow was constantly dripping from the roof, knocking on the windowsill. Students were making noise in the corridor. I took a deep breath, a pleasant warmth concentrated in the bottom of my tummy. I tried to control my emotions. She clung to the chair. It seemed that the redhead was about to pounce on me. I really wanted to ask how he got to Naum Yakovich, but I didn’t dare to ask my questions.

I looked at him through the open car window. The fresh autumn wind blew my hair. The guy leaned over, nervously tapping his fingers on the roof. Everyone left the gas station again, the tanker sat down on a small chair. He lowered the mask to his chin, looking curiously in our direction. Hesitated and could not make a decision.

I don’t know you at all,” she tilted her head and looked at the silver diamond on the steering wheel.

“Martin,” he introduced himself and held out his hand to me. – Now you know me.

Giggled, looked up at the guy. He was smiling broadly. She shook his long, thin fingers.

“Anya,” she said her name softly. – And you’re pushy.

In business, I have to, – he raised to his lips and kissed my hand. – Can I invite the girl I like to redeem myself— – he was trying to get a better look at my jeans. – Did you wipe everything off?

It seems that’s it— – shrugged her shoulders, spread her knees apart, looked at her feet.

Look— – he turned his head around. – The fog is thickening. Let’s go—” he waved his hand. – Don’t be afraid, it’s very close here. You’ll eat at the same time. Get some sleep and go in the morning quietly.

The gas station lighting turned on. Orange lights shimmered beautifully in the wet asphalt, fallen leaves formed bizarre patterns. There were several leaves in a large puddle, as if small ships were slowly sailing to the shore. A fat aunt rode a bicycle, it seemed that under her weight the vehicle would fall apart. But she managed to hold the phone to her ear with one hand and slowly pedaled.

An? he looked at me questioningly. – Come on, follow me. Just don’t drive,” Martin smiled, shoved the mask back into his pocket. – We’ll be there in five minutes.

Okay, – reluctantly agreed to accept his invitations. – I won’t drive.

They both laughed. I saw the happy face of the redhead. Even the freckles on his face seemed to be smiling now. He ran to the gray Audi. I closed the window, still couldn’t resist and took a bite of a hot dog. I started the engine, the bright lights of the headlights illuminated the nearest shrubbery. I couldn’t help myself and took another bite. The guy drove past and honked his horn. She followed him. We drove out onto the motorway. The number plate was highlighted by a glowing rectangle. We turned onto a narrow forest road. The tall pines made a pleasant noise, yellow, red, and crimson trees could be seen between them. It was as if they were trying to dilute the darkness of the forest with colors. Expensive wagged, as if skirting every tree in its path, its builders decided not to violate the harmony created by nature.

In the darkness and fog, the lights of a two-story hotel appeared. She was hiding behind tall firs and pines. The windows were glowing brighter and brighter. Several parked cars rested crushed by fallen leaves. A barbecue was burning at one of the gazebos. I stopped at an empty place. She turned off the engine, the interior was plunged into darkness. Took a big bite of a hot dog. Martin appeared at the door again. I was packing my things. I didn’t expect to spend the night and didn’t take anything. I think that they won’t suffer with my teeth if I don’t clean them for a day. I hope they will give me soap and a towel. I opened the door, moist and cool air rushed into the cabin. The pines greeted me with their noise.

Do you like it? he held out his hand to me, nodded towards the building. – In the summer, a lot of people come for the weekend, and now there are fewer, and even a virus, – he grimaced with displeasure. – I ruined all my plans for the season.

It’s beautiful, – I looked at the carved gazebos, the voices of the company could be heard.

Come on, I’ll take you to a room with a view of the pond. Wild ducks live on it, you can feed them. They are used to people and do not fly away. There are still a few houses there—” he pointed somewhere into the darkness. – Is it cold?

A little, – rubbed her hands, threw her purse on her shoulder.

Nothing, you’ll warm up, a hot shower— – a warm palm touched my shoulder. – I’m organizing something for dinner now.

We walked along the multicolored paving stones, small lanterns shone along it, a small wrought-iron fence, well-groomed flower beds, water gurgled softly in the fountain. We entered a small foyer, in the corner there was a large sofa, a coffee table, on the other side, a large palm tree in a bucket. There was still a monkey and coconuts missing. They turned into the corridor. Identical dark brown room doors. There were some voices, the laughter of girls. Martin took a key out of his pocket and opened the door.

Come in, make yourself comfortable. There’s a towel and a bed in the locker—” he nodded his head to the side. – I’ll be back in half an hour. Do you have any wishes for dinner?

She shrugged and made a face. The guy smiled and handed me the key. He looked at me appraisingly and left. I was looking at a small room. A large double bed in the center, a chest of drawers with a TV, access to the balcony, two bedside tables with table lamps. I turned on the light, got a better look at the jeans. I noticed only one small spot. She sat down on the bed. I saw my reflection. There were some oohs. I listened more. She smiled broadly. Probably, someone is feeling very good right now. A wave of excitement swept through my body. I listened to the sounds. I looked at the time. I called my parents and boyfriend. I warned her that I was late and would arrive only tomorrow.

I turned on the TV, switched channels. Martin has disappeared, probably fell asleep or found someone to entertain himself. I couldn’t restrain myself and finished the hot dog. I got up and opened the closet, took a towel. She threw a set of bedclothes on the bed. The moans subsided, it was completely dark outside the window. In the distance, only the light of the gazebo shone. I closed the curtains, took another look at the time. It’s been over an hour. Maybe it’s a good thing that he’s not there. At least I’ll sleep it off. Today’s fuck with Naum Yakovich was enough for me. I made a big bed. It’s funny how many people fucked here. I remembered different films where different physiological fluids were shone and determined. She took off her sneakers, pulled off her blouse, twirled in front of the mirror. It seemed that now I felt the touch of my supervisor’s greasy hands, his nasty kisses. I was going on the road and didn’t have time to take a shower. She unbuttoned her buttons and took off her jeans. In places, dried sperm tightened the skin.

She threw a towel over her shoulder. I went into a small shower room. It smelled damp and bleach. Something reminded me of the student dormitory. Funny tile in blue flowers, took off her underwear, climbed into the cabin. I adjusted the water and watered myself. Warm streams of water caressed the skin. I washed my clean-shaven crotch, I never finished with this fat man. Stroking her plump lips and clitoris. She twirled her neat papillae, moaned softly. I imagined Philip next to me, his strong, athletic body. I really wanted him to bend me over and fuck me. The hole throbbed, the pussy secreted portions of lubricant. Penetrated the vagina with two fingers, pressed on the walls. She leaned her back against the cool and damp tile. Directed the water to the clitoris, moved her fingers faster. The pussy was slurping pleasantly. I imagined my student impaling me on his stake. I felt every millimeter of his hot flesh. There was a knock on the door. Damn, I slapped the tile with my palm. She grimaced with displeasure. A little more and I would definitely cum.

Turned off the water. I came out of the booth, dried myself. There was another knock on the door. Martin, or maybe someone else. Moans were heard again. Goosebumps ran through my skin. Wrapped up in a big green towel. She walked barefoot into the room. I straightened my wet hair in places. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror. I stayed more than an hour, I could have walked for another ten minutes. I went to the door, listened to the sounds.

Martin, is that you? – she asked hesitantly, put her hand on the handle.

I am, – the guy was delighted. – Open it, I thought you were asleep.

I opened the number. Exchanged glances with the redhead. He was holding a large bag, two boxes of pizzas. He swallowed nervously, looked at my neck, legs. A blush suffused her cheeks.

Can I? his voice trembled, he hesitantly stepped into the room.

Come in, – she invited him with a gesture, holding the towel with her hand. – I’ve been waiting for you. Where have you been?

I went to the city, and there— – he grimaced and waved his hand. – Let’s eat, are you very hungry? – the guy put everything on the bed, looked at me.

Yes, in general, – she rubbed her hands. – Let me help you.

She stepped towards him, the towel untied and fell to the floor. She shuddered, her cheeks were flushed. Martin’s mouth was already open, he was looking at my body. A bump immediately appeared on his jeans. I bent down and took a towel, my hands were shaking, I wanted to hide.

You are very beautiful— – he swallowed nervously and stepped towards me, put his cold hands on my shoulders.

It’s cold— – she grimaced with displeasure, took a step back and rested against the closet.

He was standing in front of me, blowing on his palms and rubbing them. Giggled, held a towel in front of her. Her legs were shaking, her breathing was quickening, and the blood was throbbing in her temples. The redhead touched the towel, pulled it down. Playfully resisted, smiled and turned around. The moans came from somewhere again. Both were smiling, the flow was even stronger. She put her hands down. Martin admired my breasts, looked at the protruding papillae. He gently touched my hills. She took a deep breath, released the towel. It fell at my feet. The guy bent down and touched his lips to my cheek. I felt his warm breath. Her lips slid over her skin. She closed her eyes and did not resist his caresses.

The redhead got bolder and caressed me. He pressed me to him, kneaded my ass. His bump rested against my stomach. Our lips met in a kiss. Stroked his back, pulled and took off his jacket. It’s funny that he also has red hairs on his chest. They kissed playfully, tried to feel the belt on their jeans. My fingers were shaking. The girl’s moans and aahs fueled the flame of passion and lust in us more and more. Stroking his back, the buckle rang, unbuttoned the button and the jeans slipped to the bottom. She ran her fingers over the throbbing trunk. Gray underpants hugged the organ. Martin enjoyed my caresses. Our lips slid, and sometimes our tongues joined the game. The guy was squeezing my ass, trying to get into the crotch.

Do you smell very sweet? – he whispered in my ear and kissed him.

You have soap only with the smell of strawberries— – giggled and pulled her panties down, moaning softly.

“Oh,” the guy blurted out, he was shaking his pelvis. – I can’t restrain myself.

She gently ran her palm along his 17-centimeter trunk, felt the bumps of the veins. The barrel is not thick, slightly bent to the left side, an elongated head with a drop of grease. She got down on her knees. I put a towel under them. I looked at the guy, saw his pleased face. They exchanged smiles, bent down and touched hot and hard flesh with their lips. Martin made a sound of pleasure. He ran his fingers through my hair. I ran it along the trunk. There was a slight bitterness in her mouth. A door slammed loudly somewhere.

She jerked, Naum Yakovich entered the office, took a handkerchief out of her pocket and wiped the sweat from her bald head. He adjusted his glasses with greasy fingers. He looked at us strangely. It was as if he was trying to read our thoughts. He settled into his chair.

Sorry, I was late— – I saw how his nostrils flared. – Anechka, where we left off— – he was sorting through the papers on the table.

She got up and walked over to him. I noticed that in places his shirt was soaked with sweat. She grimaced with displeasure. A chickadee flew to the windowsill, she jumped in the snow, as if asking us to let her into the office, twirled her tail. She tapped the glass with her beak.

“Martin—” the fat man turned to the redhead. – While we finalize here. Please go for coffee.

Okay— – he got up and put the folder with the documents on the chair. – I’m going to the vending machine in the lobby now.

No, – Naum Yakovich grimaced, I saw wrinkles not on his forehead. – Go to the cafe on the avenue. Get me a latte. Will you have something? – he raised his eyes in my direction.

Well…, – I thought a little. – Give me a cappuccino.

The guy got up, sighed and left the office. My supervisor put the papers on the table. He looked at me appraisingly, smiled, put a fat palm on my ass, his fingers slipped into the crotch.

Anya, close the door, please, – the fat man asked, got up and took off his jacket, hung it on the back of the chair. – You are very exciting today, he was rubbing his palms together quite a lot— – he began to unbutton the belt wrapping around his huge stomach. – We have half an hour with you.

She turned the key in the lock. I wanted to spit on everything now and leave. How much longer do I have to put up with him. I squinted at the head, he pulled down his pants, pulled down his wide striped family underpants. A small penis peeked out of the thicket. She took a deep breath and walked slowly towards him. Naum Yakovich was smiling contentedly, stroking his 13-centimeter trunk with a small head. She stopped near the man. He sat down in a chair, beckoned me to him. I got down on my knees, threw my hair to one side. She wrapped her lips around his organ. A slightly unpleasant smell hit the nose. She moved her lips over the head. I felt the taste of lubricant in my mouth. Characteristic dimples appeared on her cheeks.

Well done, Anya, – the Doctor of Sciences praised me, stroked me on the head. – I see you have mastered my subject well.

I looked at his face. He was breathing deeply, his small instrument pulsing. He should bite off his appendage, let him know how to molest graduate students, he probably fucks students too. I can’t even imagine how many girls during his work he was able to fuck. She moved her head quickly. I always imagined someone else next to me at such moments. Saliva filled his mouth, and it flowed out at the corners of his lips, trickled down his chin. Someone was hovering near the door. They knocked and pulled the handle. She stopped, swallowed several times. We don’t need to be caught now.

“Don’t stop,” he whispered, pulling my head towards him. – Use your tongue more actively.

All right, little bear, – she answered him softly, twirling her tongue around the head.

The old man smiled contentedly, adjusted his glasses. The wet spots on the shirt became even bigger. His forehead was covered with large drops of sweat. His sluggish organ throbbed. I imagined Martin’s strong and hard cock in my mouth right now. She closed her eyes, completely swallowed the penis of her supervisor. My knees reminded me of themselves with slight discomfort. I wanted to run my fingers into the crotch, play with my clitoris. I felt hot myself, squinted at the winter landscape outside the window. A few blue tits were watching us, jumping in the snow. It’s a good thing they won’t be able to tell anyone about us. Stroking his thin legs. She sucked even harder, the sounds of a blowjob were heard. The breath was lost, tears came into my eyes. I was afraid that cosmetics would float now.

Naum Yakovich groaned, he jerked and bitter sperm flowed into his mouth. It’s good that he doesn’t have a lot of it anymore. A second serving followed. Swallowed, squeezed out the remnants of the seed with sponges. She sat down on the parquet floor, wiped her chin. She met the man’s gaze. She opened it and showed him an empty mouth. I saw how his thick hands were shaking. I restrained myself so as not to laugh. The old pervert got his portion of pleasure. The handle was pulled again. She turned her head towards the door.

Are you here? Martin asked hesitantly, and knocked louder.

Wait a minute! – the doctor shouted to him, got up and pulled his underpants. – Get up— – he turned to me, lifted his wide trousers and tried to fasten his belt. “The napkins are in the locker—” he pointed to the side.

She got up, took out a napkin, wiped her lips and chin. I caught his lustful glances on me. I was looking at my reflection in the glass. She straightened her hair, wiped the tears that flowed down her cheeks. She threw the paper into the basket. The fat man nodded to me in the direction of the door. He sat down busily in his seat, tried to make a serious face. The lock clicked, opened the office. Martin smiled, his cheeks flushed from the cold. He was holding two branded glasses on a stand.

  • Anya, I am very pleased with you. There would be more such capable graduate students who have a broad outlook and are well-versed in the subject—” he showered me with compliments. – It’s a pleasure to work with you. You have an excellent language of presentation of the text.
  • Thank you— – I thanked him and blushed like a schoolgirl.

The redhead went to the table and put down the glass. He handed me the second one. She took it and sat down on a chair. I didn’t want to meet the guy’s eyes. Most likely he will guess that I sucked, and maybe he heard that the old man is not averse to fucking his students. Shuddered, opened the glass and took a few sips. Martin was sitting next to him, he was cold.

The head was hitting me in the throat. The guy was shaking his pelvis, drops of saliva dripped down, hung on his chin and flew to my chest. I tried to grab air in the pauses between thrusts. The hole was leaking heavily. She let the barrel go by the cheek, quickly moved her head. The organ throbbed pleasantly. I rubbed my clitoris as best I could. The warmth of excitement and lust spread through the body. The redhead shook and my mouth filled with cum. I felt a tart, salty liquid flowing into my stomach. I couldn’t swallow everything, I leaned away and white drops decorated my face and chest. She sat down on the rug, breathed deeply, looked at the guy.

He wiped his forehead, sat down on the bed, looked at my naked body. –You’re hot,” he smiled contentedly.

Now I have to wash again— – she licked her lips, wiped the saliva and semen from her chin.

Do you want me to wash you, – he smiled mysteriously. – I’ll wash your holes.

Giggled, reached for a towel and wiped her face. I got up from the floor, the pussy was all shiny, the clitoris bulged, the papillae swelled. Martin stretched out his hand and stroked his ass, stroked his thigh. Sweet moans of some girl could be heard. It’s a pity that you can’t see through the walls. Maybe we could join them. They would have arranged a hot threesome. My holes throbbed, shuddered. The guy completely got rid of his clothes. He put the food on the table. He beckoned me to him. She lay on his shoulder. He ran his fingers through my hair. She stroked his stomach, touched his limp organ with her nails. The barrel reacted to my touch. The stranger’s moans subsided.

I must have finished, – he smiled, kissed me on the forehead– – are you moaning so loudly too?

No, – she giggled, leaned more on her side, stroked him with her foot. – Although…

Can you? he looked at me questioningly.

I laughed, felt my penis getting bigger. Massaged his shaved testicles. The hole throbbed and flowed. I looked at the freckles on his cheek. The first time I fuck with a redhead. Climbed on the guy. He stretched out his hands, twirled my nipples, squeezed my breasts. Instinctively, she shook her pelvis, arched and tried to touch his strengthened trunk with her pubis. Both were breathing deeply. A song was coming from the street, the company was singing something to the guitar. I listened, but I couldn’t make out the words. The melody seemed very familiar to me. Rested on his shoulders. She bent down and we kissed. She tossed her hair to one side. Rubbed against the guy more and more. Trembling with excitement and lust.

Do you have a rubber band? – through the kiss he muttered, squeezed my ass hard.

Yes, now— – she broke away from his lips, strings of saliva stretched. – Let me go, I’ll take my purse.

Martin lightly slapped me on the ass. The sound of the impact spread across the small room. She reached for her purse. His hands were shaking with excitement. I looked at the guy’s strong core. I remembered that Naum Yakovich hammered me in the morning, I had to once again simulate an orgasm, praise my old lover. She took a deep breath, took out a square and fiddled with the packaging. I coped with it, rolled out the protection on the erect organ. He’s so cool. I couldn’t believe that he would be inside me now. The holes throbbed in anticipation of penetration.

Do you like it? The redhead shook his instrument. – Haven’t you seen it yet? You’re leaking so much—” he looked at my crotch, swollen lips. – Haven’t you fucked in a long time? You see how good it is that you went. I had to persuade you for so long.

She didn’t answer him, just smiled. He doesn’t have to know about my morning sex in the capital at all. I positioned myself over a standing stake, lowered myself and the rod easily entered me. She shuddered and made a loud sound of pleasure.

I think that you are not so quiet, – Martin smiled happily and shook his pelvis. – Is it good for you?

She nodded her head contentedly, tried to jump higher. Our bodies slapped, the bed creaked. Glasses were clinking on the table. Discharges of pleasure swept through the body. Passion and lust took hold of us. Jumped higher and higher. The walls of the vagina wrapped around a strong, young rod. Enjoyed our burning copulation. Probably, our neighbors definitely heard our moans. The tool fell out of the hole, but quickly returned to its place. Her hair covered her eyes, and her body was covered with beads of sweat. She was gasping for air with her mouth. Shuddered in anticipation of orgasm.

The cries of pleasure grew louder. I couldn’t restrain myself, I clung to his shoulders. I was shaking all over, I fell on the guy, the orgasm swept through my body in waves. The holes throbbed. Martin continued to shake his pelvis. He was whispering something in my ear, but I could barely make out his words. Hot bodies were burning in a fit of passion. Strong fingers clung to my ass, squeezed the halves and pulled them. She breathed deeply and often, enjoyed the orgasm she received. Pussy was slurping softly, songs were still coming from the street. The redhead deftly turned over, now I was under him. Their eyes met. The piston moved more actively in me. Soft moans escaped from his lips.

Do you want more? – he bent down, kissed my cheeks, lips, nose, forehead.

“Yes—” she moaned back to him, her fingers clutching his shoulders.

Oh, – Martin arched and accelerated. – Naughty girl.

She smiled at him. The guy spread my legs wider, the rod entered me for the entire length. The head hit the uterus. She screamed louder and louder. She clenched her fists harder. All the problems have left my head. Now I just enjoyed sex. I felt so light, I just wanted to cum and cum. She shuddered, and with a trembling hand she removed her wet hair from her face. The holes throbbed and a new orgasm took possession of me. He took me to a parallel world of bliss. Martin did not think to stop. Beads of sweat glistened on his skin, covered his entire forehead with a fine scattering. He puffed and drove his hard stake into the champing vagina. Screamed and arched. What if they hear us on the street?

The redhead grabbed my legs, threw them over his shoulders. A drop of saliva flew on my ass. I wanted to stop him, but my body didn’t obey me well. Two fingers slipped into the ass. Screamed louder. Martin collected the lubricant from the current pussy and twisted the phalanges in my anus. I saw the contented face of my casual lover. Immediately he seemed to me nasty and arrogant, but turned out to be quite a nice guy. The head touched the hole, she resisted and did not want to let his rod into her. Pressed harder and the penis slipped into the intestine. I felt a slight pain. She closed her eyes, made some grimaces.

“Be patient, be patient,” Martin muttered and continued to penetrate my insides. — A little more left, – he kissed and stroked my legs. – An, you are very beautiful now. Desirable and depraved.

She smiled, measured him with her eyes. I thought again about Naum Yakovich, his stomach, nasty bald spot, thickets and a small penis. The redhead swayed, leaned more towards me, the bodies were slapped. I shuddered, the trunk was moving tight inside me. Pain was mixed with pleasure, lust and debauchery. The guy adapted and moved his pelvis more actively, the balls hit me. He reached up to his chest, tried to twist the papillae. My whole back was sweating. My phone was ringing, but I wasn’t going to answer at all. She stretched out her fingers and rubbed the swollen clitoris. Moaning louder, pussy throbbing. Pressed harder on the mound of pleasure.

The room was filled with the sounds of sex. Moans, screams, sobs, creaks. I was shaking all over. Martin picked up such a pace, it seemed that my ass could not withstand such an impudent and strong invasion. He took out and pushed the rod into me with a sharp push. She screamed loudly from this. I felt the approach of a new orgasm. I could not believe that I would finish for the third time. Arched and reached another peak of pleasure. Martin made several strong thrusts and fell on top of me. Unusual silence, our breathing. He kissed my cheek and ear.

“Oh, you’re lovely—” his voice sounded softly, wet, hot lips sliding over the skin. – And you didn’t want to come to me.

I didn’t answer him. I looked into his eyes and enjoyed the orgasms I received. I haven’t felt so cool in a long time. Lightly stroked the guy’s hot and sweaty back. The organ in the ass shrank and slipped out of it. I felt a slight emptiness. The redhead lay down next to me, hugged me and hugged me to him.

“I’m hungry with you—” he patted his stomach. – Let’s eat and make another pass.

Giggled, looked at the guy’s wet red hair, rosy cheeks, small bristles on his neck. It looks like we’ll have a sleepless night. An alarm went off in the courtyard.

She twitched, twirled a brown cup in her hands. Nasty signals were heard from the street. Inhaled a pleasant aroma. Imperceptibly glanced at the guy. His foot touched my knee. She leaned a little to the side. I didn’t want Naum Yakovich to notice something. They exchanged glances with Martin. I read the questions in his eyes. He obviously doesn’t mind pouncing on me now and fucking me even in front of an old man. It became hot from such thoughts. Her cheeks were flushed. From pleasant memories, the pussy was moistened.

Anya, come here, – Naum Yakovich called me to him, he was collecting leaves on the table. – I have written a task for you here. Read it, is everything clear?

She leaned over the table. I read the sweeping letters. He asked me not to go home today, but to stay with him for the evening. I tried not to betray my emotions. I looked at Martin, it was good that he wasn’t looking at me, but was looking at the hanging diplomas.

Is everything clear? – my supervisor clarified, turned his head and looked at me through thick lenses. – I think it’s a small thing for you?

Yes— – she smiled at him with a strained smile. – I can go now.

Oh, yes— – he waved his hand aside. – I’m waiting for you at my place, as always, in two weeks. We will coordinate the time, as usual.

Okay, – she nodded and stuffed the folder with the sheets into her purse. – Goodbye.

Goodbye— – he said goodbye, looking in my direction. – So young man, now let’s see what you have.

She went out into the corridor. She stamped her foot with displeasure. A resounding thud echoed down the long corridor. The old devil frowned angrily. I looked at the time on my mobile. I still have four hours. I thought about it and figured out what I could do. Another night with this fat man did not please me. I was walking down the stairs. Very young female students were standing in a corner, whispering about something and laughing loudly. It’s good for them, they don’t have to go to bed with such. Although I understood that I had to take my chance. I went to the wardrobe. I took the burgundy jacket. Just now I noticed a piece of paper sticking out of my purse: “Call me. I really want you and miss you.” She smiled and sighed. I ran away from the flattering hotel before Martin woke up. I remembered our hot and passionate sex. A pleasant warmth concentrated in the bottom of the tummy.

The cool air outside cheered me up pleasantly. The car hummed with its engines and drove slowly in the city toffee. Huge icicles hung from the roofs of many houses. They are like ice fangs ready to plunge into their victim at any second. Moving along the edge of the sidewalk. Life in the city was raging. People were hurrying about their business. Maybe I’ll meet Martin tomorrow? Although I didn’t know what to say to him. I liked sex with him, but do we have anything else in common? Oh, and Naum Yakovich. She smiled, tried to calm herself down.

I was just walking around the city. I looked at architecture, looked at parked cars, looked at cute guys and men, studied the outfits of the capital’s fashionistas. I visited a couple of shopping malls. I pleased myself with a few little things. Time passed very slowly. I walked slowly towards the hotel. I tried to take my time. I warned my people that I would be late for another day. Dusk was falling on the city. The winter sun hid behind the tall candles of high-rise buildings. It got colder. Peering into the glowing windows of the hotel. Naum Yakovich is already waiting for me or not yet. Although he is always punctual. Now, most likely, he will fuck me and leave me alone for the night. You may have to sleep with one of his friends or colleagues again. Released a large cloud of steam.

She entered the spacious hall. She slipped unnoticed onto the stairs. For some reason, I didn’t want anyone to see me. I went up to the second floor. I looked at the signs with numbers on the doors. Unusual silence. Although there are rooms for several thousand per night. Not that cheap hotel in the woods. I stopped at room 218. I didn’t dare to knock. She undid the lock on her jacket. She put her hat in her pocket. A few more months and you won’t have to give yourself to the old man. Although he promises to put me in a good place, introduce me to a boy from a good family. Yeah, and then she whispers to him how she fucked me with her friends. She smiled and knocked. The door was opened by a naked girl with kitty ears.

Hi, come on in— – she waved her hand at me, looked around to see if there was anyone nearby. – Get undressed. Naum Yakovich is waiting for you.

Confused, blinked her eyelashes. I didn’t expect this at all. A slender, short girl with brown hair stood calmly. Is she his student or a graduate student? She took off her jacket and hung it on hangers. She was embarrassed by her nakedness. Shaved pussy visibly moistened, medium papillae, breasts of the second size, with a small mole on the right, flat tummy. Plump lips with bright lipstick, narrow eyebrows, a small nose turned up to the top. She noticed that I was looking at her and blushed even more. She covered her crotch. I saw her reflection and a protruding tail. What a cute playful kitty.

My pussy got even wetter. She took off her boots, looked at herself in the mirror and straightened her hair. Quiet, calm music could be heard from the room. The girl stepped aside, studied my figure. She dressed like that for him, or he asked her to. We were both silent, just glancing at each other. She doesn’t look more than twenty-five. Beautiful brown eyes, long eyelashes, probably increased. The papillae stuck out beautifully. I was getting more and more excited. I wanted to caress her much more than a fat fat man. She stretched out her hand to the door.

Wait, – the girl stopped me. – He asked that we both entered naked and in such an image.

With ears and a tail? – I asked her, shuddered with excitement and excitement.

“Yeah—” she nodded her head. – Let’s go to the shower. Freshen up and change your clothes.

She opened the door, turned on the light. She motioned me inside. I entered the room. It smelled pleasantly like apple shower gel. On the shelf lay the same tail and ears. I looked in the mirror, estimated them on myself. She pulled off her jacket, unbuttoned her bodice. She took a deep breath. The glass on the shower stall is covered with water drops, there are traces of foam in places. There is a large bathroom in the corner, with a toilet and a bidet between them. I’m not used to such luxury. Light beige tiles, a dark floral stripe wrapped around the bathroom perimeter. My fingers were trembling and I couldn’t unbutton the button right away. The girl was looking at me imperceptibly. We were both embarrassed. Dozens of questions just flashed through my head. She took off her pants and panties.

Do you want to take a shower? – the girl opened the door wider, smiled sweetly. It seemed to me that she was going to come in on her own, but she stood still.

Okay, – I went into the shower, tied my hair in a ponytail, turned on the warm water.

The stranger closed the door. I took the ears and tail from the shelf and hovered nearby. We looked at each other through the frosted glass. I wanted to read her mind. Warm water pleasantly touched the skin. Soaped herself, drove on the crotch. Clitoris and lips swelled, felt the moisture between them. Papillae stuck out, I passed them between my fingers. What is Naum Yakovich up to? Will he fuck us separately or will someone come to us? I was lost in guesses. I’d like to kick out the fat old man and call Martin. With him, we would definitely have a threesome. I remembered how nice it was to feel his strong young trunk inside me, stormy orgasms to the singing of the company. Goosebumps ran through my skin.

How long are you going?” The girl tapped her nails on the glass.

“I’m coming—” I answered her softly and turned off the water.

She opened the door and handed me a towel. They exchanged confused glances with her. She came out of the booth. She dried herself and looked at herself in a slightly misted mirror. My partner touched her hair, it fell on my wet shoulders. I shuddered at the touch of her delicate fingers. She carefully put the black ears on me. It looked funny, my girlfriend’s daughter wears similar ones, only golden ones. I bent down to wipe my feet.

“Wait like this—” she said. I heard a tube of lubricant open. – Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t hurt, maybe a little unpleasant.

I just sighed, spread my legs wider, held on to the washbasin with my hand. She squeezed cool lube on my ass. A thin finger easily slipped into me. The hole throbbed and betrayed my excitement. Cool plastic touched my anus. The girl pressed, and the cork slipped into me. I took a deep breath, I’m not used to such toys.

That’s it, let’s go, – she took my hand and dragged me along.

I walked barefoot on the laminate. The toy in the ass caused slight discomfort. They entered the room. Naum Yakovich was sitting naked on the big bed, holding a glass of whiskey with ice in his hand. He looked at us with satisfaction. He smiled broadly, took a few sips, put the glass on the table.

My cats— – it seemed to me that his hands were already shaking. – How beautiful you are.

Meow, – the girl responded to his compliment, playfully wagged her booty.

And the second one, what is silent? – he adjusted his glasses, moved more to the edge of the bed.

Meow, – softly made a sound, almost laughed.

Anya, Dashenka, you are my good ones— – he got up, came up to us, looked at our naked bodies. – How I want you. Show daddy how you can play and lick each other.

His thick palm slid over my ass, shifted to my hip, ended up in the crotch. A fat finger entered the current hole. I felt him pressing on the cork. She clenched her teeth harder. Dasha blushed, swayed her hips. He also entered her. I looked at the patterns on the golden curtains. Light brown furniture with dark inserts, oval carpet with floral ornament on the edges. A large TV on the wall, a desk by the window. On the other side of the room are two large leather armchairs, with a table between them. On the tray were two decanters, empty glasses, ice, fruit. Our holes were slurping louder and louder. Naum Yakovich got into the taste and fucked us more and more actively with greasy fingers. Studied our reaction. The grease was running down her thighs. I saw our reflections in the mirrored ceiling. It seemed that there was another room in which charming girls were standing naked, and they were being fucked by a fat and ugly goblin.

The man bent down and kissed me on the chest. After that, I also did it with a new friend. I saw how his bald head shone, thick folds on his neck, some spots on his back. She didn’t understand how she agreed to give herself to him. Although he did not skimp on gifts, took me to the sea in the summer, reported money for a car, included me in an international delegation to Brussels. She moaned softly, closed her eyes, swung her hips. She clenched her fists harder. The old man pulled out his fingers, ran the phalanges in Dasha’s secretions over my lips, inserted them into my mouth.

Do you like it? he pressed my tongue. – Suck them— – he asked and moved them as if he fucked our mouths.

She hugged them, dimples appeared on her cheeks. I tried to squeeze them tightly with my lips. I felt a pleasant sweet taste of the girl’s secretions. I noticed how the head of a small penis peeked out of the thicket, she looked at us like a snake and chose her victim. She ran her tongue around her finger. Naum Yakovich was smiling contentedly. My mouth filled with saliva and I had to swallow it.

Okay, and now caress, show how cats do it— – he asked us, rubbed his chest, took a step back and sat down on the bed. – What hot graduate students I have.

The fat man reached for a glass of whiskey, I heard the sound of melting ice, our hot breath. She licked her lips, wiped her chin, looked at Dasha. She smiled sweetly. She stepped in my direction, hugged me. We snuggled up and merged into a kiss. Our tongues intertwined in a fit of passion. Hot breath pleasantly caressed the skin. Caressed her breasts, nipples, tummy, crotch, squeezed her ass. Both were leaking heavily. Previously, he only brought men about his own age, and now he has arranged something new. Probably not all of his students agreed to this. The lips slid pleasantly.

Dasha was tugging her ponytail lightly. We got into the taste and did not pay attention to the fat man. She playfully licked my cheek, I did the same with her. As they could, they rubbed each other’s clitoris, tried to penetrate into the current caves. It was getting hotter and hotter, in places there were drops of sweat, we both moaned depraved. They rocked their hips, touched hot, excited bodies.

My cats, you are beautiful— – he breathed deeply, tugged his small appendage. – How else can you do it? Anya, lick your girlfriend.

I had to break our kiss. Both were breathing deeply and rapidly, she knelt down, the strings of saliva stretched and broke. I collected her sweet secretions, grabbed her clitoris. The tail slightly interfered with movement. Dasha stroked my head and moaned loudly, rocked her hips. Easily entered it with two fingers. Pressed through a thin wall on the cork in her ass. She screamed with pleasure. I stuck out my tongue and ran it over her swollen, elongated lips.

Good kitty, well done Anya, – the old man encouraged me, she did not notice how he was next to her, took the tail and pulled it. – Do you like it?

She just mumbled something unintelligible to him in response. She was trembling all over, moving faster, shaking her pelvis. We both moaned, our holes throbbing. She wrapped her lips around Dasha’s clitoris, pulled it into her mouth and bit it. Two fingers moved freely in the current pussy. The girl arched, shook, swayed and caught her orgasm. A portion of juices splashed in my face. Naum Yakovich deftly moved his fat fingers inside me. She clung to Dasha and finished the same way. She breathed deeply, sat on her side and enjoyed the orgasm. The man was stroking us. The tail reminded of itself with slight discomfort. Dasha got on her knees. I saw how the fat man was kneading her beautiful, elastic breasts. The heat of pleasure spread pleasantly through the body. Sirens could be heard howling from the street, the echo resounded loudly between the skyscrapers.

Let’s go to bed, – the fat man got up, lightly slapped me on the ass. – Do the kitties want more petting?

“Meow,” Dasha replied and nodded, holding out her hand to me.

Meow, – playfully answered her, exchanged smiles.

I could see from the doctor’s pleased face that he was terribly excited by our game. Even his cock was standing better than usual. His bald head was even more shiny with sweat. I got up, my ears were ringing slightly. The new acquaintance leaned over and we kissed gently. The fat man settled down and beckoned us to him. His stomach resembled a big mountain that no one wanted to conquer. We were placed on opposite sides of our supervisor. They were no longer embarrassed and playfully caressed, kissed, licked like lustful and depraved cats. Both stroked his small penis. Dasha jumped on him, he slipped into her hole. She rocked her pelvis and kissed me.

“Cats, cats,” the man muttered, pulling his fat hands towards us. – You change— – he gasped for air, his glasses were slightly askew. – I’m your big cat.

I barely restrained myself so as not to laugh. What kind of cat he is, more like a hippopotamus. Jumped on it. The organ entered me easily. I jumped on it and moaned louder. It was unusual to feel a toy in the ass. I swapped with Dasha, she arched playfully. She lay down on her stomach as if on a big ball. Naum Yakovich was breathing deeply, muttering something. I saw sweat trickling down his fat body. Changed again. Now a small penis was inside me, stroking the man’s stomach. I jumped for a few minutes and passed the baton. The fat man didn’t last long. He jerked, he wheezed and came.

A new acquaintance jumped off him. A small trickle of white liquid flowed down the trunk. She bent down and began to lick the sperm like a kitty. She did the same, we kissed her gently and passed droplets of semen from tongue to tongue. She ran her fingers into the crotch and rubbed her clitoris, the pussy was slurping. As Martin is missing now, I really wanted his hard hot rod. Trembled and got an orgasm. I caught Dasha’s eye on me, she smiled depraved and kissed me on the forehead. We lay down on the sides of the man, he was breathing deeply and did not open his eyes.

  • Cats— – he took a deep breath– – I need to rest, and you can play. I will look after you with great pleasure.

I exchanged glances with her, exchanged depraved smiles and lustful glances. I saw the flame of lust and passion in her blue eyes. It looks like we are waiting for a hot evening and a fiery night.

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