March 8th


Preparation for this corporate event was not set from the very beginning.

If a couple of days ago they were the most loving couple, now they didn’t talk at all. Tolik even silently presented Tanya with a bouquet of flowers on this spring morning, congratulating her on March 8.

And yet, they silently decided to go together to this event, arranged by Tolik’s boss at a country dacha in honor of this bright spring holiday.

Tanya understood that she herself was to blame for that stupid quarrel. They just had a fight over the remote control from the TV when Tolik was watching some football match. But, as it often happens: word for word, insult for insult! And now the red eyes are looking at each other. Probably, they were both “strong” in this family, hardly finding a compromise…

And yet Tanya wanted to apologize today. From the very morning she took care of herself. What wonderful curls the stylist made for her, and the glued eyelashes just soared. And how it suited her, with her blue eyes, and the expensive pink lipstick with glitter was just charming! And also this new red dress with short sleeves and lace, so sexy finishing the hem of the dress… And these shoes…

Before going out, Tanya looked like a princess in her charming outfit! Tolik had a slight smile on his face for a second at the sight of his wife. However, he continued to pose as an offended husband.

Arthur – that was the name of Tolik’s boss, prepared everything at the highest level. He always believed that such meetings strengthen the team, allowing them to spend their working time more productively in the future.

A lot of snacks were already cut on the tables, and the smiling Ashot was carefully fluttering at the grill, from which a pleasant smell of roasted meat emanated.

They were all drinking, walking. The corporate party was a success, and the invited guests delighted each other with smiles. Tanya even met Tolik several times with glances several times, but their pride did not allow them to talk.

Tolik was clearly furious. And Tanya, warmed up by alcohol, pleased the guests more and more with gentle smiles, subconsciously angering her husband.

Two Tanis were fighting in it. One demanded to go to her husband and hug him, the second demanded to continue to rattle his nerves. If she had been sober, the first Tanya would have won an unconditional victory, but now the second Tanya was in clear favourites.

Her delicate beauty, her impeccable outfit, her beautiful smile – it is not surprising that some of the men, especially those who came without second halves, began to invite Tanya to dance when pleasant music started playing.

Tanya, who went into a rage, fluttered the beautiful hem of her dress in time with these beautiful notes.

Tolik saw everything. He was madly infuriated by this situation. But he didn’t find anything better than to periodically pour himself a glass of bitter. He also shouted a toast, and five minutes later he fell limply with his head on the table.

Colleagues, thoughtfully, took Tolik to the back room so that he could sleep a little.

Drunk Tanya was even more angered by this situation. And a glass of champagne practically never left her hands.

And the music kept circling, and these intoxicating bubbles were playing in my head…

She remembered fragments that someone was dragging her somewhere.

“My dear Tolik, he is near” – sweet thoughts flew through the intoxicated female creature.

She lay down on her back on a soft feather bed, only seeing out of the corner of her eye that Arthur was there instead of Tolik. But sleep covered the girl. She closed her eyes and fell into a pleasant languor of sweet sleep.

She had a beautiful dream. Her buttons on a beautiful dress were unbuttoned, and her excited breasts looked up with hard nipples.

How gently her panties were removed, what gentle touches, what sensual fingers squeezed her buttocks.

Tanya was smiling in her sleep. How pleasant this sweet dream was to her. As in her youth, when she experienced the first excitement.

And these fingers were more and more persistent. They were already gently massaging the sweet rolls of the labia, which were already almost covered with moisture.

Then something hard passed between her beautiful lips, painted with pink lipstick. Tanya dreamed that she was being fucked in her mouth. And she really likes it! She wanted this flesh! She desperately wanted to be fucked in her mouth.

And how pleasant was the pleasure when the elastic flesh passed, bursting into the girl. Tanya even moved her pelvis in her sleep with pleasure.

How pleasant it was, how good it was! It seemed that even in her sleep she was biting her lower lip with pleasure…

At some point, a salute happened, sinking Tanya further into sleep… And Then… And then Tanya didn’t feel anything…

She woke up in the dead of night. Opening her eyes, the girl did not even immediately realize where she was. Someone else’s couch, darkness everywhere. Feeling for the wall, Tanya went out into the corridor, where the light was on. My head ached a little from drinking. She wanted only one thing: to find a husband and go home!

Fortunately for her, the same plague, Tolik came out of the next room. Silently, he hugged his wife and hugged her to him. During these days of silence, he missed her very much. And now they were silent, but Tanya was so close, she was so dear!

They called a taxi, which took a very long time. All this time they were drinking coffee and looking at each other.

Tanya, I love you madly! Tolik was saying.

Honey, you’re my most wonderful too!

They even kissed in a taxi, they were very good together! Despite their quarrels, they were madly in love with each other!

As soon as the apartment door closed, they started kissing. Rather, Tanya was the initiator of these love hugs, being under the impression of a dream.

Her delicate fingers crawled down by themselves, unbuttoning the fly on her husband’s trousers, feeling the hardening male penis. He was so dear, pleasant, warm… he was her favorite!

The hem of the dress was pulled up in the hallway. During the days of silence, they had nothing, and Tolik missed his wife’s beautiful body.

What insanely beautiful legs, how sweetly this elastic ass sticks out, what a posture…

Tolik only put his penis in this wet cave, as he drowned in the moisture of excitement.

He was holding her hips. But not only the pleasure of a member entering a warm womb gave a man pleasure. He saw how good it was for his wife. How she squirmed, enjoying herself. She was so dear! So Cute! So sensual!

He didn’t want to come so quickly, enjoying every moment of his beloved woman.

Tolik put his beloved on the sofa, pulling up her dress again. There were no panties on her thighs for a long time, taken off in the hallway.

His tongue clung to her tender wet flower, causing moans of passion from this beautiful girl. Tanya just enjoyed the closeness with a loved one. And she was also pleased with this slight burning sensation between her legs.

When the tension reached its limit, she jumped out like a cat from her husband’s gentle embrace, laying his supple body on his back.

As soon as the penis visited her body again, Tanya began a mad race, pretending to be a rodeo rider.

It is clear that such jumps could not last long. Tanya had already finished, being under the power of sweet languor, when her husband poured inside her. They just hugged and lay there, realizing that they were the dearest to each other…

Tolik woke up from a pleasant feeling. Tanya did not particularly like this business, however, in honor of reconciliation with her husband, she decided to try.

Tolik raised his head and saw how his wife’s sweet tender mouth was impaled on his penis. How nice it was when plump lips were planted on an already hard nature, giving him a lot of pleasure.

And Tanya tried. Even the saliva, in a thin trickle, did not come off her lips when she tried to drive the head down her throat.

Tolik was clearly getting high, taking his wife by the hair, almost wrapping it around his fist. He really liked Tanya’s new activity, with which she sucked so persistently…

The warm liquid hit the girl right in the throat… then more splashes… then more…

Tanya swallowed it with pleasure. She was pleased to get her husband’s seed in her mouth…

The husband lay in bed for another minute, satisfied with the pleasure he received, and then went to the shower. He had to run to work to get the phone, which he forgot yesterday.

A short gathering, and then, after kissing his wife goodbye, Tolik slammed the door.

Tanya was so pleased with what she had experienced, but still a worm of doubt was eating her: Was there a dream yesterday?! He was too bright!

She found Arthur’s number on the phone.

Hi, Arthur, I’m sorry I fell asleep yesterday.

Nothing, a lot of people got drunk yesterday.

Arthur, I’m sorry, I’m ashamed to say this, but tell me, did something happen between us yesterday?

You’re crazy! I don’t fuck the wives of my co-workers. Tanya, you are, of course, a beautiful woman, there was nothing.

How relieved Tanya felt at that moment. She has already decided that she cheated on her husband in a drunken frenzy! But he is the best! The most wonderful! He is hers!

Relaxing, she went to the bathroom. Drops of water settled on her beautiful body, and she was the happiest woman in the world, because she has such a husband!

He came in a couple of hours later, and Tanya was already pulling him into bed, promising him a new portion of sex and a lot of pleasure…

At this time, Arthur was looking at the phone and looking at the photos.

Here Tanya is still in her panties with her legs spread.,,

And here she is already without panties, still in the same position.,,

And here are her beautiful breasts,,,

And now the hard head of a man’s penis touches her lips.,,

And this same head penetrates into her hospitable bosom.,,

And here… And here… And here…

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