Olga. Shameless redhead


We met by chance.I work at night and so I stopped by the store to buy a beer, relax. I took a beer, thought about it and attached a whiskey. I approach the checkout, it’s morning, there are no people and therefore one cashier works. In front of me there is such a big cart with all sorts of differences and no one. The madam at the checkout says we’ll have to wait. Well, okay, I’m not in a hurry. another aunt gets up behind me. And then the reason for the stupor is announced.

Fuck! I have never seen such red, even fiery red, hair! Tall, thin, but at the same time, some very sexy girl, about 27 years old.

Actually, I prefer women in the body and older. But this madame has awakened something in me.

Excuse me, did I keep you too long? – the voice, for her build and age, is kind of low, with a hoarseness. From this voice, my balls, which were hanging dejectedly after the night shift, somehow tightened up, or something, and the end began to raise its head!

“No problem,” I said. The girl began to spread the contents of her consumer basket on the tape, at the same time, somehow interestingly bent.

My dick finally raised his head and tried to tear his jeans. I fussed, for some reason, began to shift small things from pocket to pocket, well, I dropped the car keys.

Bending down to get the keys, I saw high heels turning into low boots in front of me, automatically raised my head.Long, slender legs, in jeans, smoothly turned into a small, but very neat and very round ass, while the jeans sat like a second skin, apparently the girl dressed her lying down. I realized I was blushing. There was already a riot in my pants, the end was tearing free, and my balls were already cramped. Fuck, well, when are you going to leave, the thought flashed. And then the madam at the checkout asks a question:

How are you going to carry all this, girl?

I picked up the keys and straightened up. The aunt, who is behind, acted as an adviser:

And there’s a guy in a car, he’ll help!”

Fuck! The girl looked at me. The eyes are fucking green and very hungry, or something. Lustful.

I mumbled something like, “No question,” punched my whiskey and beer, and a cart was thrust into my hands, already overloaded with shopping bags.

The redhead shot me her green, lustful look:

Thank you!- I almost drooled from that voice and look.

We got into the car, the redhead next to us. Go.

Where to?

And now on the right.- and touches my thigh with his hand.

Here to this entrance, please.- He puts his hand on my hip again, but he doesn’t take it away, but somehow gently shakes it.

Thoughts jump in my head, everything jumps in my pants, and the entrance, it turns out, is next to mine! How did I not see her before? That’s what the night schedule means!

Will you help the lady lift the bags?”- in some purring tone, the redhead asks, not removing her hand from my leg, but on the contrary, moving it higher, to my groin. At the same time, somehow again quietly, shaking my thigh.

Fuck, I’m going to cum in my pants like a teenager! The girl did not provoke my balls and removed her hand.

well, will you help?- green eyes.

Easy! I asked again.

We got out of the car, the redhead in front, dancing and exciting gait, I, with bags in both hands, followed. The girl opened the door, called the elevator. We stand waiting. We stand very close to each other. And I can tell by her breathing that she seems excited.

Why would that be? Didn’t you get fucked up at night? Well, I don’t care. Maybe I have something to break off, thoughts are already working only in this direction! If it doesn’t break off, I’ll have to jerk off, otherwise I won’t fall asleep.

The elevator came, we entered, the cabin is small, we are standing right next to each other. Suddenly I feel her touch on my groin, timid at first, but then her palm squeezes my dick through my pants!

And the man is already ready, mmm – says her hot voice.

Fuck! We arrived, went to the floor, on the left there is a blind door to the vestibule, in front of the apartments. The girl opens it

bring the bags in!

I go in, there are two apartment doors in the vestibule, pointing to the far one:

Put it there.- I put it on and I hear the front door closing!

Well, I think my knight doesn’t mind a little reward, mmmm?-I look at the neighbor’s door, there are no words, the blood is boiling, the dick is about to tear his jeans!

Don’t worry, no one lives there – and squats down in front of me, legs wide apart. It’s a pity that she’s wearing jeans, but still, she looks impressive!

Wait, don’t move, I’ll do everything myself … – he unbuttons his belt, fly and jerks, along with his underpants, takes off my trousers.

I never thought that I could stand like this! The dick rests against her face. The redhead takes it with her right hand, starts kneading my balls with her left.

Ooh, how excited we are, mmmm, how I love the smell of dick! – looks at me from below with green eyes.

It bares the head, the prick, from tension, almost burgundy, at the end of a small transparent drop.Wild excitement.

Licks a drop, noisily inhales air with his nose:

Mmmm! How dirty and delicious it is at the same time!

Passes the tongue along the entire end, from the head to the eggs and back.

Oooh! How I wanted it!- Her left hand continues to knead my balls: – How full and hot they are, let’s free them a little.

And starts sucking my dick!

What she just did not do with him, sucked his prick, bit, licked, periodically began to suck and lick eggs.

Mmmmm, how fat and sweet he is, Oooh.how tense he is. Well, shove it down my throat, PLEASE!!!- the girl began to shake finely, green eyes rolled up, she began, along with moans, to emit some kind of growl!

Come on, fuck me in the mouth, oooh, deeper, give, come on, oooh, come on, FUCK! – the redhead took her hand off the penis and swallowed it completely! At the same time, her left hand passed between my legs and her finger penetrated my ass!

Thrusting her finger as deep as possible, the girl pulled me to her face!

The dick rested somewhere deep, then with an effort went even further.

uuuuummm, hrrr. – the redhead with my penis was wheezing, probably already in her throat. Her finger in my ass worked wonders, I didn’t think it could be so good! But it got even better when, with a dick in her mouth, the girl started licking my balls!

Bbblyat, ept, aaaaah!- my dick exploded with sperm, the redhead almost had her head torn off! But it continued to suck and swallowed, swallowed, swallowed everything that flowed out of me!

My legs didn’t hold me, and neither did the girl.we sat down in the vestibule next to each other. I looked at the redhead, Her lips and chin glistening with sperm, muddy drops on the collar of her blouse, she didn’t have time to swallow everything, her eyes are green, but no longer hungry.

Well, that’s it, man, I’m not inviting you home, we don’t really know each other for this! – the girl gave it away!

So let’s get acquainted, I’m Sergey.

Olga, and thank you Sergey, it was really good for me!

And how good is it for me, I’ll see you?

I don’t know yet!

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