Grandpa Ahoh and Tanya (translated)


In one far, far city, where it was almost always summer and cherry blossoms bloomed, there lived, trying to stretch from retirement to retirement, a gray-haired, puny grandfather Ahoh. He lived alone and only a canary in an old cage pleased him in the morning with its trills. But grandfather did not starve, and when his wife died, his neighbors fed him. Then one will bring a pot of soup, then the other a cauldron of pilaf. Everyone loved him and often visited him even just like that. Sometimes, another neighbor would drop by before work and ask: Do you need something, Grandpa Ahoh? And then, returning from work, he will look in again for half an hour: – Are you all right, Grandpa Ahoh?

And Grandpa liked to look at young girls. He had an old, faithful six of red, once, color. And the only income, in addition to the pension, was from my grandfather, a private cab. And then, when nothing broke, and I didn’t have to mess with it in the yard. Grandfather did not travel around the city in search of passengers, but he had a favorite place where you could always find someone to take where. And this place was called the Agricultural Institute of the city of N-ska, where many such young girls studied. He was standing near the exit of the institute, along with the same taxi drivers, and waited for classes to end. And even though his car stood out unprofitably among others – new and beautiful cars, the girls were happy to get into his six, ignoring other taxi drivers. And all because they knew that grandpa’s fare is very cheap… well, they loved him for his kind smile and the old stories that he told them while driving them to the place. And grandpa didn’t need much, how to look at the pink cheeks, perky eyes and swaying breasts under the girls’ uniform blouse. And he also liked to look at the legs of female students. So smooth and elastic, naked or covered with stockings or tights. Grandpa did not like tights and many girls knew this and no longer sat down to him in tights. And grandpa knew what the girls were wearing, thanks to a secret mirror fixed under the glove compartment and configured so that grandpa could see the panties of future milkmaids and livestock breeders. Many girls knew where this mirror was directed, but they didn’t mind, because they loved grandpa and sat down with him even, sometimes, without panties at all! And then Grandpa drove them almost for free. He just asked me to give him another peck on his wrinkled cheek.

One sunny summer day, when the sparrows, chirping furiously, were swimming in the dust and swallows were chirping, flying like black lightning over the very ground, the bell rang from the last lesson and the first to reach grandfather was a young freshman, whom grandfather had not yet seen. She quickly climbed into the front seat and looked around in bewilderment at the other girls looking at her unkindly, who did not have time to reach the coveted six and now they will have to pay more to greedy taxi drivers to get home.

Hello! How much will you take to Bryantsev? – the lovely girl asked modestly, taking out an ancient purse that looked like a toad from her backpack and opened her mouth to him.

Hello, beautiful! – the grandfather’s face wrinkled in a good-natured smile, and in anticipation of a new victim who got into his net. — I won’t take it too much — a hundred rubles!

Wow! And yesterday they ripped off those three hundred rubles from me, the bastards! — she swore and, frightened herself, blushed. And grandfather, already the first, taxied onto the road under the envious glances of the remaining taxi drivers and the girls who did not have time. He always left first, regardless of whether he was standing far from the entrance to the institute or not. And all because he was loved and respected!…. the girls loved, and the taxi drivers respected… and envied … because they knew: – this is Grandpa Ahoh, he has the biggest dick in this city!

The girl this time was caught by grandfather modest, not talkative. Straight brown hair is gathered in two tails over neat ears with small earrings. A small button nose with a scattering of bright freckles, a neat breast of the second size, covered with a white blouse with a translucent pink bra and slender, tanned legs with pink panties. He saw the latter by glancing at a secret mirror, where the thighs, flattened from the seat, were reflected, covered with a uniform, green, folded skirt above the knees.

And Grandpa began his stories!… And he was a good storyteller— – the girl laughed and empathized with his stories, mostly funny, sometimes intimate, and sometimes, lowering his voice for some reason, the grandfather told stories, which made the girl’s nostrils swell, and her eyes flared with excitement and she giggled modestly, modestly covering her mouth with her hand and blushing.

Yeah! It was a long time ago!!!… – grandfather lamented— – And now, how many years have passed since the last time I saw boobs … – he lied, making a pitiful face. – Ehhh…

And the girl felt so sorry for her grandfather that she, surprised at her own courage, unbuttoned her blouse and spread it apart:

Here, look at your health!

Wait, daughter! – said Grandpa Ahoh, taxiing behind the abandoned garages. — And then suddenly people will see you…, and at least… I’ll look at my old age, … maybe… for the last time. – grandfather breathed tragically, turning off the old engine. And the girl felt so sorry for the dear grandfather that she was even ready to let him feel her tits through her bra, if only he would feel better.

Oh, what cute tits! Oh, what a charm! Grandpa was shaking his head,

Is it possible, . .. should I touch these sweet peaches?. ..

Oh, what am I saying? Forgive the old fool! – the grandfather was “scared” of his own words and the girl felt so sorry for him that she said:

You can!… You can even… kiss them! – the girl blushed

Really? – grandpa’s eyes blossomed with happiness and the girl felt good that she made this nice man so easy, because he told such interesting stories…

Grandpa reached out and touched her breasts, lifted by her bra, like a sacred fruit! – What a charm! – he gently squeezed her with his overworked hand— – How soft and… elastic … mmmm!!! – like a true gourmet, he noted, delicately removing his left breast from the bra and, with an apologetic look, his eyes covered with kind wrinkles, he began to gently pull the young nipple of the girl and she felt it harden under his fingers. She languidly closed her eyes and felt a slight dizziness — it was very pleasant. Grandpa pulled a lever with his other hand and the girl herself did not notice how the seat leaned back, and the nipple was in grandpa’s mouth. He gently and expertly nibbled and sucked it, forcing it to fly away with the summer wind and soar over the meadows, feeling some kind of lightness in the whole body.

Soon she felt his hand on her bare knee and the way he slowly lifted her skirt. She wanted to resist, but then she thought— – What do I feel sorry for? And for an elderly man, what a joy – let him stroke his leg! She was just glad that she wore new panties today. Grandpa’s hand was already almost between the legs, when suddenly, the girl felt that her pussy was abundantly moistened, and the legs, against her will, slightly parted…

That’s it! That’s enough! — she said softly, trying to descend from the fabulous peaks to which she was lifted by the experienced tongue of her grandfather and his hands.

Oh, thank you, granddaughter, pleased the old… oh! – suddenly he grabbed his heart and fell on the seat with a practiced movement.

What’s wrong, Grandpa?

Oh! The pressure… is falling…” he rolled his eyes theatrically— “You, with your charms, managed to lift my long-dried pod and now all the blood has gushed into it, and I, you see, am so puny, there is so little of this blood in me!…

What should I do? Grandpa! – the freshman was horrified.

I don’t know… there are no pills!… – moaned, “losing strength”, grandfather

There is only one way: – get the blood back!

Okay, what should I do? How to get it back? The girl panicked, looking around for help.

I … must… finish … – with each word, more and more softly, said grandfather and dropped his head helplessly on his chest.

Grandpa, don’t die! – she began feverishly unbuttoning his jeans and suddenly, before she got it out, she felt something huge with her hand!… Her pussy instantly got wet again when she extracted his cock.., no – Bolt…, no – DICK, continuing to grow in her hand. Her fingers could not close on it and there was still about two centimeters between the middle finger and the thumb. Her eyes widened as she looked at this boa constrictor in her hand as if it were a sacred rod.

Ooooooooooo! – that’s all she could say, and her hand, involuntarily, reached into her panties. She both feared and desired it! And what it was, she was afraid to admit to herself. It was huge and beautiful, entwined with dark veins and throbbing in her hand, glistening with a pointed head slightly smaller in diameter than the trunk itself, but still a huge hat looking at her. She herself did not notice how she bent over her, directing this DICK into her mouth with her hand. Only when she felt it with her lips, she shuddered and looked at her grandfather lying “senseless”.

Human life depends on my actions! — she remembered and, without a doubt, opened her mouth wide to a crunch and began resuscitation. The head went in half and rested against the teeth, the tongue interfered. She spat out to catch her breath and, holding a huge DICK with both hands, thought excitedly: – you’re lying!…you’ll get in!… and opening her mouth even wider, she put on her head with force. She, grinding her tender flesh against her teeth, began to move slowly, filling her entire mouth with herself, and finally slid behind her teeth and straightened out there in full force. The girl was seized with horror! She remembered the sad experience with a light bulb that can be inserted into her mouth, but it is impossible to get it, and shook her head, resting against the base of this huge wand. Grandfather, with lust, watched all this through half-closed eyes and silently laughed, watching how merrily her tails waved in the air. Unable to resist, he stroked her along the parting on the back of the girl’s head, divided into two parts by ponytails. She finally managed to jump off the head and looked hopefully at her grandfather.

Are you feeling better?

A little bit … – he sighed heavily— – Go on! — and the girl regretted that she was not a snake that could separate jaws and swallow large prey, and that was what she wanted most now: To slowly plant her mouth on this tower, but only the head slid inside again and rested against her throat, preventing breathing, tears of resentment flowed from her eyes that now, because of her, a good person could die and she began to suck furiously, rubbing her palms along the trunk and shaking her tails.

Aaaaa … grandfather groaned, “coming to life”— – it’s not working for you, granddaughter! – and the girl almost roared with resentment that she could not help this beautiful man.

One thing remains, I need someone to insert my pod! – and he theatrically looked for someone with his eyes outside the car windows. Naturally, there was no one there. The girl’s eyes lit up with hope:

Me!!! Me!!! – she said with alacrity and, in a moment, getting rid of her panties, lay down on the reclined seat, spreading her legs and spreading her lips invitingly

Oh, my daughter! Thank you for your kindness! – suddenly moving briskly, and looming over her, said Grandpa Ahoh.

But it will hurt! — he said, looking like Lenin at the Octobrists, – with kind wrinkles around his eyes, and the girl, as she rushed to the embrasure…:

I know! She nodded with partisan determination,

I want to!… to help you … – she stammered a little and, with horror, saw how the DICK began to approach her little pussy, dripping with juice.

AH! — she felt the touch of something hard and hot.

Oooooh! — did something try to get into her

How tight you are! Don’t resist, let me into your temple! Grandpa whispered softly in her ear and pressed again…



AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! She screamed at the top of her voice, pounding his hands with her fists!

Well done! The head has entered! – her grandfather praised her.

what?…The head?. .. Yes, I thought already all… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! Grandpa continued to insert his pod.

In the nearest park, of course, they heard her heart-rending scream, but did not worry. They have already got used to it, knowing that this is Uncle Ahoh’s place and girls often shout from there. But because they knew and respected! – Everything will be fine!

Were you a virgin, or did I already tear you up? Grandpa looked down, puzzled. The girl also looked down and saw that her pussy was stretched over a huge trunk that only half entered her, although she already felt it with her uterus. Throwing back her head, through tears, she nodded: – Was!…

Grandpa was gentle and patient, giving the virgin vagina time to stretch, and the girl to catch her breath and dry her tears. She looked into his eyes with determination, rejoicing that thanks to her he was alive and now he would fuck her for real! She had been dreaming about it for a long time, but she did not know that it would hurt SO much. And I didn’t expect to see such a huge DICK! Finally, he moved his hips back and the girl thought that this is probably how women feel when giving birth: – as if something very big had left her body. And immediately it began to squeeze back in, filling her with itself, with an inaudible crunch, pushing the walls apart. It seemed that a little more and the head would appear in her mouth, piercing her through.

Ahhh!!!!! – the girl groaned…

Ohhhh!!! — she felt that the head rested against the uterus

Yes, girl, that’s my name! – smiling with Lenin’s smile, Grandpa Ahoh said. — What was your name?

Tanya! — she moaned

Taanechka, then! How shallow you are, Tanya!

And Tanya was very offended that she dreamed so much about the Big One, and could not even accommodate it by half. And then she remembered how she shoved all sorts of objects into her ass. And once she even stuck a balloon with deodorant – Grandpa Ahoh continued to move slowly in it, causing severe pain when he rested on the uterus. The vagina gave off pain with every movement, but gradually she began to enjoy the huge piston sliding inside her and only moaned with pleasure: – Ah … Oh …!!! But the thought of getting it all, did not let go of her mind, and she decided:

Let’s get in the ass! – afraid that she said it herself, she covered her face with her palms.

How hot you are… but shy, Tanya!

And very brave! — he added, turning her over on her stomach and putting her backpack with homework under her tummy. From somewhere he took out a bottle of lubricant, and, throwing the interfering skirt on Tanya’s back, smeared her ass with cold grease.

What a beautiful little ass you have, Tanya!

Now Grandpa Ahoh is skewering you, just be patient! — he promised and she endured one finger in the ass, then two.. and only on three moaned!

What a good girl! – grandfather was saying. – Brought the old man back to life. – he lubricated his huge bolt abundantly and put it to the ass. Tanya froze in fright, waiting for the pain, but grandpa did not torment her for a long time. Leaning his whole body on Tanya, he planted half of his piston in her, resting his head against the second sphincter inside Tanya, leading from the rectum further into the rest of the intestine. Rather, on the contrary, well, you understand. He pressed again and, overcoming the resistance of this sphincter, finally slapped the eggs on Tanya’s pussy, which was soaked and rubbed to red…

Her scream was heard not only in the park, but also in nearby houses, but when they saw the red six swaying steadily through the window, they calmed down! They often shout like that there! So everything is fine. And all because they respect – it’s Grandpa Ahoh – many girls would dream of shouting like that now. They knew that soon the screams would reverse their polarity. And so it is…

Having survived the first painful shock, Tanya came to herself, unable to move, completely impaled on her grandfather’s spit. The pain gradually passed and there came a feeling of fullness and . . . in general, some unusual feeling. Grandfather, breathing heavily, began to move in it, taking out his wand half.(Against the background of this huge member, Tanechkin’s ass seemed tiny.) And then driving him into Tanechka to a slap. Tanya screamed at the top of her lungs with pleasure and pain, forgetting about shyness. She put her hand on her stomach and felt with her palm like under the navel, a huge grandfather’s head was poking into her hand from the inside and she squeezed it every time, giving grandfather additional pleasure. She imagined what she looked like in his eyes now: One ponytail was loose, covering her face with her hair, her uniform blouse was not completely removed, hanging on her right elbow, exposing her back with a pink bra that crossed it, a green, creased, uniform skirt was shamelessly lifted up on her back, the ass was rolled towards a huge penis entering her, legs in white knitted knee socks rested on the seat for greater stability. There were crumpled, pink panties lying there, symbolizing lost innocence. Tanya had already choked twice with screams in orgasm before Grandpa Ahoh accelerated, and then, tightly pressing her with his body to the seat, he ejaculated powerful streams of sperm into her, which Tanya felt under her navel with her palm.

Aaaah-Ooohh!! Tanya moaned while grandpa took out his slightly drooping bolt and Tanya, like a doll from which the rod was taken out, spread out like an amoeba on the seat, shamelessly exposing her ass.

Thank you, granddaughter! Helped the old man to survive! – and Tanya broke into a satisfied smile, feeling how itchy her rubbed holes.


Will you return a hundred rubles? — she said, pulling on her panties.

Are you a prostitute? Ahoh was surprised

No! — he snapped firmly, – Not only that, the fare will now cost you two hundred rubles.. and here’s the cover, you wash it — you covered it all with blood.

And what, it’s cheaper than those taxi drivers! he looked into her indignant eyes. – she wanted to be indignant, but realizing that there was probably a queue for such wealth, she obediently agreed:

Good! I’ll bring the washed one tomorrow!

Tomorrow is not necessary … it will not have time to heal yet! But in a week — just right! – and Nastya’s eyes blossomed with joy — in just a week she will see again… Him!!!…HIM!!! And then she will definitely feel it in herself! The pussy was moistened again, soaking the unfortunate panties.

In a city far, far away, where it was almost always summer and cherry blossoms bloomed, there lived a gray-haired, puny grandfather Ahah. He lived alone and only a canary in an old cage pleased him in the morning with its trills. But grandfather did not starve — his neighbors fed him. Then one will bring a pot of soup, then the other a cauldron of pilaf. He was often visited even just like that. Sometimes, another neighbor would drop by before work and ask: Do you need something, Grandpa Ahah? And then, returning from work, he will look in again for half an hour: – Are you all right, Grandpa Ahoh?…

P.S. The bell rang from the last lesson and the girls fell down from the porch. Almost the last one came out, with a strange gait, Tanya and watched as several girls jumped to the coveted red six. The first to reach one hitrovanka, who jumped right through the flower bed and got into the car, showing her tongue to the stragglers, who sadly trudged to other cars. Lucky someone. Tanya envied, watching an old, faded, red car drive away. — But nothing, there are only six days left! And from this thought, a transparent drop flowed down her legs, and her hands tightened on the package with the washed seat cover. At least IT will happen on a washed cover,” Tanya rejoiced and hobbled to the stop, suspiciously counting the competitors…

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