The first transformation of a cutie (translation)


Dear reader, the story is fictional, designed to entertain those who are attracted and interested in this section.

And this is the first sample of the pen, please do not judge strictly.

Allow me to introduce myself – Oles. Remembering the classics, I can say that I am from an ordinary, simple, county town of Ensk, of which there are hundreds in our big country.

I live in an ordinary five-story building, I think in the same as in many similar cities.

Outwardly, I’m an ordinary guy, slim, you can even say skinny, not tall, with an average height of 1.70 cm, 20 years old.

However, there is one external feature, I am very similar to my mother. My shoulder-length blond hair, big blue eyes, slightly upturned nose and slightly plump lips make me look like a girl. Thanks to this feature, sometimes I was visited by sexual fantasies in a female image, for me it was more a dream that entertained my inner world.

Well, one day at the beginning of summer, for the first time it happened to me! It happened after I accidentally found a pair of women’s earrings in transport. I made an attempt to return them, but there was no hostess around me and I put them in my pocket.

They were large, gold-plated rings, very catchy and sexy. Fashionable at that time, many girls wore such.

Thanks to a year of doing gymnastics, having a good stretch, I got carried away with hip hop, so my ears were already pierced.

And now I don’t know what unknown, irresistible force pulled me to try on these earrings that same evening. Mom was on duty, she’s a nurse in the hospital. After the divorce from my father, we lived together with her and she worked in double mode, on duty every day.

So, trying them on, I got wildly excited, seeing a pig in the mirror of my mother’s dressing table, I take a pencil from her makeup bag and make up my eyes, then my eyebrows, I touch up my lips, I do a comb, the length of my hair allows. I hope in the process and as a result, a charming, beautiful, natural blonde with light-brown hair and big blue eyes looks at me from the mirror.

And at this moment, some kind of passion unknown to the village engulfs my consciousness, my twelve-centimeter penis is already standing in my pants and my essence no longer obeys common sense. The lower abdomen is unknown to the village, it begins to whine, and it hurts in the ass. There was a huge desire to dress in something feminine and sexy!

Next, dear reader, allow me to introduce myself as Olesya and go, telling my story, into the feminine gender.

Thanks to the experience of watching movies, my fantasies sometimes visited scenes where I, as a girl, please men by giving them blowjobs, sitting on them and exposing myself. And always such fantasies ended with a good wank.

Returning to the passion that has arisen, I climb into the chiffonier with anticipation. First to the underwear department. I choose a flesh-colored bra and put it on with difficulty, I fasten it. Having found two pairs of nude tights, I twist them into balls and shove them into the cups of the bust. In the large mirror of the door of the chiffonier, in not very bright lighting, the flesh color merges with the body and looks quite natural. Then I’m looking for stockings and thongs, but turning over the whole closet, nothing. Only cotton panties and tights. The passion is weakening.

But I keep moving on and looking at the mezzanine I come across a box. There were old things there that looked like they were left over from my father’s time. I’m digging, losing hope, when suddenly, almost at the bottom, I stumble upon a pair of stockings and a black thong decorated with red lace. And not just the usual “mercies”, but something interesting. At the back, not with one, but two thong stripes, slightly diverging on the sides. That is, as I later guessed, they had two options. The first is to wear it like a regular thong, connecting both strips and drowning them in the crotch. And the second is that by pushing them apart and pulling them on buns, you can easily bare the hole without removing it and fuck comfortably.

It turns out that this is exactly what they were intended for, and from this discovery I’m almost going crazy and I have a stake again!

Pulling on stockings and thongs, I think it’s up to the dress. Almost all of my mother’s dresses were wide and below my knees. No sexuality. I stopped at a red satin slip on the straps. Not much wide at the waist and just above the knees. I found a thin belt, tightened it around the waist — it’s already better. I pull the hem up, pulling above the belt, which fixes the length well – class! I pull up almost to the top edge of the stockings, so that when moving, the white thighs above the stockings are exposed. And again an exciting mood and again a stake!

But I didn’t want to show off without heels and immediately rushed into the corridor. In the hallway, I try on red sandals with heels with an open back, turned out to be almost at the time – the 39th size of my mother.

And here in the mirror is a beauty with slender legs, an appetizing ass. Dressed like a whore and with a lustful look, and not a small role in the image was played by large catchy rings-earrings!

The lower abdomen is still pulling, the ass is sinking. I really want to get fucked. And fucked properly. I want her to give herself and give herself tirelessly…

The fucking essence woke up inside and I began to frantically think what I could fuck myself with. I rushed to the refrigerator, open it and see that only carrots can more or less fit. I take out the largest one, clean it, round off the ends and put it under hot water to warm up. Everything is automatic. Having warmed up and mechanically taking hand cream on the way, I lie down on the bed.

I start sucking copying girls from porn. Sideways, I try to watch myself in the mirror of the chiffonier, lighting up more and more. Then, having smeared the cream, I insert a finger into myself, then a second one. For five minutes, expanding and developing my hole, I begin to introduce my fighter – the hero of this evening.

Gradually, with pain, millimeter by millimeter, I fill my girl with it. Ten fifteen minutes and a seventeen centimeter fighter is almost all in me. The pain turns into a sweet languor. I fuck myself increasing the tempo and amplitude of frictions. At the same time, I feel and imagine myself as the last slut. Ten minutes of incendiary fucking and fly away. A tremor sweeps through the whole body, ecstasy!..

A couple of three seconds and I get up, the thong is wet, but everything is shining around, my soul is light and light!..

I realized — this is my first orgasm of a girl, what happiness!..

Having received the first experience and the first orgasm, my brain begins to think feverishly about how and how to make my image and sex more vivid and similar to the real one.

In the farthest corner of the Internet cafe, so that no one will notice, I’m looking at a couple of special sites. I understand that you need to wash before sex, both from the outside and from the inside. We have a combined bathroom with a toilet. So over time, the daily habit of washing inside has developed, unscrewing the shower colander and thrusting the hose under water pressure into the hole, completely washing the inner walls with my fingers.

I tried a lot of things for lubrication, but I liked Johnson Baby oil.

I’ve been thinking for a long time what else can be used, except vegetables from the refrigerator, so far nothing interesting. Only cucumbers, eggplants, but mostly carrots.

Over time, I got tired of using vegetables, there was not enough fixation, and my mother could notice their accelerated reduction.

I keep looking for ideas, and the unexpected case helps. While doing the next cleaning, I ran my hand along the handle of the mop, as if I was jerking off and here’s the solution. A mop, or rather its plastic handle, with a diameter of 3, 5-4 cm with a rounded end is great. I rest it against the corner of the floor and wall, and pressing it with a heavy chair, I get an excellent fixation. You can sit down, and at the same time your hands remain free. You can matsaya, caress yourself and at the same time sit down, getting new sensations and new emotions!

Having lubricated, I sit down and watching myself in the mirror, and fuck for ten minutes. Starting myself up, I pick up the pace, arch, freeze and the most powerful orgasm covers me! How sweet it was! However, there is an inconvenience — there is only one pose, “standing crustacean”. But the depth was not limited, eventually reached almost 18 cm. I set a goal of 20 cm, making a mark with a marker around the circle of the pen…

I hid my thongs and stockings at home and took great care of them. Mom couldn’t notice the loss and didn’t notice it. One day I saw a bag with my mother’s old underwear next to the trash can. It turned out to be an old flesh-colored bra with filler. She cut out the cups, gutted the old paralon, tore off all the lace, leaving only the satin cover. I filled the balloons with water under the volume of the cups and sewed them inside. The water filled the shape of the cups. The flesh color merged with the body and felt like they were natural. Under them, I stole one of my mother’s black, lace bras, the absence of which she also did not notice. That’s how I started to acquire attributes, achieving the original image of the beauty Olesya.

The next thing I wanted to fix was my testicles peeking out from under the thong and my standing stake, which also sticks out and sticks out. Not imagining what you can come up with, I climbed into an old closet on the balcony. I came across an old big doll, probably still my mother’s. Turning it over in my hands, I stop looking at her breasts. A little convex, in the form of a shield, flesh-colored and with enough size to cover my not-so-big reasons. I cut out beautifully, the size of about one and a half palms, in the form of a shield, pointed and rounded from below. I glue the PVA paralonchik with glue from the inside, make holes and fix the tourniquet. With the help of which, having passed around each thigh and waist, I fix it rigidly. Perfectly holds and clearly holds my cock, not giving him freedom.

The reflection turned out to be very natural, the shield and harnesses are flesh-colored, almost merge with the body. Barely noticeable, just like a depelated girl.

And now I have a complete set of transformation into Olesya. I was so happy!..

I was also very turned on by episodes when men cum in the mouth and on the face of sluts. I can’t describe how I wish this, and I constantly dream about it, fantasizing about how they cum on me and pour all the sperm, how I swallow it, smearing it on my face and body!

By this time, I had already tried almost all things cylindrical in the house with a diameter from 3 to 5 cm and with a length of more than 12 cm.

It was already September, on the eve of my birthday, by the way, according to the horoscope, I am also a Virgo.

My slut experience has been almost three months. I really wanted to make myself a gift. I climb into that old closet on the balcony again. I’m going through everything in a row, so far without results. I think that’s it, there is nothing suitable here. I put my hand into the last box and take hold of something oblong-rounded, cylindrical and very smooth.

It turned out it was a children’s, metal, spyglass. I think many people remember this toy – the legacy of a big country. However, it was broken, without lenses and a thin inner tube was just hanging out of the outer one. But that’s what helped to disassemble it and prompted the idea. I disassemble, separate and twist-twist the outer pipe in my hands. The size fits perfectly, about four and a half centimeters in diameter and almost twenty-three in length. On one side it is smoothly rounded, with a hole of one and a half centimeters, for extending the inner tube. She led her palm along the rounded side and nothing better came across before. The heart beat faster. Thrusting my finger into the hole and twisting, I transfer it to the lips and think. And here’s the idea, what if an open bottle filled with sperm is inserted from the wide side, with the neck to this narrow hole, then at the end of sex you can lie on your back and turn the instrument over your face like a bottle and the sperm will flow.

From the feeling that tomorrow they will cum on me, I dragged myself. I imagined myself swallowing cum and smearing it on my cheeks and lips. Quickly podrochiv and finishing in the bottle hid it, just at the moment when mom came in, returning from the store.

And why tomorrow? Firstly, Mom is on duty tomorrow, and secondly – it was the most unpleasant thing. After each drain, for some reason I was disgusted to be Olesya and have sex. There was some kind of inner disgust. Therefore, when I finished, I usually immediately took off all the atrbutics, carefully cleaned everything and hid it. And he became a diligent lad, at least until the next day.

But I struggled with this, trying to learn how to get a purely female orgasm, and tried to develop emotions that extinguish the excitement of my penis.

Well, the birthday has come. Mom congratulated me in the morning and presented Nokia, a very fashionable model for that year. “It’s from my father and me,” she said. But I know that my father gave it to me and I was very happy about it!

Mom, saying that we would celebrate on Saturday, ran off on duty.

From the thought of what a gift awaits me, the lower abdomen is so sinking, and the ass itches that my legs are already giving way…

But I flew home on all sails. Returning immediately to the shower, I take the usual procedures, including lubrication. I pull on the elastic bands of the flap, then thongs and stockings. Fastening the bust almost professionally, I put fillers. Next, make-up, hairstyle and earrings. I learned to follow the nails, I paint in a bright red color. I stand on my heel.

It remained only to pick up the dress. But this is still a problem, there is nothing sexy in mom’s wardrobe. Therefore, I decided to use only pareo as usual. Wrapped up and hooked with pins, I see in the mirror a blonde with a model appearance, in a defiant translucent beach cocktail dress.

Everything looks so natural that I feel at the peak of passion! In all weapons, ready to seduce any man in the world. The cockerels are trying to jump out of the flap. But he holds him tightly, and I whisper to myself: “I’m a girl, I’m Olesya.”, and it turns out to gradually teach my chick to always remain a baby, despite the full excitement of the whole body. And by the end, he already knows how to bleed in a soft state. At the same time, disgust arises much weaker.

After twirling at the mirror and wiggling my ass, I lie down on my stomach on the bed. Gently I take my new smooth, metal cock in my mouth and start sucking, swallowing as deep as possible. After about five minutes, I turn on my side and, spreading my thongs, fuck myself into my insatiable girl, trying not to turn over and spill the bottle. After about ten minutes of a good fuck, I stand up and sit on my fixed penis (mop), and on the other hand, I suck and swallow the second one at the same time, accelerating the pace. I imagined a picture from porn, when two men fuck a whore together. And I want to be that slut, I want to be in her place. I get more and more excited. After a few minutes, I notice from the side of my eye in the mirror how I’m already sitting down to the mark made with a marker. It was a record — 20 cm! From this thought that they are tearing me up to the very can’t, a shiver runs through my whole body. It covers with waves of new emotions and pleasure…

I abruptly jump off the penis onto the bed and immediately onto my back, while not letting the tube out of my mouth. The sperm flows gently, and I greedily swallow it, then sticking out a little, the remnants of droplets flow down my lips and cheeks, smearing everything. My man finished on me and on this emotion I fly away to the seventh, no to the tenth heaven!

I don’t know how long I was out. For a second, a minute or an hour, but when I woke up, I felt the happiest, in deep ecstasy! Satisfied! And the taste of sperm remained in my mouth and seemed divine to me, I can’t describe it, well, I really liked it!

But the shield remained practically dry at the same time. And I realized that I had reached a purely female orgasm!

Later I put things in order and, having grown up, I collected a bottle for the next time!..

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