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Where will it lead?

Greetings, dear players. In keeping with tradition, we would like to say it has been a difficult year, but we managed to overcome all hardships (but not really) and finish another game in the Cybergenic universe. We really hope you like it, as we have many plans for the story and worked hard on it (we really did, especially me—the writer) What? A denouement? No, not yet. But it’s on the horizon, awaiting favorable winds. And we have many more stories to tell…

Once the final piece of the puzzle is found, and the location of the pirate base is discovered, you are assigned the difficult task of coming up with a plan to infiltrate it. Despite how competent your crew is, are you going to take on an entire base with just one ship? Pfft, yeah right. And the crew is getting along better than ever and happy to help you, right? Don’t count on it. It’s simple—just follow the orders of the best captain in the world. Not so sure? Then prepare to be court-martialed. Need some advice? Well, I have two tips for you. First: obey the yellow smiley. Second: don’t go digging through other people’s dirty laundry.

It’s all up to you (like life). What awaits you in the pirate base? You won’t even believe it…

P.S. Replaying previous chapters will be really helpful. Especially two of them. Can you guess which ones?

P.P.S. Share your ideas in the comments about what will happen and how it will all end (after you play it, of course). We’ll review your comments and see who gets it right. Or you can just share what you liked or didn’t like to help us get better and motivate us to work faster.

Number of images – 1424
Number of animations – 54

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