Cybergenic 5: Bunker Fun


Another erotic game for PCs and smartphones from the “Cybergenic” series. Youк team learns of an artifact on one planet that will help you defeat the cyborgs. You and your sexy helpers get teleported to search the planet. Find where the artifact is hidden and bring it back to the ship!

Number of endings – 4
Number of images – 893
Number of animations – 54
Developer – Virtual Passion

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  1. Игра кончено отличная, но кажется в части с поиском активной зоны на картинке (когда ты один с Юни) она просто отсутствует.

  2. Cool game

  3. Interesting. This looks super cool. I’ll be back to read more!

  4. Hola me gusta el masapan

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