Spying on lesbians. News 08/26/23


Hey guys. I’ve been spying on lesbians this week. After the janitor instructed me to get some interesting girl’s panties, I went to the market. There I talked to a traveling merchant who told me about several girls. One of them turned out to be loving other girls. Following her, I saw their sex scene and got her panties.

This week I attended a history class at the academy. This is only possible after receiving a full set of Manticore School armor. And there I thought about those robbers who attacked my house. This was the beginning of my investigation.

In total, I made 306 pictures this week. Basically, these are images of lesbian sex scenes. The flowchart has become larger and now looks like this.

I’m going on a trip next week and I won’t be working. Therefore, there will be no news next week.

Thank you very much to everyone who supports us.

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