Continuation of the adventures with Joly. News 10/21/23


Hello, friends. This week I posted another update to the Witch Hunt porn game. If you haven’t played it yet, I advise you to do so. Even the free porn version has been updated.

After publishing, I spent a few days checking the game for new bugs and fixing them. So I didn’t have time to create new pictures. Then, still I continued the adventure with Jolie. She and I went to the library and talked the librarian into giving us a key to a locked shelf of books. It took me a level 7 intelligence to convince this woman. After we unlocked the shelf, we discovered that the book wasn’t there. The librarian told us that the book had been confiscated by teacher Zelia and taken to the faculty room. I had to sneak in there and steal the book. The book was about ways to help Joly become a better person. So we arranged to meet her at her house tonight.

I made 27 pictures for this segment of the story.

The script for the adventure with Joly is completely written. But I think in the next update I will post only part of it. In addition to that I plan to add a new character to the game – Ciri. Many people have been waiting for her appearance and the time has finally come. The script for her adventure has not been written yet. I want the adventure with her to be longer than with the other girls. Maybe she will help the MC in some of the quests of the main plot. She looks like this.

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