We continue to search with Fiona for clues. News 09/16/23


Hi everybody. This week, Fiona and I continued to search our house for clues to open the mysterious chest. And in the end we found them and opened the chest. It turned out to be an item that will move us further along the main plot. And of course, after the search, Fiona and I rested and let off steam.

This week I made 93 pictures.

The next quest that we will create within the framework of this game is the Joly quest. The screenwriter and I have already discussed a rough step-by-step plan.

Personality: Always tries her best to help people out, but is very clumsy. She’s always falling, stumbling onto things, letting things fall, and slipping.
Story: She is an orphan and doesn’t really have many skills when it comes to killing monsters, but she loves helping people, and didn’t have anywhere else to go, so Zeli brought her to the school

1 – What is her (Joly) dominant passion?

Answer: She loves helping people.

2 – What problem will she solve with the help of the player?

Answer: She’s actually too clumsy and weak to help people.

3 – How will the character (Joly) change from stage to stage?

Answer: She will actually become a strong warrior and pass the final exam.

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