Sex Week with Jolie. News 11/04/2023


Hey, everybody. All this week I’ve been doing Jolie’s sex scene. I’ve been making picture animations for this sex scene. There will be six positions that you can freely switch between. The sex will take place at her house.

Back this week, I started writing code for the story with Ciri. No pictures yet. The screenwriter has already written almost all of the first part of the story with her.

A new way to make money will be added to the game. The protagonist will find a secret cult in the academy that will pay him for his silence. But this cult will use him in their sexual rites. There will be a lot of rites in the game. I will be posting a couple of these rites in each update. No pictures have been made yet for this way of making money either.

The flowchart looks like this right now.

Have a great time, everyone!

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