Lockdown with Daddy – 2nd Episode


Lockdown with Daddy – 1


Increasing frustration brings surprising results.

Harry felt his wife stir. He looked at the clock, it showed seven thirty.

“Grrrh, don’t go,” he grumbled, putting an arm over her. He had woken from a beautiful dream, he had felt that warm wet pussy nestled on his cock, those cheery tipped breasts hanging down, tormenting him. The face smiling down at him, the beautiful face…..of his daughter.

“Stop it Harry,” Ann said, trying to wriggle out of his grasp. “Let’s not have a repeat of yesterday shall we, and stop pressing your erection against my bottom.”

“Oh come on Annie,” Harry groaned, “just this once, you know how much you used to like it, it was usually you who made the first move.”

“Stop it,” she said, feeling the hardness of him pressing against her. For some reason she felt her resistance wavering, she tried to shake off the feeling, dismissing it as a reaction to what her friend Julia had said. With one more effort she managed to break free. “I’ve told you before, l’m not interested,” she said, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I don’t believe you,” he replied, “l could feel your nipple hardening.”

“You’re imagining it,” she said, storming out of the bedroom and into the bathroom.

Two minutes later, soaping herself in the shower, her mind went back to the feel of his penis pressing against her, she could still feel the heat of him. Instinctively her one hand went to her breasts, feeling the hard points of her nipples. Her other hand slid down over the slight bulge of her tummy, down to the trim V shaped mat of pubic hair. “Why do l keep it trimmed when l’m not interested in sex,” she thought to herself.

She leaned back against the wall, the warm water cascading over her, she thought of the warmth of Harry’s body. Her thighs parted as her hand slipped between them, she gave a deep sigh as her fingers located her clitoris. It had been years since she had done this, but it seemed like only yesterday as the warm feeling surged through her body.

There was no urgency in her fingers as they gently caressed that sensitive little button. She remembered how it had felt when Harry had tormented her there with his mouth. She groaned as she remembered how he had driven her crazy, taking her to the edge of orgasm time and again until she had almost had to scream at him to finish her. She groaned again as her orgasm flowed through her. Not a violent, gut wrenching orgasm like he had so often given her, this was just a pleasant heat burning down inside her.

As it passed and her head cleared, she tried to brush it off. It had to be a reaction from her conversation with Joules. It wasn’t that she wanted to have sex with Harry she tried to convince herself.

Once she had towelled herself dry, she put her dressing gown on and returned to the bedroom.

Harry lay on the bed, the cover thrown back, he was slowly stroking his erect penis.

“Oh for god’s sake Harry, put that away,” she said, trying to avert her gaze but getting drawn back to the sight of the glistening head of his penis each time he pulled back his foreskin.

“Come on Annie, come back to bed,” he said, “just once let’s have a bit of fun.”

“Don’t be ridiculous Harry,” she said, turning her back to him and taking off her dressing gown. She reached for her bra.

“Turn round,” he said, “let me look at you.”

“Absolutely not,” she replied, “l’m nor some cheap stripper, if you want a cheap thrill ask your girlfriend.”

“For the last time Annie, there is no girlfriend,” he said.

“Yes but you’d like there to be,” she replied.

“For Pete’s sake Annie,” he said, jumping out of bed, stepping over to her, he put his hands on her shoulders, turning her round. “For the umpteenth time, l don’t want anyone else, l want you, l love you, though god knows you do your best to make that difficult.”

“What do you mean by that?” She said.

“Well you’re as miserable as sin most of the time,” he replied, “no wonder l spend as much time as possible out of the house, trouble is with this lockdown, l have to make do with the garden, there’s not even a football match to go to.”

“It’s because you want sex all the time,” she protested, “look at you now,” she indicated his erection, “even now you want to humiliate me.”

Harry held her at arms length. “Look at yourself Annie,” he said, “you’re a beautiful woman, you’re my wife and l love you. It’s not about sex, it’s about wanting to make love to you, like we used to, and don’t pretend you never enjoyed it, you never once tried to stop me, in fact you were egging me on, don’t forget those costumes, l didn’t buy them, you did, and you looked fantastic in them, l bet they still fit you, your boobs are a bit bigger but l’m certainly not complaining about that. Those costumes are still in the loft, you never got rid of them, l’ve seen them there, they must mean something to you.”

Ann couldn’t answer, she knew very well they were still there. Every few months she would get them out and try them against her, then decide she was being silly and put them back. But they still brought back happy memories.

“What about this?” He said, indicating the neat triangle of her pubic hair. “I always kept you shaved, we had fun doing it, but why keep it trimmed if you don’t want me to see it…unless…”

She looked up into his eyes. “What are you accusing me of?” She said.

“I’m not accusing you of anything,” he replied, “l just wonder why you keep yourself trimmed if you don’t expect me to see.”

Ann couldn’t think of an answer, she didn’t understand herself why, every month she stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom trimming herself. There had to be some reason in the back of her mind, something working in her subconscious.

“You look great Annie, you haven’t lost your figure, in fact with your boobs bigger you look even better. I’ve seen the way men look at you, lots of my mates say how lucky l am to have a wife like you, l would have to have something wrong with me not to want you.”

“We’re too old,” she said weakly.

“Bollocks Annie,” he replied, “we’re only in our mid forties, l would like to think we will still be shagging when we’re twice that age.”

“God that’s disgusting,” she replied but unable to suppress a smile at the thought, “where would we put our Zimmer frames,” she laughed.

Harry suddenly took hold of her face, turning her up to meet his kiss. He kissed her deeply, his tongue invading her mouth. He felt her respond, her mouth yielding to him, her body coming against him as his arm went round her.

Ann felt her body heat rising, she felt the hardness of his erection pressing against her tummy. This time she didn’t pull away, this time she allowed him to hold her tight, she felt his penis pulsating against her.

With all the strength she could muster, she managed to push herself away, not violently, but just enough to look up at him.

“Give me time,” she asked, “l’m not saying no, just give me time.”

“Of course Annie,” he replied. “You know l love you, just don’t shut me out, that’s all l ask.”

“Okay, l promise,” she said, kissing him lightly on his lips before pulling away and dressing. “I’m meeting Julia at the supermarket for coffee, we’ll talk about it later l promise.”

“Okay baby,” he replied, lying back on the bed, “l love you.”

“I love you too,” she replied.

Harry sank back on the bed, thinking over what had gone on, he couldn’t resist stroking his erection as he thought about the prospect of making love to his wife again.

Ann meanwhile busied herself in the kitchen, making herself a quick piece of toast and filling a thermos with coffee. She knew the café would be closed but she thought she could buy some cakes in the store for her and Julia to sit in the car.

At the supermarket, she parked her pink sports car at the back end of the car park. It had been a fanciful purchase that Harry had bought her for their twentieth wedding anniversary two years before, he had said that she looked like Lady Penelope driving it, her mind went back to what Harry had said, she knew men looked at her, she also knew that she liked it, she couldn’t understand how she had allowed this situation to develop, she knew it was her fault.

She was glad that there wasn’t much of a queue at the store, she only needed a few things. She decided on two chocolate eclairs, her favourites, for cakes. Once she had paid and gone outside she saw Julia’s car parked next to hers.

“Aren’t you shopping?” Ann asked as Julia climbed into the passenger seat of Ann’s car.

“No, l did my shopping yesterday,” Julia replied. “Oooh lovely, my favourite,” she said, taking one of the eclairs from Ann. “Mmmmmm, gorgeous,” she said, placing the end of the éclair against her lips. “Reminds me of Leroy Watkins.”

“Who?” Ann said.

“Leroy Watkins,” Julia replied, “you must remember him, he was the only black kid in the school.”

“Oh yes, l do,” Ann said, “what about him?” Ann’s mind was still partly on what had gone on with a Harry earlier.

“What do you think,” Julia giggled, squeezing some cream out of the end of the éclair then licking it off.

“Oh god Julie, you’re disgusting,” Ann said, suddenly realising what her friend meant.

“Oh well,” Julia laughed, “of course you were Miss goodie two shoes, you never sucked his cock, you missed out there, god he was big for his age, god knows how big he is now.”

“God Julia, you really are a…”

“Slut is the word,” Julia said, “l know l am sweetheart, and Steve is very glad l am. How about you and Harry, has he managed to plough your furry furrow.”

“That’s what l wanted to talk to you about.”

“Don’t tell me you’re still not letting him fuck you,” Julia said, “do you want me to come over and offer my services?”

“No l do not,” Ann said, shocked at her friend’s audacity. “You’d do it and all wouldn’t you,” she added, “you wouldn’t give a toss about cheating on Steve.”

“I don’t cheat on him,” Julia said, “well l suppose l do with Gino, but that’s just sex, raw, rough sex…..ooooh l get wet thinking about it, the sooner the gym opens up again the better.”

“You’re incorrigible Julia,” Ann said, “l suppose Harry wishes l was more like you.”

“You should be Annie,” Julia replied, “don’t let life pass you by, you’ve got a husband that loves you, you be careful you don’t lose him.”

“He doesn’t get the chance with this lockdown,” Ann replied.

“You’re forgetting Jenny,” Julia said.

“What do you mean,” Ann looked at her, “she’s his daughter….he would never.”

“Oh wake up Annie,” Julia said, “you’re husband’s got a raging hard on and you won’t open your legs, your daughter is probably getting shagged every night at Uni so she’s getting cock crazy, you put the two together, something has to give.”

“You can’t be serious,” Ann said.

“Deadly serious,” Julia replied, “she’s not a little girl any more, she’s a grown woman. I’m not saying he would force himself on her or anything like that, l know he loves her, but you put a sex starved man together with a pretty, sex starved woman, there’s only likely to be one outcome. The solution Annie is in your hands, or should l say, between your legs.”

Ann stared out of the window, considering what her friend had said.

“But it’s illegal,” she said finally.

“Annie sweetheart,” Julia replied, “there’s more of it going on than you realise. Mothers with sons, fathers with daughters, even whole families together, and with this lockdown you can bet there’s going to be a lot more.”

Ann was shocked to hear Julia talking about it as if it was acceptable behaviour.

“This is the twenty first century Annie, morals have moved on.”

“You mean you condone it?” Ann said.

“Well l don’t condemn it,” Julia replied, “as long as it is the free decision of both parties and they are both of legal age, l don’t expect anyone to judge how l live my life, so l wouldn’t judge anyone else.”

“So what you’re saying,” Ann replied, “is that if l don’t let Harry do it with me, l have to accept the possibility that he’s going to do it with Jenny.”

“It’s not a matter or him doing it with you Annie, it’s about you doing it together, haven’t you even talked about it?”

Ann went on to describe what had happened that morning, she found herself relating every detail, including what she had done in the shower. When she had finished, they both sat in silence for a moment.

“Do you love him?” Julia asked finally.

“Of course l love him,” Ann replied.

“Then how can you possibly lie next to him for all these years and not want him to make love to you, christ Annie, it’s a miracle he’s stayed faithful to you for so long, he must love you.”

“But what if he is doing what you said…with Jenny?” Ann said, dabbing a tissue as a tear ran down her cheek.

“Well if he is Annie, you’re as much to blame as he is,” Julia replied. She saw her friend look at her. “I mean it Annie, so what if he is screwing her, she’s an adult making her own choices, and a pretty gorgeous one as well, crikey Annie, l wouldn’t say no to a session with her right now, Steve would love to see that.”

Ann looked at her with a look of horror.

“What?” Julia said.

“What do you mean,” Ann said, “like lesbians you mean?”

“Oh god Annie where have you been,” Julia laughed. “I’m not a lesbian just because l have fun with other women, just like Steve isn’t gay because he plays with other men, it’s just for fun Annie, sex is fun. I tell you what Annie, you loosen up a bit and there is a whole new exciting world out there and don’t tell me your body isn’t telling you to, l bet you’re wet now.”

Ann looked at her friend, her face bright red.

“Put your seat back,” Julia told her.

“Why? What are you going to do?”

“Just do it Annie,” Julia said, “for once in your life have a bit of fun.”

Ann was totally confused, as if what had happened with Harry had not been confusing enough, Julia had conjured up an image in the back of her mind of Harry making love to Jenny, now her best friend was implying that she had some desire to have lesbian sex. On top of all that, her body was betraying her, just like her friend was suggesting, she could feel the hot wetness between her thighs. Her mind was spinning out of control, it was as if some outside force was taking control of her as she operated the recliner and tilted herself back.

“Thank Christ you parked in a quiet spot,” Julia giggled as she moved towards Ann, placing her hand on her knee. “Open your legs Annie,” she said as she leaned on top of her friend.

Ann looked up into Julia’s face, her eyes focussing on her friend’s lips, suddenly thinking how soft and sensual they looked. She must have parted her legs without thinking as she felt Julia’s hand sliding up the inside of her thigh. Her body tensed.

“Relax Annie,” Julia whispered as her fingers found the crotch of Ann’s panties. “I knew it,” she smiled, “your pussy has betrayed you, you’re soaking.”

Ann could only manage a whimper as Julias fingers pulled aside the crotch of her panties. She gasped as they made contact with her labia. She looked up into Julia’s face, she saw desire in her friends eyes, she felt the soft touch of her friends lips on hers, soft and warm.

Suddenly, Ann felt Julia’s fingers sliding up inside her, just as Julia’s mouth pressed down on her, her tongue entering, probing. It was as if fireworks went off in her brain, fifteen years of building frustration suddenly exploded. He cry was stifled by her friends mouth as a flood of heat gushed through her body, her back arched as Julia’s fingers probed deeper, Julia’s mouth and tongue became more demanding.

Julia used her thumb to locate Ann’s clitoris, rolling it, flicking it. She felt her friend tremble from head to foot as a second, softer orgasm flowed through her. She released her mouth, looking down into Ann’s glazed eyes.

“Good?” She whispered.

Ann looked up into Julia’s face, she wanted to say yes but couldn’t find the word, in the end she just nodded with a weak smile.

Julia laughed as she saw the disappointment on Ann’s face as she removed her fingers. Then, holding them in front of her face.

“Taste,” she said, as she placed her juice covered fingers against Ann’s lips. Ann responded by opening her mouth, taking Julia’s fingers, sucking them, tasting her own juices.

“See, it’s fun,” Julia smiled, “just let yourself go Annie, believe me you’ll never regret it.”

“But….but…what about you and Steve…l mean.”

“He loves me more now than ever Annie, and l love him, we’ve talked about doing all sorts of things, l know he’d love to shag you, he’d love to shag Jenny.”

“And you’d love to shag Harry l suppose?” Ann replied.

“Well I’d prefer it if he shagged me,” Julia giggled, “we should get together, have a party, fuck the lockdown Annie, let’s have some fun.”

“I don’t think l’m ready for that,” Ann smiled.

“Rubbish Annie,” Julia replied, “don’t try analysing yourself, just enjoy it, let your body tell you what you want, you’re hot Annie, the way you came on my fingers, believe me, you are hot.”

“But what if Harry is doing it with Jenny?” Ann said, “l can’t accept that.”

“Actually l think it’s incredibly sexy,” Julia giggled, “come on Annie, remember when we were in Uni, those evenings when we talked for hours and drank wine, l remember you once told me you used to imagine your father fucking you when you were masturbating.”

“Yes but he never did,” Ann argued.

“No but you obviously weren’t averse to the idea,” Julia said, “and you wouldn’t have been the first.”

“I really don’t want to think about it,” Ann said.

“That’s fine Annie, but believe me, if you carry on the way you are you are going to drive him into the arms of another woman, or should l say the pussy of another woman, and don’t be surprised if that pussy isn’t Jenny’s.”

“What should l do Joules?” Ann replied.

“Loosen up baby,” Julia said, “listen to your body. You enjoyed what we just did, admit it.”

“Well yes, but l’ve never done anything like that before.”

“If you’re going to keep Harry baby you’re going to have to do a lot of things you haven’t done before. What about sucking his cock, surely you’ve done that.”

“Well yes,” Ann replied, “we used to do those sort of things.”

“And you enjoyed it?”

“Yes, l did then, but that was before Jenny was born.”

“You don’t realise how lucky you are to have Harry Annie,” Julia laughed, “how he has put up with it for so long and not found someone else is a miracle, l can tell you Steve would have left me years ago if l’d behaved like you have. I love you to bits Annie, but you have to sort yourself out.”

“But what if he is…you know…doing it with Jenny?”

“Well you have two options,” Julia replied, “you can grass him up, in which case he will be arrested and you will probably lose both of them, or you can show him you understand his frustration, tell him you want to change.”

“Accept it you mean,” Ann said.

“Look Annie,” Julia said, “if it is happening, it’s because Jenny is a grown woman and she has decided it’s what she wants, you have to decide whether you want to risk losing everything.”

“What would you do in my situation?” Ann asked.

“Honestly?” Julia said, “l would probably ask if l could join them, Jenny is beautiful, l bet her pussy tastes so sweet.”

“You are joking,” Ann said, “you can’t be serious.”

“Of course l’m serious Annie,” Julia replied, “life is short baby, you have to enjoy it, anyway, l have to go, give me a ring later baby and loosen up, have fun.” She leaned across the car, catching Ann by surprise as she kissed her full on her mouth, a deep, passionate kiss.

Ann felt Julia’s hand on her breast, her soft lips and probing tongue sending shivers down her body. Despite herself, she felt her body react.

“Mmmmm, promising,” Julia smiled at her as she pulled away and opened the car door.

Ann watched her walking back to her car and drive off. She couldn’t believe her friend had just done that to her, but worst of all was coming to terms with the way she had responded, she could feel the wetness between her thighs.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Harry had stayed in bed, listening as his wife moved around downstairs. He stroked his cock, thinking of how he had detected a softening in her attitude, the thought that there was a possibility of getting back to the sort of sex life they used to have had the effect of giving him a solid erection.

He heard the front door close, heard Ann’s car start and the tyres on the gravel drive as she drove away.

Immediately, the bedroom door burst open.

“God, l thought she would never go,” Jenny said, running across the bedroom and flinging herself onto the bed next to him, needless to say she was naked. “Oh goody, you’re nice and ready for me,” she said, taking hold of his cock. “I’ve been frigging myself for an hour, l can’t wait any longer.”

Harry never had time to react as suddenly she was up and straddled over him, holding his cock as she got herself into position before lowering herself completely onto him..

“Oh god Daddy that feels good,” she sighed, “don’t move Daddy, let me do all the work,” she said as she started to gyrate her hips. She leaned forward, bracing herself with her hands either side of his head, her breasts hanging above his face. She began swinging them side to side, brushing his lips with her nipples. “Suck my nipples Daddy,” she said as she teased him.

Harry caught each nipple as it passed, sucking on it, then he managed to catch one, biting on it.

“Oh yes Daddy, that’s nice,” she said, “now move with me Daddy, fuck me.”

Harry had been determined that if Jenny did come into the bedroom he would tell her that there was no way he could carry out his promise to make love to her. He never had the chance, before he could stop her she was on top of him, her hot cunt encircling his cock. Now she was tormenting him with her nipples, her breasts swinging back and fore. What man could possibly fight against that, certainly it would take someone with more resolve than he had.

Suddenly he heaved up, carrying Jenny up into the air. He twisted, throwing her back on the bed, his cock still impaled on her body as he towered above her.

“Oh my Daddy,” she giggled, “you do want me then.”

“You’re a witch,” he said, driving his cock deep into her.

“Oh yes Daddy,” she cried, “yes…..yes….yes…” she said with each thrust as he came down on her with all his force. Even in their wildest moments he had never fucked Ann like this, this was base animal lust, it didn’t even matter that it was his daughter beneath him, all he registered was the heat of her cunt and his need to hammer his cock into it.

Jenny wrapped her legs around him, clamping him, raising her hips to meet each thrust, their bodies covered in sweat as they humped together.

“Oh my god,” she yelled as her body convulsed in orgasm.

Harry felt a burning heat as her body fluids washed over his cock, he drove deep into her one more time as his balls fired jet after jet of hot cum into her.

“Oh yes Daddy,” she cried again as another orgasm flowed through her body, her legs clamping him tight as she used her cunt muscles to drain his cock. “I want it all Daddy…fill me with beautiful spunk.”

Harry humped into her, his balls aching as they pumped dry. Finally he collapsed on top of her, exhausted.

“Oh Daddy l love you,” she said as she smothered his face with kisses. “Wow, that was beautiful, my best cum ever.”

As she relaxed the grip of her legs, Harry rolled away, Jenny giving a groan of disappointment as his cock slipped from her cunt. He rolled onto his back, Jenny quickly followed, resting her head on his tummy as she kissed his cock and licked the cocktail of spunk and cunt juice from him.

“That shouldn’t have happened,” he said finally once he’d got his breath back, “it was my fault, l should have stopped you.”

“Oh rubbish Daddy, it was beautiful,” she replied between kisses, “it was my best sex ever.”

“But it was wrong sweetheart,” he said, “what if your mother found out, look at the sheet, she’s bound to see the stains.”

“Don’t worry Daddy, l’ll sort that out,” she said, “anyway, she probably knows already, or suspects it at least.”

“What do you mean?” He said, sitting up and pushing her away, “what do you mean she knows…what have you done Jenny?”

“Now don’t get angry with me Daddy,” she said, sitting up, trying to put on her innocent face, although her hand was still holding his cock.

“What have you done Jenny?” He demanded, pushing her hand away.

“It’s just that a few days ago l was talking to Aunt Julia on the phone,” Jenny began, “we talk quite often, l find it easier to talk to her about sex and things, she doesn’t judge me like Mummy would. We were having a laugh about what l do with my tutor.”

“What?… you told her about him?”

“Well yes Daddy, she’s known for a long time,” she replied. “Anyway, she asked me how l was managing during the lockdown, l told her l was getting so horny and as we were talking l mentioned you.”

“You didn’t tell her what we had done did you?” He said, “she’s your mother’s best friend.”

“Oh this was before anything we’ve done,” she replied, “anyway, she said how much she’s always fancied you, she said her and Steve had talked a few times about the possibility of the four of you getting together, Steve has always fancied Mum apparently.”

“What…wife swapping you mean?” Harry said.

“They don’t call it wife swapping these days Daddy,” she laughed, “they call it swinging. Anyway, Julia said that Steve would love to fuck Mum, then she said he also fancies me. I told her that was obvious, he’s always finding an excuse to touch me.”

“Has he ever tried anything?” Harry said, “l’ll have a word with him.”

“Oh don’t be silly Daddy,” she giggled, “it’s nothing.”

“I don’t call manhandling my daughter nothing,” he said.

“Well what about you, you fuck me,” she giggled.

“This isn’t a laughing matter Jenny,” he said, pushing her away and swinging his legs to sit on the edge of the bed. “So have you spoken to Julia since we….you know?”

“Weeeelll,” Jenny said.

“You have haven’t you,” he said, “you’ve told her…oh for fuck’s sake Jenny, whatever made you think that was a good idea, she’s bound to tell your mother…oh fuck…what were you thinking?”

“Oh come on Daddy,” Jenny said, kneeling on the bed behind him, putting her arms around him, deliberately pressing her breasts against his back. Her hands roamed over his chest, her nail scraping over his nipples. “You say yourself that Mummy doesn’t let you fuck her…you’re a sexy man Daddy, she can’t complain if you find pussy elsewhere.”

As she spoke she tweaked his nipple with one hand, the other sliding down over his tummy, through his pubic hair to his cock. Jenny smiled to herself when she felt that he was semi hard, she gripped him, feeling him pulsate in response.

“Stop it Jenny,” he said weakly, “how do you think she knows about us?”

“Don’t worry Daddy,” she said, gently pulling back his foreskin and revealing the head of his cock, then gently tracing her fingernail over the head. She heard him sigh, smiled to herself as she realised she had him completely under control.

“I fucking knew it,” he said, “l knew l should never have started this… oh fuck, what have l done.”

“You fucked me Daddy,” she whispered in his ear as she tweaked his nipple again, her hand sliding back and fore on his hardening cock, “and l think he wants my pussy again.”

“Stop if Jenny,” he tried again to push her hand away but his body wouldn’t do what his brain was trying to tell it.

“Stop worrying Daddy,” she said, “l have a plan, Julia and l worked it out last night, it’s very exciting.”

“What on earth are you talking about,” he said, finally finding the strength to push her away and stand up. He turned to face her. “What on earth have you been up to?”

“It’s quite simple Dad,” she said, smiling as he stood before her, his rigid penis only inches from her face, “Julia and l were playing together a couple of weeks ago, she knew all about you and Mum not having sex, apparently Mum has been confiding in her. Anyway, she told me how much her and Steve would like to swing with you two, Julia really fancies you and Steve says Mum has great tits, Steve likes big tits and Julia’s are only tiny.”

“Hang on a minute,” Harry interrupted her, “ what do you mean, you and Julia were playing?”

“Oh Daddy….we have sex together, we have done for a couple of years, not often, probably about once a month when l was home.”

“I don’t believe this,” Harry said, “you’re telling me that you and Julia are having lesbian sex together.”

“Not lesbian Daddy,” she smiled, leaning forward and kissing the exposed head of his penis. “Well l suppose it is, we’re not in love or anything, it’s just sex, l do it with other girls at Uni all the time, it makes a nice change from cock sex. Not that l don’t like cocks of course.” She kissed his cock again, this time holding him and wanking him slowly.

Harry’s head was spinning. “So what,” he said, “you two hatched some plan to seduce me?”

“Oh come on Daddy,” she giggled, “it wasn’t that difficult, you couldn’t take your eyes off my pussy in the greenhouse, l knew l had you then, you men are all the same, your cock rules your brain, not that l’m complaining.” She kissed his cock again, this time sliding her lips over the head, taking him into her mouth.

“Pack it in Jenny!” He said pushing her away, “this is serious.”

“I’m serious Daddy,” she giggled, “l seriously want to suck your cock.”

“No Jenny,” he said, desperately fighting the urges inside him that wanted that warm mouth of hers round his cock. “Don’t you understand what you’ve done, just when your mother was softening, just when l was beginning to think we could get back to a normal relationship.”

“Do you think she wants you to fuck her?” Jenny smiled, “oh l hope she does, that would mean that she’s actually thinking about sex, that would make it so much easier for Julia.”

“Why? What’s Julia going to do?” He asked.

“Well the plan is for her to try and seduce Mum,” Jenny replied.

“That’s ridiculous,” Harry said, “your mother would never do anything like that.”

“Well we’ll find out soon enough,” Jenny said, “Aunt Julia’s going to text me as soon as she can to tell me if she succeeded. I don’t mean full sex,” she added, “they’re probably in the car so they wouldn’t get away with that, but l expect Julia is going to try to bring her off with her fingers, she’s good at that, works with me every time.”

Harry suddenly had a mental image of Ann and Julia, both naked, writhing together in lesbian sex.

“Mmmmmm, that got you interested,” Jenny said, staring at his cock, which had been wilting but was now back to full erection. She took hold of him again, stroking him gently, tracing her fingernail over the glistening head, pushing her nail into the eye. She heard her father groan. “Imagine what it would look like Daddy, Aunt Julia with her mouth clamped onto Mummy’s pussy while she’s got Uncle Steve’s cock deep in her mouth and you fucking me doggy style as we both watch.”

Harry groaned again as his daughter took hold of his balls in her other hand, massaging them gently.

“Think of Mummy with her face covered in Uncle Steve’s cum Daddy, squirting her cunt juices into Aunt Julia’s mouth, you deep in my cunt, filling me with cum…just think of it Daddy…how beautiful it would be.”

Harry didn’t need to close his eyes, his mind was already giving him the vision Jenny was describing. He felt a warm wetness on his cock as his daughter’s mouth engulfed him, his hands went to her head, not to push her away this time but to pull her onto him as he forced his cock deep into her mouth.

Jenny gagged as his cock forced it’s way into her throat, she fought the urge to pull back, trying to relax and take him. She felt his hairy tummy pressed against her face, his fingers entwined in her hair as he began to fuck her throat. She struggled to take him but knew she would have to, she had to submit to him fully, had to let him treat her like a whore. She managed to control her breathing, sucking in air through her nose as she sucked his cock deeper into his mouth. Despite that, she still began to feel light headed as her brain reacted to the restricted oxygen supply.

Harry was out of control, twisting his fingers in her hair as he rammed his cock into her hot mouth. He closed his eyes but the vision was still there, Ann’s face covered in Steve’s spunk. “Oh Jesus fucking Christ,” he yelled as his cock erupted, his hips humping as he pumped cum into his daughter’s throat.

Jenny was struggling but determined to take it, her body convulsed as she tried to swallow. She felt his grip on her loosen as his orgasm burst, she had no option, she had to pull away, coughing and spluttering as his cock continued to fire spunk at her face. Once she had taken a lung full of air she took his head back into her mouth, just as the last of his cum oozed from the eye.

Harry looked down at her as his eyes met hers, he saw the look of triumph, he knew she had him completely under her spell.

“Mmmmmm, that was good,” she said finally, scooping the cum from her face and licking her fingers, “l’m Daddy’s whore now,” she giggled.

“You’re a witch,” he said, “you don’t realise what you’ve done Jenny, you have risked everything, just for a bit of fun.”

“Oh don’t worry Daddy,” she said, rising to her feet, standing on tip toe to kiss him. She turned her head as she heard her phone ping in her bedroom. “That will be Aunt Julia telling me the plan has worked,” she turned and ran out of the room.

A few seconds later she returned, a look of triumph on her face. “Look,” she said, walking over to her father, showing him the screen of her phone, it showed a message from Julia, just two little faces, one smiling, the other cross eyed with a tongue hanging out. “I knew she’d do it,” she said, “now we’ll see how Mum reacts, knowing that she’s just enjoyed her first lesbian session.”

“That means your mother must be on her way home,” Harry said, looking at the stained bedsheet. “What do l do about that?”

“Oh Daddy, it’s easy,” Jenny replied, “just tell Mummy you went back to sleep, you were dreaming of fucking her and you had a wet dream.”

“I can’t say that,” he protested.

“Of course you can Daddy,” she replied, “anyway, she’s only going to be thinking of what happened with Aunt Julia, plus, once she gets home l intend to put the next stage of my plan into operation.”

“What are you going to do?” He said.

“Mmmmm, that’s for me to know,” she giggled, “you just stay out of the way and let me work on her, before you know it l’ll have her on her back with Uncle Steve fucking her.”

“You sound very confident,” he said.

“Oh l am Daddy,” she said, “l love having your cock inside me, l want more of it, we can have so much fun once we get Mummy on board. Now you get showered and tidy up, l’m going to have a chat with Aunt Julia and get all the juicy details.”

Lockdown with Daddy – 3

Lockdown with Daddy – 4

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