Not a Word Spoken



Mom comes home after failed job hunt, son wipes her tears and gets hot reward.

Not a Word Spoken

This is the story of me and my mom it happened when I was fifteen. My mom and I lived alone in a little one bedroom apartment that we were forced by circumstance to move into nine months ago. My dad had abandoned us two years before to go live with a girl half his age. A year ago he had suddenly stopped sending money, changed his job and phone number and moved to another town, we later found out. So we had no choice but to move into a smaller place in keeping with mom’s earnings. But three months ago she had lost her job, and was down to just a few dollars in savings.

Mom let herself into the house using her key. This was unusual once I was home; she loved to have me open the door and greet her with a smile. I could guess by her slumped shoulder and loud sigh as she closed the door that things did not go well with her job hunt. My guess was confirmed when she looked at me with sad watery eyes and shook her head from side to side in the negative. She hurried past me and headed for the bedroom, without saying a word.

Mom is a beautiful, thirty-six year old light brown skin, black woman, with shoulder length wavy brown hair, evidence of the trace of Indian ancestry in her blood. She is five foot six, one hundred and fifty pounds of smooth, shapely woman flesh; a big firm ass and full, round breasts that stood up and out proudly on their own; she occasionally went bra less despite her age. After about ten minutes had elapsed and she hadn’t come out I got up and went to check on her.

She was sitting on the edge of her bed bent over, weeping into her hands. She was clad only in flesh color bra and pink nylon bikini panties. She had obviously started to change into lighter clothes or maybe preparing for a bath when she broke down. Seeing her like that I started to turn away, but the mournful weeping stopped me in my tracks and I stepped forward and stood in front of her. Because of the cramped conditions of our home, we had beds at opposite sides of the room, I had often got glimpses of her in various stages of undress, a few times bra less and in panties only, but never completely naked and although I’ve always been aware of and admired her beautiful body, it was never in a sexual way in spite of having on a couple of occasions had dreams of lying naked and kissing and fondling her all over her sexy body. Dreams that left me embarrassed and ashamed instead of titillated. In one of those dreams I’d started entering her pussy with my cock when I suddenly ejaculated. I woke up trembling and jerking from a mighty orgasm. But as I stood above her now looking down at the shaking fleshy woman and offered a clear view into the enticing crack of her plump ass, I felt a strange, unwanted glow take over my entire body and an even more unwanted stirring in my young virgin crotch. She felt my presence and rose up, resting her hands on her lush thighs as she looked up at me with trembling lips and overflowing eyes. She shook her head in a manner that I interpreted as an apology. At the sight of her sorrowful face my heart broke and I felt water gush out of my eyes. She stretched out her hands and pulled me to her, burying her face in my midsection just above my crotch. Her weeping, bobbing face in that region of my body started something that I knew could be dangerous. I knew fully well the force and rigidity my young six inch cock packed when at full mast; I couldn’t let that happen. I pulled away gently, and sat down next to her, our thighs touching. She leaned into me and I put one arm around her shoulder while I stroked her wet cheeks with the other hand.

We sat there crying together, mother and son, she weeping uncontrollably, me sniffling. Both of her hands were in my lap, one bracing against my cock which despite my reluctance had grown to a hardness that was intent on asking questions of the beautiful woman intruding into its territory. Every time it looked like she would stop, out would come a new outburst of tears. I stroked her cheeks, her neck and her back and run my hand through her hair giving her little kisses on her face every couple of minutes as she rubbed my back and squeezed my side as she wept, my now rampant cock trying to lift the elbow resting on it.

We remained like that for about fifteen minutes until she suddenly straightened up then leaned back onto the bed pulling me down on top of her soft shaking body. She brought both of her legs onto the bed and I stretched out on top of her, my hard cock pressing down into her mid-section. We were about the same height, and a perfect fit ensued. She rubbed my head and caressed my bare back; I was wearing only loose exercise trunks. She was by now only sobbing softly. As I lay on top of my mom’s soft sobbing body, my rigid cock pulsing against her, the thought occurred to me that I was going to become a man today; I wanted to become a man today, in that most important of ways: having my cock enter the pussy of a woman, and the feeling was good. It did not matter that the woman was my mother, that the pussy I wanted to enter was the pussy that I had come out of. I felt myself deliberately pressing down my cock onto the lovely woman lying under me. I lowered my face and kissed her forehead then her cheeks, then her nose, and finally softly on her lips. I slid down a bit and rested my face on a heaving breast, enjoying the strange aroma of her flesh. I know there was no turning back; I was too close to what I badly wanted. The only thing that could stop me from fucking my sweet mom is if she showed some strong, clear signal of not wanting it. Once her body language and responses signaled clearance I was going to fuck that pussy.
I felt her drop one leg off the bed as she spread the other one wide causing me to be lying with one leg between hers and the other at the side of her on the bed, my cock fitted flush onto her pussy .she tilted my chin, raised up slightly and kissed me lightly on the lips, her tongue quickly flickering between them before hastily retreating into her mouth. I felt her body moving nicely under me, grinding up and down. She brought her hands to my ass cheeks and gripped them tightly pulling me down hard as she moved under me. I raised up on my hands and looked at the body of my mother lying under me, her head shaking from side to side with a grimace on her face as if she was saying to herself “no, no”, a last but unconvincing attempt to delay the inevitable. I saw the stiff brown nipples and wide dark areola through the skin color bra. She opened her eyes and saw me looking at those delicious breasts. She rose up in a sitting position and while looking me full in the eyes unhooked her bra and took it off, throwing it to the floor. She cupped one of her breast, pushing it forward as if in offering to me. She broke into another sudden sobbing and leaned back onto the bed still cupping the breast, a pleading look on her sobbing face. I leaned forward and put my open mouth to the offered breast, and started licking the long stiff brown nipple. She hissed loudly as my tongue stroked her flesh. After about two minutes of licking I took the engorged nipple into my mouth sucking and biting it softly but intently. My mother groaned in pleasure and jerked her pussy up against my hard cock. I moved over to the other breast sucking and biting as I fondled the one left behind. I felt my mom’s hand glide under me and grasp my hard cock through the fabric of my shorts, squeezing it as if testing its readiness. She felt my tight balls, cupping and massaging them.

She turned her body around, hooked into the waistband of my shorts and dragged them off of me, after giving my cock and balls quick, slurping licks. She stood up quickly at the side of the bed and I marveled at her sexy, lush body, the nice lump of her pussy through the damp, thin pink panties that sweetly startled me with a beauty of a camel toe. She turned around, looking over at me as she showed me her fleshy ass. Keeping her eyes on me questioningly, she began lowering her panties off her body. She straightened up, throwing the damp underwear into a corner. There was a slight smile on her face as she climbed onto the bed. She grasped my cock and began licking it furiously, making funny sounds. She took the stiff rod into her mouth, swallowing half its length and began bobbing her head up and down, at first slowly, then with quickened pace, at the same tome fondling my balls. She turned around, backing me while on her knees. I looked lustily at the fat lump of sparsely trimmed, hairy pussy peeking out at me from between her thick smooth creamy thighs. I reached out and cupped the wet flesh, squeezing it gently. I let a shaky middle finger pierce her womanhood and she grunted as I slid it all the way into the close wet tunnel. I felt my finger drenched by het slick juices as she bucked against my probing.

She let the entire length of my cock disappear into her eager wide open mouth, rubbing against her tonsils. She left it there even as she gagged and coughed, gushing a copious flow of saliva down my cock onto my balls and groin. She made loud gagging and grunting sounds as I made quick short upward thrusts into her welcoming throat. She uncovered my cock, drenching me with thick saliva. She licked the jerking cock lovingly before turning around to face me as she straddled my body. She brought her body forward and rested her wet pussy against my face, grinding and jerking. I gripped her ass roughly, holding it in place as I let my tongue slide between her engorged lips. I probed and sucked at my mom’s hot wet, hungry pussy, as she made loud hissing noises. She moved the pussy slightly, allowing the hardened clit to rest against my lips. I took it into my mouth, sucking and teasing the little blood filled wick. She screamed in pleasure and pulled away her pussy from my mouth, sliding down my body towards the source of her impending satisfaction. She grasped my cock, positioned it to the hot entrance and eased herself down, enveloping it. A gargling sound escaped my mouth as I watched and felt my young virgin cock disappear into my lovely, sweet, sexy mom’s pussy. She placed her hands on my sides and began furiously jerking and grinding down on, and around my lost cock. I looked up at her face clearly visible in the late afternoon sunlight coming through the window. Her eyes were tightly closed as if locking in something. Her lips slightly parted showing her clamped white teeth as she hissed continuously. Her full firm breasts bounced nicely. Saliva poured over her lower lip making it glisten. I grabbed the twin bouncing globes of flesh, rose up and licked the escaped saliva from her hissing lips. She continued her fevered grinding as if heading for a finish line. Suddenly she let out a screech and her body began convulsing. She leaned forward and stretched out on me trembling and snorting. I continued thrusting upward until she simmered down to a complete stoppage of any body movement.

Quickly she slid to the side dislodging my cock as she lay on her back and pulled me over on her. I got between her widespread legs. She bent her knees, pulling them up and back, as she separated her thighs. Her plump, wet, hairy mound seemed to be looking at me as she placed her hands behind her knees holding them back and in place as I advanced my jerking dick to its goal. I leaned forward on my hands at her sides, and felt her grab my cock and place it to her entrance. I lunged forward, ramming into her forcefully. She grunted and bucked under me. I began slamming into her wildly as she grunted and growled like an enraged feline with its back against the wall from an advancing hunter. I was the hunter slamming my spear into her. I slammed into her for about five minutes as we both sweated profusely, soaking the sheets. I stopped and removed her hands from behind her knees. Placing them on my shoulders, I pressed her knees down to her chest and slammed into her hard. She grimaced and farted loudly, two quick successive bursts of hot wind. I rode her like that for another five minutes, plunging my cock in and out at alternating paces, before letting her knees down. She stretched out straight, her legs flat and wide on the bed. I continued pumping her slow and deep, making grinding circular movements and jerks, she moving nicely under me, matching my every grind and jerk and roll with one of hers. I realized that I had been going at it for a long time, and was surprised at my stamina. From everything that I had read or heard, I wasn’t supposed to last this long first time. But here I was fucking my hot mom for more than half an hour, trying every little thing that I could remember reading in porn novels or viewing in the four or five porn movies that I had seen so far. Here in the Caribbean porn is not so easily accessible.

I felt her moving faster under me and I followed suit, matching her rhythm. After about three or four minutes I felt the changes taking place in my body; the building pressure in my groin area and I knew it would not be long before I exploded. I increased my speed, making only quick shallow in and out movements. My mom began blowing hard, rolling her head from side to side her eyes rolled back showing mostly whites, her mouth open in a wide O; her creamy skin from face to breasts a crimson glow. She gripped me around the back and started to tremble at the same time I felt the dam in my groin explode and I began convulsing wildly, bucking and jerking in a manner that I’d never before experienced during any of my many masturbating bouts. I felt my sperm shooting into her as she shook under me, making loud oooh, aaah and ummm sounds. As I felt the last of my load shooting into my mom’s hot slick tunnel I raised up on my hands arching my back, and I felt so good and completely satisfied, I started laughing uncontrollably. I heard my mom’s laughter mix with mine, and I collapsed on to her. We hugged each other tightly, laughing and rocking. I was still inside her, my cock still fairly hard. Her legs were wrapped around my waist and I felt her pussy walls contracting and expanding around my cock milking me. I did not want it to end, and it seemed neither did my mom, for she continued her squeezing of my cock with her pussy muscles, while gently stroking my back and fondling my balls, coaxing me back to full hardness. As I felt my cock reaching its full hardness I began slowly fucking my mom’s pussy as she moved gently under me, urging me on. She turned on her side, holding on tightly and closely to me ensuring my cock remained in her. Lying on her side, she raised one leg high in the air, holding it in place with one hand as she rested on the other elbow, her shoulders and head off the bed. I was amazed at her agility. I threw my upper leg between hers and canted over a little, rising up my upper body so she could rest her leg on my shoulder and against the side of my head. She started lashing into me softly with her groin, and I relaxed, holding my cock still as she did all the work. She soon started to glow red again and began biting into her lower lips. I moved my hand to her pussy and taking her clit between my thumb and forefinger massaged it softly but quickly. She bucked and groaned as the orgasm hit her. I remained still inside her until her jerking seized.

She brought her leg up and over my head and lowered it, guiding me with her hand as she turned over on her belly with me still inside her. She spread her legs, allowing me to fit in nicely. I rose up on my hands as I worked my tool in and out of her pussy from the back, enjoying the sight of her jiggling fat ass. I leaned forward, reached under her and grabbed both her breasts, squeezing them gently as I pumped into her. She lay still under me making little grunting sounds and an occasional roll of her ass, allowing me to have my way with her, changing pace as I wanted. I found myself wondering how my dad could have walked away from this fine ass just to be with a much younger woman; and I knew that the only way I would ever stop fucking mom’s fine pussy is if she wanted me to. I continued to pummel her for what seemed like an eternity, until I felt the familiar surging in my goin and I shot my second load into her. I collapsed on her and remained there until my cock deflated and slipped out. It occurred to me that it was about two hours since my mom had come home and we had laughed, cried, sucked and fucked each other to total satisfaction without uttering one single word all that time.

After we had showered and ate an early dinner, we sat in our small living room curled up on the sofa in each other’s arms as we watched a movie. We then went to bed and fucked wildly twice again. Before we slept, we decided that I would not go to school the next day which was a Friday, nor would my mom go job hunting. We’ll just stay home and talk and enjoy each other and then tackle the world again come Monday morning.

I awoke to the sensation of something tight and soft surrounding and squeezing the middle finger of my right hand. I opened my eyes and realized that the room was bright with morning light. The clock on the wall said it was nine thirty. I was lying on my left side. Mom was close to me, also lying on her left side but slightly over on her belly, the bottom leg stretched out straight, the right leg bent at the knee and pulled up. I looked at her naked back and then I noticed where my finger was it was stuck in my mom’s tight ass hole up to the second joint, and she was contracting against it in her sleep. I looked down and saw my cock standing straight out and hard, aching slightly. I could vaguely remember sometime during the night sticking my finger slick with pussy juice into my mom’s ass and she telling me how it felt nice and that I could leave it there. I couldn’t recall if I had gone to sleep with it there or if I had taken it out and somehow managed to stick it back in during sleep. I didn’t spend too much time worrying about the how and when of my finger’s intrusion, I just knew that it felt good, and began gently moving it around in the tight cavity. Mom’s ass began moving nicely against the intruding finger. I knew that she was still asleep, that was no fake snore. She was probably dreaming of having this done to her by somebody. I hoped I was the person in the dream. After last night I didn’t want to think of my mom being with any other man. As I pushed in and out of her, my finger touching turd, I stroked my stiff dick with the other hand. I leaned over and licked the back of her smooth shoulder. She moaned softly and wiggled her fat ass. I wanted badly to put my tool into that lovely ass hole, but because of the turd I had felt with my finger I felt that it would be uncomfortable for her. If she were awake she would probably be heading right to the bathroom for a bowel movement. So pulling out my finger I turned my attention to her pussy, rubbing it gently and finding to my delight that it was moist. Because of the already accessible position that she was in, it was easy for me to fit myself into place by raising her right leg and getting mine underneath it. I lathered the head of my hard cock with saliva and spreading the pussy lips, eased it in. I was almost fully in when the telephone rang. I decided to ignore it, but at the third ring mom straightened her bent leg and turned on to her belly as she tried to get up, causing my cock to be dislodged. She was obviously disoriented, so after the fifth ring I sprang up off the bed and grabbed the phone off the vanity. The call was for mom. With my cock stiff in front of me I stood at the side of the bed and handed that beautiful lady the phone. She took it from me, and smiling, patted my cock with the free hand. After having it to her ear for a few seconds she sprang up off the bed and began pacing the floor while nodding eagerly. She spoke a few words into the phone, put it down and shrieked. She grabbed me in a tight hug, jumping up and down, my hardness pressed into her soft belly.

The call was from a government agency that she had applied to for a job two months ago. She was informed that she had been selected to fill the post and that she was required to come in to the office after lunch to do necessary paper work in preparation for starting work Monday morning. Mom took my hand and led me to the bed where we sat looking into each other’s eyes. Mom began to cry, and I wondered if she was thinking the same thing that I was thinking; had this call come yesterday, we would not now be sitting naked next to each other after a night of vigorous fucking. After a couple of minutes mom wiped her eyes, and smiling at me she rolled into the middle of the bed; laying on her back she spread her legs wide, bent her knees and pulled them up. I lunged between her legs and sank my throbbing cock fully into that fine pussy.

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