Deal with a Demon pt. 1



This story is about a demon man turning a femboy into his slave sissy. There will be plenty of anal and what not. All characters are above the age of 18. This story is based on true event that take place some time in the near future.

Music blaring.

Windows down.

Wind through my hair.

What a great day!

Heading down the freeway, I’m on my way through Texas. I’m finally heading home from a long “business” trip. Too long.

And when I say business trip, I mean something that’s nobody’s business.

The Foo Fighters are playing, Best of You. The best part is I have the road to myself. Not another car in sight. Just me, this joint and good music. And some boy walking down the road. I take a good puff and blow smoke rings out the window. Oh wow! That boy looks good. I should pull over and see if he wants a ride!

As I roll up beside him in my Audi, I get a better look at him. He’s got on a red pair of shorts, showing off his hairless legs. A tight shirt that shows a rather feminine body. I turn the music off as I roll down the window. “Hey kid, need a ride?”

The kid looks surprised. He looks around before finally meeting my gaze again and then he points at himself as if to ask if I mean him. His face is so adorable, especially with that head of raven black hair. “No, I’m talking to the flies, of course, I’m talking to you.”

He meekly nods his head. “Well hop in then.”

I reach over and open the door for him and he nervously hops in. He’s got the darkest brown eyes I’ve ever seen. His skin is a creamy caramel color. Almost too delicious. “So kid, what’s your name?”

“I… I’m Felipe,” he stutters, his English is pretty good, I’m surprised. I can easily tell he just came over the border.

“Well, Felipe I’m Draco. It’s nice to meet you.” I extend my hand. He looks at it for a couple of seconds before placing his soft tiny hand in mine. “So how old are you, Felipe?”

He looks up at me as I give his hand a couple of shakes. His grip is rather non-existent. “I… I… I Just turned 18.”

No way! How did I get so lucky!? “You don’t say? Well, what is a kid your age walking hiking out here all by yourself?” I ask him.

He looks at me with those innocent eyes… I can tell without reading the dear boy’s mind that he’s trying to decide if he can trust me. The flustered look he has on his face is utterly adorable.

“You can trust me, Felippe. I’m not going to hurt you, I promise.” That’s mostly the truth. I’m not going to hurt the boy. But my intentions aren’t entirely pure.

I see the gears are spinning in that developing brain of his. His thoughts are causing such tension in that lithesome body of his. So much conflict in the boy. I can practically see the battle that’s going on in his mortal mind.

“I… I’m…” He hesitates as if he still can’t decide if he should tell me.

“Let me guess, you’re running from something.” He nervously nods.

“Are you not from here?” I ask.

He shakes his head no. Just as I thought, he must have somehow crossed the border from Mexico. He’s an illegal alien. Just perfect.

“Where are your parents?” I ask. He tenses up at the mention of his parents. Suddenly tears fall from his eyes. I can only assume they didn’t make it or worse.

“Are they still in Mexico?” He shakes his head no only confirming the worse.

“Did something happen to them?” He nods as more tears flood his eyes.

“They’re… They were killed…” The boy begins to cry in earnest. Poor thing.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Everything’s going to be alright from now on, you’re with me.”

He looks up at me with those sweet eyes and tries his best to wipe away the tears.

“Do you have any other family?” He nods frantically.

“I.. I have a twin sister…” He says.

“Where’s she?” I ask.

“They took her! The bad guys took her.”

“The men that killed your parents?” He nods in confirmation and more tears fill the boy’s eyes. Hmmm. I see opportunity in the boy’s tragedy. Hunt down the men that killed his parents, save his sister and I’ll have a two of them. Plus I’ll earn the boy’s loyalty. A wicked smile appears on my face. I can only assume the girl is going to be used as a sex slave. Huhhh, cartels… Such awful humans…

Who am I kidding…

I’m planning on doing the same thing with this poor boy. Of course, mortals don’t have any right to have slaves. They’re no greater than the ants they crush under their boots. Besides, the boy will enjoy being mine, once he comes to terms with his place in life as mine. Of course, we should really break the notion of her being a boy right away. As soon as I get the girl into my home, I’ll show the girl her new life. We’re not far from my penthouse. Fuck… I’m so giddy with anticipation.

“They are horrible people…” He says looking out the window. He looks so delicious… I could practically… Come on Draco, keep control of yourself.

“So, Felipe… Now what?”

He looks up at me once more with those cute feminine eyes. I can feel the urges rise up in me. “I… I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? That’s not good. I take it, you didn’t think things through, did you?”

He shakes his head. He’s all alone and no one’s going to be looking for him, besides maybe the cartel. How did I get so lucky?

I’m going to have so much fun with this little sissy. I can feel a devilish grin curl on my face. “Well, don’t worry. I’ll take care of you. Is that what you want? For me to take care of you?”

“What.. what would that mean?” He asks timidly. He’s rather cute when he’s nervous.

I give him a big smile. “Well… You’d come to stay with me. You’d have plenty of food to eat, clothes to wear and a bed to sleep in. Of course… if you don’t mind, I would like it if you abide by some rules and of course, earn your keep.”

“Rules?” he asks. The shocked look on the boy’s face excites me.

“Don’t worry about those, we’ll go over them once we get to my place.” We finally arrive in Dallas and soon after we’re pulling into my building. I open the door for the boy and hand the keys to the valet.

“Mr. Kustova, welcome back,” Rosemary says as we walk through the grand entrance of glass. The floor is all stone with two creeks flowing through to an indoor pond stocked with Koi fish.

“Thanks, Rosemary. Make sure I’m not disturbed for the rest of the day.” She nods. She’s looking fine as always in her black business suit and fiery red hair with a face full of freckles. Maybe later I can have more fun with her. “You’re looking lovely as always.” Her face burns almost as bright as her hair.

“Thank you, sir!” She squeals at the compliment.

“Also if you could have someone bring up some clothes for Felippe here, I would greatly appreciate it. You know the kind I like.” I’m going to have this sissy dressed up pretty by the end of the night.

“Right away, sir!” she replies.

“Thank you, Rosemary.”

I place my hand on the boy’s shoulder and slide it down to the middle of his back as I usher him along to the elevators. I can feel him tremble at my touch. His face only barely makes it up to my chest, which kind of turns me on even more.

Once inside the elevator, I command the voice recognition system to take us to the top floor and it recognizes me. I still find the technology these mortals create deeply interesting. To think they’re cable of such feats amazes me.

“Is… is this place yours?” The boy asks as he looks out the glass walls of the elevator at the view of the city.

“Yes, it is all mine.” My voice carries the weight of that statement. As we finally reach the top, the elevator doors open up to my penthouse. The boy’s eyes go wide, struck with awe at the extravagance of the suite. Which is ironic to me. I find it rather lacking compared to the other places I own.

With my hand still on the boys back, I lead him in. The floor is a dark grey marble which leads to a dark charcoal sofa in a rectangle shape that horseshoes around the entrance to the elevator. A white fur rug lays in the middle of the sofa. There are stairways that lead up to a loft on each side of the sofa. The stairs come out from the walls. It’s opened up between the stairs and leads down to the dining room, which has a rather long rectangular table with 10 chairs around it. All of which are a deep charcoal grey color to match the theme of the room. A wall of windows wrap around the elevator and stops at each of the stairs, then continues on the other end. On each glass wall is a door that leads out to the balcony that wraps around the entire place.

I escort the boy to the sofa and push him down as I take off my suit coat, then I pop a squat next to him.

The look on his face is priceless. A mix of fear, awe, nervousness, and hint of sexual arousal. Just a small hint.

I look him over as he nervously looks away. I gently grab his chin and pull it towards me. “Don’t worry, you have nothing to fear from me,” I assure him. At least, I’m not going to hurt him, but I do have other intentions for the boy.

Just to test the waters, I pull the boy closer and bring my lips to his. I can feel his body tense up as I shove my tongue in his mouth. He doesn’t back away or tries to push me off. He’s just frozen. I can feel the fear seep off of him. So tasty!

My hand slides down to his neck and falls to his chest. It continues to travel down south until I reach the bottom of his shirt. Then I begin to tug it up over his head as I pull back from our kiss. “Listen, kid… I’ll make a deal with you…” I say, finally breaking the silence. He shyly tries to cover up as my hand lands on his thigh, but he listens to me.

“I’ll help you rescue your sister and exact revenge on the people responsible, in return… I want you… Mind, body and soul.” The look on the boys face made my dick twitch.

“What?!” He asks with such a startled look upon his beautiful face.

“That’s the deal, in exchange for saving your sister from such a horrible fate and killing those who are responsible you will belong to me.” His eyes widen as he registers the words I spoke.

“What… What would you do to me?” he timidly asks.

“Oh don’t be afraid. Honestly, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Obviously, there’s going to be a lot of sex, but like I said many times now, I have no intentions of hurting you. In fact, I bet you’ll come to enjoy being mine,” I assure him as my fingers caress his thigh.

“How do I know you’ll keep your promise?” he asks.

“That’s a good question. The fact that I’m even proposing the deal with you has to mean something. I could have just tied you up and had my way with you, but I’m not that kind of de… person.” Almost slipped up there. This boy has me infatuated so much that I’m not thinking clearly. “Unlike my brothers and sisters, I don’t take pleasure in others suffering. I prefer to see my lovers happy.”

“Besides, a happy servant is a loyal servant. Loyalty is what I desire.” Along with that tight little butt of yours. These dirty thoughts aren’t helping. “You’ve been through a lot, the death of your parents, the lost of your sister. I’m offering you shelter, pleasure, food, the chance to save your sister and exact revenge on the people who did this to you. All you have to do is be with me.”

“What will happen to my sister?” This boy is smarter than he looks. I’m impressed and that rarely ever happens on this planet. “Another good question, you’re a bright boy. I promise no harm will come to your sister and once she is freed from the scum who took her, she is free to do as she pleases.”

“Okay… If you free my sister and kill those monsters, I’ll do it.” His face is full of a delightful combination of fear and hope.

“Awesome! Even though at first I’m sure you’ll rethink this arrangement, eventually you’ll come to love it. All that’s left is the paperwork.” I snap my fingers and a scroll burns into existence. I smile as the look on the boys face is mingled with shock, amazement, and above all else utter fear.

Why is fear such a powerful emotion? It always gets me excited. Makes me want to do terrible things to these mortals. It’s like a drug to beings like me. If I wasn’t trying to be good, I would’ve relished in it.

The scroll unravels, revealing ancient demonic letters that say what I want them to say. That the boy will be mine for all of eternity and then some. I take his hand and bite into his thumb drawing blood. Pressing his bleeding thumb against the scroll, his fate is sealed.

“What… What are you!?” he asks with trepidation.

“Well… I guess there’s no point in hiding it anymore. You belong to me for all of eternity. Hahahaha.” I can’t help but give out the stereotypical demonic laugh. What’s the point of being a demon if I can’t have a little fun?

Standing up, I transform into a shadow of my true form. Horns, tail, wings, digitigrade clawed feet. Burning halo and all. “I’m one of 13 gods of the demon race!” Fear has completely taken over him. I can feel it seeth off of him, so tasty. But alas, filling the boy with fear isn’t my intentions, I’d rather fill him with cum.

In an instant, I’m back in my human form. Sleek black hair, neatly trimmed goatee, and stash, not an ounce fat and of course a rock hard cock. I may or may not have forgotten the clothes I wore. Who am I kidding, I did that on purpose.

Standing naked before the boy, he is paralyzed with a melting pot of emotion. I can feel each and every one of them as if I was the who was feeling them. I don’t even need to read his mind to tell he believes he’s in way over his head. Poor thing. Scared, nervous, confused and slightly aroused. His eyes drop down to my cock. I can his thoughts fill up with my dick. I let myself collapse onto the corner of the couch, laying one leg towards the boy as the other remains planted on the floor.

I beckon him to come here with my finger. He takes a big gulp, swallowing down his nerves. “Don’t be afraid of me, Felipe, as I’ve stated over and over again, I have no intentions of hurting you,” I reassure him. “Quite the contrary, I intend on making you experience orgasms so powerful, you’ll be begging me for more.”

The smile on my face said it all. I just want to fuck this boy until he passes out. “Now why don’t you come over here and seal the deal. After that, I’ll save your sister and kill the fucks that are responsible.”

His eyes go wide and I can see the conflict expressed on his face. He’s uncertain whether he wants to. Part of him believes it’s wrong. Society drilled it in him that homosexuality is taboo. But another part of him is curious. I can see the battle being waged inside his mind, it’s really turning me on. Now’s the moment of truth, submit to me and save his sister or… Is there really any other choice?

He hesitantly stands up and starts to make his way over to me. “Hold on a sec, you’ve still got clothes on. Take them off.”

Fuck! The embarrassment on his face is priceless. His shyness is so sexy. So naive and innocent. Corrupting this boy is going to be so much fun.

Reluctantly, he starts to unzip his shorts and tugs them down. Oh, look at this! He’s got on a pair of whitey tighties. His caramel hairless legs look as if they’re as smooth as silk. Look at the tiny tent pitched in those undies. So adorable. I want to see that butt of his. “Turn around and bend over as you take off your underwear.”

His face goes bright pink. Slowly he turns around. Oh fuck, that ass is absolutely gorgeous, wrapped in that tight pair of undies. I can tear my gaze away as he bends over and starts to pull them down revealing the tightest ass I’ve ever seen. Oh, good lord, all I can think about is stuffing it with my cock. Get ahold of yourself. Don’t lose your nerve or you’ll destroy the poor boy.

I want to keep him in tip-top fuckable shape for as long as possible. He looks over his shoulder at me, still bent over. Finally, he stands up and turns around. That little cock of his swings like a pendulum as he moves. His little ball sac is so tiny, but it’s so cute. “Now why don’t you come over here and get on your knees. Taste my cock.”

Another gulp from the boy as his eyes fixates on my cock. Finally, he closes the gap and drops to his knees. I can’t help but lick my lips as his tiny little fingers wrap around my gigantic cock. They can’t even reach all the way around it. He looks up into my eyes. “I… I’ve never done this before,” he says timidly.

“Done what?” I ask even though I know the answer. I just want to hear him say it.

Once again he swallows his nerves. “Ss.. sucked a cock…”

“Ha, Of course, you haven’t, which kind of surprises me no one else has taken you for themselves. A boy like you is hard to come by. But don’t worry, you’re in good hands. I’ll take real good care of you. Now give my dick a lick. Just pretend it’s a popsicle. A cock flavored popsicle.”

He closes his eyes and sticks out his tongue. Feels like an eternity passes by the time his tongue closes the gap between my dick. Of course, being a demon time works differently for me. Seconds feel like days.

Oh, fuck! His warm wet tongue sends a jolt of lightning through me as it touches the tip of my dick. His eyes open up as he realizes he just licked my dick. His face contorts as he contemplates whether he likes the taste or not. He gives it another lick and then another. It’s obvious he’s come to the conclusion that my dick tastes good.

“Kiss the tip,” I instruct. He does as ordered and puckers up his lips as he presses them against the head of my cock, giving it a nice kiss. “Now take the head of my cock in your mouth.”

He looks up into my eyes, almost pleading. But he relents and opens his mouth as he takes my dick inside it. The look of this adorable little femboy with my cock in my mouth almost sends me over the edge. There’s got to be something about this boy! Not many mortals can have such an effect on me as this boy does.

I’ll get to the bottom of it… After I bottom out in him of course.

The boy’s tongue swirls around the head of my cock, sending a wave of pleasure through me. Damn! This boy is a natural cocksucker!

He tries to take more of my cock in his mouth and gags as the tip of my dick hits the back of his throat. How adorable. Got to give him credit for trying.

FUCK! He nearly pulled the jiz out of my balls as his cheeks collapse trying to suck it as if it were a bottle full of milk. I can’t nut so soon! I haven’t even got a chance at that butt of his. Oh shit! That feels incredible! His tongue going along the length of my cock is like having lava poured on me. Which feels so damn good, by the way!

Fuuuuck, A hot lava bath does sound goooooood! Shit! He just took one my balls in his mouth. This boy is amazing. Truly a treasure I need to protect. I’m not going to let anyone lay a finger on him, he’s mine!

How did I get so lucky to come across such a find? Hearing the pop as my nut falls from his mouth sends me into pure ecstasy.

Once again, I feel his tongue on my dick as it slides back up to the head. “Are you sure you haven’t done this before?”

He looks up at me as he kisses the tip again. He shakes his head. “No, sir.”

Such manners, he is a definite keeper. It’s hard to find someone who shows the proper respect a demon god like me deserves. Nothing pisses me off more than someone being disrespectful.

I hear the sound of the elevator opening up. Ah… Rosemary steps in with two racks filled with the clothes I requested. The boy’s head whips around to look. Instantly his face burns red as he fills up with humiliation.

“No need to stop what you’re doing, keep sucking little girl.” Might as well start referring to him as such.

He beams up at me. “I’m not a girl!”

“You are whatever I want you to be, or did you forget… I own you. Now keep sucking. I’ll forgive the lack of manners just this once since you lack the experience to know that disrespectful little shits get punished severely.”

I see his face drain of life, once again the poor girl is flooded with fear. I may have gone overboard a little. I don’t really want to hurt her. I give him a rare compassionate smile. “Continue sucking my dick like you have been and punishment will be the last thing on my mind. Heck, I’ll even throw in a reward for such a good performance.”

After swallowing his fear, he resumes sucking my dick. With those lips wrapped tightly around my dick, this must be what heaven is like. Fuck those stuck up angels for keeping it to themselves. Fuck heaven, they can keep it. I’ll take a blowjob from this little girl any day.

“Where would you like these, sir?” Shit, I almost forgot she was still here.

“Put them in the closet in the spare bedroom. But feel free to stay and enjoy the show. This kid is a natural cock sucker!” Her face lights up with delight as she takes a seat on the sofa and watches little Felippe suck my dick with eagerness. She’s such a sexual deviant. Maybe I’ll fuck her after I get this kid’s sister back. Speaking of his sister, I can only imagine what she’s like. If she’s anything like her brother, I might have to reconsider letting her go.

Ooooh shit, once again he’s trying to take as much of my cock in that little mouth of his only to end up gagging and coughing. I’ll have to teach her how to properly deep throat a cock later. But I can’t lie, seeing him struggle is quite the turn on.

Oh wow, he’s back at it. Trying harder to take my cock as deep as she can. Hard not to admire such determination. “Try swallowing it as it reaches your throat.”

He looks up at me with those beautiful eyes for a brief moment before taking my cock back into his mouth. This time as it reaches the back of his throat, she fights back the gag reflex enough to swallow. Ripples of pleasure erupt through me as my dick plunges down her throat. Her eyes go wide as her airway is blocked off. Before she can pull back, I grab a handful of her hair and held her there. I just couldn’t help it. The sight of my cock sunk to the hilt inside her throat almost awakens the demon inside of me.

She’s desperately struggling to pull my dick from her throat. The lack of oxygen causes her eyes to roll. I release my grip and allow her head to fall off my dick. She coughs and gags as she tries to breathe. Such a sight to see her struggle.

I think I’ve had enough of her mouth, time to try out that ass. I grab her and help her up to her to her feet. “Time to pop your anal cherry,” I say, giving her a wink.

“Please no! Please don’t hurt me, sir!” At least she remembered her manners. “Your cock is too big!”

Her pleading is music to my ears. Before she can say another word, I take her face in my hands and pull her in for a kiss. “How many times do I have to tell you, I’m not going to hurt you,” I whisper in her ear as my hand sinks down her back and grabs a handful of that ass of hers. I press my presence in her mind and

I pull her up into my arms as her legs wrap around my waist and her arms hold onto my shoulders. I can feel Rosemary’s eyes on us as I gently lay my little treasure down on the couch. I can feel a hint of jealousy in her, but that’s almost drowned out by the lust she’s filled with.

I give the girl one more kiss before I press her legs up against her chest. My tongue runs up and down her crack. She lets out a girlish moan. My tongue meets the tight little butthole of hers and presses up against it. I feel her tense up as my tongue slips inside. I let it slither up her little rear as she lets out a little gasp. My cock is raging hard right now and hers isn’t flaccid either. I run my fingers up to her little sack of balls, giving them a gentle squeeze. She squirms at my touch. Her little cock can’t be more than 4 inches long. So cute.

I can feel her prostate with my tongue and I press up against it. I can practically feel the burst of pleasure that tears through her.

“Enough foreplay, time for my cock,” I announce as straighten up. I grab my 13 inches of meat and let it drop on top of her little dickie. Ha! You can’t even see hers underneath monster. She sees my fat hungry member and looks up at me with fear. “Don’t worry, my petite little girl. I’m not going to ram into you with 13 inches right away.”

With a mere thought, I let my cock shrink down to the size of a human index finger. Relief washes over her like a flood of cold water. “I promised I wasn’t going to hurt you, I always keep my word.”

Most of the time…

Pressing my finger size dick against her tight little pucker, it doesn’t take much for it to pop inside of her. She lets out a gasp as my cock pushed past her sphincter. As her ass accepts me, I slowly let my cock grow just a few inches, stretching her out, but not enough to hurt. Her face burns hot as she feels my dick grow inside her, slowly filling her up. I pause the growth to let her ass adjust. I want her to enjoy this.

I can hear Rosemary moaning and without looking I can tell she’s rubbing that wet pussy of hers. It’s music to my ears.

Slowly, my cock grows bigger inside her little butthole, stretching it out more and more, until I see her wince in pain. Too much, too soon. Keeping it at that size, I hold it still until her ass adjusts and the pain is gone. I guess she can only take 7 inches for now. Slowly I start gyrating my hips in and out of that tight little butt of hers.

Her body has started to sweat as I bottom out inside of her. She lets out a soft grunt as her little dick stands at attention. She goes to grab it, but I grab both of her wrists, pull her up and shift her so she’s laying down so I can get on top of her. She wraps her legs around my waist as I pin her wrists over her head with one hand. “Sorry, love… You’re not allowed to touch your little cock. I want you to cum from my dick in your ass.”

She squirms and writhes, trying to free her hands to no avail. She looks up into my eyes as sweat rolls down from her brow. The way she looks, with the mess of short black hair all disheveled, her caramel skin all covered in sweat, expression filled with pleasure, lust, shame, humiliation and a bunch of other emotions, it almost causes me to bust a nut right now.

As I look into her eyes, I can see she’s lost in all the pleasure. I rub that flat chest of hers with my spare hand, giving each of her nipples a tweak before sliding my hand up to her neck. I start to thrust harder into her, really slamming my dick into that prostate of hers which caused her to yelp.

Letting go of her hands, I bring my lips against hers as our bodies press up against each other. One hand reaches underneath her head as the other grabs her hip, as a slam my cock into that ass. She moans into my mouth as I continue to pound her. She wraps her arms around my shoulders.

I can tell she’s close. I hear the elevator doors open up and Rosemary jump out off of the sofa in surprise. The annoyance pulls me up from my little treasure, but I still continue to pound away at her asshole. It’s way too late to turn back now. I need to release my seed inside her. Whoever has interrupted this will learn quickly why it was an unwise decision. Oh, wait… It’s…

Suddenly her little dick explodes, spraying both of our bodies with cum. The way she squeezes down on my pole literally milks the cum out of me. I erupt inside her little asshole, filling her up with my seed. She moans so loud, I’m sure everyone in the building can hear her, but the effects of my cum has already started to take over her little body, sending her into a deep druglike haze. Soon she’ll be out cold. I pull out and shoot out one last load of my orange creamy jizz all over her little dick and nutsac.

“Quite the show, Amun,” the woman who intruded on my fuck session says. That voice could only belong to one person.

“Kailyn Black, or should I say, Nemesis.” The fiery red-haired woman bites her lip as she looks down at my little treasure. Her eyes have that lustful stare. “Don’t get any ideas. This one is mine.”

I turn to Rosemary. “Why don’t you take the kid up to the spare bedroom and tuck her in. Maybe wash her up first. And take these clothes up with him.”

“Yes master,” she says as she

“Lucky you, don’t worry. I just recently got one of my own. A brilliant boy around the same age as yours.”

“I hope you didn’t come all this way to talk about your little fuck toy.” She laughs as she tries to decipher my intentions.

“I just came here to make sure our ambitions don’t intersect. Why are you here? What do you want with this world?” she asks bluntly.

“Probably the same as you. Gather enough power to wage a war against Hel.”

“Are the demon siblings not getting along?” she asks with such an arrogant tone.

“Are you getting along with yours?” I retort. Void gods… Always acting as if they have the upper hand. It wouldn’t take much for me to overpower her. Surely she didn’t come here to pick a fight.


“Get to the point already. As you can see, I’m very busy.”

“Seeing how my enemy is your enemy, I came to see if we could form a truce. At least for the time being.” Ha… She knows I’m much more powerful than her, she knows demons as a whole have the advantage over void gods. I can assume she hopes to use me as a shield against my brethren and hers.

“What’s in it for me?” I ask.

“What do you mean, what’s in it for you? Is an alliance with me worth so little?”

“Huhhh, I suppose. But if you betray me, Nemesis, It’ll be at the cost of your existence.”

“As long as we share the same enemies and our ambitions don’t bring us opposite each other, I see no need for it.”

“Very well. I’ll agree with your alliance. Now if you please, I’ve got some mortals to hunt down, torture and kill.”

“Sounds fun, I wish I could join you, but alas I have business of my own to take care of.” With that, she left the same way she came in. With just a thought, my body gets covered in clothes of the luxurious kind.

In the blink of an eye, I’m upstairs in the spare bedroom to find Rosemary filling up the closet with the girl’s clothes.

“Oh, lord! You scared me.”

Those words cause a smile to appear on my face. My little treasure is still out cold underneath the sheets. I sit down next to her. She’s so peaceful, lying there. I bend down and lay a kiss on her forehead. She’ll be out for some time now. “Rest peacefully, my dear.”

I plant a sweet dream in her head as Rosemary finishes putting the last of her new clothes in the closet. Once she wakes up, we’ll settle our deal.

Hope you enjoyed, please feel free to leave any feedback or questions in the comment section.

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