Lockdown with Daddy -1



The first part of an account of how relationships can change and develop when circumstances alter the family dynamic.

Harry entered the bedroom, Ann was already in bed, reading her book. He slowly removed his clothes then pulled back the quilt.

“I do wish you would wear something in bed,” Ann said, “it’s not decent, especially men of your age.”

“You never used to complain when we were first married,” he said.

“Yes well that was a long time ago,” she replied, “you should act your age, let’s face it you’re no adonis, l for one don’t want to look at everything you’ve got.”

“I’ve never worn pyjamas and l’m not starting now,” he replied, sitting back and reaching for his iPad.

“Why don’t you read a book instead of tapping away on that thing,” she huffed, “god knows what you find to do on it all day.”

“I do lots of things,” he replied, “l play my golf game with people all over the world, l don’t know why you get so bothered about it, l don’t complain about you reading those trashy novels.”

“They’re not trashy,” she replied, “just because they’re not full of the filth you find in modern novels, they are good wholesome stories.”

Harry decided to end the conversation there, he knew he was never going to get the last word so didn’t see the point in wasting his breath. Gradually he altered his position to his usual one, turning slightly towards his wife so that he was easily able to shade the screen of his iPad from her. He logged on to his favourite porn site.

He hadn’t been scouting for porn long and had found this site by accident. He liked it because as well as the usual video clips, there was a facility for members to publish stories and to chat with each other.

Harry had been drawn to the stories and quickly had sorted out his favourite authors. At first his choice of reading centred on men who wanted to see their wives being used by other men, countless times he had ended up falling asleep as he gently stroked his erection, dreaming of his wife being held down as a line of men took turns to fuck her. He had also been surprised at the number of men who admitted to being in a similar situation to him, with wives that either refused sexual contact, or were less than enthusiastic.

He had made friends with a couple of other members in similar situations, feeling the excitement in his belly as he sat next to his wife, telling complete strangers the things he would like to see her doing. More than once this had culminated in a trip to the bathroom before settling, desperately trying to conceal his erection before relieving himself into a wad of tissues.

“Are you going to be playing on that thing all night,” Ann said, closing her book and putting it on the bedside table. “You spend all day in the office playing on the computer, then you want to spend all night as well.”

Harry knew that he had recently been spending more and more time in the office, he had been working from home since the start of the lockdown but that wasn’t the only reason. He just couldn’t get away from this site, the stories and the chat with other members was taking over his life.

He tried to ignore his wife as she turned off her bedside light, turning to face away from him as her signal that she expected him to settle down for the night. He was about to log off when the title of a story caught his eye. “First time with Daddy”.

Harry had never had and sexual feelings whatsoever towards his daughter, yes, he knew she was beautiful but there had never been any sexual attraction only the heartfelt love of a father for his daughter. But lately there had been a change.

Jenny had come back home from University at the start of the lockdown and with the recent spell of fine weather, she had been spending a large portion of her day either in the hot tub or sunbathing.

It was as if some supernatural power was telling him something, telling him that the stirring in his lower belly was natural when he looked at his daughter in the garden, wearing one of her bikinis that seemed to be nothing more than three little triangles of material held in place by string.

Now, as he read the story about a father discovering the pleasure of taking his daughter, Harry felt his own erection growing. How easy it was to close his eyes and imagine his daughter in the position the girl was in the story, on her back her legs parted, knees bent, looking lovingly at her father as he entered her.

Suddenly Harry felt his own cock begin to leak, even without him touching himself.

“For god’s sake put that bloody thing down and turn your light off,” Ann said, jolting him back to reality.

Harry switched off his iPad, then his light, settling himself down, knowing that sleep would be a long time coming. As his mind drifted, he kept seeing the vision of Jenny standing before him, slowly discarding her bikini, holding out her arms as if pleading with him to take her.

unconsciously he turned towards his wife, his arm draping over her, his hand cupping her breast as his erection pressed against her bottom.

“What the hell do you think you are doing,” she cried out, roughly pushing his hand away.

“Oh come on Ann,” Harry protested, grabbing her breast again, “l’m your husband for fuck’s sake.”

“Get away from me,” she shouted, reaching behind to push him away, her hand came into contact with his cock, the head oozing pre cum. “What the…..” she said feeling the sticky substance on her hand then realising what it was. “You’re disgusting,” she said, pushing him away violently, “get away from me, and don’t you dare use filthy language like that in this house, l suggest you go and deal with that thing then spend the night in the spare room.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” he replied, “l’m just a normal man in bed with his wife, wanting to make love to her.”

“Normal!” She shouted, “you call poking that thing at me normal, l suggest you save it for your fancy piece.”

“What are you on about?” He replied, “what fancy piece?”

“That tart that works in the pub,” she said, “with her boobs hanging out of her dress, don’t think l haven’t seen you giving her the eye when we’re in there, is that where you get to every Thursday night.”

“Who…..Janice?” He said, “don’t be ridiculous, alright l might talk to her and have a laugh but that’s what being sociable is about, perhaps you should try it sometime instead of sitting there with a sour face all night.”

“Well if it’s not her, who is it then?” She said, “l do your washing remember, do you think l haven’t seen the stains on your underwear and trousers, l know what you’ve been up to, you’re disgusting, l was prepared to put up with it, at least l wouldn’t have to put up with you pawing me, wanting to do disgusting things.”

“What do you mean disgusting things?” He said, “you never used to think it was disgusting when we were courting, if l remember rightly you couldn’t wait to get my cock in your mouth.”

“Yes well…. There are some things a girl has to do when she’s courting,” she said, “but it’s not the sort of thing a respectable married woman does, so don’t you go getting any ideas, just because we’re all cooped up here and you can’t get out to meet your fancy tart.”

“For Christ’s sake Ann,” he said, “what’s so wrong about a man wanting to have sex with his wife.”

“Not at our age,” she said, “if you can’t control yourself l suggest you get yourself down to the doctor and get something to calm you down.”

“What do you mean our age Ann?” He said, “l’m forty five and you’re forty three.”

‘Exactly,” she said, “l am forty three, too old to have children so l don’t have to do that anymore.”

“Don’t tell me that was the only reason we had sex,” he said, “ l seem to remember you were quite enthusiastic, what about those costumes you bought, the nurse and the French maid, they were your idea not mine.”

“Yes well…l was young then,” she said, “respectable women don’t do those sort of things. If you want to do it with your fancy woman l’m prepared to turn a blind eye, but don’t expect me to allow you to take liberties just because you can’t have her.”

“Don’t be silly Ann,” he said, “there is no other woman.”

“Don’t lie to me,” she yelled, “l’ve seen the evidence, and those other things.”

“What things?”

“Those condoms l found in your jacket pocket,” she said, seeing him suddenly colouring up, “see, l knew it….don’t you try coming all innocent with me…like l said, if you want to do disgusting things with some cheap tart that’s fine, but don’t for one minute think you’re going to do it with me, now l suggest you go and clean yourself up, you can sleep in the spare room.”

“I am not sleeping in the spare room,” he said, “this is my bed as well as yours, and l’m sleeping here, if you don’t like it l suggest you take the spare room.”

“I am not going in there,” she said, “it’s not me behaving like an animal, If you insist on sleeping here, just make sure you keep to your side of the bed.”

Harry got out of bed and went to the bathroom. His mind was spinning, wondering how his wife had worked out his secret, not that he had a fancy woman as she had called her, all he had managed so far was a couple of wanking sessions at a dogging site he had discovered on the internet. He remembered the last one, the way the woman had held her tits up for him to cum over. Even thinking of it was making him hard again. He began stroking his cock.

Reaching for some tissue to catch his cum, he noticed the lid on the laundry basket was not on properly, there was a piece of material hanging over the edge. Harry lifted the lid, recognised the item as one of those thong things that women wear instead of panties. He picked it up, realising that it must belong to Jenny, he studied the small triangle on material, and the thin cord that attached to it, thinking how that cord must have been adjacent to her vagina. He lifted it to his nose, smelling first a sweet perfume then picking up the musky smell of her vagina.

He thought of how long it had been since he had inhaled that smell, how much it had driven him wild as he buried his face between Ann’s thighs. He recalled how she had reacted, pressing his head hard against her cunt as he had sucked and nibbled on her clitoris. How she had cried out in ecstasy as her orgasm had burst, his mouth filling with the taste of her cunt juices.

That seemed so long ago now, those heady days when Ann couldn’t seem to get enough of him. Unzipping his trousers and leaning over to take him into her mouth as he drove. Pulling into secluded picnic spots, frantically removing their clothes, scrambling over seats, or even those few occasions when she had run from the car giggling, her tits bouncing wildly, until he had caught her, laid her on a picnic table and fucked her. How she had clawed at his back, urging him on, legs wrapped around him as they humped together.

Harry realised he was wanking furiously, his daughter’s thong pressed against his face, then, suddenly he felt his orgasm building, holding Jenny’s thong around his cock as he pumped his seed into it. His eyes closed, it was Jenny’s face that he could see smiling at him as his cock pulsated, spunk spilling over onto his hand.

As his orgasm subsided, he looked down at the sodden mess of her thong, the cum dripping onto the floor. Quickly he grabbed tissue, cleaning the floor, then filled the wash basin, cleaning himself and washing out the thong. He realised that he could not leave it soaking wet in the laundry basket for Ann to discover. Once he was satisfied that he had left everything clean, he returned to the bedroom, clutching the wet thong in his hand. He was grateful that the lights were still off and that Ann had her back turned towards him as he stealthily tucked the thong under his side of the bed before climbing in, turning to face away from her. Every time he closed his eyes he saw Jenny’s face smiling at him. He felt his erection growing again, wrapped his hand around it, imagining the warmth of his hand felt as good as the heat in his daughter’s cunt.

Ann had already left the bedroom when Harry awoke, which was just as well as he had woken with an erection. He made his way to the bathroom, considering starting the day with a wank but decided on a cool shower instead. Back in the bedroom and dressed, he just remembered Jenny’s thong tucked under the bed. He recovered it, putting it in his pocket intending to put it in the rubbish bin later.

Arriving downstairs he found Ann in the kitchen, one look from her told him to keep his distance and to say nothing. Harry decided discretion was better, grabbed some toast and a mug of coffee and made his way out to the sanctuary of the garden.

It was almost eleven o’clock when he saw Jenny coming down the garden towards the greenhouse where he was tending to his plants. Once again, she was wearing one of her bikinis, this one a pale lime green which emphasised her tanned skin even more. As she approached, carrying a mug of coffee and a plate of biscuits, Harry couldn’t help but notice how the thin material had contoured her pubis area, creating a perfect camel toe effect. Her firm breast bobbed gently as she walked, her nipples protruding under the thin covering. Harry felt a stirring in his loins, remembering the events of the previous evening.

“Hi Dad,” she said, entering to greenhouse, “l brought you this, Mum doesn’t seem to be in a good mood this morning.”

“Thanks sweetheart,” he said, taking the coffee from her, “what are your plans today?”

“Just going for a session in the hot tub,” Jenny said, “then l have some course work to do. What’s wrong with Mum?”

“Oh l don’t know,” Harry lied, “l keep out of her way when she’s like that.”

“I heard you two arguing last night Dad,” she said, “was it about sex?”

“Whatever makes you think that?” He laughed trying to cover his embarrassment.

Jenny moved over to the work bench, levering herself up to sit on it.

“Well married couples usually only argue about money or sex,” she said, “and as far as l can tell me don’t have any money worries so it must be sex.”

“That’s very simplistic of you,” he said. Jenny was sitting with her thighs slightly parted, the action of shuffling onto the bench had caused the thin material of her thong to slip to one side, exposing her labia.

“Probably true though Daddy.” She replied, “what is it, is it that you want sex and Mum doesn’t?”

“I don’t think this is really a subject we should be discussing,” Harry said, trying to avert his eyes from her partly exposed vagina but feeling compelled to carry on staring.

“Oh come on Daddy, l’m not a kid anymore, l will be twenty soon,” she said, reaching for his coffee mug and taking a mouthful. “Is Mum on the change, has she lost interest?”

“Your mother lost interest a long time ago,” he said.

“How long Daddy?”

“Well, it started not long after you were born, she started to lose interest, then we just sort of drifted into not doing it anymore.”

“How long is it since you made love then Daddy?” She asked.

“Must be about fifteen years l suppose,” he replied.

“Jesus Daddy!” She said, taking another mouthful of coffee. The action of leaning over to reach the mug meant that her legs parted even more causing the material of her thong to slip into her vagina completely leaving both labia exposed.

Harry tried to avert his eyes, but instead he noticed how her nipples were pressing against her bikini top. He felt the stirring in his loins, he tried to busy himself with his plants but every time he looked at his daughter his eyes went straight between her thighs.

“What do you do then Daddy?” She asked, “do you have a lover?”

“What! No of course not,” he replied.

“What do you do then Daddy, just masturbate?”

“I don’t think this is something a father and daughter should be talking about,” he said. “I think you should go and have your dip in the hot tub.”

“Oh come on Daddy, l just want to help,” she said.

“There’s nothing you or l can do about it sweetheart.” As he spoke he pulled out his potting stool and sat on it, immediately realising his mistake as this only served to bring his eye line in direct view of her vagina.

“But you must do something Daddy,” she said, “you’re an attractive man, still relatively young, you can’t tell me you haven’t had offers, are you saying you’ve been faithful to her all through it?”

That moment of hesitation before he answered was not lost on Jenny.

“Oooo Daddy, you have to tell,” she said excitedly, “l want all the juicy details,” she giggled, once again reaching for the coffee mug, opening her legs even wider.

Harry swallowed hard, hoping that the burning heat he could feel in his face was not obvious, he knew he should stand up but daren’t as his erection would be obvious.

“Come on Daddy, who is she?” Jenny asked, “do l know her? I thought l heard Mum shouting about that woman behind the bar, is it her Daddy?”

“No it isn’t,” he protested.

“Well l’m glad about that,” Jenny said, “she’s a cheap tart, l know plenty of lads who’ve had her. Who is it then?”

“It’s not like that,” he replied, “anyway l don’t think we should be having this conversation.”

Jenny gave him a sideways look. “It’s not a fella is it?” She said, “l mean that’s not a problem with me if that’s what you want, l know plenty of fellas who are bisexual, it’s getting more and more popular these days, is that it Daddy?”

“No it isn’t!” He shouted in reply.

“Well it’s someone,” she said, “you haven’t denied it, so who is it, you can tell me, l can keep a secret, l think what Mum is doing is awful, l can’t imagine why she would go off sex, l know l would never.”

“I don’t think l want to know that,” he said, feeling even more uncomfortable, his eyes alternating from her glistening vagina to the pin points of her nipples.

“Oh Daddy, you don’t think l’m a virgin do you?” She giggled, “l know Daddies like to think their daughters will stay a virgin forever but this is 2020 Daddy, any girl who is still a virgin when she leaves school either has to be ugly or unlucky.”

Harry didn’t know what to say, his mind was in turmoil, now, as he looked at her exposed vagina, in his mind he could see a big fat penis sliding in and out.

“Come on Daddy, tell me,” she pleaded, “l won’t tell Mum. I promise.”

Harry wasn’t sure what to say, in some respects he felt trapped, Jenny obviously had worked out that he was doing something, he was unsure about sharing secrets with his daughter about him cheating on her mother. But then again, was it really cheating….of course it was….why was he trying to convince himself that wanking off over some woman’s tits would not come under the heading of cheating, his wife would certainly have no trouble thinking it did. Then, just to make things worse, his beautiful daughter was sitting in front of him, her pussy lips protruding either side of the material that was now almost hidden. He desperately wanted to walk away, but standing up without Jenny being able to see that he had an erection was impossible.

“It’s not what you think,” he said finally, “and it’s only happened once.”

“Oooo, l knew it,” Jenny fidgeted excitedly, “who is she Daddy?”

“That’s the thing,” he said, “I don’t know her name or anything about her.”

“Is she a prostitute?” Jenny asked, “l hope you’re being careful Daddy, have you got condoms, l have a few spare if you need some.”

“I could really do without that information,” he said, “but no, it’s not like that, not full sex.”

“What, just a blow job was it?”

“Oh christ, this is so embarrassing,” he said.

“Come on Daddy,” she encouraged, “we’ve always been able to talk, l’m not judging you, l think Mum is being totally unreasonable, she can’t expect a man like you to give up sex completely at your age just because she doesn’t want to, you have to get it somewhere Daddy, it’s not healthy to have to keep it all bottled up, this is how sexual predators get started, they get frustrated if they can’t get it at home then take it out on innocent women.”

“Well don’t worry sweetheart,” he smiled, “l’m not going to turn into a sexual predator.”

“I know you’re not Daddy,” she said, “but you are doing something, so come on, spill the beans.”

Harry hesitated a moment then, with a sigh of recognition that Jenny was not going to give up, he began relating how he had started viewing porn on the internet, how he had found the site that in the end he joined as a member and how in conversations with other members, he had become interested in dogging. “I don’t suppose you are familiar with the term,” he said.

Jenny laughed, “Of course l am silly, some of my friends have done it, but they contacted a chap who makes videos of it to put on the internet, he pays them, it’s a nice little earner.”

“You haven’t have you?” Harry said.

“Not yet,” she replied, “but l might do, it sounds like fun.”

“Jesus Jenny, you can’t do that, not with strangers,” he said.

“Oh Daddy, don’t be a fuddy duddy,” she laughed, “mind you, l might have to check with you before l go, don’t want an embarrassing moment do we.”

“I can’t believe you’re so casual about it,” he said, “what about…you know…catching something.”

“Well l don’t expect to be going all the way Daddy,” she giggled, “probably a bit of wanking and a blow job or two.”

“Jesus!” Harry said.

“What did you do then?” She asked, “I take it you did go.”

Harry coloured up again, this whole situation was surreal, sitting here discussing his sexual activity with his daughter. He glanced at her, her piercing stare telling him that he would have to tell her the truth.

“Yes,” he admitted, “l went twice. The first time l just watched this woman doing oral sex with two different men.”

“Did you take a turn or did you just masturbate?”

The directness of her question shocked him, he would have expected her to be shocked but instead she seemed prepared to accept his behaviour.

“I just masturbated,” he admitted, “then, the next week it was the same woman, initially l was the only man there, she called me over and started giving me a hand job, l was so nervous that l’m afraid l came quite quickly, but just as l came she caught me between her breast and l came over them.”

“Is that it?” Jenny smiled, “you didn’t fuck her then?”

“No, of course not,” he replied, “anyway, two other men turned up so l came away.”

“Oh don’t worry Daddy,” she said, “you’ll get better at it as you get more experienced.”

“I still can’t believe l’m telling you this,” he said.

“Do you know what l can’t believe Daddy?” She said.


“That for the last half hour you’ve been staring at my pussy and you haven’t tried to fuck me,”

Harry was shocked, without thinking he stood up.

“Well at least l’ve got a reaction,” she giggled, pointing to the tent in the front of his trousers.

“God l’m sorry,” Harry said, turning away.

“Nothing to be sorry about Daddy,” she said, “we’ve been in lockdown for over a month now, you’re as horny as hell otherwise you wouldn’t have tried it on with Mum, l know l’m horny, l’m on the third set of batteries for my vibrator, look Dad l’ll make it easy for you,” she said, jumping off the workbench, she quickly undid the ties on her thong and bra, throwing them onto the workbench. “There,” she said, “l can’t make it plainer than that, l want you to fuck me Daddy.”

“I can’t,” he replied, fighting with his conscience, his conscience lost as he turned to face her, his eyes travelling down her body from her pert breasts, full and firm, tipped with rosy pink nipples, down over her flat tummy to the mound of her pubis, totally devoid of any hair, the cleft of her vagina disappearing between her thighs. “You’re my daughter, l can’t sweetheart.”

“Of course you can Daddy,” she said, taking a step towards him, reaching up on tip toe to kiss him.

Harry tasted her soft, sweet lips pressing gently against his. Just tenderly brushing against him. He felt her hands at the waistband of his trousers, tugging at his belt. He put his hands on her back, marvelling at the soft, smooth flesh, so hot it felt as if it was burning his hands. He felt his trousers loosen, then the zipper being lowered over his erection. Suddenly he felt the air on his cock as she freed it, her hands encircling it.

“Mmmm Daddy,” she whispered, “he feels so powerful, if l squeeze him l can feel him throbbing.”

“Stop it baby,” he said weakly, “we mustn’t do this, it’s wrong.”

“Shush Daddy,” she replied, “l want him Daddy, l’ve wanted him for years, let me Daddy.”

As she spoke she slowly slid down his body onto her knees. Harry lost all self control, his hands moving as if they had a will of their own, onto her shoulders.

“Oh Daddy he’s beautiful,” she whispered, taking hold of his shaft, peeling back his foreskin, revealing the glistening helmet. She leaned forward kissing the tip, teasing the eye with her tongue.

Harry groaned, instinctively his hand went to her head, his fingers interlocking in her long blonde hair.

As Jenny parted her lips, slipping them over the head of his penis, Harry groaned again, gripping her harder as he pushed his cock deep into her mouth.

Jenny made a whimpering noise as she struggled to cope with him and the way his cock forced it’s way into the back of her throat, she fought the instinct to gag. Instead she held his balls, caressing them.

When a Harry finally gained control of himself, his grip on her relaxed. Jenny pulled away, a thread of saliva still connecting his cock with her mouth as she gasped for air.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“I want it Daddy,” she smiled up at him, immediately taking him back into her mouth, her hands gripping his bottom, pulling him in hard.

Harry groaned again as he felt her sucking hard on his cock, he knew he couldn’t hold out for long, he felt as if his balls would burst.

Jenny felt the surge coming, felt his shaft stiffening, felt his cock head swelling. She readied herself to take his ejaculation, waiting for that final pulse of energy. When it came, the surge of heat that travelled through her body set off her own orgasm just as her father filled her mouth with his hot cum.

Harry held her tightly as he unloaded his seed into her mouth. Humping himself against her as he felt the suction of her trying to cope with it. There was a cloud of red mist in his brain, he just had to keep pumping his cum into her.”

Jenny had sucked many cocks in her short life, but never like this, never had she felt such power and at the same time felt totally used. Her father’s cock pulsating wildly in her mouth caused a second, milder orgasm, she marvelled at the way he could give her two orgasms without touching her pussy, it was the most amazing experience of her life. She swallowed hard, knowing that cum was still leaking from her mouth, she could feel it on her breasts.

Finally, Harry slumped forward, reaching out and supporting himself on the workbench to stop himself collapsing on top of her. He felt the intensity of the moment ebbing away, the urgency of her mouth diminishing until she finally released him, giving his cock one final kiss before looking up at him, cum running from both corners of her mouth.

“That was amazing Daddy,” she smiled up at him, “l’ve wanted that for so long, just when l was losing hope of it ever happening.”

Harry helped her to her feet.

“I love you Daddy,” she said, stretching up to kiss him.

Harry could taste his own cum on her mouth, he held her tight, crushing her naked body against him.

“Oh baby,” he said, “what have we done….what have l done….oh my sweet sweet baby.” He squeezed her tight.

“It was wonderful Daddy,” she said.

“But it was wrong baby,” he said, looking down into her beautiful face, her lips slightly puffy from the way he had forced himself into her mouth.

“Don’t say it was wrong Daddy,” she said, “it was what we both wanted, it’s only wrong if you force me, l wanted it Daddy, l needed it so badly, l’ve wanted it for so long, then hearing how Mum is treating you, l knew that this was the moment, this was my chance finally to have you. I have no regrets Daddy, l’m yours now.”

“We can’t do it again,” he said, “we mustn’t do it again.”

“But we will do it again Daddy,” she replied, “because l want you and you want me. I love you Daddy, and you love me. It’s about love Daddy not lust, not force, just love. Next you have to make love to me, properly.”

“I don’t know if l can,” he laughed, “ l think you drained me dry.”

“Oh not now Daddy,” she replied, “l had better put in an appearance in the hot tub before Mum gets suspicious and wonders where l am. But we will Daddy, you will make love to me, and it will be the most magical moment of my life, l love you Daddy.”

Harry reluctantly released her, watching as she covered herself with her bra and thong.

“It’s a good job there’s tissues in the tub house,” she said, “l need to get all your cum off my boobs before l get in the tub.”

Once she was happy that she was properly covered again, she kissed him once more, giving his now flaccid penis a nudge.

“You should put that away,” she giggled, “or l might be tempted to stay a bit longer.”

Harry watched as she walked across the lawn to the tub house, there was an exaggerated sway to her firm round buttocks and a cheeky backward glance as she opened the door.

Harry went back to the house at lunchtime but that was a frosty affair, conversation with Ann was limited with a distinct attitude from her that she was barely able to stay in his company. Throughout the meal he tried to avoid eye contact with Jenny, but whenever he did sneak a glance at her it was as though she could sense him looking, she would smile at him with that cheeky grin of hers which sent a surge of heat through his body. Despite the fact that Jenny was now dressed in t-shirt and shorts, he still had the vision of her naked. As he sat there, he felt his erection growing, the situation not helped when he felt a foot sliding up and down his leg. Thankfully, Ann seemed totally unaware of the signals being passed between father and daughter.

The rest of the day passed without incident, Harry busying himself in the garden while Jenny retired to her bedroom saying she had revising to catch up on.

Harry contemplated spending the evening in his study, viewing porn and talking to the few friends he had made on the site. At the last minute he decided to spend the evening with Ann watching tv in the hope that they could get their relationship back to something resembling normality. Jenny, as usual spent the evening in her room, probably talking to her friends on social media.

Having spent the first hour in a frosty silence, Harry finally decided he would have to make the first move.

“We can’t carry on like this Ann,” he said, “we need to talk.”

“I don’t see that we have much to talk about,” she replied, “unless you want to tell me who the woman is that you are having an affair with.”

“I’m not having an affair with anyone Ann, it’s not happening,” he said.

“Then why did you have those things in your pocket,” she accused.

“Okay, l admit l did think about it,” he said, “let’s face it Ann you are never interested, l just felt so frustrated, but then l couldn’t bring myself to do it in the end.”

“Who is she?” Ann demanded.

“You don’t know her,” he replied, “she’s a woman at work, nothing has happened between us, it’s just that we spend a lot of time chatting, l have been getting frustrated and l thought there might be a chance of something happening, but nothing has.”

“So l’m supposed to accept that am l?” She said, “l’m supposed to agree that it’s perfectly acceptable for you to go and get rid of your unnatural urges with another woman.”

“For god’s sake Ann, l’m not an old man, l keep myself fit, some would say l’m in the prime of my life, what’s so unnatural to want to make love to my wife?”

“You don’t have any right to attack me like you did last night,” she said.

“Come off it,” he protested, “l didn’t attack you, l put my hand on your breast.”

“And you poked that thing at me,” she said, “it was disgusting.”

“You never used to think like that,” he replied, “l remember the times when you took the lead, you couldn’t get my trousers off quick enough.”

Just then Harry felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He took it out and switched it on. Immediately an image came up on the screen as a message, it was a photo of Jenny, lying back on her bed, naked, with her legs spread wide.

“Who’s that?” Ann said, “your fancy piece l suppose.”

“No it isn’t.” Harry lied, rapidly deleting the image and switching it to the image of his sport app. He turned the phone to face Jane, “it’s just football news, see,” he said.

“Well whatever it was last night,” Ann said, “there will be no repeat of it do you hear?”

“I just think you are being unreasonable,” he said, “you’re still an attractive woman, what is so unnatural about me wanting to make love to you. It used to be such fun, don’t forget it was you that bought those outfits, they were your idea, we had a lot of fun with those.”

Ann hesitated for a moment, just as Harry’s phone vibrated again. This time, Jenny was in the same position but she was holding the base of a vibrator which was inserted in her vagina. Luckily, Ann seemed too absorbed in her own thoughts to notice as Harry once again deleted the image.

Ann’s mind flashed back to the conversation she’d had with her lifelong best friend Julia.

“I have to tell you Ann,” Julia had said, “l’ve got a lover.”

“What!” Ann had replied, “what do you mean.”

“A lover silly,” Julia had laughed, “sex Annie, pure unadulterated sex, oh god it’s wonderful, l’ve not felt so alive in years.”

“But what about Pete,” Ann had said, “l thought you loved him.”

“Oh l do Annie,” Julia replied, “l love him to bits, this is nothing emotional, it’s not a love affair, just sex, raw sex, oh god Annie l get wet even thinking about it.”

“Who?” Ann asked.

“One of the trainers at the gym l use,” Julia replied, “Gino…although l doubt if that’s his real name, it’s probably Fred but Gino sounds more exotic. He’s gorgeous, all muscles and fake tan, although it might not be fake because l can assure you it’s all over, every little inch, or in his case every big inch.”

“But all these years Jules,” Ann said, “you’ve never…in all these years.”

“I know Annie, that’s what makes it so exciting,” Julia said, “when l’m working out and getting all hot a sweaty, l can feel his eyes on me like some predatory leopard, l go into the treatment room, he locks the door and just screws me….oh god Annie l’m touching myself now thinking about it, he’s huge, much bigger than Pete, and he just fucks me, no messing about, he puts me in all sort of positions and just fucks me, l’ve never had so many orgasms.”

“I don’t know what to say Joules, l’ve never heard you talk like this…what about Pete, what if he found out?”

“I don’t know,” Julia had giggled, “the amount of porn he watches lately it would probably turn him on.”

“He watches porn!” Ann was shocked.

“Of course he does Annie, we both do….don’t tell me you don’t, l thought everyone did these days…what about Harry, l bet he does.”

That conversation with Julia was rattling through her brain now. For years she had never doubted that Harry loved her, but since finding those condoms her confidence had been shaken, then that conversation with Julia began eating at her brain. Yes there had been times when she had thought about the fun they’d had, but she’s successfully put those thoughts to the back of her mind. She had never once thought that the absence of sex was affecting a Harry, he had never shown any sign until last night.

Ann casted her mind back to the night before, the feel of his hand on her breast, she realised that her reaction had not been completely instantaneous, just for that split second she had felt the heat of his touch, felt a hardening of her nipple. Was it his touch or her reaction to it that had caused her to reject him so violently, was her rejection just a way of covering up the flow of heat that suddenly travelled down to her groin.

“I’m going to bed,” she said suddenly, “l have to be up early, l want to be near the front of the queue at the supermarket.” Ann failed to mention that she had earlier phoned Julia and arranged to meet her at the supermarket, she needed to talk to someone and Julia had always been a good listener.

Harry decided not to follow her to bed, he didn’t want a repeat of the previous evening and thought it would be best to wait until she had gone to sleep. Instead he decided to log on to the porn site, to see if any of his friends wanted to chat.

Sat in front of his computer in the study, he was disappointed to find that none of his friends were on line. He began flicking through the collection of videos, concentrating on dogging clips.

“What’s you login details?”

Harry nearly jumped out of his chair, then realised he had left the study door open, Jenny was standing in the doorway, wearing just her dressing gown, but it was untied and open displaying her naked body.

“I’ve been logged on upstairs,” she said, “l heard a Mum going to bed, l thought you might be going on line, l was going to have some fun with you but l don’t know what name you use.”

“Er…how did you know what site to go on?” He said.

“I sneaked in earlier and looked at your viewing history,” she giggled, “you really should be more careful Daddy, if Mum had used this computer she would have seen what sites you’ve been looking at, you should always clear your history when you finish.”

As she spoke, she walked around him, discarding her dressing gown, then sitting on his desk, in front of him, she put one foot either side of him, resting on the arms of his chair, leaving her vagina totally exposed, directly in his eye line.

“What are you looking at Daddy?” She said, glancing at the monitor, “oh, dogging…is that your favourite Daddy…would you take me dogging…would you like to see me sucking off complete strangers…would you like to see them fucking me?”

“Stop it Jenny,” he said, “what if your mother cane down and saw you like that, put your dressing gown back on and go back to bed.”

“Kiss my pussy first,” she giggled, “take your cock out and wank it while you kiss my pussy.”

“Stop it Jenny,” he said.

“Do it Daddy,” she persisted, “look at my pussy Daddy, see how swollen my little clit is, l’ve been frigging myself for ages thinking about having your cock up my pussy, l’m all wet and juicy Daddy, kiss my pussy and taste me.”

Harry didn’t know how he was supposed to resist her, her cunt looked so inviting, it had been so long since he had tasted Ann’s cunt, it had always been one of his favourite things to do, he loved the taste, loved the feel of her clitoris between his lips, he remembered how she used to love it, pressing him against her cunt as she came, flooding his mouth with her sweet juices.

He glanced around, seeing that Jenny had closed the study door, as he turned back, she had both hands between her thighs, pulling open her cunt.

“Look at me Daddy,” she said, “look how wet l am, l want your tongue inside me Daddy, kiss my pussy, go down on me, make me cum Daddy.”

Harry felt himself drawn towards her, resting his hands on her smooth thighs, he stooped forward, his tongue making contact with her open cunt.

“Oh yes Daddy,” she whispered as his tongue traced the contours of her cunt, gently circling then flicking over her clitoris. “Oh god that feels good Daddy, suck my clit Daddy….oh yes…..yes, like that….oh yes Daddy.”

She let out a gasp as he bit gently on her clitoris.

“Oh Daddy you’re so good at this,” she hissed, “did you do this for Mum Daddy, oh god how could she not want this….oh yes Daddy, bite me again….oh god yes….again….oh god….l love you Daddy….oh yes, fingers too….yes Daddy.”

Harry slipped two fingers into the wet channel of her cunt, hooking them behind her clit to find her g-spot. He continued to suck on her clitoris as he stimulated it from both directions. He was completely overwhelmed by the smell and taste of her. His mouth became more demanding, his tongue flicking her clitoris as his fingers frigged her.

“Oh yes Daddy,” she cried, “yes…keep going….l’m going to cum Daddy….oh god yes…yes…yes.”

Harry felt her body stiffen just before a stream of hot juices poured into his eager mouth. He tried to drink his daughter’s love juice but couldn’t catch it all as it sprayed over his face. He clamped his mouth over her cunt as pulse after pulse of the beautiful liquid flowed. Jenny pressed his head hard against her cunt with one hand, the other squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples.

“Oh my god Daddy,” she sighed as her head began to clear, the intensity of her orgasm finally abating.

Harry remained with his mouth clamped onto her cunt, not wanting to lose one drop of her juices, he was pleased that after so long he was still able to work his magic, the magic that had had Ann screaming in ecstasy so many times when they were first married.

“Oh Daddy, how can Mum not want that, it was beautiful.” She finally released her hold on him, pushing his head away, looking at his face covered in her own juices. She leaned forward and kissed him, tasting herself on his lips.

“Now you have to fuck me,” she said.

“I can’t baby,” he replied, “we can’t risk it, if your mother was to come looking for me it would be terrible.”

“But l want you Daddy,” she pleaded.

“In the morning sweetheart,” he said, “your mother is going shopping early, we can do it then.”

“You promise Daddy,” she said, “you promise you will fuck me in the morning.”

“I promise baby,” he kissed her again, “once she has gone, we can take our time and do it properly.”

“Oh Daddy, that would be heaven, you do mean it, you promise, you will fuck me in the morning…oh l’m so excited, l won’t be able to sleep, l’ll be fringing myself all night…oh Daddy it’s going to be so wonderful, l love you Daddy.”

She slid forward onto his lap, purring her arms around him, kissing him deeply.

Once he had finally lifted her off his lap, Jenny bent to pick up her dressing gown. Harry gave her bottom a playful smack.

“Oh yes Daddy,” she giggled, “you can give your naughty daughter a good spanking in the morning.” She kissed him again before doing up her dressing gown and heading back upstairs.

As he had hoped, Ann was fast asleep when he entered the bedroom. He undressed quietly, slipping under the quilt and lying, facing away from her. She gave a low grunt as she felt the bed move under his weight.

Harry lay awake for some time, going over in his mind the momentous day he had had. He stroked his erection slowly as he recalled every contour of his daughters body, the feel of her mouth engulfing him, the taste of her juices as she came, he knew what he was doing was wrong, but he also knew that in the morning he would be between her thighs, his cock buried in her cunt.

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