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Ann begins to discover the world that her daughter has taken her to.

Jenny walked back into the bedroom, her mother and father were side by side on the bed, her father had his arm around her shoulder, gently fondling her breast and tweaking her nipple. In return, her mother was fondling his cock.

Jenny walked round to her mother, bending over, she kissed her full on her lips. Ann’s mouth surrendered softly, inviting her daughter to explore her mouth with her tongue, at the same time Jenny reached over and fondled her mother’s other breast.

“You look beautiful Mum,” Jenny said when she stood up, “a new woman, nicely fucked.”

Ann blushed in embarrassment, her dress had been discarded but she was still wearing the underwear.

“Open up, let me see what he’s given you,” Jenny said, moving to the bottom of the bed, parting her mother’s legs and kneeling between them.

She could see the trickle of white cum leaking from her mother’s cunt.

“Oh that looks so tasty,” she said, lowering her mouth to her mother’s cunt, her tongue licking the whole length of her vulva before diving inside. She raised her head, noticing that her mother was still holding her father’s cock and that he was rigid. “Daddy, it’s very rude to ignore a young lady when she has her bum in the air,” she giggled.

Harry took the hint, slipping off the bed he stood behind his daughter, his rigid erection nestled between her cunt lips before sliding it deep into her.

“Oh Mummy,” Jenny smiled at her mother, “this is heaven.” She noticed the mobile phone by the side of the bed. “Take a photo Mum.”

“No l can’t,” Ann protested weakly, her body reacting as her daughter’s mouth returned to her cunt, licking and nibbling at her clitoris. She watched as her husband began fucking her daughter, the whole thing was almost too much.

“Go on Mum, see how much you can get in,” Jenny lifted her mouth again.

Ann reached for the phone, switching it to camera, she held it facing down her body. The screen showed the flat of her tummy, the lace of her split crotch panties, her garter belt and thighs clad in the fishnet stockings. Between her thighs it showed the top of her daughter’s head and above that the smiling face of her husband. She took the photo.

Jenny looked up again. “Now send it to Julia,” she said.

“I can’t do that,” Ann protested.

“Do it,” Jenny said, sliding two fingers into her mother’s cunt then licking her father’s cum from them.

Ann pressed the button to send the photo to Julia.

Seconds later her phone pinged. There was a message from Julia. “Beautiful, now one of you,” it said.

“Do what she says,” Jenny instructed.

Ann lifted the phone over herself and took a selfie, it showed her face and breasts held in the quarter cup bra. She sent that photo to Julia.

Seconds later there was another message. “Fantastic, Steve is wanking here, can’t wait to fuck you.”

“How did she know?” Ann asked, as if she couldn’t guess.

“I was speaking to her before l came in,” Jenny said, “telling her that you are now Daddy’s slut wife.” She giggled, then looked around at her father. “You can stop now Daddy, it doesn’t look like you have any spunk for me just yet,” she said.

“Did you really tell her that about me?” Ann said uncertainly.

“Of course l did Mummy, you’re Daddy’s slut wife, l’m his slut daughter. We’re going to have so much fun being sluts together, all of Daddy’s fantasies can be fulfilled.”

“Is that what you want?” Ann said to Harry, “you want me to have sex with Steve?”

“Of course he does Mummy,” Jenny interrupted. “Millions of men would love to see their wives fucked by other men, look at Daddy, he’s wanking thinking about it.”

Ann turned to her husband, Harry smiled back, making no effort to conceal the fact that he was stroking his cock and that he was fully erect.

“I thought you loved me,” she said.

“Oh Mummy, of course he loves you,” Jenny laughed, “fifteen years you never let him fuck you and he stayed faithful, of course he loves you, this isn’t because he doesn’t love you, it’s just that he wants to have fun with you, come on Mummy, you have to admit you’ve enjoyed it so far, you can’t deny that when you were flashing your tits years ago on that holiday there wasn’t a nagging itch in your pussy, you knew the effect you were having on Steve and you enjoyed it, well now it’s time to let your hair down and enjoy life, you can’t tell me your pussy isn’t creaming thinking about it.”

Ann knew she should really end this conversation, that she should try to find a way to turn the clock back, to end this madness, after all what respectable woman would be doing this, dressed like a tart, having sex with her husband in front of her daughter, having sex with her daughter and talking about having sex with other men.

Harry could see her thinking. “Come on sweetheart, Jenny’s right, let’s just enjoy it, see where it takes us.”

“Huh!” Ann replied, “you’re just looking for an excuse to screw Julia.”

“Look baby,” Harry said, “if you really don’t want to carry on, we stop now and try to forget it ever happened, is that what you really want, do you want us to go back to where we were, you as miserable as sin and bad tempered and me wanking in the shed, because that was where we were, l’ve seen how you’ve changed in just a few hours, you’ve come alive, you look amazing in that outfit, Jenny’s right, like loads of other men l get hard thinking about you being fucked by other men, it doesn’t mean l don’t love you, it’s just sex.”

“But you wouldn’t say that if l did it behind your back,” Ann countered.

“If that’s what you want, all l ask is that you tell me about it,” he replied.

Ann looked at him. “Is that what you want, so that you can screw other women, is that it?”

“No it’s not,” Harry replied, “l want us to have fun together, to try new experiences, we’re still young, you’re beautiful and sexy and l want us to enjoy sex together.”

“Don’t forget me,” Jenny laughed, bending forward and kissing her mother’s cunt before Ann could stop her.

Jenny sensed her mother’s hesitation, instead of breaking away from the kiss, she clamped her mouth over her mother’s cunt, locating her clitoris and sucking it, thrilled to feel the little button swelling between her lips.

Ann knew she should push her daughter away, but it felt so good, her brain was confused. A shock wave travelled through her as Harry pinched her nipples, she let out a groan, her thighs parted as if they had a will of their own. Her hand searched for his cock, holding it, squeezing it as she felt Jenny taking her to the brink of orgasm.

Harry shifted position so that he was on his knees beside her. He looked down at her, saw the passion on her face as she neared orgasm.

“Suck my cock,” he told her, pressing the head of his cock against her lips.

There was no resistance, her lips parted as his cock slipped between them.

There were fireworks going of in Ann’s brain, beautiful pleasure from her pussy, beautiful pain as Harry pinched and twisted her nipples, the feel of his cock pulsating in her mouth.

She tried to scream but then, just as her back arched, her orgasm crashing through her, Harry twisted her nipples harder and his cock unloaded his cum into her mouth. She had no option other than to suck hard and swallow as her mouth filled with his salty cum, her cunt was on fire as Jenny continued to torment her, probing with her tongue as she lapped up her mother’s cunt juice.

Ann slowly came down, sucking gently on the cock in her mouth, kissing the head as Harry withdrew.

Jenny lifted her head from between her mother’s thighs. “There Mum,” she smiled, “that’s how good it can be, now tell me you don’t want more.”

“I should be ashamed,” Ann whispered, “this is so wrong.”

“Rubbish Mummy,” Jenny said, “nothing is wrong about feeling good, there’s a whole new world of experiences out there and we’re going to take you there.”

Harry leaned over his wife, kissing her deeply, tasting his own spunk on her lips. “I love you so much,” he said as he rose above her, “you have never been more beautiful than you are now.”

“I love you too,” she replied.

“If you two are getting all luvvy dovey l’m off,” Jenny laughed, “l promised to vides call my tutor to get my project marks, l told him he can watch me masturbate while he wanks.”

“Really!” Ann smiled.

“Oh yes Mummy,” Jenny laughed, “he’s in his seventies, a real dirty old man, but he’s quite cute as well, have fun you two, l’ll see you in the morning. You two stay there, l’ll sleep in your room.” She blew them a kiss from the doorway.

The following morning, Jenny entered the kitchen, Ann had her back turned, stood at the sink in her dressing gown. Jenny stepped up behind her, putting her arms around her mother and cupping her breasts.

“Morning Mummy,” she whispered as she nuzzled the back of her mother’s neck.

“Jenny please!” Ann turned in shock only for her daughter to cover her mouth with her own, her tongue probing as her hands parted her mother’s dressing gown exposing her breasts.

Ann was taken completely by surprise, her initial reaction was to try and step away but Jenny had her pressed back against the kitchen worktop. She felt her naked body being exposed, then the feel of her daughter’s naked body pressing against her.

Jenny’s hands slid round to her mother’s bottom, pulling her close, grinding her pelvis against her.

Ann managed to free her mouth. “Jenny please,” she gasped.

“I want you Mummy,” Jenny replied, “l’ve been frigging myself off for an hour, l could hear you and Daddy, could hear him fucking you, l have to have you a Mummy.”

Jenny moved down her mother’s body, kissing her breasts, sucking each nipple in turn. She felt her mother react as she dragged her teeth over her nipples.

Ann knew she should resist but her body was only just recovering from the sex she had had with Harry earlier, when he had woken her, gently caressing her, slowly using his fingers and mouth to take her to the edge of climax before her had entered her, making love to her slowly and deeply, taking her over the edge not once but twice so that she was unable to stop herself crying out.

Now Jenny was reigniting her, her fingers tweaking her nipples as her mouth continued it’s journey down over her tummy.

Ann felt herself leaning back against the worktop, her legs parting automatically as her daughter’s mouth reached the neat triangle of pubic hair.

“We must get rid of this,” Jenny looked up at her, seeing the torment on her mother’s face. She could see her mother fighting with herself, knowing she should push her daughter away yet feeling her body reacting.

Ann’s hands went to the top of her daughter’s head but instead of pushing her away, she pushed her down, parting her thighs in anticipation of her daughter reaching her target. She sighed a deep sigh as she felt Jenny’s lips make contact with her labia, felt her tongue probing, seeking her magic button.

She gasped again as Jenny’s lips closed on her clitoris, sucking it, then flicking it with her tongue.

“Oh Mummy,” Jenny said as she looked up at her, “l can see Daddy’s spunk inside you, it’s beautiful Mummy.”

Before Ann could reply, her daughter was back, her mouth pressed against her cunt as her tongue probed deep inside seeking the nectar of her father’s spunk.

“Oh Jesus Christ!” Ann cried out, finally giving up all resistance, giving herself completely to her daughter. She supported herself with her elbows on the worktop as she felt Jenny’s hands holding her buttocks, lifting her. She cried out again as her legs rested on her daughter’s shoulders, her thighs clamping her daughter’s head hard against her cunt.

Jenny probed deeper, her hands parting her mother’s buttocks, her fingernails scratching against the puckered rosebud of her mother’s anus.

There were explosions in Ann’s brain, she craved more, had to have more. Her whole body relaxed as she felt the pressure of her daughter’s finger agains her anus.

“Oh Jesus!…..Oooh…..oh god!….. oh….mmmmmmmm!”

Her orgasm flooded through her body as her daughter’s finger invaded her most private orifice. Body juices poured from her into her daughter’s eager mouth.

Jenny felt her mother’s juices filling her mouth, felt it flowing over her face, she swallowed hard, tasting the mixture of cunt juice and her father’s spunk, her mother’s body going into spasm as her finger probed her mother’s bum hole.

“No more…..no more please,” Ann begged as her first orgasm receded, another one building. “Oh no my darling, please no more, we mustn’t do this….oh god l’m so ashamed…oh please sweetheart…no more……oh god….mmmmmm!”

Her second orgasm was more gentle, just a warm glow, starting from her bum hole and spreading through her body. Ann began to cry, sobbing uncontrollably as her daughter released her, helping her to stand then hugging her.

“I love you Mummy,” Jenny whispered as her mother’s body trembled against hers.

“Oh Jenny,” Ann whispered between sobs, “what have we done…what have we become?”

“Shush Mummy,” Jenny responded, holding her mother tightly, “don’t Mummy, just enjoy Mummy, we both love you very much.”

Jenny guided her mother to a chair by the table, sitting her down then sitting opposite her.

“This can’t be right Jenny sweetheart,” Ann said.

“Feels good though Mummy,” Jenny giggled.

“Seriously Jenny,” Ann replied, “we can’t go on like this.”

“Of course we can Mummy,” Jenny said, “who’s going to know…well apart from Julia and Steve…but they can’t wait to join us.”

Ann looked at her daughter.

“Oh l spoke to them after l’d left you last night,” Jenny continued, “Steve is literally chomping at the bit, he’s wanted to fuck you for years, we’re going to have so much fun Mummy, I’ve been thinking of all sorts of things we can get up to. Don’t look at me like that Mummy, you know you’re enjoying it too…stop trying to moralise the whole situation…it’s just sex Mummy, sex with people who care for you…sex with people who want you, find you sexy, just enjoy it Mummy.”

“I can’t get over the way you talk about it as if it’s totally normal,” Ann replied, “it’s not normal Jenny, it’s wrong, it’s perverted.”

“Is that why you came Mummy,” Jenny laughed, “l can still taste your pussy on my lips.”

“Oh god,” Ann hung her head in shame.

“Can’t feel like that about it Mummy,” Jenny said cheerfully, “this is going to be such fun, we need to do some shopping before Julia and Steve get here.”

“What do you mean?” Ann said.

“I invited them over this afternoon,” Jenny replied, “we can all go skinny dipping in the hot tub before we get down to the serious sex.”

“I can’t do that,” Ann protested, “what about your fa…..?”

“Oh come on Mum, what do you think?” Jenny smiled, “he’ll be that busy fucking Julia he won’t care what you’re up to, and don’t tell me your pussy didn’t twitch when l mentioned Steve fucking you.”

Ann couldn’t answer, she didn’t need to, the sudden flush of colour in her cheeks was all the confirmation Jenny needed.

“Look at yourself Mummy,” she said, “in the space of less than twenty four hours you’ve gone from being a miserable nag of a wife to the bright, lively, attractive woman you were years ago, don’t try to tell me you don’t feel younger, more alive, l could feel it just now when you were cumming into my mouth, you wanted it Mummy just as much as l did.”

Ann had to admit to herself that much of what Jenny was saying was correct, the lovemaking with Harry earlier had been beautiful, as good as ever it had been when they were younger, she thought about when Jenny had held her breasts, the feeling of excitement that had overtaken her then. She had tried to resist it, tried to push her daughter away, but she knew her efforts were half hearted, she knew the desires in her body were taking charge.

Suddenly Ann realised that her dressing gown was still undone, that her body was still fully exposed, she saw the two of them sitting naked in the kitchen discussing the sex they had had together, discussing the sex they were going to have.

Jenny saw the smile appearing on her mother’s face as the reality of the situation began to dawn on her.

“You’re beautiful Mummy,” she said, rising from her chair, she went round to her mother, bending, intending to kiss the top of her mother’s head. As she did so, Ann suddenly reached up, pulling her daughter’s face down to meet her own, their lips meeting in a long, loving kiss.

As they parted Ann stood up. “I fear you and your father have succeeded in turning me into a whore,” she said.

“Not a whore yet Mummy,” Jenny laughed, “that may come later, for now you’re just the beautiful, sexy lady both Daddy and l love very much.” Jenny could see that something was troubling her mother. “What is it Mum?” She asked.

Ann hesitated before replying. “You know when you did that….you know….what you did…”

“My finger up your bum you mean,” Jenny smiled. “You liked that didn’t you, crikey Mum, you came like a waterfall.”

Ann went bright red, she hesitated again. “Is that something you do a lot?” She asked.

“Mmmm,” Jenny replied, “not just a finger either.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ll soon learn Mummy,” Jenny replied, “all the girls take it up their bum these days.”

“What…..you mean you…..”

“Anal sex Mum,” Jenny laughed, “of course l do, l admit it’s not as good as being fucked in my pussy but it’s still enjoyable and the orgasms are amazing.”

“But doesn’t it hurt?” Ann asked, “and what about….you know….oh god, l can’t believe l’m having this conversation.”

“It hurts a bit the first time,” Jenny replied, “you just have to make sure you’re well lubricated, as for the other thing, well accidents happen.”

“Oh god, l couldn’t do that,” Ann said.

“Face reality Mummy,” Jenny said, “when you start getting properly fucked, it’s going to happen, don’t get worked up about it, just enjoy it.”

“You’ve said things like that before,” Ann said, “as if l’m suddenly going to enter some world of wild sex.”

“Let’s face it Mum you already have,” Jenny laughed, “you’re having sex with your daughter, that’s pretty wild, and when Julia and Steve get here things will really start to take off, l can’t wait, it’s going to be like an orgy, all of us fucking together. Own up Mum, l bet there have been times you’ve wondered what it would feel like to have Steve fucking you, well later on you can find out.”

“But doesn’t it bother you?” Ann replied, “the fact that l would be unfaithful to your father.”

“Oh Mum, wake up,” Jenny laughed, “this has got nothing to do with being faithful, it’s just about having fun, Dad will be screwing me, screwing Julia, he’s not being unfaithful to you, he loves you just as much if not more, he will love watching Steve fuck you, he’ll certainly love watching us girls together, we’ll get this first session over with so you can relax a bit more, then we’ll think about moving on.”

“What do you mean ‘Moving on’ ?”

“Hi you two,” Harry said, interrupting as he walked into the kitchen. He was naked, giving Jenny’s breast a squeeze as he walked past her, bending and kissing Ann as his hands went to her breasts. “Morning sexy,” he said to her, “what have you two been up to, as if l couldn’t guess.”

“Mummy and l had great sex earlier,” Jenny said, smiling at her mother’s embarrassment, “l was just telling her l’ve invited Julia and Steve over later and how you would love to see Steve fucking her.”

“Jenny!” Ann cried, her brain in confusion, embarrassed by her daughter but also feeling the effect of Harry fondling her breasts and tweaking her nipples.

“Look at him Mummy,” Jenny laughed, indicating her father’s stiffening penis, “just the thought of it’s getting him hard.”

Ann looked up at him. “Is that really what you want?” She asked.

“It’s not about what l want baby,” he said, pinching her nipples gently, “it’s just a bit of fun, look how much fun you’ve had since yesterday morning, and don’t shrug it off, l didn’t make you suck my cock after we made love this morning.”

Ann bowed her head in embarrassment, but the memory of how she had taken his limp cock into her mouth, the taste of their mixed love juices, it all served to give her a warm feeling deep down in her pussy. She took stock of her situation, sat in the kitchen, her dressing gown open, exposing her naked body while her husband and daughter were both naked, only two days before she could never have imagined being in this situation, now she watched as her husband turned to his daughter, Jenny taking hold of his penis and kissing it. Ann knew she should be revolted at that sight but instead she was excited by it.

She watched as Jenny nuzzled and kissed her father’s cock. Watched as her husband’s penis grew stiff. Watched as Jenny slipped her lips over the crown of his cock, taking him deep into her mouth until her face pressed against his tummy.

She tried to tear her eyes from the scene but instead her own hand went between her legs, her fingers locating her clitoris as her other hand caressed her breast, pinching her own nipple.

She saw Harry smiling at her as her held his daughter pressed against him, his cock buried deep in her mouth.

“Go on, frig yourself while your daughter makes me cum,” he said, a look of triumph on his face.

Ann could only whimper as she heard her daughter gagging on his cock. Her own orgasm was building, she knew she should stop but her fingers carried on, taking her to ecstasy.

“Go on, frig yourself for me,” Harry said, withdrawing his cock, leaving his daughter gasping for air, he stood in front of his wife, his glistening cock only inches from her face.

Ann removed her fingers, opening her legs. “Fuck me,” she whispered, “please.”

“No, frig yourself,” he demanded, “l want to see you masturbate.” As he spoke he began stroking his cock, wanking himself only inches from her face.

Ann watched that bulbous head, glistening with her daughter’s saliva, she saw the bead of pre cum oozing from the eye. Both of her hands went to her cunt, three fingers of one going up her cunt while the other tormented her clitoris.

“Go on you horny bitch,” he said to her, wanking himself harder.

“Let me Daddy,” Jenny said as she stood behind her father, reaching round and taking hold of his cock, wanking him furiously.

“Tell me,” he said to his wife, “tell me you want my spunk, tell me you’re my horny bitch.”

“Yes…..please,” she cried as her first orgasm flooded her, “yes l want your spunk….please.”

“Keep going,” Harry said, his daughter’s hand bringing him to the point of no return, “be my slut, be our slut, is that what you want?”

“Oh god yes!” She cried as another orgasm ripped through her just as the first ribbon of cum shot from his cock, landing on her face.

“Oh god!” She cried again as her fingers plunged deep into her cunt.

“All the way in slut,” Harry ordered her as ribbon after ribbon of cum streaked across her face.

Ann was out of control, she could taste his cum as it trickled into her mouth, she could feel his spunk across her eyes, in her nose, running in rivers down her face, dripping onto her tits. She forced her hand into her cunt, crying out again as it entered her.

“That’s good Mummy,” Jenny encouraged her, “suck his cock Mummy, drain his balls dry.”

Ann took his cock into her mouth just as the last of his cum oozed from the eye, she sucked the last drop from him.

“Move over Daddy, l want her now,” Jenny said.

Harry stepped aside, sitting on a chair, stroking his cock as he watched his daughter kissing her mother’s spunk covered lips, it was a deep, passionate kiss, he watched Ann respond as Jenny’s hands massaged his cum into her tits. He watched as Jenny began to lick the cum from her mother’s face, thinking to himself that this had turned out better than he could ever have imagined, it was as if a switch had been thrown in Ann’s brain, she had become a totally different woman overnight and he loved the new model.

“Come on Mummy,” Jenny said, holding her mother’s hand and leading her from the chair, “ let’s go and get cleaned up, then we have some shopping to do.”

Ann followed obediently as Jenny led her upstairs, removed her dressing gown, then took her into the shower. Jenny pushed her back against the wall as the warm water cascaded over them. Ann allowed her daughter to wash her, thrilling to her touch as her hands caressed her body, cleansing but also keeping her in a state of arousal. They embraced and kissed as their hands explored each other. Ann had never done anything like it with another woman before but it felt right, her body was alive from top to toe, Jenny’s fingers were like electrodes sending shock waves as they travelled over her body. She tried to follow suit with her own inexperienced hands, mirroring her daughters actions, she felt pride when her fingers between her daughters thighs caused Jenny to gasp and tremble in orgasm.

“You just made me cum Mummy,” Jenny smiled at her then kissed her, “l love you Mummy.”

They dried each other off, spending time to dry their hair then Jenny said it was time to get dressed.

“Where are we going?” Ann asked, “it’s only the supermarkets that are open, we don’t need anything from there, l went yesterday.”

“Yes and we both know what happened there,” Jenny giggled.

Ann felt her face blushing which she thought was rather ridiculous considering what she had been doing moments earlier, plus the fact that she was still naked with her daughter.

“Don’t worry about that,” Jenny laughed, “let’s get you tarted up.”

Jenny ***ed clothes for her mother to wear, a white blouse and black skirt, she handed her mother a black quarter cup bra.

“Put that on,” she said passing her the bra, “it will make your tits stand out.”

“But that blouse is almost see through,” Ann replied, “what if we meet someone who knows me, l can’t wear that.”

“You’re not likely to meet anyone you know where we’re going,” Jenny replied.

“But what about your father? What if he sees me going out dressed like this?”

“He‘ll love it Mum,” Jenny said, “most men like the idea of showing their wives off, come on mum, it’s going to be fun.”

Ann allowed Jenny to help her put the bra on, adjusting her breasts to make them more prominent then tweaking her nipples to harden them, not that they needed much stimulation. Once the blouse was on, Jenny left it half unbuttoned, showing plenty of cleavage, then stood back to admire her mother. “We need to get a move on before l rip it off and fuck you myself,” she giggled. She handed her mother the skirt.

Ann put it on, it came down to mid thigh.

“This is yours,” she said, “l don’t have one this short.”

“Turn the waistband over, make it shorter,” Jenny instructed.

Ann did as she was told.

“And again,” Jenny said.

“I can’t,” Ann giggled, “it will show my panties.”

“No it won’t Mum,” Jenny laughed, “you won’t be wearing any.”

“Don’t be silly,” Ann laughed nervously, “l can’t go out looking like this, what would your father say?”

“You’re joking Mum, he’ll love it,” Jenny replied.

“But l look like a….like a…”

“A prossie.” Jenny laughed, “that’s right Mum, everything on show, all you need is a price tag, you wait and see, Daddy will love it, most men like the idea of other men lusting after their wives, mentally undressing you, well they won’t need to with that outfit.”

Ann looked at herself in the full length mirror.

“You look great Mum,” Jenny said, “l bet you feel great too.”

Ann couldn’t deny the feeling of excitement but she tried to conceal it.

“Remember when you flashed your tits at Steve Mum,” Jenny said, “you must have seen the look on his face, you knew very well that he wanted you and you enjoyed teasing him, l love it when men perv me, staring at my tits in a low cut dress, or try to look up my skirt on an escalator, it turns me on Mum, l bet your pussy is wet now, it’s all l can do to stop myself from finding out.”

“I don’t know about this Jenny,” Ann said, fighting the feelings coming from deep down in her tummy. “Things have happened so quickly, l feel like l’m spiralling out of control.”

“That’s good Mum,” Jenny said, quickly putting on a very short, tartan, pleated skirt and a thin top that did nothing to disguise her breasts, her nipples sticking out like two acorns. “Let your inhibitions go Mum, you are a beautiful woman, you have a great body and you enjoy sex, let yourself go Mum, enjoy yourself, neither Daddy or l will let you come to any harm, just have fun.”

“Fucking hell!” Harry exclaimed as they both walked into the kitchen, “you look like a couple of whores.”

Jenny sensed her mother faltering. “Would you like your wife to be seen in public like this?” Jenny smiled, lifting the front of her mother’s skirt. “I think we should get rid of this bush Daddy, what do you think?”

“Mmmm, yes please,” he replied, stroking his cock as he stared at his wife, “nice and smooth, like yours,” he said, “shall we do it now.”

“Oh no you don’t,” Jenny giggled, “once we get her laid out on the table and shaved, your going to want to go down on her, then fuck her, we’ll never get out. You put that away for now,” she indicated his stiffening erection, “you’re going to need your spunk for Julia later, so don’t go wanking while we’re out.”

“You’re really going to take her out like that,” Harry replied, “can l come? I’d love to see that.”

“See Mum, l told you,” Jenny laughed, “these fellas that want to marry a virgin but want a slut for a wife. Come on Mum, it’s showtime.” She took hold of her mother’s hand, guiding her to the door.

Her high heels made her tits jiggle as she walked, she could also tell her bottom was sticking out, but the sight of her husband openly wanking his cock as he leered at her she found incredibly exciting, she could feel the wetness leaking from her pussy as she allowed her daughter to lead her out to the car.

“Where are we going?” Jenny asked as Jenny steered the car onto the bypass circling the town. “All the shops are shut.”

“Not this one,” Jenny replied, “Julia told me about it, she goes there a lot.”

They drove to the retail park, all the car parks empty and deserted. Jenny carried on, through the car park, heading for the gap between two big stores. In front of them was another car park and a big warehouse type of structure, the sign on the front announcing itself as a ‘Sex Supermarket.’

“I never knew this was here,” Ann said, “it looks like it’s all locked up.”

“Julia told me what to do,” Jenny replied, driving to the right of the building and taking the service road to the rear. At the back there was a large roller door for deliveries and a small wooden door for pedestrians. There were three other cars parked near the doors. Jenny parked the car, taking out her phone from a pocket in her skirt, she entered a number and sent a text message. “Come on,” she said, getting out of the car.

Ann followed her daughter, her anxiety growing by the second, she was on the verge of running away but realised what a ridiculous sight she would make. As they walked towards the wooden door, Ann noticed a camera positioned above it. Just as they reached the door it opened. The man who stood there was in his early thirties, over six feet tall with an olive skinned, swarthy appearance, jet black hair. Ann was immediately struck by how attractive he was.

“Good morning ladies,” the man said, his eyes alternating from Ann’s to Jenny’s breasts, “thank you for using the code, we can’t be too careful, please, come on in.”

Ann could feel herself blushing bright red, she saw him staring at her, she felt as if her clothes were melting away and her naked body was being inspected.

Jenny could see her mother hesitate, she realised she had to do something before fear took over and her whole plan backfired.

“Come on Mummy, let’s see what new toys we can find,” she said, taking Ann by the hand and literally dragging her into the store. She quickly guided her mother away from the man who let them in, she could sense that the way he was staring at her mother’s breasts was unsettling her, she needed to get her mother somewhere quiet to calm her down.

“I’m Gary by the way,” the man called after them, “if you need any help just call me, please don’t take any of the items out of their packaging, if you want to look closer at anything l have a full cupboard of samples that have all been sanitised.”

“I can’t do this,” Ann said, visibly trembling as Jenny guided her to a corner of the store, “l need to go home Jenny, this is too much, l can’t do this.”

“Don’t be silly Mummy, you’re doing great,” Jenny tried to calm her, “you look fabulous.”

“But the way he looked at me,” Ann said, “as if he was some predatory beast and l was his sacrifice.”

“Ooooh Mummy,” Jenny giggled, “that thought is making me wet, l bet you’re wet Mummy, let me see.”

With that, Jenny put her hand under her mother’s skirt and between her thighs before Ann could stop her.

“Jenny please!” Ann protested.

“I knew it Mummy,” Jenny said triumphantly, “your pussy is dripping.” She removed her hand, placing her fingers into her mouth. “Mmmmm Mummy, you taste sweet,” she smiled.

“Jenny please, that man can see us.”

Jenny looked to her left, there was an old man standing beside the magazine stand, he had a magazine open in front of him on top of the counter, he was turning over the pages with one hand, his other hand shoved deep in his pocket as he was obviously wanking. He had seen them walking to the rear of the store and was watching as Jenny had her hand up her mother’s skirt.

“See,” Jenny giggled, “that’s the effect you have on men Mummy, l bet he’d like a taste of your pussy.”

“Shut up!” Ann whispered, “he’ll here you.” But she couldn’t resist looking over at the old man who was staring directly at her, the hand in his pocket still moving vigorously. She blushed again but also felt a warm wetness between her thighs.

Jenny led her around the store, indicating a variety of vibrators and dildos, explaining how each one was designed to give a different experience.

Jenny pointed to a butt plug. “You have to try one of those Mum,”

Ann knew immediately what it was for. “Do you use one?” She asked.

“Yes,” Jenny replied, “my friend at Uni has a remote control vibrating one, she made me put it in one day when we went to the supermarket, she kept switching it on and off, it was crazy, l came three times.”

“I’ve seen on the internet that there seems to be a lot of women letting men do it to them in their bums,” Ann said, “l don’t think l could do that.”

“Well you enjoyed my finger up there,” Jenny giggled, “you can bet your boots that someone is going to want to fuck you there sooner or later, you might as well get used to it.”

“Do you…you know….orgasm?” Ann asked.

“Oh yes,” Jenny said, “obviously it depends on who is doing it, some are better than others, but the orgasm is different, not as powerful as a good cunt fucking.”

Ann was shocked to hear her daughter speaking like that but then thought about what she was doing and how she was dressed, her brain was still confused but the signals coming from her body were undeniable, Jenny had said from the start that it would be fun and Ann had to admit to herself that it was. The knowledge that she was displaying herself to total strangers, the way Jenny was showing her different dildos and vibrators, graphically describing their uses, her body was tingling from head to foot.

Jenny could sense her mother finally relaxing. “Do you want to try a butt plug Mum? Shall l ask Gary if he has one you can try?”

“No…l couldn’t possibly do that,” Ann replied

“Don’t be silly Mummy, come on,” Jenny said, grabbing her by her arm and walking over to the counter.

“You said you had some samples we could try,” She said to Gary.

“Certainly,” he replied, “which ones are you interested in.”

“Mum has never tried a butt plug,” Jenny said, “l’ve tried one before that was a remote control vibrating one, do you have one of those?”

Gary reached down and opened a drawer, removing a silver coloured plug and a tiny remote control, he placed them on the counter together with a small tube of lubricating jelly.

“There is a private room at the back,” he said, “number one is occupied at the moment but number two is free. Can l just say that l am able to offer a considerable discount, especially to beautiful ladies like yourselves.”

“How much?” Jenny smiled, already suspecting what his answer would be.

“Well that depends,” Gary replied.

“What, blow job or fuck,” Jenny smiled.

“Jenny!” Ann exclaimed. “That’s enough, l can’t do this, we have to go.”

“Oh Mummy it’s just getting interesting,” Jenny replied, then turning to Gary, “I’m sorry,” she said, “my mother hasn’t done anything like this before.”

“I understand,” Gary replied, “no pressure, how about ten percent if you both get your tits out.”

“That sounds fair,” Jenny replied, “go on Mum, get your tits out.”

“No Jenny…l can’t,”

“Don’t be silly Mummy,” Jenny laughed, removing her top and revealing her naked boobs, “they’re practically on show as it is, you’re only showing your tits.”

Ann was unable to move as Jenny undid the few remaining buttons on her top, then parted it to reveal her breasts.

“They are beautiful,” Gary said, walking round the counter.

Ann watched transfixed as he stood in front of her, she was visibly trembling, she had to squeeze her thighs together to try and control the sensations in her cunt. She let out a sigh as his hands made contact with her breasts.

“How old are you?” Gary said as he gently caressed her breasts, rolling his thumbs over her nipples.

“Forty five,” Ann replied in a whisper, having to bite her lip as he gently tweaked her nipple.

“Amazing,” Gary said, his hands becoming more urgent, squeezing her breasts harder, pulling and tweaking her nipples.

Ann felt the surge inside her cunt, she felt her knees buckle. She looked up at Gary’s face, a smirk of triumph, he knew he had her under control and there was nothing she could do, nothing she wanted to do. Slowly he supported her as she sank to her knees. He undid his trousers, releasing his cock. Ann stared at it as it bobbed only inches from her face.

Harry’s was the only penis she had ever seen in real life, but this one was different, much the same size but whereas Harry’s had always appeared gentle and loving, this one looked hard and cruel. It was circumcised for a start, the shaft curving upward, topped by a large purple head.

Gary took hold of his shaft, squeezing it. Ann saw a bead of pre cum oozing from the eye. “Time to earn an extra ten percent,” Gary smiled, taking hold of her with a handful of her hair, guiding her gently forward.

Ann caught a glimpse of movement from the corner of her eye. She turned slightly to see Jenny on her knees in front of the old man, his cock already deep in her mouth.

“Don’t worry about them,” Gary said, pulling her back, “you concentrate on your job.”

Ann couldn’t control herself, she could feel juices flowing from her cunt, her nipples were so hard she thought they would burst. She saw that cock in front of her face and she knew she wanted it.

As she parted her lips to take it, Gary suddenly tightened his grip on her hair, pulling her forward as he rammed his cock into her mouth.

Ann immediately gagged as his cock filled her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. She had to pull away, coughing and spluttering as she gasped for air.

“Try again,” he said, pulling her back, “l’ll take it slower this time but take it all, l’ll bet you’ve sucked cocks before.”

Ann could taste the saltiness of his pre cum, she couldn’t resist as his cock touched her lips. She took him, this time he was slower, it gave her time to adjust as once again he filled her mouth. This time it wasn’t such a shock as he reached the back of her throat, even though her face was pressed against his tummy she was still able to breathe through her nose. She also noticed that he was completely devoid of any body hair which made it more comfortable for her.

As he began fucking her mouth, Ann’s hands went to his balls, cradling them, squeezing them gently.

“That’s good,” he said, that’s it, “suck it like you want my spunk, suck it like a whore.”

Ann had sucked Harry’s cock many times but that had been different, that had been an act of love, this was base sex, pure animal lust. She was aware that this man was treating her like a whore, as if he owned her, but suddenly she realised that it was her that had control over him. That realisation sent a surge of heat through her body, her hand went between her thighs, her fingers locating her clitoris, she could feel how wet she was.

“Take it bitch!” Gary hissed through clenched teeth as he felt his orgasm nearing the edge, “swallow my spunk.”

Ann felt the telltale surge in the shaft of his cock, felt the head swell in the back of her throat, suddenly she pulled her mouth away.

“No!” She yelled at him, holding his cock as it pulsated, “on my tits…cum on my tits.”

Gary let out a deep groan as his cock exploded, pumping ribbon after ribbon of hot spunk onto her tits.

Ann pressed her tits around him as his spunk covered her. She looked up at him, a look of triumph on her face, she had complete control of him.

Slowly his orgasm subsided, the pulsing of his cock slowed until the final contents of his balls oozed from the eye. “You fucking cunt,” he sighed, “you should have swallowed it.”

“Maybe next time,” she smiled at him, amazed at herself, relishing the feeling of power.

As he recovered, he reached across the counter to a box of tissues. “Here,” he said, “you can clean your tits with those.”

Ann took a wad of tissues, removing the majority of his spunk from her breasts. She looked across at her daughter, Jenny was smiling at her, her own face covered with cum, the old man hurriedly doing up his trousers. Ann took another wad of tissues, passing it to Jenny.

“I want to go home now,” Ann said, standing up and depositing the sodden wad of tissues on the counter, “you can dispose of that,” she said to Gary. She turned and headed for the door.

Jenny placed her wad of tissues next to her mother’s, she picked up the butt plug and remote. “We’ll take that as payment,” she giggled, picking up her top from the floor and following her mother.

Just as they passed the door to the changing rooms it opened, a man came out clutching an assortment of ladies underwear that he had obviously been trying on.

Jenny recognised him immediately, it was Mr. Harding, her old headmaster from secondary school.

“Well hello Mr.Harding,” Jenny said to him, “fancy meeting you here, are you buying yourself some new undies to wank into.”

He stopped in his tracks, going bright red with embarrassment. He recognised Jenny immediately, remembering how many times he had looked out of his study window, playing with his cock as he watched her outside the school in her ridiculously short skirt and tight white blouse. Now he suddenly realised that not only was she in front of him, she was naked to her waist.

“I….l….l” was all he could stutter as he recognised Jenny’s mother by her side, also displaying her bare breasts.

Jenny burst out laughing as she took hold of her mother’s hand, leading her from the store.

Ann sat in the car, the enormity of what she had just done suddenly hitting her.

“Wow Mummy,” Jenny said, “you were fantastic, and when you made him cum on your tits, l saw you trembling Mum, you came didn’t you?”

Ann didn’t know how to respond, she knew she should be ashamed of what she had just done but her body was telling her the opposite. She felt alive all over her body, she felt that if Jenny were to touch her now she would orgasm.

“Oh Mummy you were brilliant, wait till we tell Daddy,” Jenny said, leaning across and kissing her mother on her lips.

That was the spark that set Ann alight, she accepted Jenny’s tongue as it probed deep into her mouth, the shock wave scorching through her body as she convulsed in orgasm.

Jenny’s hand went between her mother’s thighs, Ann parted her legs, Jenny felt the stream of cunt juice flowing from her mother, she transferred her mouth to her mother’s breast tasting the spunk that still covered them as she sucked and bit each nipple in turn.

Ann cried out as she came again, “No more….please….l can’t….oh god yes.”

Jenny sucked hard on her mother’s nipples as her fingers probed deep into her cunt. She felt her mother slowly turning to jelly beneath her, all resistance long gone as she gave herself completely to her daughter.

Slowly, Jenny’s urgency subsided, she pulled away from her mother, leaving her collapsed in her seat. She removed her fingers from her mother’s cunt, putting them in her mouth, relishing the taste of the mucus that covered them. She saw movement out of the corner of her eye, realising that Mr.Harding was standing next to the door on her mother’s side of the car. He had been watching them, his cock in his hand as he masturbated.

Jenny switched on the ignition, lowering the window on her mother’s side.

“Would you like to cum on her?” She called across.

He must have been close to orgasm as without hesitation he stepped up to the side of the car, pumping hard on his cock, letting out a low moan as he came.

Ann was in a complete daze, her brain was in a fog, she was vaguely aware of a presence at her side of the car, she saw a penis appearing at the open window. Suddenly it was firing ribbons of cum at her, the first one landing across her face, the next on her tits. She couldn’t move, her body just would not respond as that penis continued to shoot spunk at her.

As the last of his semen oozed from the eye of his cock, Jenny reached across, taking it with her fingers then licking it off.

“I hope you enjoyed that Mr. Harding,” she said, “now go and try on your new undies you dirty pervert.” She giggled.

Mr.Harding hurriedly tucked his penis back into his trousers and scuttled off back to his car.

“Oh Mummy,” Jenny smiled at her, “you look so beautiful.”

“Oh god,” Ann replied weakly, “l must get cleaned up.”

“No Mummy,” Jenny stopped her as she reached for the glove compartment where there were a packet of wet wipes. “Let Daddy see how beautiful you look.”

“I…..l can’t,” Ann tried to protest, “oh my god, what will he think of me, oh god l’m so ashamed.”

“He loves you Mummy,” Jenny said, “he’s probably home now wanking, imagining what you’re up to, trust me Mummy, we’re going to have so much fun, this afternoon he can watch when Steve fucks you, you can watch him fucking Julia, and with a bit of luck you can all fuck me.”

That statement was just so outrageous, Ann couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“We’d better get home,” Jenny said, starting the car, “we’ll have to go without seat belts, don’t want to have to clean the spunk off them, at least the seats are leather.”

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