Lockdown with Daddy – 3


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Secrets are reveal and relationships are really-kindled.

The drive home did nothing to calm Ann, her brain was whizzing at one hundred miles an hour. She couldn’t believe she had done what she had done with Julia. More to the point, she couldn’t believe she had laid back and allowed Julia to do what she did. As she parked the car in the drive she suddenly had a flash back to how she had felt when Julia’s fingers had made her cum, it was the first time in years that she had cum other than when she had masturbated. She felt a warm surge between her thighs, instinctively pressing her hand there to try and calm herself.

She checked herself in the mirror, seeing how flushed she looked. She took a couple of deep breaths, hoping that would calm her down. She saw Jenny watching her from the kitchen window, she knew she couldn’t sit there any longer. She climbed out of the car, retrieving her shopping and entered the house.

“Are you alright Mum?” Jenny said as her mother placed the shopping bags on the worktop. “You look upset.”

“Oh….Er….l’m just in a hurry, l got held up at the supermarket,” Ann replied.

“Oh right, was it busy?” Jenny turned away, smiling to herself, she had only minutes before been talking to Julia on the phone, getting a full account of what had happened. “Did you have coffee with Julia?”

“Oh…yes,” Ann replied, “yes, very busy, and no, l saw Julia in the store but we didn’t have time for coffee,” Ann lied.

Jenny had to turn away again, she was struggling to keep a straight face, she wanted to say that of course they wouldn’t have had time for coffee if Julia had her fingers up her mother’s pussy, frigging her off.

“Give me a hand to make up some bread rolls for lunch,” Ann said, desperate to change the subject.

Once the lunch was prepared, Jenny said she would go and fetch her father.

“No,” Ann said, “he can have his out there.”

“Mum, this is getting ridiculous,” Jenny said.

“What?” Ann replied.

“This situation with you and Dad,” Jenny said, “let me go and take Dad his lunch then we have to talk, this cannot go on any longer.”

Ann genuinely hadn’t realised that things were getting that bad that Jenny had noticed, then she realised how stupid that was, of course Jenny would notice, she had always been close to both parents, she was a perceptive girl.

Jenny couldn’t see her father anywhere in the garden, she carried his food on a tray, crossing the lawn. She noticed the shed door was unlocked. As she opened the door, she was greeted with the sight of her father, his trousers and underpants round his ankles, his cock in his hand wanking.

“Jesus Daddy,” Jenny giggled, “it’s just as well Mum didn’t find you like that.”

“Shit!” Harry said, making a grab for his trousers.

“No need to cover up on my account,” Jenny said, stepping into the shed, “in fact l find it quite sexy, l hope you were thinking of me while you were wanking.”

Jenny placed the tray on the workbench. Lifting her skirt, she quickly removed her panties.

“Come on then,” she said, bending over the workbench, “but make it quick or Mum will come looking for me.”

“I…..l…..l” Harry stammered.

“Come on Daddy, just fuck me, don’t waste time, just do it.”

Harry didn’t know how he was possibly expected to refuse, the back of her skirt thrown up exposing her firm bottom, her legs parted inviting him to put his cock in her cunt. He stepped behind her, gripping her hips as he slid his cock into her waiting cunt.

“Mmmm, that’s nice,” she said, “now just fuck me Daddy, don’t wait for me, we don’t have time, just fuck me and cum.”

Harry didn’t need any more encouragement, slamming himself into her with such ferocity that it caused the shed to shake.

“Careful Daddy,” Jenny giggled, “don’t demolish the place.”

Harry had been on the point of orgasm when Jenny had found him, consequently it was only a few seconds before he felt his orgasm build. He gripped her hips tightly, humping himself deep inside her.

“That’s it Daddy,” she sighed, “just cum, fill me with spunk…oooooo yes Daddy.”

Harry let out a low groan as his balls pumped their contents into his daughter’s body, holding her tight as his cock pulsated wildly.

“Oh that’s nice,” Jenny said as she felt the warmth of his spunk filling her, “l’m glad l found you when l did, we wouldn’t want to waste that gorgeous spunk.”

“Have you got any tissues?” She said as he pulled out, a dribble of spunk immediately leaking from her cunt.

“No,” he said, opening a drawer, taking out two pieces of rag, using one to wipe his cock the other he passed to Jenny. “You’ll have to use that.”

“Oh thank you very much,” she said sarcastically, “you really know how to treat a girl, giving her a dirty rag to wipe her pussy.”

“Stop moaning,” Harry laughed, “anyway it’s clean, l’ve got a dirty one if you prefer.”

“Stop it,” she giggled, “l’d better get back before Mum gets suspicious.” She reached for her panties, putting them back on, “we’re going to have a long talk so stay out of the way,” she said.

“What about?” He asked.

“Just part of my plan,” she replied, stepping out of the shed. “Oh,” she said just as she was leaving, “l had a chat with Julia before Mum got home, you wouldn’t believe what those two got up to in the supermarket car park.”

Before Harry could ask her what she meant, Jenny had gone, skipping across the lawn. Just as she got to the back door, she turned, seeing him watching, she lifted the front of her skirt, rubbing her finger over the crotch of her panties then placing it in her mouth. She smiled at him, giving him a wave before going into the house.

Ann was busying herself in the kitchen, she had been keeping an eye on the garden, she had seen Jenny making her way toward the part of the garden where the shed was, but the shed itself was not visible from the window. She wondered why Jenny didn’t come straight back, the words of Julia were rattling round in her head. “We’re they doing it now?” “Had Harry found release for his pent up frustration by forcing himself on his daughter?”

She saw Jenny skipping happily across the lawn, that just added to her confusion. “Would Jenny be so relaxed and happy if her father was forcing her to have sex?” Visions of her husband and daughter having sex kept flashing through her mind, then, suddenly a vision of herself, spread out in her car, Julia’s fingers bringing her to orgasm, Julia’s soft and tender lips on hers, her tongue probing.

Ann heard the back door closing, suddenly realising her own hand was pressed between her thighs, she felt the heat in the pit of her stomach. She tried to compose herself, keeping her back to her daughter, hoping she wouldn’t noticed how flushed she was.

Jenny smiled to herself, she could feel her father’s cum leaking from her pussy, she could see how flushed and nervous her mother was. She wondered if her mother had been thinking of what had happened with Julia.

Jenny had been excited when Julia had called her to tell her what had happened. “She was easy,” Julia had said. “There must be something going on between her and your father, she was hot baby, even hotter than your sweet pussy.”

Jenny had been thrilled that the first part of her plan had worked so well, even down to Julia sowing the seeds of doubt in her mother’s mind, suggesting that there might even be a sexual relationship between her and her father. Julia had actually come out and asked Jenny if she was fucking her father. Jenny had skirted round the subject but it was obvious that Julia had got the message. “Oh you little sex kitten you,” Julia had said. “I didn’t say we were,” Jenny had protested weakly, giggling. “Oh my god, that is so sexy,” Julia had said, “hurry up and get your mother sorted out sweetheart, l’m frigging myself off here at the prospect of us all getting together, l told Steve about your mother this morning, you know how desperate he is to get inside your pussy, he’s always had the hots for your mother…oh sweetheart, get this sorted, we can all have some wild times together.”

“Are you okay Mum?” Jenny asked, trying not to make it obvious she knew what was going through her mother’s mind.

“Me?….oh yes, l’m fine, just trying to catch up, l took longer at the shop than l wanted.”

“Come and sit down, we need to talk,” Jenny said, placing two plates of filled rolls on the table and pouring two coffees.

“What’s so important?” Ann said, sitting opposite her daughter.

“You and Dad Mum,” Jenny said, “l never really noticed anything when l lived her, too busy being selfish l suppose, but since l’ve been home and with this lockdown, it’s obviously you two have a problem, l heard you arguing yesterday morning, what is it Mum? Is it sex?”

“Whatever makes you think that,” Ann tried to laugh it off.

“Well when married couples argue it’s usually about the kids, money or sex,” Jenny replied, “as far as l know you don’t have a problem with me, we’re not short of money so it must be sex. What is it Mum, is Dad not performing?” Jenny had difficulty keeping a straight face, especially still feeling the damp patch in her panties.

“I don’t know how to say this,” Ann said, “but it’s the other way round, he seems to be obsessed with sex, he won’t leave me alone, he just won’t accept that couples our age don’t do that sort of thing.”

Jenny burst out laughing. “Sorry Mum,” she said, still laughing, “l didn’t realise you were both old codgers. So what you’re saying Mum is that at forty five years of age your husband finds you sexually attractive and you’re complaining, l hope someone finds me sexually attractive at that age.”

“It’s not just that,” Ann protested, “he knows l haven’t been interested for a long time but he keeps pestering me, it’s got worse since the lockdown. Then l found condoms in his pocket, he insists he’s never been unfaithful but says that because l won’t let him do it to me then he has been tempted.”

“I’m not surprised Mum,” Jenny said, “he’s a good looking man, when’s the last time you had sex together.”

Ann just shrugged in response.

“How long Mum?” Jenny insisted.

“I din’t keep a record,” Ann replied defensively.

“How long Mum?”

“We did it a few times after you were born,” Ann said finally.

“What are you saying Mum? You’re saying you haven’t had sex for almost twenty years.”

“No, l’m not saying that,” Ann replied, “l let him do it a few times but l just couldn’t get interested, you were little and you weren’t easy to cope with, l was tired and it just sort of fizzled out.”

“How long Mum?”

“Oh l don’t know,” Ann said, “l suppose about fifteen years.”

“You have got to be joking Mum,” Jenny laughed, “you mean you two haven’t shagged for fifteen years and Dad has stayed faithful, he must love you Mum. Hasn’t he never wanted to talk to you about it?”

“Well yes,” Ann replied, “but l just kept putting him off, l was hoping that as he got older he would control his urges.”

“God Mum, you sound like some Victorian spinster,” Jenny laughed, “how did you think Dad was coping with it.”

“Well l know he often spent a long time in the bathroom,” Ann replied, “but lately, with him being home all the time, he’s got worse, he keeps poking me with it and this morning, when l came back from the bathroom, he was on top of the bed, naked, stroking himself, it was disgusting.”

Jenny said nothing in reply but Ann could see from her face that she wanted to say something.

“What?” Ann asked.

“Are you serious Mum?” Jenny replied, “you’re complaining because your husband finds you sexually attractive and wants to have sex with you. I don’t believe this, seriously Mum, thousands of women your age would love to be in that situation.”

“It’s not as simple as that,” Ann defended, “he knows what l think about it, we’re too old to be doing things like that, he should act his age.”

“Mum, you’re both only in your forties for fuck’s sake.”

“Jenny!” Ann said, shocked by her daughter’s language.

“Oh Mum, for goodness sake, this is 2020, don’t tell me you’re shocked by the word ‘fuck’, there’s hardly a programme on tv where people don’t say that. I bet you’ve heard Julia saying it.”

Ann went bright red and fidgeted on her chair as she remembered how Julia had spoken to her in the car and the effect those words had had.

“Whenever l talk to Julia she’s always using language like that,” Jenny added.

“I didn’t know you spoke with Julia much,” Ann replied, concerned that Julia might tell her daughter what had happened earlier.

“We often get together,” Jenny said, “l phone her regularly when l’m at Uni, she likes to know what l’m up to.”

“What do you mean, ‘What you’re up to?”

“Sex Mum,” Jenny replied, “she likes to hear all the juicy details.”

“Not too juicy l hope,” Ann said. “Is that a regular thing at Uni then…sex?”

“What else can you do for fun that’s free Mum,” Jenny laughed, then seeing the look on her mother’s face, “oh come on Mum, sex is just fun these days, it doesn’t have to be an emotional experience, it’s just screwing for fun Mum, Julia tells me that when you and Dad were first married you were at it like rabbits.”

“Oh does she now.”

“What about when you all went to Spain…topless sunbathing…she told me you were the first one to take your top off.”

“When did she tell you about that?” Ann said.

“Oh ages ago Mum,” Jenny replied, “she said Steve couldn’t take his eyes off your boobs, he’s always had the hots for you, Julia as well.”

“What do you mean Julia,” Ann said trying to control the flush of heat in her face.

“Julia’s bisexual Mum, you must know that, Steve is as well.”

“How do you know?”

“She told me Mum,” Jenny replied, “also we have been together a couple of times.”

“What do you mean, ‘Been together’ ?”

“Sex Mum, we’ve had sex together,” Jenny said. She could see the discomfort that the conversation was causing, she had to work hard to keep a straight face.

“Do…do you mean you’re….what do they call it these days….gay or something,” Ann said.

‘Good lord no Mum,” Jenny laughed, “l need a good shagging just like most girls.”

“Jenny!” Ann said, shocked at her daughter’s language.

“Oh Mum, come on,” Jenny said, “if l can’t talk to you about things like this, who can l talk to. I thought you would be glad that l can talk to you.”

“I am, of course l am,” Ann replied, “it’s just that it’s come as a bit of a shock that’s all, l suppose you think l’m old fashioned.”

“You just need to loosen up Mum,” Jenny smiled, “you’re in your prime, attractive, you’ve got a great figure, your husband has the hots for you, so do Julia and Steve, enjoy yourself Mum, sex is fun, believe me.”

“What are you suggesting?” Ann said, “are you suggesting l should cheat on your father, l couldn’t do that, l know Julia has affairs but she tells me Steve is okay with it.”

“A lot of married men like the idea of their wives being shagged by other men Mum, what about swinging?”

“What do you mean?” Ann asked.

“Swinging Mum, wife swapping they used to call it.”

“I could never do that,” Ann said, “your father would never agree to that.”

“You’d be surprised Mum,” Jenny laughed, “l bet he was hoping you would on that holiday in Spain, come on Mum, don’t tell me you didn’t get a thrill showing off your boobs to Steve, you must have known he had the hots for you, and as for Julia…..”

“What do you mean?” Ann said, blushing bright red.

“I know Mum,” Jenny said with a cheeky grin.

“Know what?” Ann replied.

“You and Julia in the car this morning,” Jenny laughed, “l know all about it, don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it, Julia said you came bucket loads.”

‘Oh my god,” Ann said, “did Julia tell you?”

“Of course she did Mum,” Jenny laughed, “she couldn’t wait to tell me, was it your first time with a woman?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Ann said, “it was a moment of madness, she caught me unawares.”

“Mum, you need to be honest,” Jenny said, “tell me, years ago, on that holiday, be honest Mum, didn’t you feel good showing yourself off, wasn’t there a moment when you would have been tempted to fool around with Steve.”

“No! Of course not,” Ann protested, “okay, l admit it was a bit naughty, but there were other women there going topless, it was the accepted thing if you went to Spain, Harry and l had talked about it, he’d said he wouldn’t mind, even the travel programmes those days showed women topless on the beach.”

“It’s not a problem Mum,” Jenny said, “l often go topless, and bottomless as well sometimes.”

“Jenny!” Ann exclaimed.

“Oh Mum, get with the times, nobody cares these days,” Jenny laughed. “Julia told me how much you used to enjoy sex those days, so what went wrong?”

“I don’t know,” Ann replied, “a lot of women lose the urge after childbirth, but l never seemed to get it back, we tried a few times but l never felt comfortable, it wasn’t your father’s fault, it was mine.”

“But you still took it out on him,” Jenny accused.

“No, it wasn’t like that,” Ann replied, “he was very understanding, didn’t push me. In the end we just sort of forgot about it.”

“But lately Mum, you’ve been horrible to him, why?”

“I don’t know!” Ann shouted, “l don’t mean to be, it just comes over me. With this lockdown, he’s been home every day, l’m used to him being in work.”

“What, so your body’s reacting and you’re trying to deny it?”

“I don’t know Jenny,” Ann replied, “l feel like l want to do something but it’s a big step for me, it’s been so long.”

“Julia says you used to like dressing up,” Jenny said.

“Oh dear, she told you about that,” Ann blushed bright red again. “Your father was on about that this morning.”

“Is that what’s in that suitcase in the loft?”

“Have you been looking in there?” Ann said.

“I know l did years ago,” Jenny replied, “l didn’t move anything, l remember thinking it was dressing up clothes from when l was young. Are they still there? Shall l go and get them?”

“No!……No!….” Ann tried to stop her as Jenny got up and headed for the stairs. She tried to catch up with her daughter but Jenny was up the stairs and lowering the hatch to the loft before Ann could stop her.

“I remember where it is,” Jenny said as she climbed the ladder.

Ann was lost for words, she knew how headstrong Jenny was, there was no way she could stop her, she had to face the embarrassment of her daughter seeing what was in that case.

Seconds later Jenny started down the ladder, carrying the suitcase. Once down she replaced the hatch and turned towards her mother’s bedroom. She placed the case on the bed, opened it and began taking out each item.

Ann could only stand silently and watch as each item in each costume was carefully laid out on the bed.

Once she was satisfied that each costume was properly assembled, Jenny stood back. “Wow!” She said, looking at the display. There was a schoolgirl outfit, a nurse costume and a maid’s outfit, each designed to display as much flesh as possible, the maid outfit even had two holes in the dress, it was obvious what they were for.

There was also a ***ion of underwear, split crotch panties, g-strings, a quarter cup bra that would leave nipples exposed, another strap affair designed to lift and separate the breasts, leaving them totally exposed, there was also a ***ion of garter belts and stockings in a range of colours.

“Wow Mum,” Jenny said finally, “l bet you looked sensational in those.”

“Put them back Jenny please,” Ann begged, wishing the ground would open up and swallow her, she felt totally humiliated watching as her daughter discovered her darkest secrets.

“Does Daddy know you still have these?” Jenny asked.

“He mentioned them this morning,” Ann replied, “he even suggested l should wear them again.”

“I’m not surprised Mum,” Jenny said, picking up the maid’s dress. “You would look amazing in this, you must try it on Mum.”

“That’s ridiculous Jenny,” Ann said, “l would never fit in those now.”

“Rubbish Mum,” Jenny laugher, holding the dress up against herself and looking in the full length mirror. “You’ve never put on any weight, your boobs have got bigger but there’s not a man on the planet that would complain about that, if you dressed up in this Daddy would fuck you into oblivion.”

“Jenny please!” Ann had to turn away to disguise her reaction to Jenny’s comment. However she could not halt the warm glow in the pit of her stomach at her daughter’s suggestion.

“Just give it a try Mum,” Jenny said, “let me see how sensational you look.”

“I can’t parade around like some stripper,” Ann protested.

“Why not Mum, it’s just a bit of fun,” Jenny encouraged, “l can see you looking at them, you’re remembering the fun you had, is your pussy wet Mum?”

“What!” Ann was shocked, “what sort of question is that to ask your mother.”

“Oh Mum, come on,” Jenny said, “we’re just having a bit of fun, l know my pussy is wet, l wouldn’t mind trying one on myself.”

Ann didn’t answer, she was looking at the costumes, running her fingers over the material, remembering the fun they had had, how Harry had been unable to keep his hands off her, chasing her all over the house, the way she squealed in excitement when he caught her and put her over his knee, lightly spanking her.

Jenny could see her mother’s resolve weakening. “Just one Mum,” she whispered, “just try one on and see how you feel, l won’t tell Dad, it’ll just be between us.”

“Which one?” Ann sighed.

“This one,” Jenny said, indicating the dress with the cutouts for her boobs.

“I guessed you’d pick that one,” Ann laughed, “that was your father’s favourite.”

“I bet your tits will look great in that Mum.”

“My sagging boobs you mean,” Ann replied.

“Rubbish Mum,” Jenny said, “yes your boobs have got heavier and they are bound to sag a bit, but that’s what men want these days Mum, you read it on all the porn chat sites, they all go on about big swinging tits, you’ll look sensational. Why don’t l go to my room while you get dressed, then you can come through when you’re ready.”

Ann didn’t reply but Jenny could see her reliving old memories as she handled the dress. Quietly, she slipped out of the room.

Once in her bedroom she quickly got her phone and sent a text to her father.

J : Hi Sugar Daddy, this is your sex kitten?

Harry answered almost immediately.

H : What’s going on, l could see you both in the kitchen, where are you now.

J : l managed to get her to let me get the costumes down. I hope she’s going to try one one.

H : Which one.

J : The maid outfit.

H : With her tits hanging out

J : Yes

H : Fuck, l’m coming in, l’ve got to see that.

J : You stay there, have a wank or something but don’t come in and spoil it.

H : l’m in the shed with my cock out.

J : Mmmmmm that sounds tempting, don’t waste too much spunk baby, if everything goes to plan you could be fucking both of us soon.

H : Has she said anything about us

J : Not yet but l know Julia spoke to her about it so it must be in the back of her mind. Are you hard Daddy, my pussy is creaming

H : l want to come in

J : No Daddy you stay there if you come in now you will spoil it, let me get her properly in the mood, be patient baby, think of the fun we can have when you can fuck both of us, we can get Julia and Steve over then and we can have a party

H : Don’t be too long

J : Trust me Daddy, l have to go now, l want to use my dildo and get my pussy nice and wet

H : oh Jesus.

J : Did you cum

H : Not quite, l’m trying to hold it

J : Good boy Daddy, don’t waste your spunk we’re both going to need it later, love you Daddy???

H : Witch

Jenny ended the text, taking her dildo from the drawer she laid back, opened her legs and began slowly fucking herself. With her other hand she held her phone over her, taking a selfie showing the dildo planted in her cunt, she sent it to her father. Within seconds her phone pinged a reply, one word “Whore.” She giggled.

Once Jenny had left, Ann continued to stare at the costumes. Slowly she began to undress. This was not a conscious decision on her part, it was as if her hands were acting independently of her brain. Slowly each article was removed until she was naked.

She studied the display of underwear, which colour to chose? Harry had always preferred the red, she remembered how she had giggled when he said it made her look like a whore. She didn’t think she was ready to go for that look, instead picking up the white quarter cup bra. White had been her favourite, maybe the virginal association had added to the excitement.

She put the bra on, surprised that’s it still went round her. She adjusted the straps and the position of her breasts then looked at herself in the mirror. She was surprised at the effect, yes her breasts were bigger and they had begun to sag, but the added support of the bra was making them stand out as proud as when she was in her twenties. Instinctively she brushed her hand over her nipples, feeling the thrill in her body as they reacted, hardening. She tweaked them lightly, a warm feeling flowing down through her body.

Next she ***ed the stockings, again her favourite, white fishnet. Carefully putting them on, then the matching garter belt and attaching the stockings. “Now you look like a tart,” she said to herself, standing in front of the mirror.

Next came the panties, again white, crotchless. Once on, she admired herself again, the dark triangle of pubic hair standing out against the white of the panties. She brushed her fingers through her pubic hair, remembering how she had giggled the first time he had shaved her completely. Once more she puzzled with herself why she had bothered to keep her pubic patch so we’ll trimmed when she continued to deny Harry’s advances. “Once a slut always a slut,” she decided, “now you really look like a whore.”

***ing her highest pair of heels, this time bright red, she picked up the dress, slipping it on and pulling it down over her body. It was a bit tight but not too tight. She arranged the bodice so that her breasts were exposed, then stood in front of the mirror.

He heart skipped a beat when she saw the finished effect. “Sex on legs,” she said to herself, now beginning to enjoy the feeling. The hem of her dress barely covered her bum, and at the front her stocking tops and suspenders were clearly visible, as was the very bottom of her pubic triangle.

“Are you ready Mum?” Jenny called through from her bedroom.

“I think so,” Ann replied, “although l’m sure l look ridiculous.”

“Nonsense Mum,” Jenny replied, “come on through.”

It took Ann a few seconds to gather her courage, then, with a deep breath she made her way from her bedroom and across the landing. The sight that greeted her as she entered Jenny’s bedroom was as if she had been hit between the eyes by a sledgehammer. Jenny was reclined on the bed, naked, with a dildo inserted in her vagina.

“What are you doing?” She shouted.

“Just having some fun Mum,” Jenny replied, slipping the dildo from her vagina and placing it on the bedside table. “Wow you look amazing.”

Ann didn’t know whether to respond to the compliment or to turn tail and run back to her bedroom. She made a move to turn.

“Where are you going Mum?” Jenny asked.

“I ca……l can’t be doing this Jenny,” Ann replied, “this is wrong, this is stupid, l should never have agreed.”

“Don’t be silly Mum,” Jenny said, taking hold of her mother’s arm and stopping her. “We’re not doing anything wrong, we’re just having a bit of fun….here….let me get a good look at you.”

Ann reluctantly allowed her daughter to turn her back, leading her to the centre of the room. Jenny released her then stood back to look at her.

“You look amazing Mum,” she said, “l knew you would, your figure is perfect, your boobs are sensational.” As she spoke she reached out gently caressing her mother’s breast.

“Don’t do that!” Ann said sharply, pushing her daughter’s hand away, hoping that the shock wave that had passed through her body from the touch was not visible on her face.

“I only wanted to feel the texture in comparison to mine,” Jenny said, stepping closer to her mother, she reached behind, pushing the door closed but leaving it open just a crack. “Mine are firmer,” she said, “feel them.”

“No!” Ann said, “stop that now.”

Jenny had once again placed a hand on her mother’s breast, she could see the flash of emotion in her mother’s face as her fingers gently traced over the contours. She saw the shudder in her mother’s body as her fingers made contact with her mother’s nipples.

“They are beautiful Mum,” Jenny said, stooping forward and kissing her mother’s nipple.

“Jenny no!” Ann protested, but as with Julia earlier, her protest was only an attempt to cope with the surge of heat in her lower body.

“So beautiful Mum,” Jenny said, lifting her lips from her mother’s nipple, then cupping her other breast and transferring her lips to that, sucking gently, teasing it with her teeth.

“Oh please,” Ann sighed, “this is wrong Jenny.” She placed her hands on her daughters head, intending to push her away, just as Jenny bit gently on her nipple. “Oh god!” Ann cried as instead of pushing her daughter away, she held her head firm against her breast.

Jenny, in response, allowed her hand to glide down her mother’s body, over the swell of her hips. She reached the hem of the dress, then under it onto the smooth flesh above her mother’s stockings. As she sucked hard on the breast in her mouth her hand travelled between her mother’s thighs then up to her exposed vagina.

“Oh god no….oh please no,” Ann cried as Jenny’s fingers expertly parted her labia and found her clitoris. For the second time that day, Ann’s thighs parted for the fingers of another woman, this time her daughter. “We have to stop darling,” she said weakly, making no attempt to push her daughter away.

Jenny lifted her mouth from her mother’s breast. Standing, she used her free hand to take hold of her mother’s hand, guiding it to her own breast.

“Do you like my titties Mummy?” She whispered as her mother’s hand closed over her breast. Just then, Jenny slid two fingers into her mother’s vagina. Ann opened her mouth to protest but her words were silenced as Jenny covered her mouth with her own.

Jenny’s fingers probed deep into her mother’s cunt as her tongue probed deep into her mother’s mouth. She could feel her mother’s body surrendering to her. She heard her mother moan, felt her mother’s hand grip firmly on her breast.

Ann groaned again as Jenny’s thumb located her clitoris, rolling and flicking it. She couldn’t stop herself from responding, her own hand going between her daughter’s thighs.

Jenny parted her thighs as her mother’s fingers probed her vagina. She lifted her mouth from her mother’s lips. “On the bed Mummy, l want you,” she whispered.

Ann allowed herself to be guided to the bed, lying down and allowing her daughter to kneel between her parted thighs. Jenny’s fingers returned to her mother’s vagina, Ann groaning deeply as they slid back inside.

“I know what you did with Julia Mummy,” Jenny said, “now l want you to know how it feels when another woman makes love to you.”

Ann thought her brain would burst, she knew this was her last chance to stop this foolishness, she knew she should be pushing her daughter away. She saw her daughter’s head lowering, her mouth heading for her vagina. Suddenly she remembered how she had felt when Harry had done it to her, the heights of passion that he used to take her to. Without thinking, she drew up her knees just as Harry had taught her to do, parting her thighs wide, gasping loudly as her daughter’s lips made contact with her labia.

Jenny looked up at her mother for a moment. “We will have to get rid of this fuzz,” she smiled, “no-one wants a mouth full of hair when they’re going down on a pussy.” With that she lowered her head once more. Using both thumbs, she parted her mother’s labia, exposing the treasure beneath. She saw the juices glistening, her tongue travelled the length of her mother’s vagina until it located her clitoris. She heard her mother gasp as her lips closed on her little button, sucking it hard, flicking it with her tongue. She heard her mother cry out, felt her mother raising her hips, offering herself.

All the memories came flooding back to Ann, memories of how Harry had used his fingers and mouth to torment her, to drive her to a state where she thought she would pass out. Those same feelings were happening again but this time it wasn’t her husband taking her to paradise, it was her daughter. All negative thoughts had left her, all she wanted now was more of what her beautiful daughter was doing to her. Her hands went to her own breasts, squeezing and pinching her own nipples.

Ann felt Jenny’s teeth biting gently on her clitoris, she cried out as a flow of hot juices travelled down her body. Her hands moved to her daughter’s head, her fingers weaving into her hair as she pressed her daughter’s mouth hard against her cunt.

Suddenly she felt Jenny’s fingers invading her cunt, driving in deep then curling to find the spot behind her clitoris. “Oh my god!” She screamed as Jenny pumped her fingers hard, Ann’s body convulsing in orgasm as a spray of fluid squirted from her vagina into her daughter’s eager mouth.

Jenny pumped hard, not allowing her mother to slip from that peak of passion, she heard her mother crying out, begging for more as her precious cunt juice squirted into her mouth.

Ann couldn’t take any more, her back collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion as Jenny’s fingers calmed inside her. She looked up to see her daughter’s smiling face looking down at her, she could see her own juices covering Jenny’s face.

“I love you Mummy,” Jenny said.

“Oh l love you baby,” Ann replied.

Slowly Jenny rose from the bed, she smiled as she heard her mother’s groan of disappointment at her daughter leaving her. Jenny could see movement in the shadows of the landing through the crack in the door.

Harry had crept silently into the house, climbing the stairs and getting to his daughter’s bedroom door just as Jenny was leading her mother to the bed. He had to stifle his own gasp as he saw how Ann was dressed, she looked sensational, her tits on display were amazing. He had a great view of her cunt as she lay on the bed with her thighs parted.

Silently he had stripped naked on the landing, never taking his eyes off the scene in the bedroom, his own erection throbbing wildly as he watched Ann responding to Jenny’s mouth and fingers. He had to fight to keep his own hands away from his cock, he knew how close he was to orgasm as he watched the two women in his life making love.

Jenny had changed position, her bottom, now raised, was directly in view, her thighs parted slightly her labia puffing out with her own passion. He was tempted to step in behind her a slide his cock into her but he fought to resist, he knew he had to wait, had to trust his daughter to take Ann to the heights of orgasm before he made a move.

He heard Ann cry out, he could just see the spray of her juices as she came. He had to grip his own cock, squeezing it hard to stop wasting his spunk on the landing floor. He saw Jenny rising from the bed, she walked over to the door, opening it.

“She’s ready for you Daddy,” Jenny said, a victorious smile on her juice covered face

Ann saw Harry approaching the bed, her body was still heaving from the power of her orgasm. She realised she must look like some cheap whore, dressed in this ridiculous costume, her tits on show, her legs spread wide. She looked at her husband standing above her, his cock standing fully erect.

“You’re beautiful Annie,” he said, “l love you so much.”

Harry knelt on the bed between his wife’s open thighs. She made no move to resist him as he lifted her legs, resting them on his shoulders.

Ann felt the tip of his penis against her labia. “Are you ashamed of me?” She asked, tears welling in her eyes.

“I have never loved you more than l do now,” he replied as he slowly lowered himself into her until her was fully inside her.

Ann looked up at his face as she felt his cock enter her, felt their bodies come together. “I love you,” she said as she tightened her muscles, trying to hold him tight inside her. She was immediately rewarded with a flood of heat as he unloaded his cum deep inside her. She gave a shudder as another gentler orgasm flowed down through her.

They stayed locked together as he pumped jet after jet of his spunk into her.

“God you’re filling me,” she giggled nervously, the vibrations from her body only serving to stimulate him into pumping more into her. Jenny’s face appeared above her as her daughter knelt on the bed.

“You two look so beautiful together a Mummy,” She said, lowering her face to kiss her mother full on her lips.

Ann looked uncertainly up at her husband as Jenny moved back.

Harry read the doubt and uncertainty on her face. “It was the most beautiful sight any man could wish to see,” he said, “don’t have regrets or doubts, l love you both.”

“Thank you Daddy,” Jenny said, turning to her father, kissing him full on his lips, their tongues entwining in a passionate kiss while his cock was still buried deep in his wife’s cunt.

Ann looked at the scene, she knew she should be disgusted by the evidence that her husband and daughter were involved in a sexual relationship, but who was she to judge after what had just happened. Also, why was her body reacting to the sight of them both kissing, Harry caressing Jenny’s breast while his cock was still buried in her cunt.

Harry and Jenny broke off their kiss, Jenny looking down at her mother, she could read the uncertainty on her face. Harry rose off Ann, turning and settling beside her, he put his arm round her, drawing her to rest her head on his chest.

As Ann looked down she saw that Jenny had laid on the other side of her father, resting her head lower down, his cock in her mouth as she sucked and licked the residue of their passion.

“How long?” Ann asked.

It was obvious to what she was referring. “Just this last couple of days,” Harry replied.

“Don’t blame him Mum,” Jenny lifted her head from his cock, “l made it impossible for him, he was so frustrated with you not being interested, l was like a bitch on heat, it wasn’t his fault Mum, we didn’t do it to hurt you, it’s been a bad time for all of us.”

“What are you going to do?” Harry asked, “are you going to report me?”

Ann was silent for a few moments. “What can l do?” She said finally, “l can hardly claim the moral high ground, look at us, look at me, dressed like a tart, l’ve just had sex with my daughter.”

“But you enjoyed it Mum,” Jenny interrupted.

“That’s not the point Jenny,” Ann continued, “l should never have got into that situation, l knew this morning, after what happened with Julia that nothing good would come of it, l was weak, l should have handled it all better.”

“I know it’s all been a shock for you Mum,” Jenny said, kneeling up on her haunches, “we’re all adults Mum, no-one is being forced, we’re just having fun, if you want Dad and me to stop, okay, if you don’t want to do it with me again, okay, but don’t take it out on Dad.”

“I’m not blameless in this sweetheart,” Harry said, “l knew what l was doing and if you want to do something about it l won’t argue, neither will l say anything about what you and Jenny did. I love you Annie, l’ve always loved you, whatever you decide you have my support.”

“This is just so totally surreal,” Ann said, “we’re all three in bed, you two naked and me dressed like a tart with my tits hanging out.”

“Gorgeous tits too,” Jenny smiled, shuffling up the bed and leaning over her father to kiss her mother’s nipples. She noticed that her mother made no attempt to stop her or push her away.

“This is so wrong,” Ann said, “l know we’re adults but you’re still our daughter.”

“But who’s to know Mum,” Jenny said, “we can have fun together, no-one else needs to know.”

“What about Julia?” Ann asked, “it appears that you tell her everything.”

“Julia isn’t going to say anything Mum, she likes my pussy too much,” Jenny laughed, “and as for Steve, he’s been wanting to get inside your panties for years.”

“So now you’re saying l have to have sex with Julia and Steve as well?”

“Why not Mum,” Jenny smiled, “it will be fun, don’t tell me you didn’t contemplate it years ago, Julia said you couldn’t wait to get your tits out on that holiday, you wanted to see if you could get a reaction from Steve.”

“That’s not fair,” Ann said, “we were young and foolish then.”

“You mean you fancied the idea of Steve fucking you?” Harry said, winking at Jenny.

“No, not like that,” Jenny protested, “it just seemed very daring taking my top off in front of him, it was just a bit of fun.”

“Exactly Mum,” Jenny said, “a bit of fun, just like this is, it’s not going to change how much you and Dad love each other, it’s just a chance to let your hair down and enjoy yourselves without any emotional hang ups, just because Daddy fucks me doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you, everyone needs a bit of variety, it will be totally different for you being fucked by Steve, just like Daddy will find fucking Julia different.”

“God we sound like a right group of deviants,” Ann smiled.

“A group of horny deviants if you ask me,” Jenny said, indicating that Harry’s cock was back to full erection again. “What do you want to do Mum, toss a coin to see who gets the next one?”

Jenny laughed out loud, seeing the embarrassment on her mother’s face.

“Don’t worry Mum,” she said, “you can have this one, that last one wasn’t a proper fuck, and l had him this morning while you were getting your pussy diddled by Julia.”

“Pack it in Jenny,” Harry laughed, “your Mum’s embarrassed enough as it is, why don’t you give us a bit of space.”

“No chance Daddy dearest,” Jenny giggled, “if Mummy’s going to get a good fucking l want to watch.”

“What do you think?” Harry turned to Ann.

“I suppose it’s something l’m going to have to get used to,” Ann replied, “let me get out of these clothes.”

“Keep them on Mummy,” Jenny said, “you look so fantastic, you look like you were born to be fucked.”

“Really Jenny, your language,” Ann said, sounding shocked but trying to hide the excitement inside hearing her own daughter referring to her in that manner. All of a sudden she felt sexier than she had felt since Jenny had been born. She turned to her husband. “Which one of us do you want ?” She said, amazing herself that she would ever make that statement.

“No contest,” he replied, rolling over on top of her.

Ann wrapped her legs around his waist as his cock slipped inside her. He lowered himself, taking her balls deep.

“Mmmm,” she sighed, “that feels good, it’s been too long.”

“Well we’ll jus have to do it more often to make up for the years,” he replied as he began a slow rhythmic motion.

“You two lovebirds make me sick,” Jenny laughed, “l’m going to get a drink, don’t take all evening Daddy, l want to lick the cum out of her pussy when you’ve finished.”

“God she is so crude,” Ann giggled as Jenny left the room.

“Forget about her for a while,” Harry said, “let me show you how much l love you.”

Lockdown with Daddy – 4

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