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Alice and Michael are eager to learn more from their mom.

I couldn’t believe that wasn’t sex. But I loved the idea that there could be something better than what I had just experienced. I still couldn’t quite believe that it had happened. A couple weeks back I had a completely normal and boring life and didn’t know why my dick got hard and now I was getting off with my mom and sister.

I headed back to the room and suddenly had the realization that Alice was probably going to question me about what happened again. I hated lying to her but I didn’t want her getting mad at me and cutting me off. At the same time, the last time worked in my favor, so maybe I would just tell her the truth.

I decided to see if she asked first and based on her tone I would either tell her the truth or just tell her nothing happened. It wasn’t that unusual for us to shower with mom either way.

I walked in the room and Alice was still in bed. She was rolled over so I couldn’t even tell if she was awake. Suddenly she turned towards me.

“There you are, how did it go?” She asked

Unsure how to answer and a bit stunned.

“Umm, how did what go?” I responded innocently.

“Your shower with mom, duh” she snappily responded.

There was no way to hide it. The apartment was so small that you could hear everything through the walls. There was no use in lying.

“It was umm.. Great..” I responded, not trying to give more details than I was asked.

Alice looked at me with her eyes squinting, not quite mad, but obvious that she wanted to know more.

“You had sex with mom again didn’t you” she bluntly asked.

As far as she was concerned still, anything to do with messing us around was sex. This was my chance to let her know what I had learned.

“No Alice, not exactly. I do have some news for you however” I responded

“What?” she quickly asked.

“Well, mom and I did do some things in the shower. After last night that she showed me how to jack off and made me finish on her hand, she wanted to see if I had any more questions and she showed me how to make her finish too”

Alice’s eyes nearly popped out of her face as she heard me say that.

“What!?, you made mom finish!?!” Alice exclaimed.

I felt my face turn red as she questioned me. She was starting to freak out and this is exactly what I was trying to avoid.

“Uh well yeah, I kinda did. Ok I did. I’m sorry Alice, I love what you and I do, but I also love that mom is starting to teach me things too! You have to understand that all of this is new to me too and it’s impossible for me to turn down” I responded.

Alice didn’t respond immediately. She really took her time to process that. Finally, she seemed to calm down and responded.

“Ok, so what was the big news?”

“Oh! Right, I learned that what we have done is not sex” I responded

Alice tilted her head sideways.

“Huh, so what is it then?” She asked.

I hadn’t thought about the fact that I still didn’t know what it was. I just knew I hadn’t had it.

“Well, I don’t actually know what it is yet, mom said she would teach me about that later…”

I noticed as Alice dropped her face again. Suddenly I understood what she was feeling. I would feel really jealous and left out if Alice was learning all of these things with someone else.

“Alice, I have an idea. I’m not sure how it will go, but you’re going to have to trust me on it”

Alice looked up with a puzzled look on her face. Suddenly we heard as mom called us out to the living room.

“Ok kids, I am heading to work. I only work until 6 tonight so what do you guys say we watch a movie tonight”

Alice and I both nodded and let her know that we would love to do that. Movie night was one of our favorites, and being that we didn’t have much money, it was about as good as it got for us. Mom gave us each a kiss in the cheek and headed out the door.

As soon as mom left Alice looked over at me.

“So, what’s your big idea?” she asked eagerly.

I didn’t really have a drafted plan yet. And even if I did, I wasn’t going to ruin the surprise. I let Alice know that she would have to wait to find out. She didn’t seem to love the answer but also seemed to enjoy the mystery of it.

“Ok Michael!” She said in a cute tone, “I guess I’ll find out.”

She gave me a quick peck in the lips and took off running.

“My turn to shower!” She yelled.

As much as I wanted to join her I was exhausted already. Plus, I had bigger plans for tonight and wanted to save my… energy. I went into my room and layed in bed. Before I knew it I was out cold. I woke up a couple of hours later. Of course I was sporting a semi, normally I would tuck it in but I just didn’t care anymore.

I walked out into the living room and Alice was sitting on the floor painting her toenails. She had a long white t-shirt on with no pants. She had her knee up in the air to reach her toes giving me a perfect view of her white cotton panties.

“Well good morning” Alice said in a joking tone.

“I guess I didn’t realize how tired I was,” I responded.

“Yeah, you were out for a while..”

I went into the kitchen and opened the fridge door. I was starving. I pulled out some corn tortillas and some cheese. We basically lived off quesadillas. They were easy to make and delicious.

“Did you want anything to eat?” I asked Alice.

She let me know that she had already eaten and continued to focus on her nails. I finished cooking one and took a seat on the couch, where I could enjoy the view while I had a snack.

It didn’t take long for Alice to take notice. She glanced up at me as she switched legs and smiled at me.

“Enjoying your view?” She asked.

I simply smiled and nodded my head.

Alice paused for a second then stood up. Staring directly at me she bent over and slid her panties down to her ankles. Slowly stepping out of them.

“Good, I’m sure you won’t mind if I do this then” Alice uttered.

Sitting back down to her original position with one leg up I now had an unobstructed view of her pretty pink pussy. She had clearly shaved in the shower in the morning. I could see a glisten in her slit, clearly wet. It didn’t take more than a second for my dick to be raging hard.

“Actually” Alice randomly said.

As she raised her shirt over her head and got completely naked. Her perfectly light brown budding nipples perking up.

“I think I want to be naked right now” she exclaimed.

I could feel my heart begin to rush again. I wanted to dive into her lips and lose myself in her again. She was completely irresistible to me. I resisted. Instead I just watched her. Something about her doing something completely ordinary while naked was mesmerizing and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.

The phone rang. We both looked over to it, breaking the heat of the moment. I got up and picked it up. It was Mom. She was calling to let us know that she was coming home early and wanted to know if we needed her to bring us home anything to eat. I had just eaten and Alice said she was ok as well. I let her know that we had already eaten. She let us know that she was heading home in a bit then and to get ready for our movie night.

I felt a knot in my stomach wondering what was in store for the night. I looked over at Alice and let her know that unfortunately she should put her clothes back on. She frowned disappointed.

“I was really hoping you could show me some of the things mom taught you in the shower this morning” She said.

I walked over to her confidently and pressed her against the wall. I began to kiss her passionately as my right hand cupped her breast. She quickly began to pant. I ran my hand from her breast down to her pussy. By now she was completely soaked. I could instantly feel the warmth of her pussy as I ran my two fingers down her wet slit.

“Oh Michael” She lightly moaned as I rubbed my fingers around her lips and opening.

I pushed her towards the kitchen wall, getting off of the carpet. I then thought of what mom had shown me in the morning.

I placed two fingers inside of her curling them upwards and began to pull back and forth with my thumb holding her in place. It didn’t take long to hear the sloshing sound that Alice had made the first time, and that mom had made in the shower. Before I knew it Alice was buckling as she began to cum and squirt all over my hand.

“FUCK Michael” Alice loudly moaned as she held on to my shoulder to keep her from falling over.

My cock was throbbing inside my shorts and I could feel my precum begin to soak through to my leg but I would have to wait. We didn’t have time for more. I pulled my fingers out and rubbed her clit in a circular motion just like mom had shown me. Alice’s eyes were rolled back with her mouth wide open. I knew she didn’t want me to stop but we needed to clean up before mom came home.

I slowly pulled my hand away and gave her another kiss.

“Ok Alice, we need to clean up, Mom should be home soon!”

Alice reluctantly pushed herself back.

“Ok Michael, god, that was incredible.. Maybe I don’t mind mom teaching you some tricks” She said, as she began to clean up.

Alice put her clothes back on and we both rushed to clean up our mess. We got everything cleaned up and turned the tv on and sat down on the couch, doing our best to act normal for when mom came home. After a little bit we heard the doorknob turning. The door opened up and mom came through the door.

“Hey kids, how are you.” Mom asked.

Alice stood up and ran up to mom and kissed her. I got another great view of her butt as she stood up and her white tee raised.

I did my best to act normal but I couldn’t help but feel a little awkward after what we had been through. I got lost in thought suddenly remembering cuming all over my moms stomach as my fingers were deep inside of her.

“Michael, aren’t you going to say hi to me?” Mom asked.

I shook my head snapping out of my current trance and stood up.

“Oh, sorry mom, I zoned out there for a bit” I remarked.

As I walked towards mom I noticed her eyes dart down towards my cock. I didn’t even realize that I was hard as a rock, and forgot to change my shorts that were stained with precum on my leg where the head of my cock was pressing. Also I wasn’t wearing a shirt which drew all the more attention to my cock.

I acted normal and went up to her and hugged her. My dick pressed hard against her leg.

Mom didn’t say anything about it but I could tell by her smile that she wasn’t mad about it.

“Well since you guys already ate, why don’t I go take a quick shower and get into something more comfortable and we can start our movie night. How does that sound?” She asked.

Alice and I both agreed.

“What do you guys want to watch?” she asked.

We had a large library of DVD’s dating back to when mom and dad were still married. There was one movie that I had wanted to watch for years but mom had told me that movie was not for kids. Seeing as that she was no longer treating me like a kid, maybe we could watch it.

“What about Cruel Intentions?” I suggested.

Mom squinted her eyes and paused for a bit.

“Hmm, I’m not sure that movie is appropriate..” she responded.

I gave her a look of suspicion, if we could do what we did, certainly we could watch a movie.

“Oh come on mom, we are old enough.. It’s just a movie” I responded.

Mom looked over at Alice.

“Alice is too young. Maybe you can watch it sometime but not Alice.” Mom added.

“Mommmmm” Alice complained.

Alice crossed her arms in discontent staring at mom.

“Ugh, you know what, FINE” mom said “Since you guys are sooo grown up, we can watch it”

Alice and I high fived and cheered in celebration of our small victory. Mom laughed and let us know she was going to shower now and to get any popcorn or snack ready.

I was too excited to think about snacks. Instead I jumped on to the couch. My boner had since gone away, but the stains on my gray shorts were still there and obvious. Alice sat down on the other side of the couch. Still just wearing her long t with no bra and the same white cotton panties on. My legs began to shake in excitement. I still had no idea what I was going to do but the anticipation was killing me. After about 15 minutes of sitting around and making small talk with Alice we heard mom’s door open. Soon mom walked into the living room. I looked over at her and my eyes grew wide and my jaw opened. She was wearing a white skin tight tank top with no bra on. Her round brown nipples easily visible through the sheer material. And some cute white cheeky panties that were tightly pressed to her pussy, hugging the outline of her pussy lips nicely.

I looked over at Alice and even she looked flustered. She had seen mom naked plenty of times but mom never came out like that with us. Usually she would be wearing some loose pajamas and a loose old t-shirt to relax, never this..well, sexy.

We must have been pretty obvious about it because she noticed both of our staring.

“What? Why are you guys looking at me like that?” She asked us both in a defensive but joking tone.

Both Alice and I just smiled, not quite sure what to say. We both let out a nervous giggle.

“Why can’t I wear something comfy for movie night?” She asked, “Michael, you’re not wearing a shirt and have some comfy shorts on only and Alice, you aren’t wearing pants either.. Or a bra!” she laughed as she stated her case.

“You’re perfectly fine mom, you look great, we just aren’t used to seeing you look this hot for movie night” I responded.

The words just blurted out of my mouth, I couldn’t believe that I had just called my mom hot like that.

I saw as my mom bit down on her lip and smiled.

“Well, is there something wrong with your mom looking hot?” She asked.

“No! Not at all” I replied, “It’s fine with me” I laughed.

Mom turned and looked over at Alice, who had yet to say anything.

“It’s fine with me Mom” Alice said, “I also think you look hot” she said while grinning.

“ALICE?!” mom blurted.

“What has got into you kids?” She asked laughing. “Let’s just start the movie.”

I had taken it out but didn’t put it into the dvd player. I pointed towards it and told my mom that she just needed to put the DVD in, I had the TV ready. Mom walked over to the coffee table where the dvd was and took it out of the box. She walked over towards the dvd player, that was below the TV on the stand. She bent over with her knees still straight, giving both Alice and I a perfect view of her nice round butt. Alice seemed just as intent as I was. We did our best not to giggle, as she was already catching on to us that something was up. She put the DVD in and walked over to us.

“So where am I sitting?” She asked.

I moved to the middle and let her know that she could sit where I was sitting. It has the recliner on it so it was much more comfy. She let me know that I could stay there, but I insisted. She agreed. The movie got underway and I quickly realized why we weren’t allowed to watch it. The movie featured sexy characters that immediately caught my attention and I could tell that the movie was certainly going to involve sex. We kept watching and surprisingly mom hadn’t said anything about it. Alice was barely blinking, she was ecstatic that she got to watch a R movie. Especially one involving sex.

As the movie progressed the scenes began to get hotter. We were watching a scene where the step sister was rubbing on her step brother cock, teasing him as he groped her body. I felt as my dick began to get hard, so I put my hands over it to try and hide it. Alice stood up and said she was cold and needed a blanket. She walked over to the closet and brought back the biggest blanket we had. She threw it over the 3 of us. Not only did I enjoy the fact that I could hide my boner now, but my hands could wander if I wanted them too. I knew Alice was horny, I could tell by how much she was fidgeting back and forth. My mom seemed more composed.

As the movie went on I started inching my hand closer and closer to Alice’s upper thigh. I placed my hand on the inside of her thigh and she spread her legs, inviting me to her pussy. I placed my hand over her pussy and began to slowly rub her clit over her panties. Gentle enough so that mom wouldn’t notice. Alice did her best to keep her cool and not make it obvious but I could tell she was loving it.

My dick ws now rock hard, and although I had the blanket over me, you could still see it if you looked. Suddenly, I felt a hand reach over and grab my shaft under the blankets. I looked over at Alice thinking it was her but I saw both of her arms over the blanket. It was mom’s hand. I turned over to her but she wouldn’t even look my way. She played it as cool as could be. Below the covers she was softly rubbing the shaft of my cock back and forth. With one hand I was rubbing my little sister’s pussy and I was getting my cock rubbed by my mom at the same time. I could hardly concentrate. I was so afraid I was going to finish inside my shorts.

Just as I was thinking I couldn’t hold it any longer, a scene on the movie started talking about whether or not one of the characters had had sex with the other. Just then Alice blurted out:

“Mom, what’s sex?”

Mom immediately pulled her hand off my cock and I retracted mine from Alice’s pussy.

“Umm.. well.. See this is why I didn’t want you to watch this movie Alice” mom responded.

“Well i’m going to find out one day, it may as well be from you” Alice responded.

Mom thought about her answer and reached over and turned the TV off.

“Ok, Michael asked me the same question earlier and you both are growing up, if you guys really want to know, then I guess I can tell you.” Mom stated

I felt like my heart was going to explode with how hard it was beating. This was the moment we had been waiting for. Both Alice and I stared over at mom awaiting her response.

“Well, guys, Sex is… umm.. When a guy puts his penis into a girls vagina”

I shook my head in surprise, how could it have been that simple. How didn’t I think of that. If my fingers felt good inside them and it felt good having my dick stoked back and forth, of course it would feel good to stick in inside.

“Oh” Alice released.

Mom had an awkward stare on her face. Unsure what we would say next.

“And does that feel good for guys and girls?” asked Alice.

I was glad she was the one asking the questions. Mom looked even more unsure with how to answer.

“Well, of course it feels good for both people. That’s why people do it, but if you’re not careful, that’s how you get pregnant and have a baby.”

This made too much sense, it also made me angry that I hadn’t put it together myself.

Alice looked more shocked than me when she heard that.

“If a guy puts it in you get pregnant?” she asked in a scared manner.

Mom chucked a bit.

“Well, not just put it in but… I can’t believe i’m telling you this, but a guy has sperm inside his balls. When it feels really good for a guy he shoots his sperm out. That’s called an orgasm. And if he shoots his sperm inside a girls vagina, she can get pregnant.”

She knew exactly what she was talking about. She had seen me shoot my sperm more than once now.

Alice still had a puzzled look on her face. Then she asked something that really got things going.

“So do girls also have sperm they shoot out when they orgasm? Or what comes out of us?” she asked.

I knew that both my mom and sister would squirt a liquid out, but even I wasn’t sure what it was.

My mom chuckled a little louder this time.

“Oh Alice.. No girls don’t have sperm. Some girls however can squirt out a clear fluid if they have a really good orgasm. But that won’t get anyone pregnant. It just feels really good. One day you may know what it feels like.

I looked over at Alice, now worried of what she may say next. Alice knew exactly what it felt like already, but mom didn’t know that.

Alice had been twitching back and forth as she heard moms answer. Then she let it out.

“Can you teach me how to do that Mom?” Alice asked.

I was just looking back and forth at each of them. I couldn’t believe what Alice was saying, she was doing all of the work. My cock was still throbbing.

Mom sighed and twitcher her mouth and eyes, struggling to find an answer. After a few minutes she responded.

She said, “Look, you two are kind of young to be asking and doing these things.. But.. I did teach Michael how to do some things and well, you guys are already asking about it so you’re going to learn more either through me or through someone else. I’d rather it be through me.”

She paused

“Why don’t we all head to my bedroom and I can tell you more.”

This could not be real. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

Alice stood up and headed towards the room first. Mom and I followed behind. We got in the room and Alice sat on the bed, I stood by the side and mom stood near the both of us.

“Ok, Alice. Have you ever accidentally rubbed your privates on something, or touched yourself down there and had it feel kind of good?”

Alice nodded.

Then she looked over at me.

“Michael, I’m going to need your help for this.” She asked.

“Ok mom, what do you need me to do?” I responded.

“Well I think that the best way to teach your sister is by you and me showing her what to do..”

The moment was real but it felt like a dream. I looked over at Alice and she was just as excited as I was. Mom looked over at Alice.

“Ok Alice, I already taught your brother how to do this, so he and I are going to show you some things. You watch and let us know if you have any questions.”

Alice nodded in agreement.

“Ok Michael, come over here and show me again what I taught you, and maybe i’ll teach you a new trick or two along the way.”

I walked over to my mom and she grabbed my head and pulled me in to start kissing her. We began to passionately make out. My hands were grabbing my moms firm tits and tight ass as I twirled my tongue inside her mouth. She raised her arms and I lifted her shirt over her head. Her perfect tits now exposed and pressed against my beet red chest. Mom then reached down and pulled down my shorts and briefs, my cock springing up like a recoil after nearly bursting through my shorts. I then reached my hands inside my moms underwear and began to rub her pussy. It never ceased to surprise me how wet their pussies would get. I loved the feeling of their sticky goo on my fingers. Mom released a loud moan and I rubbed her clit in circles.

I then pushed my mom beside Alice onto the bed and took her panties off giving Alice a clear view of what was happening.

“Oh my god. I can’t believe I am doing this” stated mom. “Just keep going Michael, it feels so good.”

I looked over at Alice and instructed her to take off her shirt and panties and to do with herself what I was doing to mom.

Alce laid beside mom with a pillow propped behind her to give her a good view, her head close to moms.

I took my fingers and stuck them inside of moms wet cunt and began to fuck her with them. Alice placed her fingers inside herself and began to fuck herself too.

“Oh mommy, this feels so good” Alice moaned.

“Yeah baby, rub that little pussy and fuck it with your fingers. You’re doing so good.” She moaned back.

At this point they were both in such deep ecstasy that I was beginning to feel like nothing was off the table. I scooted between them and with my other hand I reached over and began to finger my sisters little pussy.

Mom immediately noticed what I was doing but didn’t intervene. Instead, she added.

“Yeah baby, finger your little sisters pussy too. That’s a good older brother, make her cum like you make mommy.”

Her words sent a shockwave through my cock. This was the most incredible day of my life. I began to thrust harder inside each of them. With two fingers curled deep inside their pussies. Surprisingly mom started to finish faster. She began to clench her ass and arch her back as I continued to fuck her cunt.

“Oh baby, you’re going to make mommy cum already..fuck baby..don’t stop” She began to moan. “Keep going baby, you’re going to make your mommy and your little sister cum.”

Alice started to moan and pant a little louder. Just hearing mom’s words was getting us off.

“Oh Michael, yeah, make your little sister cum… oh..” Alice began to moan loudly.

“Yes baby yes, make us squirt all over you” Mom yelled

With my arms both numb from fingering them I found what last strength I had and fingered them even harder. Soon both of them were squirting all over my hand and chest, squirming on the bed completely out of control.



I sat there completely drenched, prouder than I’d ever been of myself that I had just made my mom and sister cum at the same time and all over me.

Mom reached over towards Alice and began to make out with her. I could see her tongue going deep inside my sister’s mouth. The scene was almost hotter than both of them squirting all over me. Mom then stopped and looked over at me.

“Ok stud, your turn. Lay down.” she ordered me. “Alice, you follow my lead.”

She pushed me back on my back and climbed on to my legs. She then lunged her head towards my cock and swallowed the whole thing. She grabbed the shaft with her hand and began bobbing her mouth up and down on my cock. After a few sucks she pulled it out.

“Oh baby, i’ve wanted to suck your cock all day. Ever since our shower this morning I’ve been thinking about it. I know you won’t last much longer though so Alice. Come here. You and I are going to take turns sucking your brother’s cock. I will go first, then you do as I did. Ok?” she looked at Alice.

“Uh yes please” rescinded Alice. “I want to suck it too.”

Mom pulled Alice’s head in and put my cock back in her mouth. She went much deeper than Alice had gone that day. I could see her eyes begin to water from taking it so deep. She then took it out and moved out of Alice’s way. Alice took my cock in her mouth and tried to take it just as deep as mom did. She quickly gagged and pushed it out.

“It’s ok baby, just keep sucking your brother’s cock” mom instructed.

Alice took my cock back in and began to bob her head up and down. Meanwhile mom started to suck on my balls. I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“Oh fuck, i’m going to cum soon” I moaned.

“Yes baby, I need you to cum inside your mommy’s mouth. I need to taste your cum.”

She grabbed my cock from Alice’s hand and put it in her mouth. Alice began to suck on my balls like mom did. I felt my orgasm start to build up.


Mom took my cock as deep as she possibly could as I began to shoot my load. The feeling of Alice sucking on my balls and my cock in my moms throat made for the strongest orgasm i’d ever felt. It felt like I was peeing with how much I was cumming. But mom didn’t stop. She continued to push her head down onto my cock, making sure every last drop went down her throat. Finally after what felt like minutes, I stopped cumming. Mom pulled my cock out of her mouth and licked her lips and wiped her chin. Her saliva was running down her chin from deep throating my cock so hard.

“Oh baby. Your cum tasted so good. I loved the feeling of you shooting your hot cum down my throat so much.”

I was still lost in ecstasy. Just when I thought the moment was over she looked at Alice.

“Ok baby, now mommy wants to know what her baby girl tastes like too. Plus Michael, I haven’t taught you how to eat pussy yet.

Mom pushed Alice on her back and without wasting time she started sucking on her perky nipples. I followed suit and went and started sucking on her other nipple. Alice immediately started moaning. Then mom stuck her tongue out and licked Alice all the way down to her soaking slit. Mom ran her tongue through both lips, filling her tongue with Alice’s grool.

“Oh baby, you taste so good too” mom moaned.

Then she started going crazy. Like making out but with her pussy. She licked and kissed and sucked on Alice’s pussy lips sending Alice in a frenzy. I went down with her and began to lick Alice’s pussy too, my tongue crossing with moms as we both slurped on her tiny cunt. Alice lost it. Her entire body began to shake and she lost control of her legs.

“OH MY GOD” She moaned.

Mom then put two fingers inside of Alice and began to finger her while we both licked her pussy.

“Ok baby, now your turn to squirt in mommy’s mouth” Mom moaned.

She began to fuck her harder and licked her aggressively up and down.

“Oh fuck mommy, i’m going to cum now” Alice moaned.

Mom licked and licked until suddenly like a fountain had opened up, Alice began to squirt all over moms face. I watched as mom opened her mouth and tried to drink as much of it as she could. I did my best to continue to lick but mom had taken over.

“Oh my god, you both taste so fucking good, Mommy loves you two so much” mom moaned. Completely lost in lust.

I sat back up and I noticed that I had gotten hard again. Mom and Alice were both lying down still panting. I looked over at mom and told her.

“Now i’m going to fuck you mommy”

She looked up at me and her eyes grew.

“No baby, that’s too far. We are done.” she responded.

I would not take no for an answer. I scooted up to her and put her legs over my shoulders.

“No baby, we can’t do that, ugh, no.” she moaned, but without really stopping me. I needed to know what it felt like inside her. Before she could say another word I pushed my cock against her opening and thrusted forward.

“OH MY GOD” she moaned

I grabbed her legs and began to thrust back in forth, pushing my cock as deep as I possibly could. The feeling was unreal. It was warm like her mouth but tighter. It was the most amazing feeling in the world.


Alice went over and started sucking on moms tits. Twirling her tongue in circles like she had done for her.

“Oh baby. OMG. You two are making mommy cum so hard again”

I kept thrusting and felt myself begin to build again. Alice made her way down to moms pussy and began to lick her clit and my shaft as I went in and out of mom. I pulled my cock out and lodged it in Alice’s mouth for a few thrusts, then would bury again in moms pussy. It was the best of both worlds and I knew I was about to cum.

“Oh i’m going to cum again, mommy where should I cum?” I moaned.

“Cum inside mommy’s pussy Michael.” Mom yelled.

“But won’t I get you pregnant mommy?” I asked.

“No baby, just do it, trust me, cum inside mommy” Mom moaned back.

I clenched my teeth as I felt myself about to cum again. Finally, I started to empty my balls inside my mom. Thrusting as deep as I could. I could feel her pussy clenching on my cock, milking every last drop as she came too.


After a few more thrusts, I was done. I pulled my cock out and saw my cum begin to drain from my moms pussy. Alice watched as it came out and couldn’t resist herself. She buried her face in moms pussy and began to lick the cum that poured out of her.

“Oh you love your brothers cum just as much as I do I see..” mom stated.

I sat back and just enjoyed the view. My mom laying naked, with her pussy draining from my cock. And my sister, in doggy style with her face buried in it licking it as it came out.

I was the luckiest man on earth I thought.


The end.

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