Curious Siblings (Part 2) Mom Helps


Curious Siblings (Part 1)


Michael and Alice are brother and sister. Their parents got a divorce when they were younger and now live alone with their mom. As they grow up, their relationship starts taking new turns.

I looked at Alice, and took her by the hand as we walked towards the shower. Both a complete mess. Still shaking from the experience, trying to process what had just happened.

We walked into the bathroom and paused as we saw our reflections in the mirror. Both releasing a devious smile, knowing what we had done may not have been right, but we were too young to care.

I turned on the shower and watched Alice step in. She looked more beautiful in that moment than she ever had before. Her tan skin, and young curves that complimented her small frame so well.

“Are you just going to keep staring at me? Or are you coming in” She playfully jabbed at me.

“Sorry haha, I just love staring at you” I warmly responded.

I stepped inside the shower and quickly embraced her under the hot water. She always liked the water much hotter than I did but I didn’t mind. The heat of the water surrounding us felt amazing. We stayed there for what felt like forever, neither of us saying anything. My arms completely embracing her and hers embracing me.

Finally. Alice looked up at me. Directly in the eyes and said:

“Michael… Kiss me”

Hearing those 2 words roll off her tongue raised the hairs on my neck. I had never kissed anyone. Nothing beyond a small peck on the lips that my mother still accustomed to doing with me.

Despite the fear, the excitement of it consumed me. I grabbed onto her head and pulled her up to my face. I watched as she closed her eyes and opened her mouth as she neared my lips. I closed my eyes as well and our lips met. It was like a flame had been instantly ignited in me when our lips touched. Neither of us knew much of what we were doing, we opened our mouths and swirled our tongues inside each other’s mouths. My only reference being when we watched people doing it in the movies. Despite being novices, it felt incredible.

As we continued to make out I could feel my dick start to harden again. Her hips slowly grinding against me, and the taste of her saliva in my mouth quickly sending me into another daze.

“Mmm Michael, your dick is hard again” Alice whispered

She reached down with her hands and gently cupped my balls with one hand and held my shaft with the other.

“I just can’t get over how big you are” She said

By now I was in complete lust for my little sister and every word that came out of her mouth drove me even wilder. She increased her pace as she stroked my dick back and forth. My hands exploring her entire body. I looked at her tits and felt an immense desire to put them in my mouth. Completely unsure about how she would feel about it, I went for it anyways. I lowered my head and began to gently suck on her nipple as she continued to stroke my member.

Alice released a loud moan as I began to do it.

“Oh Michael, that feels so good. Please don’t stop”

I continued to suck on her supple A cups, moving from one nipple to the other, gently nibbling at them from time to time. It was like I somehow was an expert at this, without knowing what the hell I was doing. I just did what felt right.

After a rush of confidence I pushed Alice back against the wall of the shower and moved my hand towards her tiny pussy. Despite the water of the shower, I could feel her wetness as I moved my fingers around her tight slit.

“Oh Alice… I love touching your little pussy” I exclaimed.

“I love how you touch it too Michael, I love everything you do to me”

I couldn’t help but wonder what would come from all of this but once more, I didn’t care. I just knew it felt right and never wanted to stop. I continued to rub her clit and part her sweet lips, barely covered by her light brown pubes. We came close and began to kiss again while she stroked my dick and I played with her pussy. It didn’t take long before I started getting that feeling again. And by her breathing and small whimpers I could tell she was feeling something too.

Just as we were about to finish I heard a loud noise outside the bathroom.

“Crap, I think mom is home”

Not wanting her to know we were showering together I quickly stepped out and got a towel. I opened the door and could hear that she was still in the entrance. I ran to the room and closed the door behind me.

“Kids” I could hear her yell.

I quickly threw on some shorts and dried my hair as fast I could and came out.

“Hi Mom!”

“Hey Michael, what are you guys doing” She asked.

“Oh nothing, I was just hanging out in the room and Alice just got in the shower”

She didn’t suspect a thing, gave me a kiss and asked if I was hungry.

“Starving,” I said.

Ok, well wait for Alice to get out of the shower and I will make you guys some dinner.

Alice later came out and we had dinner, both pretending like nothing had happened. We finished up and went into our bedroom. Neither sure what we should say. I laid my head on the bed and passed right out. It was as tired as I had ever been.

The next day Alice had plans with her best friend. She was sleeping over at her house so I had some friends come over. We spent the whole day outside playing wiffle ball which allowed me to take my mind off of Alice for a little. Still, I couldn’t help but think about it throughout the day. My friends and I played video games all night and crashed around 2. The next morning they went back home.

“Did you have a good time with your friends?” My mom asked me. She was getting ready to go to work, finishing her makeup as she talked to me.

“Yeah, we had a great time mom, thanks!” I responded

“Well you can go to your friends today if you want, Alice let me know that her friends want her to stay one more day, since school is almost starting”

I was disappointed to hear that, but did my best to hide it.

“Oh, ok, I can go to Nick’s house today, can i just stay that night? I asked.

“Sure, just call me at night before you go to bed and make sure you come home in the morning. Alice is coming home late tonight because they are going to a movie so be home by 8 am” She said.

All my friends lived walking distance from me so she let me go in and out whenever I wanted really.

The next day, I got home right at 8, eager to see Alice again. I walked into the room and she was just waking up.

She had on a long t-shirt that used to be my fathers. Sadly it went down past her knees so I couldn’t see much. Still, I knew that she only had some cute cotton panties underneath and that was enough to excite me.

Mom walked into the room and let us know that we were going to run some errands. She had the day off and we always ran errands that day.

“Alice, why don’t you shower with me this morning, we need to get going” Mom said.

At first I was disappointed, but as the door closed, my mind began to wander about the both of them in there. I had never looked at my mom in that way, but after the experience I had with my sister, my entire perspective began to change.

I closed my eyes and imagined both of their naked bodies in the hot shower. My mother was 35, short, about 5’2 and slender. Her frame supported her nice C cup tits, and like my sister, had a very tight ass. She had slightly lighter skin than my sister, and her hair was dyed a dark red.

I felt my dick begin to harden as I imagined them both in there. Despite my previous experience with my sister, I had never jerked off. I reached inside of my shorts and pulled my dick out while I laid in bed. It felt amazing. I imagined my sister’s small hands wrapped around it, stroking back and forth. With my eyes closed I began to jerk faster and faster. It felt so good, yet sometimes it hurt a bit. My foreskin over my head was a little tight. Still the feeling of release began mounting. I got lost in the feeling and soon was completely consumed by how amazing it felt. With each stroke I felt the pressure mounting. I couldn’t believe I was just now finding out how great I could make myself feel. My knees began to shake and I knew that I was close to finishing. I continued to stroke and just as I felt myself reach my very peak… My bedroom door opened.

I opened my eyes and to my horror it was both my sister and my mother. Both wrapped in a towel staring right at me as my cock spurted load after load onto my own stomach.

“MICHAEL!” yelled my mother as she shielded Alice behind her.

I frantically rolled over and wrapped myself around a blanket.

“MOM!. Why didn’t you knock!?” I desperately answered.

“Just hurry up and get in the shower, we will talk about this later” She responded and slammed the door.

My stomach sunk and I felt like I had done something terrible. This was my first time jerking off and my mom and sister walked in on me. In complete shame, I grabbed a towel and scurried to the shower. As I passed the hallway I noticed my sister, still standing in her towel staring at me with compassion in her eyes.

“It’s ok Michael,” she warmly said to me as I closed the bathroom door.

Knowing I was already in the dog house, I showered as fast as I could. I came out of the shower and went into my bedroom. My sister was lying on her bed. I closed the door, for some reason feeling embarrassed around her now. Despite knowing she had done the same for me not long before.

“I feel so stupid” I said as I looked at her.

“Why” She responded.

“Well because I was playing with my dick and you and mom saw!, Didn’t you see how mad mom got”

“Well mom might have got mad.. But I loved watching you again Michael..”

Hearing her say that instantly made me feel better. I wondered if she thought about me as much as I thought about her.

“Besides, you’re not the only one who has touched yourself since last time” Alice remarked.

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard.

“Are you serious? When!?” I asked.

“This morning, I woke up really early and started remembering what we did. I felt my panties get instantly wet, so I reached my fingers underneath my panties and touched myself for a bit”

My face was in shock as I heard her say that. It was the hottest thing I had ever heard and by this time my dick was as hard as could be again, poking through my towel”

“ I wasn’t very good at it however, it felt much better when you did it for me” Alice said.

I saw as she clearly saw my dick poking through the towel.

“Well, maybe we can both teach each other some moves later… I admit it felt better when you did it for me too” I responded.

Suddenly I heard my mom in the other room talking on the phone and that reminded me that we had to go! I dropped my towel and made sure Alice got a good look before putting on some briefs and my pants.

“See you out there” Alice said, as she left the room.

I walked out of the room ready to go, and saw my mom by the door getting her keys. I didn’t know if I should say something to her or just pretend it didn’t happen. I couldn’t muster the courage to say anything so I just acted normal. Or, did my best to. Immediately I could tell though that she was as uncomfortable as I was.

“Lets go” she said, with a serious tone.

We spent the half the day running errands. First the bank, then the laundromat, the mail, and lastly groceries. There was a weird tension in the air the whole time and I knew it was because of what had happened in the morning. As much as I hated running errands, I was afraid that my mom would want to talk to me when we got home. The day drug on. Finally, we were heading home. We made it to our apartment and my mom had me bring in the groceries. We lived in the 3rd story so I had to carry everything up the stairs.

Once I finished I noticed my mom and sister were in my moms room with the door closed. I began to panic, wondering what they were talking about. I was terrified at the idea that my sister might tell my mom what we had done.

They later came out and mom made dinner. Again, Mom and I tried to act normal. Alice doing her best to keep random conversation going with mom to break the ice. As we wrapped up dinner, things got extremely tense. Finally, I heard the words I feared all day.

“Michael, why don’t we go to my room and talk real quick”

My stomach sank and felt like I went pale in an instant.

‘Sure thing mom” I said, doing my best to hide my fear.

We walked over to her room and I sat on her bed as I watched my mom close the door.

She walked over to me and released a loud sigh.

“Michael, don’t think you are in trouble. You’re not. I want to talk to you about what happened this morning”

I gulped, “ok”

“Look son, what you did is perfectly normal and there is nothing to be ashamed of.. All boys do it… I just… didn’t expect you to grow up so fast and it caught me by surprise”

I said nothing as I heard her talk to me, slowly feeling a lot better about the ordeal.

“I know your dad isn’t around to talk to you about these things and it’s a hard topic for me, but I want you to know that I am here for you, and if you have any questions, you can ask me”

I could feel my heart pounding inside my chest, and wondered if I should ask my mom anything. All this was so new for me, I didn’t know what was wrong and what wasn’t. I was sure that doing things with your sister was not ok, but I wondered about the rest.

“Well son, is there anything you want to ask or know?”

Feeling more confident about the moment, I went for it:

“Well Mom, honestly, this morning was the first time I ever did that. Every morning my..” (I paused)

“Your Penis” She blurted

“Yes, my penis, is very hard. Sometimes it hurts even, and once I pee it tends to go away.. But sometimes it gets hard for no reason.. Is that normal”

“Yes Michael, that’s perfectly normal. You’re going through puberty and these things will happen to you. You will start to look at girls a different way from here on, and those thoughts will sometimes excite you and make your penis hard”

She said it in such a normal tone at this point that I felt at ease talking to her about it.

“Oh.. that makes sense, is it okay if I jerk it though, because it felt really good” I asked, nervously.

“Yes Michael, it’s okay, just do it in private and make sure your sister and I don’t catch you again…” She said, playfully.

Blushing I responded, “I still can’t believe you saw that, I’m so embarrassed”

“Don’t be, It’s not my first time seeing a dick haha, besides, I was kind of impressed to see how much you had…. Grown” She said

I felt my dick tingle as I heard those words… I couldn’t believe she had said that!

“Mom…. omg” I said now completely red.

“What” She said: “I’m your mother, I’ve seen you naked my whole life.. And it had been a few years son.. All i’m saying is that you’ve grown up quite a bit”

“It has been a few years” I responded, “Mom, can I ask you something else?”

“Sure son, anything”

“How do I know if my.. Penis is big or not?”

“Oh” my mom said, caught back by the question, ‘It’s big son, trust me”

I was relieved to hear her say that. Alice had told me she thought it was huge but she had never seen one. So hearing it from my mom meant a lot more.

I hadn’t even noticed but all the talk about my penis had made me pretty hard.

“Any other questions you have son?”

I couldn’t believe what I was about to say, but I figured nothing was off the table at this point.

“Mom..” I looked up at her, “When I was jerking it this morning sometimes it kind of hurt, like the skin over my head would get a little tight and it hurt some.. Is there any way you could tell me if I was doing something wrong?

“Oh, Well Michael, you aren’t circumcised, meaning that when you pull the skin back, it could be a little painful the first few times…” “I’ve never had a dick so i’m not entirely sure what to do to help you..”

“Oh ok..” I responded

Noticing my disappointment in her answer she looked right at me:

“Michael, if you want, you can show me how you do it and I can see if there is any tips I can give you, would that help”

At this point I felt like my heart could pound out of my chest. I could feel my dick hard pressed against my shorts, dying to be let out.

“Really? Are you sure mom? That wouldn’t be too weird?” I asked nervously.

“Well son, it’s a little unorthodox if i’m being honest, but you don’t have a father to ask these things and I want to make sure I am doing everything I can to help you and be a good mother… plus, by the look of your shorts, it looks like you need to take him out”

I looked down and saw just how hard I was. It was as hard as when I saw Alice in the shower the other day.

“Ok mom, so.. Should I just take it out?” I asked

“Yes, go ahead” She responded.

I nervously stood up and slowly dropped my shorts to my ankles. I looked down and noticed a large wet spot on my underwear from where my head was. I had never pre-came more in my life.

“Wow, you are excited I see” my mom said

Embarrassed, I covered up with my hands.

“Michael, I can’t help you if you don’t show me, just pull it out, don’t be embarrassed”

I went for it, I dropped my briefs down to my knees and my dick sprung up in the air. I could see the pre-cum dripping from the head of my dick. I looked at my mom’s face of surprise as she stared at it. I couldn’t believe it. From my sister seeing it to my mom.

I just stood there, in front of her, not really knowing what to do next. I could sense my mom was different. Not uncomfortable necessarily, but twitching around a bit.

‘Well Michael, go for it, show me how you do it so I can see if you’re doing something wrong”

My balls were as tight as could be and I felt as if I could cum in any moment, without even touching it. I reached my hand down and grabbed my cock by the middle of my shaft. Slowly I began to stroke it back and forth. I closed my eyes from time to time to help avoid eye contact with my mom. She stared intently at my every move.

“Man, you really have grown. It looks much bigger now even than it did this morning, now tell me when it hurts”

My excitement grew with every passing second. I pulled the head back a little harder and felt a small pain again.

“Right there mom, when I pull too hard back it hurts”

“Well it looks like you need to rub some of that pre-cum around the head of your penis son. If it’s dry it will hurt, that’s why you make it”

Being that I had only done this once, I didn’t think to play with the head much. I just tugged on my shaft back and forth. I followed instructions and grabbed the head of my cock with my palm and began to rub all my precum around. The skin around my head instantly felt better.

“That feels so much better mom… Thank you so much. Do you want me to stop now”

I could see she was unsure how to answer. She bit her bottom lip and responded:

“You can finish if you want son.. Your ball look pretty tight, i’m sure you’re close”

That was all the confirmation I needed.

“Where should I finish though mom, you saw the mess I made this morning”

“That’s right” She said, without breaking stare at my cock

“Ok son, this has to stay between us.. But if you’d like, you can cum on mommy’s hands. When you’re close just put the head on my hands and you can cum”

I felt a wave of heat come over my entire body as she said it. My chest and neck were beet red from the excitement.

I continued to stroke it a little faster. “Ok mom, I think i’m finishing” I said, as I closed my eyes and rested the head of my cock on her hands.

Suddenly I felt the biggest orgasm of my life come over me as I began to cum. Except, I wasn’t the one stroking anymore. My mom had the head of my cock in her hand and was milking my cock back and forth as I shot load after load into her hands. I was in complete heaven feeling her soft warm hands on my cock.

“Oh my god mom.. That feels so good” I moaned

“Yeah son, let it all out” She moaned back

Finally my cock stopped shooting and I just stood there, with my cock still in my moms hand, covered in cum.

“Wow Michael, you came a lot more than I thought you would” She said “I should go clean up and you need to go to bed now young man”

“Ok mom, thank you so much for helping me today, I really appreciate it” I told her.

“You’re welcome son, I’m always here to help you. Sorry if I freaked you out this morning, now, go to bed”

I put my shorts back on and headed to the bedroom. I opened my door and saw Alice. Sitting up on her bed. In nothing but panties, with her hand down them. Staring directly into my eyes…

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