Curious Siblings (Part 3)


Curious Siblings (Part 1)

Curious Siblings (Part 2)


Michael and Alice are sibling growing up in a small household with their single mother. As they being to mature and develop, curiosity strikes and things start to get interesting.

I stood in my tracks. Staring directly back into Alice’s eyes, unsure what to say. I didn’t want to be the first to say anything. Knowing how small our apartment is she had to have heard my moaning coming from mom’s room. By the look of things, she wasn’t mad.

She spoke first.

“Hi Michael… What were you doing in there” She asked

Still feeling a bit unsure what to say, I panicked.

“Uhh.. nothing. Mom and I were just talking about some things” I responded

Alice didn’t break stare. Still with her hand down her panties. Her tan little tits sticking straight up. I could lose myself in them all over again.

“Well it sounded like you were doing more than talking…, and quite frankly, I’m a little bit jealous”

“Jealous!, jealous” I asked. “What do you have to be jealous about?”

By this point, Alice has taken her hands out of her panties and I could see some disappointment in her face. She really was feeling jealous about the ordeal. And I could understand why she would. She and I were just starting to experiment and wanted all of my attention.

I sat at the foot of her bed and explained to her what had happened.

“Listen Alice, I went into mom’s room to talk to her about what had happened this morning. Mom was really cool about it and let me ask her questions that I had been wondering. I asked her for some advice with me jerking off because it hurt sometimes and she wanted me to show her how I did it. So I did.. And just when I was getting close to finishing, mom helped me out and I finished on her hands… that’s all that happened”

“Why did it hurt” she asked

“Well apparently I have to keep it wet for it not to start to burn, so I just need to rub my precum around when i do it” I responded

I noticed Alice twitching around as she listened. Unsure of what to say next.

“What did you guys talk about when you went in her room?” I asked Alice

“Well, not a lot. Mom asked me if I was okay after seeing you this morning. I told her that I was fine. That I had seen you naked plenty of times and that I didn’t think much of it”

I excitedly listened.

“She asked me if I had any questions about it or my body too, but all I could think to ask was when my boobs would get bigger. Mom laughed at me and told me not to worry about it”

I let out a sigh, slightly relieved to hear that she didn’t tell mom anything about what we did the other day.

Alice suddenly had a puzzled look on her face.

“Mom really finished you off?” She looked up and asked me.

“Umm.. well kinda, yeah” I responded

“And.. did you like it?” Alice asked me

“Well.. “ I paused “Yes, I guess I did”

Alice rolled over and told me she was going to sleep. I could still sense that she wasn’t too happy about it. Not wanting to stir things anymore I said goodnight and got in my bed.

As I laid in bed I reminisced about the week. How my life had completely changed in just a few days. I went from being an innocent boy to a man. At least in my mind I had. I felt my eyes get heavy and dosed off into the night.

I began to open my eyes just a little. I felt something touch my legs and crawl inside my bed. Still half asleep I didn’t really react. Not knowing what was going on.

Suddenly I realized I wasn’t alone. I opened my eyes and to my surprise it was Alice. She was kneeling in between me completely naked.

“Alice.. What are you doing?” I asked

“Shhhh” Alice gestured as she grabbed on to my briefs and started to pull them down.

“Alice.. What is going on?”

“Just relax and close your eyes Michael, I want to try something”

I watched as my dick sprung up from under my briefs. Already hard from my morning wood. Still in complete shock I watched as Alice reached towards my dick and grabbed it.

“Ugh Michael, I have been thinking about doing this all night”

She started to slowly jerk it back and forth, looking up at my face to gage my reaction. I tilted my head back and enjoyed her warm hands stroking my dick.

“Oh Alice, you’re so good at it” I said

She smiled, clearly excited to hear me compliment her.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed every second of it. Occasionally opening them and enjoying the sight of her tiny waist and delightful pink nipples. I loved seeing my dick in her hands. Her small hands made me look even bigger.

I had my eyes closed with my head tilted back when Alice asked me:

“Does it hurt at all”

She had done a great job of spreading my pre cum around so it didn’t hurt at all.

“No Alice, it feels great” I responded

“Ok.. well.. I’m going to try something i’ve been thinking about.. Is that ok?”

Unsure what she could possibly have up her sleeve I noddingly agreed.

“Go for it” I gleefully responded.

Alice scooted on her knees closer to me and I watched as she moved her face towards my dick. I stood in shock. I had no idea what she was going to do. Alice opened her mouth wide and placed the head of my dick inside her mouth and closed it. My jaw dropped in awe, the feeling was incredible.

“Oh my god Alice, that feel incredible”

She began to suck on my dick back and forth, swirling her tongue around the head of my dick every time she pulled out. Just having experienced a hand job for the first time, I had never thought about someone putting my dick in their mouth. It felt incredible. I was glued to the sight of Alice bobbing her head back and forth, sucking on my dick.

She pulled my dick out of her mouth

“Does that feel good Michael? I heard you say it kind of hurt when it was dry and all I could think about was how good it might feel in my mouth”

“It feels amazing Alice, please keep going”

Without hesitation she closed her eyes and put my dick back inside her mouth. For being her first time doing it she was incredible. She had plenty of saliva in her mouth as she sucked it making my dick glide in and out with ease. A familiar feeling started to rise within me. I knew that I was getting close to finishing. The feeling was so good I didn’t even stop to think about where I could cum.

“Oh Alice… it feels so good, I’m almost finishing” I moaned

Without losing a beat, Alice kept bobbing her head up and down with my throbbing cock ready to explode into her virgin mouth.

“Oh Alice, keep going.. Faster.. It feels so good”

I felt a rush of blood through my body and my toes curled as I felt my orgasm rising. Alice started to suck even harder, and sloppier, with saliva now dripping off my dick and down her chin.


I moaned as my back arched off the bed, pushing my dick as deep as I could into my sister’s mouth. I felt my dick start to release, with each pump filling my sisters mouth with my hot cum.

She never stopped sucking throughout my orgasm. She grabbed on to my shaft with one hand and started to jerk me while her mouth still wrapped around the head of my dick absorbed every last drop.

Finally, I stopped cumming and Alice lifted her face and looked right at me, her mouth still filled with my semen.

Without further hesitation she gulped and swallowed every last drop that I had unloaded down her throat.

“Michael, that was amazing. I can’t explain to you how good your dick felt in my mouth. I wanted to taste your cum so bad since the first time you shot it all over me. It tastes amazing..”

Still recovering from my orgasm, I stared right at her, hearing what she said but still in shock about what had just happened and the words that had just came out of her mouth.

“Well Alice.. That felt incredible. Like, that the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me”

I could hardly articulate how I was feeling at that moment.

“I never could have imagined you doing that, and finishing inside your mouth felt incredible”

Alice had a grin on her face as she heard me compliment her performance.

“Well good, I’m glad you liked it Michael. Was it better than Moms rub yesterday?”

I could tell she still had a chip on her shoulder about this so I made sure to talk her up.

“OMG, it felt 1000 times better than what mom did yesterday”

Alice now had the biggest smile I’d ever seen on her face.

“MM, perfect” Alice said

I continued to stare at Alice, her perfect body completely naked kneeling in front of me. Glowing from the fact that she had just finished her brother off in her mouth. I looked at her up and down when my eyes stopped at her glistening pussy. She was completely drenched, I could see her juices stringing between her thighs.

“Alice… you’re soaked right now” I said

Alice looked down at herself and ran her fingers through her slit. Her finger now covered in her cum. Instantly, I had an urge to taste it.

“Put it in my mouth” I said

Alice looked up at me.

“I want to see what you taste like too”

Alice reached her finger over and placed it inside my mouth.

It tasted incredible. It was warm, sweet, and a little tart. It tasted just like her little pussy smelled on my fingers after they were buried inside of her.

“MMM.. you taste amazing Alice”

I looked deep into her eyes as I said it.

Lay down…. I want more………

Curious Siblings (Part 4)

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