What kinds of erotic games are present in our website?


There are different kinds of erotic games: browser, flash and online games. We develop browser-based online adult games, playable on mobile devices, PCs and laptops. They don’t require installation in your operation system. All the pictures are either photorealistic or tend to this. There are lots of anime games like this online but few porn games with realistic graphics. That’s why I believe, that such graphics diversifies your choice of online games.

There are 3 kinds of our erotic games in terms of duration:

  1. Short porn games
  2. Intermediate erotic games
  3. Visual novels

Let’s learn more about each kind.

Short porn games

Such a game has a simple or, let’s say, non-existent plot. Sex starts either from the beginning of after a short sequence of introductory pictures. No need to pass anything, use your brain, or solve quests. Just click on specific points of the picture of words and go to sexual scenes without any problems. Mostly, I want to make these games for “Sexy witch“. Main character – sexual witch Zenny is familiar after first game “Sex toy dealer“.

They are similar to Christiesroom porn games. But Christiesroom makes flash games, not playable on your mobile. Most of our games like this are free.

Intermediate erotic games

These games have plot, but it’s not so long, erotic scenes are not long to appear. In these games, you need to use your brain and think what you do. “Surprise for the husband” is an example of this kind. It has dialogs, needed to make the girl undress and spread her legs. Or maybe, you prefer another way to shag her.)

This kind is similar to “Lesson of passion”, but browser and playable on iPads, Android and most mobile devices.

Visual novels

These are long love stories, where not sex, but growing relationship comes to the fore. They take time to play, maybe even more than half an hour. Development and creation of these visual novels takes a lot of time as well. That’s why they will be uploaded to our website less often. The example is “Angelina – the story in the hospital.” BBut most of these games belong to “Cybergenic” series.

These futuristic sex games involve space and cyborgs. The main character of these games is Emma Sweet, sexy girl with braided ginger, almost red hair, and freckles on her face. Dworkin will be main scriptwriter of “Cybergenic” series. You could see his writing talent in posts where he described main characters: Stella and Emma.

One of the heroines of the Cyberenic cycle, adult games, charming and cunning girl Stella

Sex picture on which a seductive girl poses on the camera

As you understand, nobody’s gonna make games for free. That’s why advertisement on the website allow us to earn. Money is the main incentive to continue developing the game. Your comments are also helpful. Besides advertisement, we earn due to games in paid section. To access it, you need to be our patron in PATREON. Premium section will include most “Cybergenic” games, visual novels. Short porn games и and Intermediate erotic games will be placed in paid section almost 50/50.

Here’s the way I classify our games.

Play our games, leave comments. They are important and useful for us.

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