Characters of Cyberenic: Emma


Seductive girl named Emma Sweet from the series of erotic games of Kibergenic close up

Hello there! So much is planned for the vacation and so little is done. The main thing I have done successfully is having a good rest! This means, you’ll be hearing from me – I mean, reading my posts – quite often.

The very next day I’m putting on my suit (an office suit, not a bunny suit, not a Sponge Bob suit as well), make a tie and drown under the piles of paperwork and issues. I believe that my superior colleagues did their best to make this pile higher and the pit to get out from deeper.

Who’s Emma?

I’m going to describe the second main character of this universe. Hopefully, you’ll date her many times, and will be pleased to. Her name is Emma. She’s Irish native, but there’s no planet of Irish known anywhere across the star systems of mankind. This sound like a real puzzle… but not for you, I think, ‘cos the Captain is particularly fond of stories and history! I feel that you can capture her heart if you just guess. This would help you to make friends with her. You couldn’t do it without me, believe me, she’s not just a lovely lady — she’s a spaceroute environmental security officer.

Emma Sweet Girl on a white background. Desktop Wallpapers

The likes of Emma are busy all the time and won’t even speak with anyone. High IQ, absolute awareness of everything in the history of mankind and every milestone of space transportation development, graduated from several star institutes — these are necessary things to obtain this post. These people do know where the solar wind blows, when the Medusa Cascade must open to get through. Someone can say, their close monitoring give the universe made of waves a wave-particle duality.

Straightforwardness, good sense of humor, excellent physical and genetical features, no cosmetic surgery — that’s what you can see in her profile in the social network. Interestingly, there are no more references of the latter in the profile of anybody else in the network — either she is the only one like this, or others don’t feel like mentioning this, I don’t really know :-).

Sex picture on which a seductive girl poses on the camera

You’re surprisingly lucky to know her. Is she lucky to know you? Try to figure this out yourself!

Well… If I was in your shoes… in your spacesuit or whatever, I would stop fooling around standing on this cold floor and start conversation. You’re not on the floor? Don’t worry, it’s just about time to be there…

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