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Characters of Cyberenic: Emma 1 (1)

Seductive girl named Emma Sweet from the series of erotic games of Kibergenic close up

Hello there! So much is planned for the vacation and so little is done. The main thing I have done successfully is having a good rest! This means, you’ll be hearing from me – I mean, reading my posts – quite often. The very next day I’m putting on my suit (an office suit, not …

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Characters of the Cybergenic: Stella 0 (0)

Girl from the games Virtual passion - Stella closeup

Hello! With you again I, terribly busy and lazy Dworkin! Today we will not talk about fifty-two ways of shirking work, today we will talk about the characters of our first game in the universe of Cyberenic. There will not be many of them, one of them will play a key role, while the other …

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Cyborgs of the Cybergenc universe 0 (0)

Cassidy, history, comics, short story, space, eroticism, female, cyborg

It’s been a hard week! I couldn’t ever think that gaining privacy to write takes so many obstacles to overcome! Doing a heroic deed until your bedtime, you have one more to do tomorrow. If Hercules, after cutting off a Lernean Hydra’s head, had a rest, he would probably feel the same when coming back …

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Prequel to a series “Сybergeniс” 0 (0)

Planet, Cassidy, history, comics, short story, space, eroticism

Cassidy is an industrial planet world dawn of the new Millennium. The climate is temperate on the whole surface of the planet. Star – yellow dwarf, very old. The planet’s surface is a plain of volcanic activity have not been identified. The main item of export – cheap, simple and reliable circuits for robots class …

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Virtual date Angelina, update 0 (0)

sex, sexual story, date, virtual date, free games, porno, erotic, adventure, virtual girl, virdate, Angelina

Hello friends! It’s Stranger. I wanna share our success in creation arts for ‘Angelina’ As you remember from previous posts, we’re working under several games. Dworkin is writing a script for first game of Cybergenic. I’m making arts for a game about the nurse. I got a new video card, it must allow quicker rendering. …

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