Cyborgs of the Cybergenc universe


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It’s been a hard week! I couldn’t ever think that gaining privacy to write takes so many obstacles to overcome! Doing a heroic deed until your bedtime, you have one more to do tomorrow. If Hercules, after cutting off a Lernean Hydra’s head, had a rest, he would probably feel the same when coming back to fight it.

I finalized my weak with the key broken inside the lock of my front door, waiting by the door for a while. But all’s well that ends well. Sitting on stairs and having my lock repaired, I came up with another piece of our story.

You probably already saw in Instagram my clumsy pencilsketches and can guess that they are locations, scenes of our prequel. Most of them — I forgot to draw a tavern. ) However, you can just imagine your favorite bar and won’t go far wrong this way. The style of the Old Earth is considered a classic retro style across all the planets. Also in the post Prequel to a series «Сybergeniс» you can see a small picture.

Cybergenic Universe is a good world to live in. All basic needs are satisfied and everyone can choose a world to his liking. Planets are specialized and full of harmony and friendship, because everyone depends on everyone. Space travelling is available for every person.

The only thing spoils this perfect art — genetic studies. Before all human genes were deciphered, all diseases were cured, and death itself was almost eliminated, cyborgs were first to colonize new planets. These mechanically improved people could endure much harsher environment than an average human being. They were the ones to build the foundation of a new world and enable the great research mission of mankind. But everything comes to an end after time. Humans became able to do without cyborgs. Cyborgs ceased to have the work they wanted and gradually vanished of human sight.

It didn’t take long to make cyborgs nothing more but a legend. Many people don’t even believe in their existence.

The strange thing is that the role of cyborgs in the history of human race disappeared from press, textbooks and thesauri. What has happened to them?


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